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Break of Dawn IV -  Renascence by Schusterap Break of Dawn IV - Renascence by April 26, 2017 $1.00 10935 words Sample 20%
They rebuilt me, give me a totally new life, I don’t know who they are. Gods? Aliens? Demons? Who knows, what I really want to know is, Whether I am the only one or not? If not, what the hell will this world turn into? But for present, I have a lot to fix, infectees are not problems anymore, and those who hurt me, I will let them pay back. I am, Frankenstein·Rodriguez.
Filming her First Time Spanking Humiliation  - A 1st Time Submissive Woman BDSM Short Story by Nicola Diaz Filming her First Time Spanking Humiliation - A 1st Time Submissive Woman BDSM Short Story by April 26, 2017 $2.99 3313 words Sample 10%
I never thought spanking would arouse me this much. And now I crave more. Harder and faster……
Forbidden Fruit by Akhadya Forbidden Fruit by April 26, 2017 Free! 2681 words Read a sample
Rohan got the strong fragrance of Aparajita’s body which was enough to make him a mad boy of twenty.xxxxxxxOn his way back home, Rohan was wondering how Aparajita knew about his relation with other ladies!
Diary Of A Wimpy Silly Baby Pikachu! You Me and Eevee: Best Free XL Pokemon Go Trainer New Edition and More! by Justin Smith Diary Of A Wimpy Silly Baby Pikachu! You Me and Eevee: Best Free XL Pokemon Go Trainer New Edition and More! by April 26, 2017 $0.99 19480 words Sample 20%
Hey Buddy!!! Are you ready to RUMBLE!!!!!! for a GOOD TIME!!!! If you love Pokemon Go, then you'll Love This Book. This Book Features the Newly Pokemon Trainer and is only for the best of the best Pokemon players and fans. Only for the players and fans who LOVE Pokemon!
Beyond the North Tower by Nosepeople Productions Beyond the North Tower by April 26, 2017 $3.99 40524 words Sample 20%
Unexpected encounters, revolution, the value of friendship, and setting old scores lie at the heart of Beyond The North Tower. Join Roisin on her trek to the city to sell broom where she makes two very important friends, Meet Arrum and his donkey Jezebel who are more than they seem.March with Underlieutenant Matricht as he learns that life in the Royal Guard can take mysterious turns.
Last Exit to Montauk by Phillip Vega Last Exit to Montauk by April 26, 2017 $3.99 115533 words Sample 20%
Love the eighties? Love romantic adventures? How often have you looked back on your high school experiences and just thought . . . WOW. Last Exit to Montauk by Phillip Vega will take you there . . . and more
Promises Made by Destiny Blaine Promises Made by April 26, 2017 $2.99 32670 words Sample 20%
Brooklyn is thirty-four years old. She works crime and narcotics, weapons intelligence, and she has handled top secret material for the Information Operations Center Analysis Group. She is quick to anger and quicker to draw a weapon. And prior to her husband’s death, she was in bed with the mob—a fact that didn’t change after his untimely demise...
Sebastian by Crystal Dawn Sebastian by April 26, 2017 $0.99 40182 words Sample 20%
Sebastian is moving his pride headquarters to what he hopes will be a permanent home. Seven groups of big cats will be forming an alliance for mutual defense and to aid in the growth of all their groups. The last thing he needs right now is a mate. Too bad the goddess does things her own way.
Jane Carter of Earth and the Rescue that Never Was by Joe Vasicek Jane Carter of Earth and the Rescue that Never Was by April 26, 2017 $0.99 5191 words Sample 20%
Jane Carter never thought she'd be the first human in the galaxy to be sold an alien slave auction. Only one man can rescue her, but he's the last man she wants to see. Thankfully, there are alternatives to being rescued.
Happy Birthday: A Short Story by Martin McConnell Happy Birthday: A Short Story by April 26, 2017 Free! 1284 words Read a sample
Sometimes, the worst day of your life isn't the worst thing that can happen. Sometimes, it's the best thing that can happen.
Hicks Road: Jacob's Story by JulianPFlores Hicks Road: Jacob's Story by April 26, 2017 $2.99 81463 words Sample 15%
Set in Almaden, California in the 1850’s, young Jacob Smith is viewed as an outcast by his schoolmates and, following an attack by bullies, his family is forced to make a choice that will change his life forever.
Greed by Xavier Stewart Belle Greed by April 26, 2017 You set the price! 5277 words Sample 20%
It's hard to get ahead in a city like New York. Paul, a young broker at a small Manhattan firm, thinks he can give himself an edge if he gets creative with his mouth. But when his creativity causes tension in the firm, he finds himself making an ungraceful exit. Mark, one of his best friends, tries to help him relax, and together they realize there may be a better way to employ his talents.
Zombies! Episode 3.7: Job Insecurity by Ivan Turner Zombies! Episode 3.7: Job Insecurity by April 26, 2017 $0.99 22219 words Sample 20%
With the winds changing on public opinion, the officers of ZCF decide to move their most precious stock away from headquarters. When the relocation goes wrong and several super zombies get loose in the ZCF building, not only are the people who work there in danger, but so is the world.
Kisses Worth a Thousand Words by E.V. Somerset Kisses Worth a Thousand Words by April 26, 2017 $0.99 7073 words Sample 20%
Prince Kelce Auric and his Royal Consort Caelan Dagarren have designs to seduce the king's new clerk, Henrik Janz. But what was meant as merely a simple seduction evolves into something more.
Like She Owns Me by R.U. Wild Like She Owns Me by April 26, 2017 $2.99 41054 words Sample 20%
Rachel is a nymphomaniac in search of a boyfriend that can help her contain her desires. When she meets Markus through a newspaper ad they both find more than they were looking for.
Virgin Cum Dump For Daddy's Yoga Class by Sara Kitty Virgin Cum Dump For Daddy's Yoga Class by April 26, 2017 $2.99 2257 words Sample 28%
Daddy has invited me to help teach his yoga class. It's all guys though, so I'm the only eighteen year-old girl there. I'm a horny virgin whose already imagining the possibilities. What if Daddy's yoga students take me hard and unprotected? What if Daddy himself takes a turn? I'll be the cum dump for Daddy's yoga class!
Wedgewood by Oscar Allen Wedgewood by April 26, 2017 $3.99 102303 words Sample 20%
Wedgewood is a contemporary fantasy novel set on the Texas coast in the early 1990s. Weaving together modern Texas culture with ancient Native American myths, this novel creates a unique world at once familiar and exotic.
Hope Is Within by Patrick Allen Howard Hope Is Within by April 26, 2017 Free! 8313 words Read a sample
This my life journey to you. In this poetry you will know my heart. You will know my walk with God. May it inspire you on your journey. You need only to look within to find hope. Be well my reader. May you always walk in the Light.
Water Horses by Lisa Silverthorne Water Horses by April 26, 2017 $1.99 9313 words Sample 20%
Returning to her childhood home on San Juan Island…tough. Mastering the ancient magic awakening inside her…worse. Surviving senior year of high school as the new girl…impossible!
Finding Finn by Lynn Crandall Finding Finn by April 26, 2017 Free! 11186 words Read a sample
The only brother of three to remain simply human, not a were-lynx, research scientist Finn Monroe loves his life. But when a group of violent were-lynxes arrives in town and threaten his research partner Nissa Bellow, his life is changed forever.
Fucking Daddy while Grandpa Watches by Trisha Treat Fucking Daddy while Grandpa Watches by April 26, 2017 $2.99 1642 words Sample 30%
18 year old May's grandpa often loses his temper for no reason after he came down with senile dementia. She discovers that the only way to calm him down is to let him see her naked - but this time, he insists that she fuck her Daddy in front of him. Willing to do anything to keep Grandpa quiet, May obliges, secretly enjoying her Daddy more than she anticipated.
Uno Moss by Axel Howerton Uno Moss by April 26, 2017 Free! 26369 words Read a sample
From the hilariously hard-boiled world of Axel Howerton’s Arthur Ellis Award-nominated HOT SINATRA! Uno Moss is a trip back into the weird and wild Los Angeles of Mossimo Cole and friends. A collection of both previously published and brand-new adventures featuring the thugs, heroes, lost souls and lovable rejects that make the world of Hot Sinatra go round!
Off Track by C.L. Hadyn Off Track by April 26, 2017 $3.99 43923 words Sample 20%
The deaths of five of Gunnery Sergeant Orion Brown’s men in combat in Afghanistan, and their battle buddies crying on his shoulder, had put him into unknown territory. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to have an extremely sexy Mistress paddling his backside if he was brought back to the land of the normal.
Tales of India-2 by Eren Sarı Tales of India-2 by April 26, 2017 $2.00 10556 words Sample 20%
There lived a famous sage in a dense forest. Everyday, the animals of the forest came to him to listen to his spiritual preachings. They would gather around the meditating sage and the sage would tell them the good things of life. Read more ...
Tales of India-1 by Eren Sarı Tales of India-1 by April 26, 2017 $2.00 16785 words Sample 20%
Once a king and queen had a daughter, Savitri. She was good and strong, gentle and pious. She used to keep her word, and stood by those who were in need. Then one day her father began to feel that it was time to think of her marriage. She was now seventeen. Savitri herself wanted to go to a pilgrimage to get directions as to who to marry.Read more ...
The Knight's Tale by Eren Sarı The Knight's Tale by April 26, 2017 $2.00 18089 words Sample 20%
That never word once marred their happiness, No jealousy, nor other such distress. Thus ends now Palamon and Emily; And may God save all this fair company! Amen.
The Best Tales by Eren Sarı The Best Tales by April 26, 2017 $2.00 20054 words Sample 20%
Once on a time there lived a king who was immensely rich. He had broad lands, and sacks overflowing with gold and silver; but he did not care a bit for all his riches, because the queen, his wife, was dead. He shut himself up in a little room and knocked his head against the walls for grief, till his courtiers were really afraid that he would hurt himself. Read more ...
Tales from Tibet by Eren Sarı Tales from Tibet by April 26, 2017 $2.00 9092 words Sample 20%
King Songtsen of Tibet lived more than one thousand years ago. He had five queens. They lived with him in a stone citadel on top of the Red Hill overlooking his capital, Lhasa.Tibet was a vast empire then. The king demanded a daughter from the Chinese emperor in order to ensure peace and mutual understanding. Read more ...
Singing Vultures Kissing Snakes by Daniel Barasa Singing Vultures Kissing Snakes by April 26, 2017 $2.99 9360 words Sample 20%
These poems are stories experienced and told by friends, relatives and myself. Private and public experiences in individuals, family, multicultural and universal lives. Authentic imagery in the stories make the poems worth reading.
Tales by Eren Sarı Tales by April 26, 2017 $2.00 18264 words Sample 20%
Once on a time there lived on the banks of the River Dee a miller, who was the happiest man in England. He was always busy from morning till night, and he was always singing as merrily as any lark. He was so cheerful that he made everybody else cheerful; and people all over the land liked to talk about his pleasant ways. At last the king heard about him. Read more ...
Swiss Folk Tales, Legends by Eren Sarı Swiss Folk Tales, Legends by April 26, 2017 $2.00 10781 words Sample 20%
The master miller of the little town of Zofingen had heard that his old aunt had died. She had been miserly, suspicious and always unkind to her relations, so the miller did not grieve very much when he was told she had died. Read more ...
Twins Claimed byt he Wolves (Passion of the Wolf Pack 1) by Deana Michaels Twins Claimed byt he Wolves (Passion of the Wolf Pack 1) by April 26, 2017 $2.99 9044 words Sample 20%
A pair of twin sisters are claimed by the wolves' passion! Twins Claimed by the Wolves is a 6700 word bestiality, wolf, lesbian, incest, sister/sister, twincest, oral, 69, virgin erotica that is not for the faint of heart!
Swedish Fairy Tales and Legends by Eren Sarı Swedish Fairy Tales and Legends by April 26, 2017 $2.00 64298 words Sample 20%
At a little distance from Gurk Mountain lies a hill where, formerly, lived a giant named Stompe Pilt. It happened one day, that a goatherd came that way, driving his goats before him, up the hill. Read more ...
Shetland Fireside Tales by Eren Sarı Shetland Fireside Tales by April 26, 2017 $2.00 7964 words Sample 20%
"A few days after this," continued the Olla, "I went to school, and as I entered I observed an expression of pleasure pass over Lelah's lovely face; and, going up to the table where she sat, I whispered, "I'm all right now, Lelah." Read more ...
Falling In Love by Silvergray Falling In Love by April 26, 2017 $1.99 8477 words Sample 20%
When Ben loses his wife to cancer, he and his adult children, Kai and Kota, find solace in each other.
The Ant That Found God by Zubin Mathai The Ant That Found God by April 26, 2017 Free! 94477 words Read a sample
A worker ant hears whispers as she picks up a fallen petal. She begins hearing the same whispers on the wind, in the sunshine filtering down through the trees, and in the dangers her colony faces. Soon, unable to ignore the whispers any longer, the ant leaves home and goes on an adventure into the deepest and most unknown parts of the forest.
Selected Fables by Eren Sarı Selected Fables by April 26, 2017 $2.00 38685 words Sample 20%
The Donkey and the Horse A DONKEY asked a horse to spare him a small portion of his feed. "Yes," said the horse; "if anything is left over of what I am now eating, I will give it you for the sake of my own superior dignity. And if you come over when I reach my own stall in the evening, I'll give you a little sack full of barley."
Russia and Ukraine Tales by Eren Sarı Russia and Ukraine Tales by April 26, 2017 $2.00 94193 words Sample 20%
This book is entirely dedicated to the folk tales of Russia and Ukraine. Tales are the part of culture, traditions, customs and history of people. Many generations of Russian (and not just Russian!) children have been brought up by these glorious and magnificent tales. I hope that you and your children will enjoy them too.
Dominated by the Gangster by Emma Thrust Dominated by the Gangster by April 26, 2017 $2.99 4323 words Sample 20%
Model Tabitha is given an assignment by her sleazy agency that seems too good to be true - one night's work in a club for a multi-thousand dollar paycheck. As members of a Russian gang enter the Club, they soon gather around the girl to see whether she's worth what they paid to enter and awaken desires in Tabitha she never knew she had.
Russische Märchen by Eren Sarı Russische Märchen by April 26, 2017 $2.00 26075 words Sample 20%
Es war einmal vor langer Zeit in einem weit entfernten Land ein Mann mit seiner Frau. Beide waren bereits zuvor verheiratet gewesen, doch ihre früheren Eheleute waren gestorben und so hatten sie wieder geheiratet. Beide hatten aus ihrer früheren Ehe je eine Tochter. Weiterlesen ...
Russian Folktales by Eren Sarı Russian Folktales by April 26, 2017 $2.00 12189 words Sample 20%
An old man and a woman monster lived in a little wooden house. All round the house there was a garden, crammed with flowers, and potatoes, and beetroots, and cabbages. In one corner of the house there was a narrow wooden stairway which twisted up into a tower. Read more ...
The Unforgiving Sea by Rupert Colley The Unforgiving Sea by April 26, 2017 $4.99 76664 words Sample 20%
Ten men adrift on a lifeboat. Only one will live to tell the tale. June 1944, World War Two: a convoy ship is torpedoed and sunk by a German U-boat. Most on board are killed but ten sailors manage to clamber aboard a lifeboat. Traumatized by the experience, Robert Searight emerges as the sole survivor.
The Woman on the Train by Rupert Colley The Woman on the Train by April 26, 2017 $4.99 28093 words Sample 20%
Someone saves your life. How far will you go to repay the debt? A historical fiction novella. World War Two, summer, 1942, Nazi-occupied France. A nervous young man sits on a train; his simple mission – to deliver a message on behalf of the resistance. The Germans ask for his papers. An older woman, sitting opposite, intervenes and rescues him from the clutches of the Gestapo.
черкес by Eren Sarı черкес by April 26, 2017 $2.00 16145 words Sample 20%
У одного пши (богача) был человек, который принимал кожи убитых зверей от всех охотников - подданных пши. Однажды он сказал пши, что один из охотников всегда добывает шкуры диковинных зверей. Подробнее.....
The White Venus by Rupert Colley The White Venus by April 26, 2017 $4.99 84252 words Sample 20%
When the ties of loyalty are severed, whom do you trust? World War Two. It is June 1940. France has surrendered and the Nazi German occupation begins. A small village in northern France awaits the arrival of a garrison of conquering Germans.
Американские народные сказки by Eren Sarı Американские народные сказки by April 26, 2017 $2.00 16096 words Sample 20%
Среди первых поселенцев провинции Альберта встречалось немало любителей присочинить и вообще людей, которые, как говорится, не лезут за словом в карман. Но, по всеобщему убеждению, тремя самыми выдающимися врунами в окрестностях Калгари были братья Макдугал - Дэйв и Джон. Почему тремя, спросите вы? Ну, первым вруном был, конечно, Дэйв, а Джон... Джон мог свободно сойти за двух! Подробнее.....
Kies voor haar by Stefanie Van Mol Kies voor haar by April 26, 2017 $4.99 45925 words Sample 10%
Jolien De Graeve haar leven verandert van de ene op de andere dag. Door de dood van haar ouders wordt ze gedwongen om bij haar broer te wonen. Als gitarist van de succesvolle band Full Moon heeft John alles voor elkaar. Maar wanneer het kleine zusje van zanger Max bij de band verblijft, zet die kleine, vurige dame zijn hele leven op zijn kop. Hij breekt alle regels om bij haar te zijn.
The Sixth Man by Rupert Colley The Sixth Man by April 26, 2017 $4.99 53620 words Sample 20%
What's the Worst Thing You Have Ever Done? Would you ADMIT it if your life depended on it? 1943 Nazi-occupied France. Six Frenchmen are in a Nazi prison: a doctor, a postman, a policeman, a soldier, a teacher and a priest. Tomorrow, five of the six prisoners will be executed. They have until dawn to decide which one of them should be allowed to live.
Английскя народные сказки by Eren Sarı Английскя народные сказки by April 26, 2017 $2.00 23193 words Sample 20%
Давным-давно, а точнее сказать - не припомню когда, жила на свете бедная вдова с сыном. Помощи ждать им было неоткуда, вот и впали они в такую нужду, что порой не оставалось ни горсти муки в доме, ни клочка сена для коровы. Подробнее.....
Contos infantis by Eren Sarı Contos infantis by April 26, 2017 $2.00 50730 words Sample 20%
A fofa da borboletinha era uma beleza, mas achava-se uma beldade. Devia, pelo menos, ser tratada como a rainha das borboletas, para que se sentisse satisfeita. Quanta vaidade, meu Deus!... Leia mais