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Love hurts by Moira Bianchi Love hurts by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.59 39713 words Sample 20%
A continuation for Pride and Prejudice in which the first blissful months of her new life as Mrs. Darcy are violently disrupted when Elizabeth discovers what is expected of her. Mr. Darcy finds himself in deep need of adjustment. Part of a collection of three independent stories that share peacocks, swans, liqueur, small books, slippers, carriages and servants with their own subplots.
Queen Avis: A Scared Little Bird by Lola White Queen Avis: A Scared Little Bird by Jan. 24, 2017 $0.99 24630 words Sample 15%
One woman's journey toward freedom and fulfillment
Становление мастера by Валентин Орлов Становление мастера by Jan. 24, 2017 $3.90 28427 words Sample 20%
Герой книги выбрал жизненный путь научного познания с его практическим приложением к реальной жизни. На тернистом пути его ждали взлёты и падения, недоброжелатели, завистники, как это часто бывает в жизни. Но были соратники и друзья. Всё это помогло выстоять и стать ещё сильнее. В жизни героя есть и счастливая любовь, семья, заботливые родители и многое другое
The Indecent Interview by A.P. Forrester The Indecent Interview by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 22240 words Sample 20%
Sean and Valery have a healthy sex life that includes putting on online sex shows and other random acts of exhibitionism. Sean is called to his company headquarters and offered a promotion. His boss also invites Sean and Valery to a weekend retreat for the company executives. When they arrive they find out the retreat is more in depth than they imagined.
Charlotte the Harlot by Cordelia Speedicut Charlotte the Harlot by Jan. 24, 2017 Free! 17806 words Read a sample
A young woman annoys her lover - who, as it turns out, has both Trust issues and Thaumaturgical talents. She finds herself transformed to become a rather nice inflatable - and insatiable - sex doll. Luckily, her best friend sets out to try and meet her needs - resorting variously to frat boys and stallions.
Journeys of Life and Love by Steven S Walsky Journeys of Life and Love by Jan. 24, 2017 Free! 6867 words Read a sample
Journeys of Life and Love is seven fictional short stories of life and love.
Get Bent by C.M. Stunich Get Bent by Jan. 24, 2017 $0.99 76942 words Sample 20%
Get Bent (Hard Rock Roots #2) - A Dark, Dirty Rocker Romance (Book #1: Real Ugly is available for Free!) Warning: This book pushes the boundaries of drugs, sex, and rock 'n' roll. It has a bad boy hero with a twisted smirk and a wicked swagger, but don't read on unless you want to see him hook up with a bada** alpha female that can match him blow for blow--onstage ... and in the bedroom.
Destiny of the Wolf by Stacey Lama Destiny of the Wolf by Jan. 24, 2017 $3.99 71855 words Sample 15%
An ancient prophecy warns of the dreaded Lunar Tetrad. It precedes the birth of the Phoenix, an evil Demigod who conquers worlds. Only the WellSpring can stop his reign, but her whereabouts are unknown and time is running out. One man's unfortunate destiny will place him squarely in the midst of things and it will be his decision which will determine the world's future. Warning, Adult Content.
Playing with the Dogs (Mind Control Bestiality 2) by Deana Michaels Playing with the Dogs (Mind Control Bestiality 2) by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 8572 words Sample 20%
Things heat up in the park as more and more women discover the joys of playing with dogs! Playing with the Dogs is a 6500 word mind control, bestiality, voyeurism, dog, oral, exhibitionism, public sex, menage, lesbian, creampie erotica that is not for the faint of heart!
Disciplining A Co-Ed by Jericho Hale Disciplining A Co-Ed by Jan. 24, 2017 Free! 616 words Read a sample
A Co-Ed gets caught stealing. What will she do to avoid expulsion?
The Babysitters Secret by Moe Lester The Babysitters Secret by Jan. 24, 2017 $3.99 30827 words Sample 20%
Kyra has a secret, a deep depraved secret that involves her clients pet dogs. When all is quiet, Kyra knows some sexy games to play with her canine companions. (Bestiality)
Five-Six, Deadly-Mix by John Achor Five-Six, Deadly-Mix by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 54631 words Sample 20%
Casey Fremont has a knack for solving mysteries… She also has a habit of ending up in danger…and this time both may get her killed! In FIVE-SIX, DEADLY MIX, Casey Fremont lands in the middle of a combined local police/FBI investigation into fraud and theft at a local hospital. Also, Two women have suspiciously fallen to their deaths before Casey reports for work in her undercover role.
The Kadavoran Affair, a Dark Comedy by RC Monson The Kadavoran Affair, a Dark Comedy by Jan. 24, 2017 Free! 5441 words Read a sample
A young couple of amateur burglars are casing an upscale residence when they happen upon a crime in progress.
L’eredità di una leggenda by Lory La Selva Paduano L’eredità di una leggenda by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 44375 words Sample 5%
Quando le leggende muoiono, non sempre uscire da questo mondo senza lasciare gli altri dietro. Un passo indietro nel tempo fino a un tempo in cui Roma e un uomo chiamato Spartacus andare testa a testa per il potere, lo stato e la giustizia. Ma quando Spartaco perde la sua vita, altri pick up destra dove ha lasciato quasi due decenni più tardi.
Dream Walker, Consequence by Lucasdev Dream Walker, Consequence by Jan. 24, 2017 $0.99 79673 words Sample 20%
Follow David and his friends as they take an adventure into the known, and unknown world of the dream, where David must try and save the races of the dream world from an evil named Meldreth.
It Ain't No Bull by Eye of the Eagle It Ain't No Bull by Jan. 24, 2017 $5.99 78427 words Sample 20%
Meet J.J. Colton—a bull-fighting clown with Baditude. Being a bullfighter is the achievement of a life-long dream, a dream that could cost J.J. her life as well as the lives of her seven-year-old nephew and J.J.’s four-footed partners in comedic crime. Join J.J. on a rollercoaster ride that turns out to be trickier than braiding live rattlesnakes in a barrel and twice as deadly.
Λόγγος, Δάφνις και Χλόη by Johnny Ka Λόγγος, Δάφνις και Χλόη by Jan. 24, 2017 $3.99 27653 words Sample 10%
Το μυθιστόρημα "Δάφνης και Χλόη" είναι ένα ποιμενικό ερωτικό μυθιστόρημα. Η ιστορία διαδραματίζεται στη Λέσβο, την πατρίδα του συγγραφέα Λόγγου, ο οποίος με λεπτές πινελιές και φωτεινά χρώματα ζωγραφίζει τα πράγματα και φωτίζει το περιβάλλον περίτεχνα. Αφηγείται την ιστορία δύο έκθετων παιδιών που αγαπιούνται χωρίς να ξέρουν τι είναι ο έρωτας. Μια ιστορία γεμάτη νοσταλγία για τη χαμένη αθωότητα.
Jon Bartleaux Part One by Ronald D. Walker Jon Bartleaux Part One by Jan. 24, 2017 $3.99 48564 words Sample 10%
Jon Bartleaux navigates the pitfalls of life and love to build an empire, but a woman's love and his dark secret may be his undoing. Will love conquer or destroy?
Traditional Values by Daniel Clayton Traditional Values by Jan. 24, 2017 $1.29 15825 words Sample 20%
Eileen Collins finds her personal life falling apart. Her mistakes have caught up to her and her husband wants out of their marriage. The very idea is shattering and the thought that she'll be on the streets and a pariah in her community only adds to her problems. Divorce goes against everything she stands for and she decides to do whatever it takes to ensure he stays by her side where he belongs.
Wrecked (Steamy Bad Boy Biker Love Story) by Abbey Caine Wrecked (Steamy Bad Boy Biker Love Story) by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 16322 words Sample 20%
WRECKED is a steamy bad boy romance love story involving a curvy beautician, Janie and the biker she meets in the local bar. Max comes on strong and never lets up until he gets what he wants from this reluctant heroine. Will the secrets he holds dear prove be too much for their passion to overcome?
When Pigs Fly by DeAnna Knippling When Pigs Fly by Jan. 24, 2017 $1.99 10082 words Sample 20%
A novelette of swindlers, dames, and a millionaire with a pig. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1925. Right before New Year's Day. Genevra has just brought in a mark with a story she can't believe: he wants to race his famous racing pig against all takers. It sounds like a con--and she should know--but she just can't resist.
Pleasant Moo Two by B.L. Quick Pleasant Moo Two by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 18298 words Sample 20%
What if an innocent costume suddenly and violently changed you into a buxom and sexy cowgirl? Could you regain control? Or would the sensations coursing through your new body take over? Pleasant Moo Two weaves a tale of sex, transformation, and intrigue, all while exploring how identity is shaped in the maddening digital complexity of our modern world.
Conflict In The Darkness by Robert Holt Conflict In The Darkness by Jan. 24, 2017 $4.99 139266 words Sample 15%
Old Chinese Curse: May you live in interesting times. For Laurie Denari, the alien commander of Earth Space Force, the interesting times have no end in sight. Having created the ESF, Fleet Commander Denari must now deal with opposition from dangerous factions on Earth, and what may well be an alien invasion fleet hundreds of times the size of her own.
Murder On B Flat by Donald Harry Roberts Murder On B Flat by Jan. 24, 2017 Free! 5127 words Read a sample
…. Then the lights went black and there was instant chaos!
The Omega Gift: MM Gay MPREG Shifter Romance by Morgan Wood The Omega Gift: MM Gay MPREG Shifter Romance by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 6458 words Sample 20%
He always knew his fate would be to mate an Alpha… He just never expected this Alpha… When his Alpha offers him as a 30th birthday present to another Alpha, Elias cannot say no. Not even when he finds out that the Alpha in question is the ruthless Graydon Hunter. How could Elias possibly mate with a cold-blooded killer such as him…?
The Pike: Right To Remain Silent by Erik Schubach The Pike: Right To Remain Silent by Jan. 24, 2017 $4.99 57437 words Sample 20%
Madelyn Stone and her brother moved to Seattle to make a fresh start and leave their troubled past behind them. With her brother working in a scrapyard, and Madelyn selling handmade items from her cart in Pike Place Market, everything is starting to look up. It all comes crashing down around Maddie when a thief makes off with her cash box, but not before her vendor cart get’s demolished.
SECOND CHANCE by E.K. LINTONS SECOND CHANCE by Jan. 24, 2017 $1.09 11215 words Sample 10%
A Psychotherapist, called Jenny Burton has problems with love. She will have a second chance because an accident caused by Walter Burton will take her to a journey through the past and will fix a forgotten pain to avoid suffering. During the trip, she will find unexpected results.(a single)
Clash of Heroes: Book 1 by Craig Halloran Clash of Heroes: Book 1 by Jan. 24, 2017 Free! 40043 words Read a sample
Old enemies rise in the world called Nalzambor … The Thunder Stones have been stolen from the Apparatus of Ruune. Nath Dragon and company are called upon to recover them, but this quest will have dire consequences. Long ago, Nath and Brenwar crossed paths with a dangerous foe, Corzan the Necromancer. The goblin-like magic user has been simmering for decades and plotting vengeance on Nath Dragon.
Center of Attention by Angeline Figura Center of Attention by Jan. 24, 2017 $5.99 24761 words Sample 10%
“An exciting three-story bundle that will enliven your fantasies with unquenchable lust for more company in the bedroom..." Warning! This steamy compilation contains explicit depictions of a woman being ravished by her three new friends, a pirate gangbang, an insatiable captive princess, and a woman and her husband being persuaded to take a walk on the wild side by a sexy, Speedo-clad cabana boy.
Gnaw: The Hour Of Insomnia by Rose Kahlo Gnaw: The Hour Of Insomnia by Jan. 24, 2017 Free! 2707 words Read a sample
When your mind is restless and fingers are itching, that's when you come up with Gnaw: The Hour Of Insomnia. "All the thoughts that ever plagued me can never be expressed in simple words. But this time, some of my thoughts are nestled in my poems and presented to all the readers to savour as much as possible and maybe feel what I felt during this process."- Rose Kahlo
Whisperer: Part Two Sins of the Past by Deborah L. Francis Whisperer: Part Two Sins of the Past by Jan. 24, 2017 $1.99 173734 words Sample 20%
This is the second part of Whisperer sins of the past. About a girl who is trying her best to work out her gift's in helping people, Still living In Salem, Find out who is stalking Sam. The animals she encounters and the problems she has with her gifts. About being married to the foreman to still not tell anyone about them and trying to hide it.
Loving the White Bear by Terry Spear Loving the White Bear by Jan. 24, 2017 $4.99 74089 words Sample 20%
Rob MacMathan and his brother and a friend run the White Bear Wilderness Adventures Tour, White Bear, where polar bear shifters have staked a claim. This is their last tour group of the season, but when photojournalist, Alicia Raycroft, touches Rob and envisions what he sees, though her paranormal abilities deal with psychometry, whereas he’s clairvoyant, they’re both stunned.
Linus Jackson by Margaux Sky Linus Jackson by Jan. 24, 2017 $3.99 67625 words Sample 20%
Linus Jackson and Manfred Axsom - cowboys with conflicts. Fury brings the men to a showdown and that showdown bleeds trouble. Linus must hide. He takes refuge in the mountains for forty years. The past drips into the present and in time his whereabouts are revealed. Maxinne - Linus's precious granddaughter. How can he explain the paradox of so violent a youth to that of so loving a grandfather?
Bound by Bows by Jessica Nicole Bound by Bows by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 9247 words Sample 20%
Michael has been persistent, consistently asking Emily out because he is so eager to be with her. But then she gets curious about something. What could she do to him? Really, what could she get away with? He says he'll do anything for her...So maybe she should make him prove it. After all, he's offering her total control. He just never imagined she would take advantage and feminize him.
The lion and the Stag by Jason Buckland The lion and the Stag by Jan. 24, 2017 Free! 40263 words Read a sample
There is a world where humans have a unique counterpart. Their zodiac. Carnivores and herbivores live separated by the great wall. Till now. Follow the story of Thomas. The boy with a not so average zodiac who has more power, more responsibility than he realizes that he has a role to play in the epic battle about to unfold. The Carnivores are coming and they are hungry
The Selling of Suzie Delight: Tales from The Longview Episode 2 by Holly Lisle The Selling of Suzie Delight: Tales from The Longview Episode 2 by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 33223 words Sample 20%
When slavery is virtue, who will fight for vice? Suzee Delight, famous Cheegoth courtesan, murders the five most powerful Pact Worlds' Administrators during a private summit. The Longview Death Circus struggles against conspiracy to win the bidding for her execution. Meanwhile, Suzee’s powerless supporters race to save her, while the leaders of worlds pull strings to guarantee her death.
The Fantastic Beasts Bundle - 3 Pack - Books 1-3 by Betsi Ality The Fantastic Beasts Bundle - 3 Pack - Books 1-3 by Jan. 24, 2017 $5.99 8149 words Sample 12%
'The Fantastic Beasts Bundle' features 3 bestiality stories of brat women, enjoying their canine counterparts affections. Read as they swallow doggy cock in insatiable fashion, pleasing their doggies and taking huge cumshots in the process. Features : 'Buster's Birthday Treat,' 'Hung Like a Doberman,' and 'The Fast Fucking Greyhound.'
Kidnapped and Cuckolded by Dex O'Donald Kidnapped and Cuckolded by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 6538 words Sample 20%
They offer a simple service. They call it "KIDNAPPED COUPLES AND CUCKOLDING." KC&C for short. Much like any other service; you pay, they work. They work your wife, that is. Only this time something has gone wrong, and an unsuspecting couple has been taken to a secluded warehouse. The unknowing husband is put in a cage, and the unknowing wife is put out.
Legion Of Filth Sampler Platter A by Luca Satana, Byzantine Thomas, & Joy Boycrazy Legion Of Filth Sampler Platter A by ,
& Jan. 24, 2017
$5.99 27769 words Sample 10%
Here’s a great way to get a nice sampling of what Legion Of Filth Erotic Stories are all about. This particular sampler contains 9 stories, all very good sellers. Enjoy!
Life: 18 Short Stories by Stevie Turner Life: 18 Short Stories by Jan. 24, 2017 $0.99 48399 words
18 short stories on birth, marriage, death, and other significant life events. A Readers' Favorite 5 star winner.
Hierarchy by Katherine Lato Hierarchy by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 82455 words Sample 20%
Hierarchy explores our idolization of celebrities and chasing the latest consumer products. When the Guardians uncover an assassination plot, Tori's world collides with that of the Guardian protecting her, the average citizen who adores her and the businessman who makes the adoration possible. When everything is a competition, no one can be trusted.
The Older Man's Getting Me All Over by Candi Desires The Older Man's Getting Me All Over by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 1866 words Sample 20%
She can't think clearly. All she can think about is how he's about to become her first. Claire is a younger woman and all she wants is for her first time to be hard and without protection. She just hopes that Hunter, an older man, is up to the challenge! What are you waiting for?
My Man's Pleasing My Body by Foxxy Gurl My Man's Pleasing My Body by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 2716 words Sample 20%
I can't believe they're about to do this! This little brat just can't wait to lose it for the first time. She's been holding off, but now it's finally here: her chance. And who should happen to be here with her? Why, none other than Abraham, the man of the house! I'm getting hot just writing about it!
Strayed Seductions Rough First Time Bundle by Alexa Lynch Strayed Seductions Rough First Time Bundle by Jan. 24, 2017 $5.99 53595 words Sample 10%
MILFS know the rules and eventually break every single one. Include yourself in the forbidden excitement of eager cheating wives, stretching their sexual boundaries, surrendering to their alpha male partners with rough sex, punishments, spankings, anal first times, unprotected sex, and more raw submissions. Succumb to your desires and tap the buy button to get lost in these cheating affairs!
Boots & Leather by Lee Fisher Boots & Leather by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 8357 words Sample 30%
Gavin has been going to motorcycle shows for years, hoping to find a hot biker who will introduce him to the BDSM he craves. After years of searching, he meets Terry, who seems to be exactly what he’s been looking for, and vice versa. Before they can play, Gavin has to learn about the differences between fantasy and reality.
Judgment: Lust's Price IX by Quixerotic Judgment: Lust's Price IX by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 5063 words Sample 20%
Richard, a local pastor, runs afoul of Greg as the demon continues to tighten his grip on the city. Greg decides to pay Richard's church a special visit. The pastor's faith is tested as he and his two daughters are forced to confront the lust demon's full might.
Belladonna by Lee Fisher Belladonna by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 5359 words Sample 30%
Max complains to his friend Randy about the lack of kink in his life, so Randy gives him an address. Max ventures to what he’s expecting to be a club. Instead, he finds a rough, blue-collar drinkestablishment where he seems less than welcome. He’s rescued by Adam, a rough, no-nonsense top who shows him that BDSM is still alive and thriving.
The Fast Fucking Greyhound : Fantastic Beasts Erotica 3 by Betsi Ality The Fast Fucking Greyhound : Fantastic Beasts Erotica 3 by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.99 3993 words Sample 20%
Daddy and I are off to winning ways at the racetrack, but now we need a way to treat our champion greyhound Dasher after his victory. I start by petting him, but when Daddy notices that it's getting Dasher excited he makes another suggestion. I somehow wind up listening and end up doing something very naughty with Dasher while Daddy watches. Read as I take their cum!
Poemas de Amor y otras Verdades by Patricia González Poemas de Amor y otras Verdades by Jan. 24, 2017 $2.95 5379 words Sample 15%
Poemas de amor, desamor, alegría y esperanza componen este libro donde la autora deja ver retazos de sus experiencias sobre los sentimientos vividos y la naturaleza del ser humano y de todo aquello que lo rodea.
Roulette - Kelly's Quickies #36 by Kelly Addams Roulette - Kelly's Quickies #36 by Jan. 24, 2017 $0.99 4032 words Sample 20%
Arisa has never thought about the concept of one person being the property of another, that is until the "Agency" came to visit her small village in the north of Thailand and she found herself bought and shipped off to a client in Britain, she was to become his sex slave and concubine, until a kinky game of chance leads to her swapping owners, and discovering that she has a sadistic streak!