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Flirting With Death by Andre' Mwansa Flirting With Death by Jan. 16, 2018 Free! 2,650 words Read a sample
What happened to Kat? Kat was having fun with her friend one night at the bar. She left the bar with a strange man and since then her friends and family have never heard from her. Download and find out what happened to Kat.
Lesbian Encounter: 6 Books Bundle by Javin Strome Lesbian Encounter: 6 Books Bundle by Jan. 16, 2018 $0.99 21,390 words
“We are yet to have fun.” They both go to their feet and met in the middle of the room. There was no denying that there was an attraction that was driving them crazy. Six Lesbian Erotic Stories Bundle. Stories: 1. The House Keeper 2. The Russian Delight 3. Dinner with Neighbor 4. Taking The Fun Out 5. Controversial Club 6. A Reunion Mature Adults Only (18+)
The Arrogant Fish by Ramadan Ahmed The Arrogant Fish by Jan. 16, 2018 $2.99 words
This story tells about a small fish loved by her friends so much so she thought she was better than them and decided to leave them and look for new friends Read the story to know what happened to her?
Flight from the Dominion (The Gamma Earth Cycle Book 2) by Craig Halloran Flight from the Dominion (The Gamma Earth Cycle Book 2) by Jan. 16, 2018 $4.99 75,580 words Sample 20%
Young Gabe and his dragon, Squawk, set out on their own to the Broken City where little to no life remains. He was of the impression that members of the Resistance would rally with him there, but something goes wrong. It is there that Gabe gets his first taste of the harsh realities of the outside world where mutated monsters and men called gammas roam.
Private Night: 6 Erotica Short Stories by Javin Strome Private Night: 6 Erotica Short Stories by Jan. 16, 2018 $0.99 21,520 words
“I think we should get more comfortable,” the woman said. She smiled at him and inched closer so their lips could meet. This was what she had wanted for so long. 6 Erotic Stories Bundle Stories: 1. Dating Wife’s Best Friend 2. Fun Filled Summer Vacation 3. Helping Her Boyfriend 4. Satisfying His Girlfriend 5. The Female Photographer 6. Learning The Game Mature Adults Only (18+)
Каждый раз, когда мы влюбляемся by Элиз Вюрм Каждый раз, когда мы влюбляемся by Jan. 16, 2018 $0.99 11,950 words
Как бы там ни было, но мир человеческой души так непредсказуем, так велик, так могуществен, но порой и так предсказуем… Дорогие наши читатели! Перед вами удивительная, невероятная книга под названием «Каждый раз, когда мы влюбляемся», которая представляет собой современный любовный роман.
An Unforgettable Show: 6 Erotica Stories Bundle by Javin Strome An Unforgettable Show: 6 Erotica Stories Bundle by Jan. 16, 2018 $0.99 21,380 words
Six Erotic Stories Bundle Stories: 1. Helping Her Best Friend 2. New Lover 3. One Night 4. The Perfect Surprise 5. True Happiness 6 Wrong Turn Mature Adults Only (18+)
HOODY AND HIS GYAL 9 by Nicholas Vaughan HOODY AND HIS GYAL 9 by Jan. 16, 2018 You set the price! 2,490 words Sample 10%
I have put all eight separate short stories called Hoody and his Gyal in one book. They are all linked to each other. The first introduces a couple. The second adds some other people. The third starts to combine all stories with a dramatic conclusion and a twist. And now I have written "Hoody And His Gyal 9"
Демон ночи by Элиз Вюрм Демон ночи by Jan. 16, 2018 $0.99 6,800 words
Один мужчина и две женщины, две женщины и один мужчина... Кто кого выберет, и нужно ли это, выбирать?
Scribner Short Horror Bundle 5: Fifty Short Story and Flash Pieces by Joshua Scribner by Joshua Scribner Scribner Short Horror Bundle 5: Fifty Short Story and Flash Pieces by Joshua Scribner by Jan. 16, 2018 $2.99 95,590 words Sample 2%
These stories are also published as individual short stories or small collections and have now been brought together.
Pretty Girls Dancing by Kylie Brant Pretty Girls Dancing by Jan. 16, 2018 $5.99 110,750 words
The story is told in alternating third person, between 3 family members of a girl that's been missing for years, a newly missing girl, and the agent investigating the crimes.
What You Hate by Joshua Scribner What You Hate by Jan. 16, 2018 Free! 4,210 words Read a sample
Bad things keep happening in the bar. Why does Jeni feel them coming?
Rustic Rules by Seema Singh Rustic Rules by Jan. 16, 2018 $1.99 9,450 words Sample 10%
This is a delightful story based in rustic Indian wealthy family. Nirmla (Nirmu) and her two brothers, Vikram and Ajit have brought up her two children Vikrant (Bablu) and Nidhi (Guddi). The changing times and history of family catches up with the kids and they have to grow up fast. Intended for mature readers
Unbridled Desires by Emily Sinclaire Unbridled Desires by Jan. 16, 2018 $3.99 21,410 words Sample 20%
Andrew Marshall was a member of the Olympians – an organization comprised of powerful men whom have taken on the personas of the ancient Greek Gods in order to hide their true identity. Hosting wild parties all over the world, one lucky woman is chosen as their Aphrodite to act as the receptacle of their perversions.
Jumping in Puddles by Barbara Elsborg Jumping in Puddles by Jan. 16, 2018 $3.99 70,020 words Sample 20%
Jago doesn’t just inherit a title after the death of his parents, he’s saddled with a crumbling money pit of a mansion in desperate need of repair. When a stunning woman sweeps into Jago’s world in a thunderstorm, offering to put everything right, he can’t stop thinking she’s too good to be true. But when he discovers the truth about Ellie, he knows his world has changed forever.
Petting the Sweet Little Pussy: Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis by DeeDee Zee Petting the Sweet Little Pussy: Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis by Jan. 16, 2018 $2.99 4,050 words Sample 20%
Father-Daughter Dubious Consent Incest Erotica ~ Dad has a special little kitty who comes when he calls and loves to be petted before being fed lots and lots of his cream.
Halloween Night by L. A. Meagher Halloween Night by Jan. 16, 2018 $5.99 370 words
Have you ever wondered what goblins and ghosts do to prepare for Halloween Night? Let's find out...
Halloween Night by L. A. Meagher Halloween Night by Jan. 16, 2018 $5.99 370 words
Have you ever wondered what goblins and ghosts do to prepare for Halloween Night? Let's find out...
The Mountain by Makynzie Watkins The Mountain by Jan. 16, 2018 $5.99 3,020 words Sample 20%
Princess Lailee is teased by her peers. Upset,
Lords of the Greenwood by Chris Thorndycroft Lords of the Greenwood by Jan. 16, 2018 $3.99 156,620 words Sample 20%
Blending real history with medieval ballads this is the entwined saga of two men, separated by a generation, united by legend, who inspired the tales of England’s famous hooded outlaw.
The Governor's Son by Alex Omolu The Governor's Son by Jan. 16, 2018 $1.99 19,930 words Sample 20%
Governance in this part of the world is becoming oppressive by the day. Political leadership is fast becoming a do or die affair because of massive embezzlement of public fund. They live in “another world” within the state they are supposed to be governing. Their children are alienated from their immediate society, the children who their corrupt parents intend to hand over power to despite........
The Sweetest Fling by LJ Bradley The Sweetest Fling by Jan. 16, 2018 $0.99 49,000 words Sample 10%
Meg wants to add some excitement to her life, and Jack's more than happy to give it to her. The only problem? She's a relationship kind of person and he's... not.
Orissa: Parte II by Alberto Rueda Orissa: Parte II by Jan. 16, 2018 $2.99 192,830 words Sample 15%
La felicidad es siempre un bien perecedero. Por eso, aunque Nagesh crea haber encontrado un eterno remanso de paz junto a Shefali, lejos por fin del miserable Monseñor Dumont, el destino hará que una segunda persona ponga sus ojos en él y le involucre en sus turbios propósitos.
Orissa: Parte I by Alberto Rueda Orissa: Parte I by Jan. 16, 2018 Free! 189,710 words Read a sample
La India, finales del siglo XIX. Dos bandidos irrumpen en una choza alrededor de la medianoche, y sin dar explicaciones, asesinan al sepulturero que duerme en su interior. Acto seguido, prenden fuego a la construcción con su hijo dentro y desaparecen sin dejar rastro.
Dying for a Living Boxset - Vol 2 by Kory M. Shrum Dying for a Living Boxset - Vol 2 by Jan. 16, 2018 $4.99 317,140 words Sample 20%
Save over 30% with this four-book bundle - the perfect followup to the Dying for a Living Boxset Volume 1. This boxset includes Dying Light, Worth Dying For, Dying Breath and Dying Day (Books 4-7) in the series. If you like fantasy superstars like Darynda Jones, Chloe Neill and Charlaine Harris, you'll enjoy this series too. Purchase your copy of the boxset today and find out how the series ends!
Autumn Fire by Cameron D. James Autumn Fire by Jan. 16, 2018 $4.99 53,150 words Sample 20%
True gay love is a fairy tale and the closet is comfier, until you meet the man of your dreams.
The Little Blue Book of Limericks by Kevin Lucas The Little Blue Book of Limericks by Jan. 16, 2018 $3.99 8,410 words Sample 20%
With over 3,000 limericks in his repertoire, Kevin Lucas chose to share some of his more salacious works with you in The Little Blue Book of Limericks.
Choosing a Master (Vampires and the Life of Erin Rose - 1) by S.M. Perlow Choosing a Master (Vampires and the Life of Erin Rose - 1) by Jan. 16, 2018 $3.99 96,020 words Sample 20%
“Like the blood of God…” In New Orleans, a passage from a Renaissance-era book is Ethan’s only hope to save the woman he loves. For Vera's devotion to the Spectavi cause—and their leader—she will go to any lengths. In a nightclub in France, John has an unusual encounter with a gorgeous vampire, but his love for a mortal woman forces him into a devastating choice.
Stacy's Second Older Man by Ruby Carew Stacy's Second Older Man by Jan. 16, 2018 $2.99 8,940 words
I’ve been living and sleeping with my dad’s best friend, Ray. That is until his friend, Jake, comes to stay. Now I’m sleeping alone and missing what Ray and I shared. One morning I wake up to see Jake asleep on the couch, his covers tossed aside and him totally naked! And ready to go! I try to resist, but with Ray gone for the weekend and this hot, hard man sooo available… well, what would you do?
Truth or Dare? by Elizabeth Morgan Truth or Dare? by Jan. 16, 2018 $0.99 11,710 words Sample 15%
A tequila fuelled game of Truth or Dare is not Dani’s idea of fun, but when Cameron, the jerk who rejected her a year ago is the one provoking her into playing, how can she say no? Not that he’s giving her the option in the first place.
Death's Soldiers MC - Quinn & Cash by Aya Mai Death's Soldiers MC - Quinn & Cash by Jan. 16, 2018 $1.99 70,860 words Sample 10%
Lineville, Arizona is home of the notorious Death's Soldiers Motorcycle Club. Quinn is a rich, young woman from Yuma, Arizona who’s running from her vicious politician stepdad. In search of her biological father, she stumbles upon Liam ‘Cash’ O’Connor, a sexy leather wearing biker god.
Hector Reborn - Volume II: Retribution by Ian Thompson Hector Reborn - Volume II: Retribution by Jan. 16, 2018 $3.99 100,020 words Sample 20%
Reborn on an extraordinary new world, the Trojan Prince Hector was deceived into making a terrible error - and countless innocent Atlans have been condemned to a fate far crueller than death. Now he fights alongside the Atlan survivors against terrible odds: the Nemalites, their Shaltine warriors, the monstrous Viron gods... and, worst of all, his resurrected Greek nemesis Achilles.
I Like Dirt by Laine Watson I Like Dirt by Jan. 16, 2018 $0.99 85,190 words Sample 20%
Getting along without the one person that you love more than life is the hardest thing to do, until you have to get along with a new version of them.
Love Until It Hurts by Carmen DeSousa Love Until It Hurts by Jan. 16, 2018 $0.99 67,220 words
A fire-red BMW, a mansion on the water, a closet the size of a small department store … At eighteen years old, Charity Bauer has gotten anything she has ever wanted in life. At least she thought she had everything she wanted…
High Tide by Jill Sanders High Tide by Jan. 16, 2018 $3.99 44,510 words
Grace was trying to recover from being left at the altar by the man who had been her best friend since grade school. The fact that Corey had ditched her for some bimbo he’d met during his bachelor party wasn’t even the worst thing that had happened to her. No, the worst part was that she’d gone on her honeymoon alone, had a one-night stand with a sexy bartender, and nine months later had ended...
Going Gone by Abraham Lopez Going Gone by Jan. 16, 2018 $2.99 72,580 words Sample 10%
What is a single life worth? In our modern world, where wars are on the cusp of igniting at a moment’s notice, what can the death of a single person mean? It can mean the tenuous line between peace and destruction. Twelve intertwining yet unique lives and stories, some saved and some ended, some Going, some Gone…
Raze (William Bernhardt's Shine Series Book 6) by Tamara Grantham Raze (William Bernhardt's Shine Series Book 6) by Jan. 16, 2018 $2.99 21,660 words Sample 20%
Sisters May and Lillie Wheaton believe they’re prepared for anything. A client hires them to find her missing daughter and it seems like just another job until they realize the lost girl is a Shine. She’s been captured by New York’s most devious gang, the Xeros, who are armed with the explosive power of Shines. The lines between ally and enemy, between sister and friend, are changing--fatally.
Donnach's Daughter, The Clan MacLaren, Bk 2 by Nancy Pennick Donnach's Daughter, The Clan MacLaren, Bk 2 by Jan. 16, 2018 $2.99 80,990 words
Glynis MacLaren longs to see the world, not marry and live a suffocating life in Scotland. She leaps at the chance to escort her sister to the colonies, never expecting to find love and adventure on the high seas. When the ship reaches the colonies, a tragedy turns her joy to heartbreak.
Silenced by Sugar by Catherine Bruns Silenced by Sugar by Jan. 16, 2018 $2.99 72,450 words Sample 20%
Full-time baker and sometime-sleuth Sally Muccio wishes that sales in her bakery would pick up. So when a popular TV show invites her and best friend, Josie, to be guests, it’s a dream come true. Only it quickly turned into a nightmare when a dead body is discovered on the set, and fingers immediately point to Josie. Now it' sup to Sal to save her friend and tack down a killer!
The Jaguar Bodyguard by Bianca D'Arc The Jaguar Bodyguard by Jan. 16, 2018 $3.99 59,530 words Sample 15%
Sworn to protect his Clan, Nick Balam heads to Hollywood to keep an eye on a rising star who has seen too much for her own good. Fame has made a circus of Sal’s life, but when threats mount, she needs professional help. Nick embeds himself in her security squad to keep an eye on her. Sparks fly and passions rise between them. Can he keep her safe and prevent her from revealing what she knows?
Making Angel by Harley Stone Making Angel by Jan. 16, 2018 $2.99 59,660 words
The son of a mafia boss will sacrifice everything to keep the woman he loves, but she'll have to confront her destiny to stay with him.
The Bitterroot Inn by Devney Perry The Bitterroot Inn by Jan. 16, 2018 $3.99 103,570 words
Her past. His secrets. They have more in common than she knows.
Savor Life by TB Mann Savor Life by Jan. 16, 2018 $3.99 67,780 words Sample 20%
After losing her newborn daughter and nearly losing her own life, Aria’s marriage disintegrated, and she became a virtual recluse, much to the concern of her friends. Talking her into a ten day vacation on the island of Antigua, they hope she will develop a new lease on life. When she meets Chad, Doug, and Jason who have each suffered losses of their own, can they build a new life together?
Halloween Night by L. A. Meagher Halloween Night by Jan. 15, 2018 $5.99 370 words
Have you ever wondered what goblins and ghosts do to prepare for Halloween Night? Let's find out...
As the Night Ends by Calle J. Brookes As the Night Ends by Jan. 15, 2018 $5.39 90,680 words
Ariella Avery needed time and space to heal from the pain she'd experienced over the last two years. Finley Creek was the place for her to do that. Until someone started targeting her...
Bones of Bronze, Limbs Like Iron by Rhea Rose Bones of Bronze, Limbs Like Iron by Jan. 15, 2018 $0.99 4,410 words Sample 10%
A time traveling, steampunk love story where a one room school house teacher, Susanna, meets and almost remembers the mysterious, futuristic time traveler, Grant, who's devotion to her convinces Susanna that she is part of a bigger plan. A plan so big, it could cost her everything she loves and lives for.
Very Short Stories by Gul Ozseven Very Short Stories by Jan. 15, 2018 $4.99 12,930 words Sample 20%
Very Short Stories is the first book of "Gul Ozseven", a Turkish woman poet who writes poems in English. Most of the poems are commentaries on the everyday life.
O Portal da Ultima Sombra by Júlio César O Portal da Ultima Sombra by Jan. 15, 2018 Free! 99,350 words Read a sample
Eles terão de encarar os demônios do Inferno em uma batalha fantástica, cheia de aventuras, magia e mistérios…
Femdom Bride Pegging Her Submissive Husband by Scarlett Steele Femdom Bride Pegging Her Submissive Husband by Jan. 15, 2018 $2.99 5,790 words Sample 10%
Suspended, paddled and pegged by his femdom bride on their wedding night
Six O'Clock Silence: An Inspector Rebecca Mayfield Mystery by Joanne Pence Six O'Clock Silence: An Inspector Rebecca Mayfield Mystery by Jan. 15, 2018 $4.99 65,100 words
When some workmen dig up a skeleton, Homicide Inspector Rebecca Mayfield finds herself investigating a death shrouded in mystery. But as the truth begins to emerge, it becomes apparent that one or more people are willing to kill to keep it buried. Yet, Rebecca refuses to abandon the case because the dead, although silent, do speak. And it's her job to listen.