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Buzzard Shields America

This book is a continued story from Buzzard Shields South

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Ronald D. Walker


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Buzzard Shields South

Buzzard Shields America

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Continued from Buzzard Shields South

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Table of Contents

Chapter Thirteen_____Claim Filed

Chapter Fourteen_____Gold

Chapter Fifteen______Discovery

Chapter Sixteen______Full Crew

Chapter Seventeen____Winter

Chapter Eighteen_____Seattle

Chapter Nineteen_____Spring

Chapter Twenty______Summer

Chapter Twenty-One__Path For Billy

Chapter Twenty-Two__Crescent Valley

Chapter Twenty-Three_Galen’s House

Chapter Twenty-Four__Leaving The Valley

Chapter Twenty-Five__Big Trouble


Lee stopped the airplane at the second building and waited for the men to load the bags of mail inside the airplane, before he taxied to the fuel tanks.

Jimmy finished fueling the right tank and pulled the hose around the front of the airplane to fill the left tank. Dragging the hose back to hang it up, he shouted, “You’re good to go. I’ll be ready tomorrow. I’ve got a one week vacation. Four days off is what I’ve really got.”

Lee indicated the opened passenger door, “Hook up the hose and bring your truck around. The box is yours.”

Jimmy drove the truck beside the airplane and slid the closed box near the opened door, “How much is in it?”

“More than eighteen pounds. Be careful with it. You know what will happen if word ever gets out.”

“I’m not going to even give a hint. I need this and a lot more. Money is getting tight and this job may not last long. If it does I have to take a pay cut. I can’t buy much with a thirteen-dollar paycheck and I can’t buy anything without a paycheck. I’ll be waiting here in the morning. Did you find a lot?”

“It is going to surprise you.”

“I’m ready to be surprised. See you in the morning.”

Buzzard fed Ruby a single bottle of Similac during the flight to Anchorage, “She made a mess and it stinks. If she was big enough I’d make her and her stench ride in the back.”

Lee grinned, “Mothers must make sacrifices.”

“There was a lot they didn’t tell me about this job when I hired on.”

After parking the airplane, Lee moved around it, securing it with ground straps, “You are determined to build your house and live there alone, aren’t you? I can’t talk you out of doing it, can I?”

“That is my intention. The house will be built strong enough to protect me and I’ll stay inside when the weather looks bad, but that is a long time from now. We have plenty to do before I go to Seattle to invest our gold and go on to Arizona.”

“I wish you would not go back there.”

“I feel that I must. I have to live with myself. If I don’t help them I will feel like a failure the rest of my life. I have to repay their generosity, even if it is only for part of a year.”

“That’s a heavy load to carry.”

“I know, but it will be with me until I feel I have done all I can to help. It is little enough, whatever I may be able to do. Right now, this bundle in front of me is in need of lessons in hygiene. I am apprehensive about her reaction to my giving her the bath she so badly needs.”

“One of the blessings of not have a neighbor living nearby is no one can complain about the noise she is surely going to make.”

“She might not. Bears are known to swim and hunt for food in rapid flowing water. She might actually enjoy the bath.”

Lee smiled, “Those bears had mothers that showed them they were safe with their presence in the water before the cub went into the water voluntarily. You are going to fill the tub with sufficient water and put her in it. That may scare her. Your taking your clothes off may also scare her but seeing you in the tub may be less frightening for her. I’ll help. Get the bath ready and sit in the tub, so I can hand her to you.”

“I am certain she will feel I am deserting her if I kneel beside the tub and place her in the water to bathe her and my sitting in the tub may give her confidence that I am joining her instead. it is worth a try. The down side is my unprotected skin and her need to be close to me and hold on. I may need a first aid kit after her experience.”

“Your clothes can stand a little soaking and you should take precaution to protect yourself from her claws. Keep your pants and shirt on when you sit in the tub. If she starts becoming agitated when I hand her to you I’ll pull her back and we can regroup.”

Buzzard brought the water temperature up to be uncomfortable for him when he first sat in it.

“I’ll sit facing the water spicket and run hot water, after I’ve been in the water a few minutes to have it warm for Ruby, then you can give her to me.”

He held his hands out to take her and put his opened hand between her front and back legs, then lowered her feet and legs into the water.

Undaunted, she licked water into her mouth and moved her feet in a swimming motion.

“She’s enjoying the bath. I am relieved and happy. I’ll need you to take her and dry her off in a few minutes.”

“Holler when she’s ready. I’m going to start the coffee pot.”

“Will you rinse out the towels and soak her backpack. It will be a huge favor for us, if you do.”

Lee asked, “Is that a huge favor for the three of us or just for Ruby?”

“The truth is we need more backpacks. The three we have will not be sufficient for carrying everything and Ruby, too.”

“I’ll get them when I am out shopping. Do you have anything special on your wish list?”

“Gum. A backpack full of spearmint chewing gum and a pot full of matches. We should wrap them to keep them dry and a magnifying glass.”

“Is Ruby finished?”

“She has taken to the water in a manner I had not expected. Take her, please. I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

Lee came back with the new items, “Mom got a call from Major Fischer. He asked you to call him at this number, when you can.”

Buzzard told the operator the number and waited for her. “Go ahead with your call.”

“Major Fischer?”

“Yes. How are you enjoying life in Alaska?”

“It is fine, sir.”

“The Army will not take as much ore as had been coming to Bellemont Camp. I have contacted the tribes to tell them of the reductions. This depression is taking a toll on everything. There has been rumor that we will be rationed in the near future. The Indians will continue having support, but they will be affected to a degree. The construction has been greenlighted, so your men will continue through this year and possibly through next year. Programs to help workers are being planned. Life is not good for common people right now. If you have a secure place there, it might be a good thing to stay there until next year. I am only trying to be a friend. I cannot order you to do anything or to not do anything.”

“I appreciate that, sir. I have been enjoying my time here. I don’t believe I can help, if I go back.”

“I don’t believe it would be any help if you did. I wish you would come back and reenlist. You will still have your previous rank.”

“I’ll think about it, but I’ll probably stay here.”

“I understand. That is all I had for you. Good luck with your venture there. Keep me informed, please.”

“I will, sir. Goodbye.”


Buzzard waited for the operator to come back on line, “Thank you. I have finished my call.”

“Have a good afternoon and evening, sir.”

Buzzard hung the receiver on the cradle, “I am officially a resident of Alaska.”

Lee said, “We should eat and feed miss Ruby and go file your claim.”

“Fill her up and she will sleep an hour or two. If it doesn’t take us long she should be quiet.”

“We will be back in fifteen or twenty minutes, unless Julia wants to talk. You can take Ruby to the truck and wait for me. I won’t take long.”

“Is there something serious with Julia?”

“She would like it to be. The truth is that until I have all of the gold taken out I have two people in this world I trust. I am related to both of them. Jimmy is not worthy of my trust.”

“But he knows about our mining operations.”

“Jimmy is greedy, but he is not a fool. Come with me and we will talk on the way.”

Lee parked and stepped out of the truck, “Handle it like we talked about. Julia will be paying so much attention to me that she will hardly notice you, except to give you the papers to fill out. Using your initials will do.”

Julia became focused on Lee, “I have missed seeing you. Have you been busy?”

“I have. It is good to see you. I have a claim to be filed.”

“Here are the forms. The fee must be in cash.”

Lee said, “I have it covered. How have you been?”

“Bored, as usual. There is so little for a single girl to do alone in this town.”

“I know what you’re talking about. The bowling alley is about all there is.”

“I see Annalise, but we never have time to talk. She is always so busy.”

“She has a good business.”

“You are staying busy. Is it profitable. The world is going through tough times and lots of businesses are failing.”

“I’m keeping my head above water. Flying will never be wildly profitable.”

“Can you make time for us, sometime?”

“I am about to meet myself coming and going, right now. I have to stay busy to keep my business profitable.”

Buzzard pushed into Lee with his hip, as he turned the papers around for Julia.

Lee said, “We want the boundary line a quarter of a mile south of the written coordinates.”

Julia said, “I’ll show them to you, before I record this.”

Buzzard grinned at Lee when he got in the truck, “Nothing serious huh?”

“Not for me.”

“It certainly is for her.”

“That cannot be helped. I plan to keep my concentration on finishing what we have started and investing what we bring out. I feel there is much more gold than we have discovered so far. I plan to continue doing exactly as we have been doing for years to come. Very few people have the opportunities you opened up for me and it was pure luck that I was able to buy my first plane for so little cash and get the mail routes and be able to go looking for gold. I intend to invest my next five years in continuing to do that and build a portfolio of investments for Mom and you and me. The way things are now all over this world will not continue very long. The world leaders will find ways to bring prosperity back; probably not in gigantic steps but slowly, by strongly rebuilding the world economy. It must happen or mankind is doomed. We have had reports of people starving all over the world. Mom said vegetables are going to be rare, if we can get any shipped in. We will concentrate on gardening in your valley and preserving food for us next winter. We have enough stored under the diner and at our houses to last through the winter. It isn’t as tasty as fresh vegetables, but it is nutritious. Our regular customers will be happy to have it.”

Buzzard lamented, “I suppose a man could have all the riches in the world and still be without food.”

Lee said, “We should eat and prepare to go tomorrow morning. I don’t like you being out in the wilderness where I can’t help.”

“I’ve been in much worse places. You don’t need to be worried about me. I’ve got Ruby to protect me.”

“What? She will fart and scare all the buggers away?”

“Something like that. Don’t forget the spearmint gum when you go shopping.”

“It is foremost on my list. Along with other items.”

Lee and Buzzard took the straps loose from the airplane, before Lee parked the truck beside the hanger.

“I need to show you how to start the plane and how to fly it. Never know when you may need to do it on your own.”

Buzzard said, “I think I have it down, except for landing in the snow. That I’ll leave for you to do.”

“You might need to do it sometime.”

“If there is a need I’ll probably be able to do it. This plane is built to be easily managed.”

“When you’re comfortable, you can take the controls.”

“I’ll fly when there is no extra weight. We have a long time for me to practice. Being comfortable is the key and having the right mindset when I do.”

“I was nervous as a cat shitting peach seeds the first time I took the controls. It was a good experience and gave me confidence that I wanted to fly.”

“I’m perfectly content sitting over here have the freedom to look around. I have planned my trips to take lumber into the valley each time we fly from Valdez to where we are going. It is not going to be fun doing it, but it will be a great contribution to my life and how I want to live in the distant future.”

Lee said, “If we never find any more gold, you will be a very rich man and you want to live a secluded life far from anyone. Not many would want that.”

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