Excerpt for Go by , available in its entirety at Smashwords


by David Halliday

Copyright 2019

Standing on the subway platform. Thinking about the man I loved. T.S. Eliot sipping tea and turning away from his beautiful despair. He never really liked coffee. Preferred to sleep in waiting room chairs. Never pulled a fire alarm. And turned to the Church where he hid until he died of emphysema.

It must be marvellous to be rescued by death. Instead of being left at the station. Waiting for a train that never seems to arrive. There are no clocks. Mice play below the tracks. Like children in Chernobyl. The sky is so blue on that afternoon. The planet is whirling carefree through the universe. I can feel the darkness approaching. Down the tunnel the choir sings Cohen's Hallelujah. Across the way on the wall is a poster. I struggle to find my glasses.

A moment caught. An angry aside. Two people glance at each other on the subway and never see each other again. A piece of conversation drifting passed. A question is asked. But no answer is heard. The wreckage of time and space. The frightened look. What are you thinking. Why are you looking at me. I feel like there is a suicide between each of my thoughts.

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