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Resotek Elite

Vanishing Point

Prometheus Saga Episode One

Brett P. S.

Copyright © 2018 Brett P. S.

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter 1

The Gist

Busy Street, Chicago

The rise of resonance tested the mettle of this fledgling world across a century of ceaseless turmoil. Twenty years following the Dawn of Dreamlight, we live in an era where demigods walk among us, some in secret, but none all-powerful. No resonance is without weakness. No villain stands, unassailable. We must believe in the good of mankind to overcome its own hardships.” – Neo UN.C. Order Archives

Gavin Price. Age, 28. Professional ass-kicker of superhumans.

Gavin smeared a grin across his pretty face as he bolted through down Lincoln Avenue. Sirens blared behind him, and the thrill of a real villain rattled him to the core. He fitted his Series 5 Compact Communicator as an earpiece and checked the straps of his harness. Check. Have to thank Fortune Strongholds for the modest investment, but the real skill came down to the output of the wielder.

Gavin halted and pressed his back against the wall of a towering skyscraper at the sight of a crimson Camaro falling from the heights of a glass-covered building one block down. The body of the vehicle busted some glass on its way down, shattering a scar into the lining of the skyscraper before the hulk of metal smashed into the circle drive at the base. Shrapnel and glass littered the street and split tires as more and more drove over the mess. Public transports struggled to reroute through the converging traffic. Gavin tried to flag down Chicago PD in futility as their armored cars passed him by.

Gavin tapped his earpiece and focused his mind on the potted plant next to Marguerite back at HQ. Resotek Cores worked in mysterious ways, but he felt a connection just the same. It took weeks of mental conditioning to use a Model 5 for the purposes of the program.

“Calico, do you read me?” he asked.

A voice rang in through his earpiece. “Look at that. My daisy can talk.”

Gavin huffed, breaking into a jogging pace. “How close is he? What do you see?”

“Not much,” she replied in nonchalant tone. “Most of the cats fled the site of Vanishing Point’s initial standoff in the first minutes. Lucky for you, there’s a lucky cat sitting in the Chinese restaurant window opposite of the perp. I could go for chow mein right about now.”

Gavin huffed and broke into a sprint. “Stop fantasizing about food, and give me pointers on how to deal with the target.”

“Standard Factor 3,” she said. He could feel the eye roll next to her sigh. “Code name, Vanishing Point. Resonance tied to perspective. He can reposition objects within his field of view instantaneously.” She paused. “You heard all of this in the briefing, right?”

“I, uh …”

Gavin’s words trailed off as PD rolled onto the site, an alcove meant for a future construction project. No cover. No shields. Nothing but hazards and bare steel from unfinished architecture. He couldn’t get a good glimpse of VP or much of the lot, but he caught the PD armored cars just as the doors swung open from the sides and back. Like a trick of the mind, they warped out of existence as the space around them tapered and zipped. Like whirlpools of air.

“Not the way to deal with resonance users,” he said.

“They’ll learn eventually,” Marguerite added.

“What’s the status on UN.C. reinforcements?”

“I’ve got a Factor 2 heading your way. Just make sure this one doesn’t break anything else.”

“Hey, it’s me you’re talking do.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” she said. A moment of silence passed between them as Gavin crept up to the edge of the construction space and peered around the edge. “You did pay attention during the briefing, didn’t you?”

“Maybe I didn’t hear every single word, but I got the gist.”

Gavin caught a quick look at the man before he ducked back behind cover. Tall, with a dark vest and violet slacks. Goatee and raven hair slicked back with loads of gel. Fleeing a heist, Chicago PD cornered him in the worst possible combat zone. One misstep could cripple the city’s economy.

“Blood Drive’s going to wring your neck, Gavin.”

“She can wring my neck anytime.”

“I’m going to strike this conversation from the record.”

“Much obliged.”

Chapter 2

Eye Level

Construction Lot, Chicago

Gavin primed his Glock and charged up his model 9 Resotek Core until the power vibrated through him. Heat Stroke would be proud to see his essence used to this day, especially if used to take down this dude. Gavin focused hard on the rooftop opposite his side of the alcove to project his voice via the use of his earpiece.

“Not bad,” Gavin said. “I don’t know where you chucked those armored cars, but if it’s the same height as your flashy Camaro stunt, you’re a cop killer for sure.”

“I don’t have time for more insects,” VP said. “Come out of hiding, and you’ll meet them soon enough.”

“Someone could use a dose of humility,” Gavin said, projecting his voice further down on the rooftop. “I can pick you some up at the gun show.”

The man chuckled, turning to catch sight of Gavin before he ducked back behind the wall. Damn, he was good. Didn’t even get a chance to fire a cheap shot. Think, Gavin. Think. Hey, did it get darker all of a sudden? He looked up expecting cloud cover, but what he got was a heap of metal looming overhead.

Gavin activated his harness and slid across the ground at speeds that injured him on arrival. He shook off the dizziness as he stood in the middle of the street, raising his gun, but the villain popped it from his grasp in a twist of vaporous air and a swirling vortex. Dammit.

Gavin turned to fall back behind cover, but Vanishing Point snatched him up. The vortex surrounded him and Gavin puffed out into thin air two stories up. He landed with a bone-shattering crack on the ground. He squirmed, writhing in pain as he struggled to fix his vision on the man walking toward him. Vanishing Point grabbed him by the neck, choking him as he raised him up to eye level.

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