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Absolution's Apple by Nicholas Brakespear Absolution's Apple by Feb. 19, 2017 $4.99 248566 words Sample 25%
1000 years after the Earth's destruction, a young woman and an orphan boy join a band of salvagers and criminals in a desperate quest to find the cure to an ancient, terminal disease.
The Shattered Conscience by Darren Sugrue The Shattered Conscience by Feb. 19, 2017 $4.99 86985 words Sample 10%
From the author of the Amazon Bestseller “The Prediction”. Detective Sophie Reyner is aided in her search for an Amsterdam bomber by an Irish expat pulled from the rubble.
Daddy's Little Subject by Sara Quill Daddy's Little Subject by Feb. 19, 2017 $4.99 27641 words Sample 25%
A Medical Ageplay novel with erotic scenes. There's loads of anaesthesia, forced regression and diapers and there's an equal amount of sexual touching going on. To make some money Alyssa signs up for a medical trial research. She's sedated and brainwashed and they intend to sell her. Alyssa however finds a way to fight back and escape thereby disturbing day to day live in the research facility.
Dealmaker 2 by CJ Edwards Dealmaker 2 by Feb. 19, 2017 $2.99 5347 words Sample 27%
In their power! Rich milionaire and his wife enjoy Sam's wife and daughter with their friends! Sam was desperate to get the funding for his business that he fell into the trap set by predatory millionaire, Edward and wife, Denise. The sexy black couple loved white flesh and had already staked their claim on Sally and Chloe. Now they were back for more! But no one really seemed to mind!
Labyrinth of the Dragon: Maiden to the Dragon #3 (Alpha Dragon Shifter Romance) by Mac Flynn Labyrinth of the Dragon: Maiden to the Dragon #3 (Alpha Dragon Shifter Romance) by Feb. 19, 2017 $2.99 31392 words Sample 20%
For Miriam Cait, a long journey over the realms of the dragons ends at the capital of Xander’s territory, the ancient city of Alexandria. The shadows of majestic spires stretch over the large lake that separates the main city from the white-stone castle that is to be her new home. Unfortunately, trouble comes on the heels of their footsteps and Xander is called away.
Seoul Circuit by Tamara Boyens Seoul Circuit by Feb. 19, 2017 Free! 106295 words Read a sample
Jin Song. Fashionista. Casino Mogul. Failed Medical Experiment. This cyberpunk thriller features Tamara Boyen’s futuristic Southwestern aesthetic, this time with a neon glow. Jin has to deal with her failing neural implants before she loses her life, but she’s got a lot going on in Koreatown, Pasadena—a.k.a. “Jin City.” She can have the world if she makes it to the finish line.
Ghostly Gangbang by CJ Edwards Ghostly Gangbang by Feb. 19, 2017 $2.99 3898 words Sample 27%
The horny ghost is back and insatiable! Three years had passed with the ghost and divorcee Flis had no need for any other lover. He gave her all she needed and more. In fact too much! She was hardly enough for him. Her solution was simple. She invited a few friends around for a little orgy. Unfortunately, they didn't believe in ghosts - but they soon would!!
Death of a Wolfman (Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery, Book1) by Susan Boles Death of a Wolfman (Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery, Book1) by Feb. 19, 2017 $2.99 42758 words Sample 10%
Winner of the New Apple solo medalist award for best Mystery/Thriller 2016 "...a charming southern cozy chocked full of engaging characters, laugh out loud humor, and inviting small town charm." Kathi Daley, Author of the Zoe Donovan Cozy Mysteries "...fast-paced and funny. A true Southern mystery with a flavor as authentic as sweet tea." Jenna Bennett, Author of the Savannah Martin mysteries.
Gloria by CJ Edwards Gloria by Feb. 19, 2017 $2.99 4827 words Sample 27%
He coveted his neighbour's wife When she stays the night, he finally has a chance to try it on with her! Gloria was a handsome woman and my wife’s best friend. Happily married and our neighbour for years. She had something about her that made me instantly horny but all I had ever had was a peck on the lips and a cheeky smile. But then, when I am drunk opportunity knocks. What can I do?
Daughters of the American Evolution Book 12 - Lesbian Lust and Murder at Veloton Fit by Lisa Summers Daughters of the American Evolution Book 12 - Lesbian Lust and Murder at Veloton Fit by Feb. 19, 2017 $3.99 20137 words
Fierce but hotly sexy lesbian warriors, insane sapphic supervisors, sex dripping from every pore of their skin and every page, murders and untimely deaths...the girl on girl sex will bring you in, the amazing plot and dialogue will keep you there! Another steamy Lisa Summers classic! The urbane ads are the hook for an evil plot to turn straight MILFs into insane dykes, and it's working so well...
Bride & Prejudice: Eight Historical Romance Novellas by Doreen Milstead Bride & Prejudice: Eight Historical Romance Novellas by Feb. 19, 2017 $5.99 88243 words Sample 20%
The Irish Woman & Her Mysterious Fiancé PLUS The English Governess Meets The Cowboy PLUS Losing Her Cowboy Before She Can Marry Him PLUS Living Off The Land For Her Husband PLUS Under Primitive Conditions PLUS Worlds Apart PLUS Give Love A Chance PLUS Rebecca’s California Rancher. See complete synopses.
Conflicted Interest by Ava Starke Conflicted Interest by Feb. 19, 2017 $4.99 75254 words Sample 11%
Theo flies to Athens for a wedding with a plan: stay for the vows, raise a toast, and get the hell back to work. He’s staring down the barrel of the biggest gamble of his career, and can’t afford the distractions of a glamorous city or desirable women; neither of which excite him much anyway. Until he meets Audrey...
Kevin and the Space Travelers: Dark Galaxy (Time Trials Book 1) by Michael HH Warren Kevin and the Space Travelers: Dark Galaxy (Time Trials Book 1) by Feb. 19, 2017 $2.99 33720 words Sample 20%
Kevin Gofod-Teithwyr has just bought himself a new mobile phone. But the Cosmos Galactica is no ordinary piece of technology―it has untold powers that evil forces from the Dark Galaxy are after. Before they know it, Kevin and his friends are uprooted from their comfortable suburban lifestyles and catapulted into a quest to save humanity and all life in the universe from The Dark Master.
Noon – 23rd Century: The Return of Toivo  Book 1 by igor Goriatchev Noon – 23rd Century: The Return of Toivo Book 1 by Feb. 19, 2017 $2.99 45899 words Sample 10%
This novel is a sequel to Beetle in the Anthill and The Time Wanderers by famous Russian sci-fi writers brothers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. What will be the next stage of Evolution after a human? Who will come to replace him? This is a book of the evolutionary crisis of mankind and coming of New Race (Metagoms or Ludens) on the Earth.
Entangled Seduction by Kevin Pope Entangled Seduction by Feb. 19, 2017 $2.99 44547 words Sample 20%
It introduces a rare combination of love and science
Warmonger by Monique Singleton Warmonger by Feb. 19, 2017 Free! 22886 words Read a sample
I start Wars. And it's time for one of the big ones: a world war. War is like fire. It cleanses.I gather the tinder. Strike the match. Fan the flame. …………….Then watch it burn.
The Other One by HollyBodger The Other One by Feb. 19, 2017 Free! 8385 words Read a sample
You read about Sudasa's Tests in 5 TO 1. Now read what her older sister, Surina, has to say about Koyanagar's supposedly fair ritual.
Consent & Desire & Submission, Book I: A Psycho-Sexual Cascade by Joy Zelig Consent & Desire & Submission, Book I: A Psycho-Sexual Cascade by Feb. 19, 2017 $1.49 6790 words Sample 20%
Klaus had made her wait six months before he came to New York. And now, he was making her wait longer still: positioned—nude and submissive—on a coffee table, in a luxury hotel suite, in midtown. She was a psychologist: Two-year post-doc in Berlin; on her second now, at Columbia. She wasn’t submissive! But then . . . why was she unable to explain to herself what she was doing?
La cuidad de los prodigios by Eduardo Mendoza La cuidad de los prodigios by Feb. 19, 2017 $1.99 166678 words Sample 20%
En el período comprendido entre las dos Exposiciones Universales de Barcelona de 1888 y 1929, con el telón de fondo de una ciudad tumultuosa, agitada y pintoresca, real y ficticia, asistimos a las andanzas de Onofre Bouvila, inmigrante paupérrimo, repartidor de propaganda anarquista y vendedor ambulante de crecepelo, y su ascensión a la cima del poder financiero y delictivo.
The Alien Project by wow9292 The Alien Project by Feb. 19, 2017 $1.99 19547 words Sample 10%
the alien project is a hardcore erotica sex story between an human lady and a space alien. this book is hot
SMALL  HEARTS by Lütfi Şahin, Sr SMALL HEARTS by Feb. 19, 2017 $2.00 7418 words Sample 20%
A beautiful story book that anyone who wants to give advice to their children should read.
Dark Blooded by Evenne King Publishing Pvt. Ltd. Dark Blooded by Feb. 19, 2017 $0.99 78205 words Sample 20%
Her blood sings to them... A melody, no supernatural can ignore... From the New York Times bestselling author of A Terrible Romance... Dark Blood Series Dark Blooded: A sub-species of human beings... Twenty-year old Tasmyn Wade, a young woman tragically widowed, is in the middle of a bizarre bid between two mythical species who are vying for the unique properties she offers; her blood.
Maleficios by Mijail Bulgakov Maleficios by Feb. 19, 2017 $1.99 15154 words Sample 20%
Bartholomé Korotkov, secretario titular del Depósito Central y Principal de Materiales Fosfóricos, puesto que cree eterno, recibe, a falta de dinero contante y sonante, su sueldo en cajas de cerillas. Intenta vender algunas a su vecina, pero ésta, que trabaja en el Almacén Regional de Vinos, se lamenta porque ha recibido su sueldo en botellas de vino de mesa.
Los huevos fatales by Mijail Bulgakov Los huevos fatales by Feb. 19, 2017 $1.99 24897 words Sample 20%
Inscrita claramente en la línea tradicional de la sátira rusa, el relato de Mijaíl Bulgákov "Los huevos fatales", alegoría satírica y científica a la vez, constituye una diatriba tragicómica y surrealista contra los formalismos de la burocracia y contra la ignorancia y la torpeza endémicas del poder.
shri durga katha in hindi by narendra scahan, Jr shri durga katha in hindi by Feb. 19, 2017 $3.00 25993 words Sample 5%
All that you wanted to know about Durga and Durga Puja. In 40 colorful panels we describe the story of how Mahish-asura subjugated heaven and earth. How Durga was born to put an end to Mahish-asura. The story of Rama’s battle in Lanka. We also learn about the Gods and Goddesses in Durga Puja and about the lunar calendar of the month of Durga Puja and Diwali.
Corazón de perro by Mijail Bulgakov Corazón de perro by Feb. 19, 2017 $1.99 32959 words Sample 20%
Un eminente cirujano, especializado en operaciones de rejuvenecimiento, transplanta a un perro vagabundo la hipófisis y las glándulas sexuales de un hombre que acaba de morir.
My Dear Sister by Hiranya Borah My Dear Sister by Feb. 19, 2017 Free! 1848 words Read a sample
To be a brother of a rogue sister is an unhappy man. Then when his family, including his mother supports the sister, not him, he becomes unhappier. Then, when she starts telling whole world that, she is a victim of her brother’s arrogance and success and other relatives believe it because of their own selfishness, the hapless brother became the unhappiest man.
El maestro y Margarita by Mijail Bulgakov El maestro y Margarita by Feb. 19, 2017 $1.99 137426 words Sample 20%
Novela de culto, la obra trasciende la mera sátira, si bien genial, de la sociedad soviética de entonces para erigirse en metáfora de la complejidad de la naturaleza humana, así como del eterno combate entre el bien y el mal.
Guardians of the Universe by apsia Guardians of the Universe by Feb. 19, 2017 $2.99 613 words Sample 20%
This book is a series of comic book. This book is a story start when a group of aliens come from hundred thousand light years to invade this world. The alien attack or destroy anyone who stands in their way. These women stumble by chance to a world that is being attack by the invaders and in their natural reflex is to fight these invaders. These beings have well advance technology.
Shappy by The Merovingian Shappy by Feb. 19, 2017 $0.99 25898 words Sample 10%
A witty multicultural tale of a sarcastic girl who falls hopelessly in love with her African-American best friend. It's The Help meets Forrest Gump!
I'm Going To Be Sick by Lex Williams I'm Going To Be Sick by Feb. 19, 2017 $2.99 11624 words Sample 20%
It's just another day in the anxiety-fueled nightmare that is Lungile's life. Tormented by forces outside of her control, today is the day she makes her choice. To move on from this pain, one way or another.
This Pluperfect Life by Lex Williams This Pluperfect Life by Feb. 19, 2017 $2.99 12626 words Sample 20%
The monolithic machine hummed in the centre of the dirty workshop. This was everything Ippolit had worked for, everything he'd sacrificed had come to this point. There was no turning back. A knocking came from inside the machine, followed by a bang. The door to the machine opened. Thick smoke drifted out, curling upwards. A silhouette stepped through the smoke ...
Just Watch Me #1 by Cindy Larie Just Watch Me #1 by Feb. 19, 2017 $2.99 7228 words Sample 20%
Forty-five year old Carly is tired of the same old tried and true cookie cutter sex she and her husband have resorted to since the kids were born. She was sure things would improve once they were grown and out on their own but the nest has been empty for two long years and nothing has changed…kiss, squeeze, suck, rub, pump, pump, pump, roll over and fall asleep. Something has to give.
Falling Hard by Pamela Clare Falling Hard by Feb. 19, 2017 $4.99 84397 words Sample 15%
A former Army Ranger moves in next door to a Gold Star wife with twins, and the two help each other to heal and find the love of a lifetime.
Doing it the Hard Way: An Evening of Spanking & Sex by littleJC Doing it the Hard Way: An Evening of Spanking & Sex by Feb. 19, 2017 $0.99 3056 words Sample 30%
Anna has a problem with saying a simple phrase that most couples say to each other every day. "I love you." Additionally, Anna has a naughty desire to be forced to say those words to her boyfriend, Michael. Michael has no problem giving Anna what she wants and needs. As their domestic discipline and spanking session give way to sexual pleasures, the two realize they are destined for each other.
Curse of Stars (Diamond Crier #1) by Donna Compositor Curse of Stars (Diamond Crier #1) by Feb. 19, 2017 $0.99 89689 words Sample 15%
Sabi Perez is the last Diamond Crier, only she doesn’t know it. Not until a crazed ruler from another world comes to collect her priceless tears and won’t take no for an answer.
Steamy Nights, Cool Lights by KT Grant Steamy Nights, Cool Lights by Feb. 19, 2017 $3.99 42388 words Sample 20%
Kennedy Segal travels to Reykjavik, Iceland for a once in a lifetime business trip to sign a multi-million dollar deal for Segal Holdings, her older brother’s billion-dollar construction management company. The first night she’s there, she meets an alluring woman only known as Marella, who tempts Kennedy in ways she has never been tempted before.
Return to the Spire by Lex Williams Return to the Spire by Feb. 18, 2017 $2.99 12901 words Sample 20%
The monster's howls echo through the night, silenced by the gunshots of mercenaries. In the weeks since Temel's departure, things have only escalated. Presumed dead, someone must head to the castle and fight back. That someone is Zorana, the head of the mercenary outfit. But is she truly prepared to face the horrors that lurk within the castle? And what does she know of ... the Spire?
Journey to the Spire by Lex Williams Journey to the Spire by Feb. 18, 2017 $0.99 17082 words Sample 20%
In the darkness beneath the thick canopy of the Orphic Forest, something watches. Inhuman beasts crawl within its clutches, having appeared alongside a mysterious castle. The detective, Temel, seeks to investigate this unknown threat, drawing ever nearer to ... the Spire.
The Dark of Space by Lex Williams The Dark of Space by Feb. 18, 2017 Free! 961 words Read a sample
What is there to fear in the dark void of space? A tear trickled down Yewande's face, for she knew.
Pipe Smoke by Rik Hunik Pipe Smoke by Feb. 18, 2017 Free! 1081 words Read a sample
(650 words) An old woman on her deathbed. The smell of pipe tobacco smoke in a hospital. What does it mean?
Massage by CC Steens Massage by Feb. 18, 2017 $1.25 2161 words Sample 20%
Wat lijkt op het begin van een doelloze carriere en eenzaam na haar verbroken relatie, maakt Eveline een 'beginnersfout' die leidt tot geheel nieuwe relaties.
Agente Secreto Disco Dancer: ¿Fue la sopa de langosta? by Scott Gordon Agente Secreto Disco Dancer: ¿Fue la sopa de langosta? by Feb. 18, 2017 $0.99 8632 words Sample 20%
Ser un súper genio criminal no es tan genial como parece. Sólo pregúntale a Verruga Fisk, la archinémesis del extraordinario espía Agente Secreto Disco Dancer. En un placentero día en Mónaco, en un café francés sobre el nuevo camino construido junto al río, el deliciosamente encantador (aunque maníaco) Fisk encuentra una sucia sorpresa en su sopa.
Capes, Crepes and Creeps: The Superheroine Maid Cafe by Kimiko Petaway Capes, Crepes and Creeps: The Superheroine Maid Cafe by Feb. 18, 2017 $2.99 12680 words Sample 50%
An evil villain is turning sexy superheroines and supervillains alike into his maids. Will the Empress be able to stop him? This erotic work includes mind control, impractical but sexy maid uniforms, bimbo transformations, a bonus alternate BAD END, and should not be read by anyone under eighteen!
For Fear of the Night by Charles L. Grant For Fear of the Night by Feb. 18, 2017 $3.99 82012 words Sample 20%
The amusement park on the pier burned ten days ago. The blackened skeleton of the House of Horrors is a grim reminder of summer's dreams turned to nightmares, of a young life cut short. Julie Etler and her friends had been looking forward to one final summer of freedom before college and the responsibilities of adulthood. Now Julie is dead. Or is she?
Innocence by Mireille Pavane Innocence by Feb. 18, 2017 $0.99 26957 words
A long time has passed since heiress Claire Leighton left the cocoon of her idyllic childhood. Yet the tendrils of the past still linger. Old sins, as they say, cast long shadows....
The Time Breaker (Guardians of Time Book 3) by Kate Harre The Time Breaker (Guardians of Time Book 3) by Feb. 18, 2017 $2.99 63774 words Sample 20%
While Emilia tries to identify David's killer, Seb attempts to break through her grief and show her how he really feels. But nothing is the same and before Seb can convince her he's serious, the murderer's true intentions come to light and Emilia and Seb must find a way to prevent the history of the world being irrevocably altered.
The Pearl of Pashtun by Andre Chatvick The Pearl of Pashtun by Feb. 18, 2017 $2.99 37292 words Sample 20%
A rollicking Sinner Tavistock adventure, the Pearl of Pashtun tells the story of an Avalonian Secret Service mission to Khyram to steal a mystical pearl before the Maharaja of Khyram can use it to start a war.
The Magic Maker (Guardians of Time Book 2) by Kate Harre The Magic Maker (Guardians of Time Book 2) by Feb. 18, 2017 $2.99 68839 words Sample 20%
Emilia and Seb's time travel partnership is working smoothly. But as both Eddie and Justin show an interest in Emilia, Seb struggles to keep his growing feelings for her in check. When tragedy strikes a terrible blow, everything falls apart right when they need to be their strongest.
Public Submission 10: Jungle Fever by Daisy Rose Public Submission 10: Jungle Fever by Feb. 18, 2017 $2.99 11995 words Sample 10%
"What's a sweet little thing like you doing alone in the big, bad jungle? Do you want to get hurt? There're wild animals in here..." I backed away, certain that this stranger was more dangerous than any wild animal in the jungle. His lean muscles rippled as he moved towards me, danger and masculinity oozing from him. There was a fire in his eyes that scared and confused me.