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Stepbrother’s Silent Love : Stepbrother Military Romance  (Book 1) by Wanda Edmond Stepbrother’s Silent Love : Stepbrother Military Romance (Book 1) by Feb. 07, 2016 $3.99 46072 words Sample 20%
Amy Callahan was a late bloomer in her youth, but all grown up she’s the talk of the town. Her stunning strawberry blonde hair, bedroom eyes and long legs were enough to drive any man to lustful madness....
The Day of Dithingstump by Robert Denethon The Day of Dithingstump by Feb. 07, 2016 $2.99 51928 words Sample 20%
In a world where England has fallen to the forces of the Germanischen leader Adolf Hister and London is now called New Berlin, a group of rebels in the town of Dithingstump, on the northern border of the Northeastern Reichstadt of Occupied Britain, try to prevent the Reich from spreading Hister’s reign to other universes, alternate universes with different histories.
Pegging my Alpha Male Husband by Amy Hilton Pegging my Alpha Male Husband by Feb. 07, 2016 $2.99 6284 words Sample 20%
To the rest of the world my husband was the ultimate billionaire alpha male but I saw another side where he wanted to submit and hand over. Without directly saying so, he pushed me towards taking charge of our sex life. He wanted me to be the aggressor, to control his pleasure and decide when and if he had an orgasm. And then one day he asked me what it was like to be a woman...
Stepbrother Alpha Baby Series by Wanda Edmond Stepbrother Alpha Baby Series by Feb. 07, 2016 $5.99 66646 words Sample 20%
Sam and Rose have been part of the same family since their parents married twelve years ago. Now they are all grown up and facing new difficulties in their lives. Sam has to run the family business all alone, as his father retires, while Rose just broke up with her boyfriend of five years and ran back home together with her one year old baby....
Finding Yourself in the Town of Geniuses--Climbing the Path to SelfRealization by Total Health Publications Finding Yourself in the Town of Geniuses--Climbing the Path to SelfRealization by Feb. 07, 2016 $2.99 73215 words Sample 20%
The adventure begins with an American student who has come to the Town of Geniuses, hoping to find some genius ability in her mind. She meets a fortuneteller whose cards display unusual fates of three geniuses. But it is clear that the "cards of fate" cannot predict the future. An enhanced ebook.
Stepbrother Alpha Baby (Book 3) by Wanda Edmond Stepbrother Alpha Baby (Book 3) by Feb. 07, 2016 $3.99 46253 words Sample 20%
When Sam offers to marry Rose after their parent find them in bed together, Rose and their parents are stunned, but only Rose rejects the offer right away. Sam, however, insists and uses sex and threats to make her do it....
Stepbrother Alpha Baby (Book 2) by Wanda Edmond Stepbrother Alpha Baby (Book 2) by Feb. 07, 2016 $3.99 46216 words Sample 20%
Sam is stunned and hurt by Rose’s actions. He doesn’t understand why she had to hide his child from him. Rose tries to explain, but it is obvious that her stepbrother is not going to forgive her easily. ....
Stepbrother Alpha Baby (Book 1) by Wanda Edmond Stepbrother Alpha Baby (Book 1) by Feb. 07, 2016 $3.99 46149 words Sample 20%
Sam and Rose have been part of the same family since their parents married twelve years ago. Now they are all grown up and facing new difficulties in their lives. Sam has to run the family business all alone, as his father retires, while Rose just broke up with her boyfriend of five years and ran back home together with her one year old baby....
A snowman in the desert by Ranin Qarada A snowman in the desert by Feb. 07, 2016 $1.00 658 words Sample 20%
A Snowman in the Desert is a multi-thematic collection of short poems, which is also the title of one of the poems included. The collection reflects various feelings of different people. It also depicts death and life in a very mysterious and metaphoric way. It is filled with unexpected and exotic imagery as well.
Big Black Hangover (Interracial Gangbang Erotica) by Jane Snow Big Black Hangover (Interracial Gangbang Erotica) by Feb. 07, 2016 $2.99 4978 words Sample 20%
Carrie wakes up in a room with six big black naked men. She can barely remember where she is and who these men are. Finding a camera, she sees the wild night she had. As she tries to process the night before, the big black hangover just begins. A man steps out of the bathroom and surprises her, waking the others. When she sees their impressive members, she's shocked. What happens in Vegas stays...
Jamilah Rising by Anastasia Rabiyah Jamilah Rising by Feb. 07, 2016 $5.99 68644 words Sample 10%
She wanted what she had lost and what she now had—and it was impossible to have both.
Tanya by Crystal Dawn Tanya by Feb. 07, 2016 Free! 10312 words Read a sample
Tanya was forced to flee when she overheard a conversation between her boss and a corrupt senator. She's not sure what scares her more, the criminals or the warden sent to bring her back to testify. Either way she plans to run until they catch her. Will it be the crooks or the Devil the law has chasing her that gets her first?
Ace-High Royal Flush by Tinnean Ace-High Royal Flush by Feb. 07, 2016 $2.99 17200 words Sample 20%
Jefferson Sebring wined and dined, charmed and cajoled, and lured and seduced handsome men into his bed. However, he never wanted to keep one longer than a few dates or a few months. That was, until Ludovic Rivenhall. Years later, they both still wanted each other -- but men didn't marry men. Or did they, in this new world they had survived to see?
First and Goal by Terry O'Reilly First and Goal by Feb. 07, 2016 $2.99 15953 words Sample 20%
When Broadway dancer Darrin Houghton gets a message from an intriguing hunk on a hook-up site, he sets up a meeting despite his reservations. Brad Grabosky is a deeply closeted NFL star with a preference for no strings attached, anonymous one night flings. However, love and fate will not be denied. Will Brad and Darrin find a way to get to first and goal, or will their hopes be fumbled away?
Wedded to Calamity by Becky Black Wedded to Calamity by Feb. 07, 2016 $2.99 14552 words Sample 20%
Get the brides to the church on time. Or rather to the remote and romantic Scottish castle Kim and Gabi have chosen for their wedding venue. On the way they’ll have to contend with terrible weather, transport disasters and everything else that can go wrong. But as well as obstacles, they’ll find friends and allies who’ll do everything possible to give the brides their long-dreamt-of wedding day.
Make the Right Choice by Jeff Adams Make the Right Choice by Feb. 07, 2016 $3.99 33521 words Sample 20%
Matt Blackwood never set out to become his father. As heir apparent to the family architectural firm, he works long hours, but he knows there’s more to life. Bravely striking out on his own makes sense for him professionally, so why is he so skittish about a more permanent arrangement with his long-time boyfriend Leo Morris? Matt and Leo must fight for the life they want.
Internal Affairs by Makenzi Internal Affairs by Feb. 07, 2016 $5.99 41764 words Sample 15%
The entire life of the call center revolves around....sex, lies, consequences and irate customers. Follow the lives of several individuals from different backgrounds who work in a call center as they deal with Drama! and more Drama!
The Lesson by Bella D'Amato The Lesson by Feb. 07, 2016 $0.99 43142 words Sample 20%
Sweet as pie and sexy as hell, Bianca Russo can't help falling for rich bad boy Mason Freeman. But when tragedy strikes, their differences seem insurmountable, and they are torn apart. Six years later, Mason is back in town and determined to win her back. Bianca soon learns she has her own love lessons to learn. Can she forgive Mason? Or is their great love a thing of the past?
Handfast by Kristine Kathryn Rusch Handfast by Feb. 06, 2016 $2.99 7538 words Sample 20%
When Ry gave her the gun, she thought it the most romantic gift she’d ever received. But after his death she had to put the magic gun in her past or risk losing her future. Until the day she can no longer keep the gun at bay. It demands answers. Answers only she can find. Answers that involve a ceremony she never fully understood. Until now.
Tales of Love by Havan Fellows Tales of Love by Feb. 06, 2016 $0.99 15367 words Sample 20%
This is a seasonal collection of m/m romances to make you feel the love. There are four short stories in this collection. One has never been published before, the other stories were previously published—two of them still available as single titles. This collection will be offered for a discounted price during the season of love.
The Ideal Life by David Lawrence Palm The Ideal Life by Feb. 06, 2016 Free! 3296 words Read a sample
In the year 2210, a committee of intellectuals decide to give an award to the person who has lived the most hedonistic and self-serving lifestyle.
A Muslim Princess by umm aasiyah muhammad A Muslim Princess by Feb. 06, 2016 $2.00 0 words Sample 20%
'A Muslim Princess' aims to capture the characteristics a little Muslim girl may aspire to achieve, from the way she dresses, behaves as well as actions to earn Allah (SWT)'s pleasure.
The Quay Avenue Bridge by Phillip Garcia The Quay Avenue Bridge by Feb. 06, 2016 Free! 9289 words Read a sample
The Quay Avenue Bridge is haunted. That's what they say anyway. It's a story that has been passed down throughout the years, and now two kids fresh from their high school graduation decide to go out to the bridge one last time to try to see the dead body of little Denny Dennison.
Dragon Games by Stephen Mertz Dragon Games by Feb. 06, 2016 $3.99 73657 words Sample 20%
Beijing, China. August 2008. The world, and hundreds of thousands of attendees, are riveted by the epic grandeur of the Summer Olympics. But just beneath the surface of the pageantry and athletic competition pulsates a drama of terror in this latest thriller from Stephen Mertz.
A.H.K.A: The Return of Spoken Word by Autorian Storm A.H.K.A: The Return of Spoken Word by Feb. 06, 2016 You set the price! 4029 words Sample 20%
The sequel to the highly successful Last Night of July poetry book
Valentine Witch by Shay Roberts Valentine Witch by Feb. 06, 2016 Free! 10385 words Read a sample
Isabelle is half-Fae. Valentine’s Day is a stressful time for her because it usually ends in disaster. Desperate, Izzy turns to Millicent, a dangerous love-witch living on a mysterious island with a historic past. Millicent offers Izzy a devil’s bargain in exchange for happiness. But when the deal goes awry, Isabelle experiences a Valentine’s Day unlike any other.
Delusion of Grandeur by Jeremy Martin Delusion of Grandeur by Feb. 06, 2016 $1.99 5446 words Sample 20%
This random collection of poems covers a mad roller coaster love story, dark love poems, thoughts on death and other random poems.
Exist in the Moon by Jessi Schultz Exist in the Moon by Feb. 06, 2016 $1.99 10461 words Sample 20%
This chapbook, Exist in the Moon, is an impactful collection of poetry that peels away with each page.
Bitter Sweet by JR Thomas Bitter Sweet by Feb. 06, 2016 $2.99 47507 words Sample 15%
This story is about Captain Jake Cooper and one of his civil war Lieutenants Sam Boyd hiring out as extra guns on a thirty-five wagon train. The wagons leave Richmond in May 1865 and start for Union, TX hoping to cover the sixteen hundred miles by the end of October 1865. The trip across five states is full of adventure for the settlers, but full of danger, trials, and challenges everyday.
Betrayals by HC Playa Betrayals by Feb. 06, 2016 $2.99 82695 words Sample 20%
In the sequel to H.C. Playa's Daughter of Destiny, worlds collide as chaos and death threaten Earth and Fairy alike. Caught in the middle are Kieran, brother of the liaison between humanity and the Fae, and Delaney, a healer and mage who was taught to fear and hate the Fae. As lines blur and deep-held beliefs are challenged, humanity itself must battle for survival.
The Return of Little Precious: The Return of Little Precious: Moriarty, Lord of the Vampires, Book Three by Chuck Miller The Return of Little Precious: The Return of Little Precious: Moriarty, Lord of the Vampires, Book Three by Feb. 06, 2016 $2.99 67882 words Sample 20%
Eleven years ago, the cybernetic entity known as Little Precious went on a rampage that left more than a million dead. Now, the girl who formed half of the entity is waking up, and only Doctor Unknown Junior and his unlikely band of allies can stop it... If they can unravel the horrific plan of the Cult of the White Centipede. Book 3 of the genre-defying MORIARTY, LORD OF THE VAMPIRES Trilogy.
Last Dance of the Roses by CS Patra Last Dance of the Roses by Feb. 06, 2016 You set the price! 34865 words Sample 3%
When tragedy strikes, a dancer comes to a sad and sudden conclusion that shocks everyone including her boyfriend; her next dance is also her last.
The Ruins of Stelmosia by Randall Carey The Ruins of Stelmosia by Feb. 06, 2016 $4.99 91769 words Sample 20%
In Valderia, the world is buzzing with excitement. In this second book of the Knightfalls series, Orric and his companions set off on an adventure to prove to themselves that they have come of age in this new world of adventure and darkness. Destiny awaits them at every turn. Love and friendship abound in this story of magic, puzzles, riddles, and destiny.
Bugs by Van Allen Bugs by Feb. 06, 2016 Free! 16153 words Read a sample
The Commonwealth of Nations Stellar Exploration Vessel 119, CNSEV Tormalinas is a ready-for-anything galactic xenoarchaeological exploration vessel. Exploring the deepest, darkest corners of the galaxy for treasure has its risks and rewards, profits and losses. In this tense adventure, the crew of the Tormalinas encounters a new lifeform and a horrific game of kill or be killed ensues.
True Mastery, Part 1: The Taker of Children by Jason Kahn True Mastery, Part 1: The Taker of Children by Feb. 06, 2016 $2.99 52887 words Sample 20%
Eryl of Firudag is a boy yet untrained as a Wizard, but already filled with the passion of a Hero. Given the chance to learn at the prestigious College of Masters, Eryl soon discovers that evil is afoot. As something dark stalks, kidnapping children, Eryl and his fellow apprentices to foil the schemes of their own teachers, or die trying.
The Rhinoceros Conspiracy Live by Luna Harlow The Rhinoceros Conspiracy Live by Feb. 06, 2016 $0.99 64708 words Sample 20%
Anxiety, jealousy – guitarist Zeppelin O'Connor has been trying to bury his feelings for years. But when charming, flighty lead singer Joe expresses interest, Zepp makes a choice that goes against all his instincts. As they try to keep the band from falling apart and deal with the fears between them, will an outside threat or their own anxieties get in the way of their happy ending?
Integrity Curry by Martin Jones Integrity Curry by Feb. 06, 2016 $2.99 23111 words Sample 20%
A short book of more short stories from the well-chewed pen of an author who spends a lot of time, well, chewing pens. The author swears that all these stories are absolutely true - apart from those that aren't. Enjoy!
Don’t Take My Sunshine Away: A Collection of Short Stories by Gisele T. Siegmund Don’t Take My Sunshine Away: A Collection of Short Stories by Feb. 06, 2016 $0.99 21820 words Sample 20%
This is a collection of five short stories. The first story illustrates the struggle of a young girl living in the dark, the second story depicts a young girl’s experience of trying to make sense of both life and death, the third story is about self-realization, the fourth story denotes a young funeral director, and the fifth story is about finding love even though it may seem too late.
Battle for Oceanus by Jack Enright Battle for Oceanus by Feb. 06, 2016 $2.99 51818 words Sample 20%
Oceanus, the Ocean planet was once a paradise. Now the inhabitants face a series of catastrophes... world wars, nuclear radiation, famine, pestilence, factories and power plants spew pollution, rivers carry toxins into the life giving sea and oil spills destroy the ecosystems of the Ocean. On the eve of destruction, a fleet of Starships appear in the skies above Oceanus
No Forwarding Address by Della Van Hise No Forwarding Address by Feb. 06, 2016 $2.99 65181 words Sample 15%
A literary sci-fi novel, No Forwarding Address explores the lures of love, the tragedies and triumphs in the human heart. When Crystal & Raine first meet, it is 50 years after The Great War on Earth. They are hesitant to trust. But even if they are able to overcome these obstacles, is even love enough? It is said that when a man has the stars in his eyes, he must serve them above all others.
All Chickens Must Die: A Benjamin Wade Mystery by Scott Dennis Parker All Chickens Must Die: A Benjamin Wade Mystery by Feb. 06, 2016 $2.99 39931 words Sample 10%
May 1940: Benjamin Wade, PI, suppresses his laughter and pride to take the case of Elmer Smith, farmer, whose flock of chickens is scheduled for slaughter. It seems like a simple paycheck. He zeroes in on a central question: What really happened the night police chased someone through Smith’s farm? Wade isn’t the only one asking that question, but he could be the only one who might die for it.
Weekend Visitor by Alex Cowen Weekend Visitor by Feb. 06, 2016 $3.97 26957 words Sample 20%
When Parker's wife Hailey asked him what his deepest fantasy was, Parker wasn't sure he could bring himself to share it with her. How do you tell the woman you love that you want to watch her have sex with another man? To Parker's surprise, Hailey not only likes his secret fantasy, but decides to help make it a reality when his old college buddy comes to stay with them as their weekend visitor!
Mushroom War by AJ Cooper Mushroom War by Feb. 06, 2016 $3.99 16864 words Sample 50%
What is growing in the garden? Imowyn, herbalist extraordinaire, planted two seeds. Months later, they grow into beets. Eyes appear. They begin to stir... To move and then to talk. Who could imagine two baby sproutlings would start a war in the Enchanted Forest?
Selfies from Kastle Kreme #6 - Passion Fruit by Kris Kreme Selfies from Kastle Kreme #6 - Passion Fruit by Feb. 06, 2016 $2.99 12242 words Sample 20%
There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy! In Passion Fruit, team building in the tropics builds to climaxes Mike never expected thanks to native fruit on an uninhabited island.
Fairytale Ambrosia by Liz Schulte Fairytale Ambrosia by Feb. 06, 2016 $3.99 50139 words Sample 20%
When your professional life is going well, fate has a way of ruining everything else. At least, that’s what’s happening to Maggie Edwards. While her bakery is taking off without a hitch, her personal life is going up in flames. Her best friend needs Maggie more than ever, a demon is out for her blood, and Boone keeps having visions of a magical woman kidnapping people in their sleep.
The Red Veil of Desire by Aster Zhen The Red Veil of Desire by Feb. 06, 2016 $2.99 5990 words Sample 20%
Her dearest love became her jailer. Lady Elissa loved Tamsin from the start, even though Tamsin was only a commoner. But when Elissa contracts a deadly disease and is forced into a convent, Tamsin takes up vows to be close to her. Can they rekindle their dangerous affair, or will their new circumstances drive them apart?
Queen Teuta Of Illyria by P.I. Kapllani Queen Teuta Of Illyria by Feb. 06, 2016 $1.00 18185 words Sample 20%
This play was buried in a drawer for six years, until I met Cheryl Antao-Xavier, the publisher of In Our Words Inc., who gave me the inspiration to go ahead with its translation from Albanian into English. Often lost in the translation, I thought I would not make it. I want to thank her from my heart for making my dream come true—the publishing of my first book in English. I am so excited and deli
Orgueil et préjugé: dédain et Déception Une variation by Denise O'Hara Orgueil et préjugé: dédain et Déception Une variation by Feb. 06, 2016 $3.49 39970 words Sample 20%
Darcy et Elizabeth sont sur le point de se marier! Troubles causés par le mépris conduit à la déception. Peuvent-ils trouver un moyen de revenir à l'autre?
Little Black Dress by J.A. Laurie Little Black Dress by Feb. 06, 2016 Free! 3445 words Read a sample
Every girl needs a little black dress. Carol's attracted his attention. Now she had the chance to show him she could fulfill the promises her little black dress had made.
Dead Case in Deadwood by Ann Charles Dead Case in Deadwood by Feb. 06, 2016 $3.99 116344 words Sample 20%
Real estate agent, Violet “Spooky” Parker stumbles upon a body-part theft ring at the local funeral parlor and suspects her caustic coworker has a hand in it—or maybe a foot. Can Violet discover what’s in the crates the crooks are sneaking out of the mortuary in the dark of night? Or will she end up in one of them herself … in pieces?