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Hotwife Married But Seeking

A Hotwife Wife Sharing Romance Novella

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Chapter One: A Comfortable Life

“It’s a little warm outside today,” I say to my wife as she walks out of the patio door toward the swimming pool where I have been waiting for her the last several minutes.

“A little warm?” Nadia shakes her head as she laughs. Her short, dark hair almost glistens in the sun as she begins to step into the pool. “Mom and Dad would hate a day like today.” My wife’s parents, natives of Russia, live in Minnesota now and enjoy the climate there. Southern Florida is not the sort of place they enjoy visiting, which is why we typically fly to see them a couple of times each year.

I watch as Nadia’s petite, spinner body enters the swimming pool. She is wearing a very revealing two-piece bikini that is light blue; something that I picked out for her during a business trip. My cock hardens as I tell her, “You are one sexy Russian princess.”

My wife grins. “Don’t call me a princess. You know I hate that.”

“Oh, then I beg your pardon, my queen.” We both laugh before I add, “I am so lucky to have found you.”

“Found me?” Nadia shakes her head. “I found you, remember?” She giggles as her small arms wrap around me in the pool. “You were busy playing stupid beer games with your frat brothers, Ethan? I think you were probably a little drunk that night too.” My wife and I met at a college party that included my fraternity and her sorority. The festivities were great, but the sex was even better. There were several college guys and ladies who met and had sex the same night. Nadia and I were one of those couples.

“You nearly tore my dick off,” I joke with her.

“You liked that blow job, Ethan. I gagged and everything.” We kiss for a moment as she reaches toward my swelling manhood. “You still get hard around me, don’t you?”

I laugh. “Well consider what I am looking at. At twenty-nine, you are still just as hot as you were in college if not more so. Why would I not get hard when you are around?”

“Good answer.” Nadia smiles before we begin kissing again. There have been many nights when I have laid in bed awake as I thought about what a lucky man I am. Had Elena and Viktor not made the trip from Russia thirty years ago, my sweet wife would have been born in Russia and might not have met me. Her parents had tired of the lack of real opportunity there, so they came to the United States and settled down in Minnesota. It was at a university in Montana that I met Nadia, and we have been inseparable ever since.

“We are a very lucky pair, you and I,” I tell her. “I make good money as my company’s accounting department lead accountant and you have started a successful preschool that has spread to five locations in the city. We are able to afford a nice home and other things that most people our age only dream about.”

Nadia smiles. “I think Mom and Dad are very proud of us. They will never say it, but they are proud.”

“Ah, the stoic Russian parents.”

“Stop it,” she laughs as she shakes her head. “I don’t think that our lives together could get any better.”

“Well,” I say as I reach behind my wife and untie her bikini top, “You could get all of this off so that I could see you better.” Pulling at the top, I soon have it off her and I am able to look down and see Nadia’s small, perky breasts.

“Don’t be naughty,” she tells me as her cheeks blush just below her dark brown eyes. “You always get so naughty.”

“What do you mean by that? I am a perfect gentleman.” I chuckle as my hands go to her fleshy orbs.

“You know what I mean.” She looks around as if there might be people in our backyard peeking at us. As it is, there is a very tall privacy fence around our back yard that keeps prying eyes from looking at us while we swim in our pool. “I’m not doing it.”

“Doing what?” I reach down and untie my wife’s bikini bottoms. Those too are soon floating in the pool and I am rubbing her smoothly waxed muff with one of my hands.

“The picture thing. You are not taking naked pictures of me, Ethan.”

“Honey,” I moan as I nibble at Nadia’s ear. “Just a few.”

“No. I don’t want pictures of me like that on your cell phone.” Over the course of our six years of marriage, I have taken a few pictures of my wife nude. She has always thought that I have deleted the images after our sex play, but then one day she discovered I was keeping them on my computer. Nadia believed, and was somewhat correct, that I might be planning to upload them to a website. I deleted the pictures that day as she threatened to leave Florida and move in with her parents. Since that time, I have been trying to convince her to let me take a few pictures to show off to other men online.

“Come on, Nadia. I just want to put a few on some of those Russian porn sites. They would be classy pictures.” Though I mean it as a joke, I can see immediately that I have gone too far.

“Are you fucking insane?” My wife backs away from me a bit as she removes her hand from my hardon. “I can’t believe you would want to do something like that. What would my Mom or Dad think about that?”

I shrug my shoulders as I attempt to find a way to get out of the sheer hell I have placed myself into. “I don’t know. Would they ever see them? Your dad doesn’t look at adult websites, does he?”

Her small body quakes as she growls, “Why are you always on this voyeur thing with me? I don’t want others to see me naked, Ethan, and I would hate the thought that either of my parents could ever see me that way online.” Shaking her head, Nadia adds, “You take what could have been a very nice time in the pool and screw it up by bringing this up. It’s not sexy and it’s not cool.” She reaches for her bikini top on the side of the swimming pool as well as her floating bottoms and walks toward the steps.

“Come on, honey, I’m sorry. I just wanted to add a little heat to the day, that’s all. I didn’t mean anything by it.” Walking toward my wife, I reach out and take her hand. She turns and looks at me as I tell her, “I don’t have any nude pictures of you, Nadia. The last time was the only time and those are gone. I promise; there are no more.”

Narrowing her eyes at me, the young Russian-American woman says, “Just promise me that you would never take pictures of me without asking first, alright?”

I nod my head. “I swear that I will never do that unless you have told me first that it is fine.”

“I won’t.” Nadia steps toward me again and smiles. “You know I love you and you know that I love turning you on and pleasing you in bed, but the nude picture thing is just a little too far for me. I hope you can understand that.”

Reluctantly, I agree with her. “I know. Sometimes I just let my imagination run a little too wild.” Bending down, I give my sexy wife a kiss on the lips as I squeeze her ass cheeks hard. Nadia is the sexiest woman I know and being married to her is like being married to a stripper when the mood strikes her just right. Sex with my wife is incredibly fun and full of surprises, but occasionally I wonder what it would be like to have her do something a little different. This is why I often wonder how she might react to being in the presence of another man, her pussy wet and ready to go. If Nadia was horny enough, would she fuck someone else? Or would she simply get up and walk out of the room? This question has stuck in my brain for the last couple of years and I don’t know how to find the answer.

“We do have a good life, don’t we?” she says as she looks around our back yard. “There are so many others our age who don’t have the things we have, and I feel terrible for them.”

“You and I work hard for what we have, my love. Yes, we have a good life, but it has required a lot of work.” Smiling at my wife, I add, “It’s all worth it.” I kiss her again, and this time I can feel her hand working over my solid shaft once again. I love when Nadia rubs my cock while we are in the pool together. The dirtiness of it, just on the other side of the neighbor’s fence, causes me to feel even hornier as she pulls hard on my manhood. Pre-coming a little, I consider what it might take to show off my wife’s nice body to a few of my friends.

“Do you like this?” she asks as her dark eyes look into mine. “Do you like the way I make you feel with my hands, Ethan?” Nadia giggles a little as she rubs my balls with one hand while stroking my shaft with the other.

“I love this,” I reply as I feel of her small, firm breasts. “Damn, you are my fine little Russian princess. I wish I could just take one picture of you.”

Nadia quickly pulls her hands from my johnson and turns to walk out of the swimming pool. “Why do you have to keep going with the picture thing, Ethan?” Shaking her head, my wife walks over to the lounge chair where a towel is waiting for her.

“Honey, I’m joking around with you.”

“And I have work to do, so there you have it. Go ahead and keep joking around by yourself, Ethan. I will see you inside.” Nadia dries herself for a moment before wrapping herself in the large towel. She then walks back toward the house and disappears inside.

“Well, fuck,” I say to myself as I look down at my throbbing manhood in the water below. “Ethan, dammit, can’t you just keep your fucking thoughts about taking pictures to yourself? You were going to get a nice hand job and you just couldn’t keep your mouth shut.” I talk to myself a little too often, especially when I screw up. Nadia has become irritated with my constant requests to take pictures of her in the nude, but I can’t seem to help myself anymore. Our marriage has become somewhat lackluster and adding more spice to it is now a constant desire of mine. Sure, Nadia wants to spice things up as well, but not in the same ways that I do.

I walk up the steps of the pool after pulling up my swimming trunks and then make my way toward the house. Unlike my wife, I did not come out prepared to dry off with a large towel. It doesn’t matter anyway, as the sun’s rays begin to quickly evaporate the moisture from my body. It’s hot today, as it is every day. If only some of that heat could have manifested in an intense sexual experience with my wife.

Chapter Two: Good Work

“Good morning, Ethan,” Mr. Sanders says to me as I walk into his office. I can see two other top-level executives in the company sitting just to the side of the room, smiles on their faces. It is rare to see so many of the head honchos in one room together with a corporate lackey like me. “Please, have a seat.” The CEO of the large company motions toward a chair in front of his desk. Nervously, I sit down and fold my hands in my lap.

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