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Orion: BOOK Five


T.K. Lawyer

Foundations Publishing Company

Brandon, MS 39047

Orion: Book Five - The Guardian League

by T.K. Lawyer

Cover art by Dawné Dominique

Edited by Steve Soderquist

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For all my fans and my special group of Kittens, who are my ardent supporters and friends, I love you and thank you. You are the best!

And to Laura Ranger and Steve Soderquist, thank you for believing in me! May God bless you both and keep you in his care, always.

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Angels and Diamonds

For my husband, Jim- my best friend, my greatest supporter. You are the reason why Orion was completed. Thank you for caring for me. If I had to live another life on Earth, I would happily choose to be with you.

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Chapter One

Orion stretched his arms overhead, flattening and then curving his grey wings in tune with the flexing of his arm muscles. It was good to stretch, especially when sitting for an extended period, studying for an exam. He loved learning and he tried, he really did, but as much as he wanted to understand the human concept of greed, he couldn’t. What he did know was that it stemmed from fear, but that’s about as far as he got before human concepts and terminology confused him. However, it was important to know because this topic was sure to be on the next test and it was imperative he passed.

He dealt with greed before, mostly because his charge opted for poor choices and suffered as a result. Watching his charge earn his life lessons was rough. At several times, Orion held back the urge to come to his defense, but Orion could not interfere. Sometimes a human made an error and cause and effect, what humans liked to term karma, took place regardless of what Orion wanted. If Orion interfered, cause and effect would still occur, though at a later time. In the end, the effect of Orion’s untimely intervention could be life-threatening, if not deadly to his charge. It was better for the human to get it over with and move on, as humans phrased it, then to prolong the torture of when and how cause and effect would occur.

But greed, a confusing yet curious emotion, was not the only strange term on the pending exam; there were others too that baffled Orion. If only Orion could speak with a human being, maybe then he’d understand what human life was all about. However, humans were filled with fear. Seeing and hearing, much less interacting, with a genuine angel was out of the question. Who knew how a human would react?

Regardless, Orion was determined to pass his next level of guardianship. The increase in responsibility did not include a pay raise, as angels weren’t necessarily compensated for their work, but prestige with any leveling up was guaranteed. Though Orion didn’t need this boost to his ego, since he didn’t harbor one, he nonetheless welcomed the increased ability to serve his creator.

Most humans weren’t aware of it, but they were learning too. All beings were bound to a classroom at some point in their existence, and humans were not beyond this rule. Therefore, neither were angels.

Orion was a proponent for increased knowledge and large rewards were unnecessary for his valiant effort. His increased value among the Guardian League members was an honor in and of itself. In his opinion, his colleagues were role models among the several factions of angels. He couldn’t have chosen a better set of men to work alongside on rescue missions all over the world. Their tireless, endless labor remained a strong proponent in promoting peace throughout the world.

Orion lifted from the desk and made his way past the threshold of the study room’s door when he heard a familiar voice beckon to him.

“Hey, come check out the mess my charge is dealing with right now,” Eladius called out.

It was time for a break anyway.

Orion walked past several concrete white columns gracing the tall building. He followed Eladius to the balcony where they overlooked the grassy terrain below into a watery pool created by Eladius’ imagination. The scene played out before them as if they were patrons in a movie theater.

“There.” Eladius pointed to the characters amidst the wavy blue background. A male was sitting close, perhaps too close, to a female in a bookstore with shoulder length, dark brown hair. She was blessed with fair skin and the merriest smile Orion had ever seen. A radiant white glow immersed her curvaceous body, highlighting her soft facial features and a light pink hue hinted at kissable lips. Her melodious laughter shamed choirs of angels. The genuine tones of joy lifted, peaked and fluttered over Orion’s ears, the high points zipping through his chest and hovering around his beating heart.

My, she is lovely. Orion thought. She was undoubtedly, the most beautiful human being he’d seen in his existence. There was something about her he couldn’t quite pinpoint; a magical presence surrounding her that summoned within him an overwhelming urge to protect and cherish the mythical beauty, a being he didn’t know existed except in his deepest fantasies.

“She’s…” He struggled, skimming through words in his vocabulary but not finding anything suitable. He stared out at the vision before him, stumped. Mere words could not describe what he witnessed.

“I know. He’s not good enough for her, but you can’t blame him for trying.” Eladius elbowed Orion with a smirk. He jutted his chin toward the male reflecting in the pool, obviously referring to the suitor though Orion could’ve sworn Eladius referred to Orion, instead. For if fate placed Orion in the presence of this uncommon earth angel, he feared he would not rate.

“No. She’s magnificent!” Orion finally sputtered.

“I know. She’s my charge.” Eladius grinned with pride.

“What is she doing with him?” Orion gestured toward the male who yawned and stretched his arm with great flourish over the back of her chair.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. Funny, huh?” Eladius smacked Orion across the chest.

The male leaned closer to her, closing his eyes and puckering his lips for a reward. She scooted out of his reach.

“She doesn’t want this,” Orion said.

“No, she doesn’t. She only wants to be friends, but he’s insistent.”

Orion’s eyebrows furrowed, and he balled his fists. “He’s an undesirable, and she’s an innocent.”

“I know.”

“This can’t continue.”

“There is nothing we can do about it.”

“Watch me.”

Eladius raised his eyebrows. He lifted a hand up to Orion to stop him, but Orion was already in motion.

A book flung off the rack, knocked the male in the back of his head and tilted him face first, off his chair. He met the floor with a whoompf! as his breath whooshed out while the book landed, safely, by the female’s painted toes.

“You’re not supposed to do that. We are not supposed to interfere,” Eladius chastised.

“Who said anything about interfering? I’m just hastening the conclusion.” Orion’s lips twisted into a mischievous, one-sided grin.

“You’re going to get in trouble for that. The council will summon you.”

“Not if they don’t know.” Orion lifted his hand into the air over the couple in front of them. He wiped his hand back and forth across the two of them as if they were characters in a movie and he was cleaning the T.V. screen. The scene suddenly reversed, and the male and female sat next to each other once again.

Eladius’ jaw dropped. “Hey! How did you get that?”

“Get what?”

“The eraser. Only—”

“Shhh… Don’t tell. I borrowed it from an archangel, but I must give it back soon. However, in the meantime, I’ll get some use out of it.”

Eladius shook his head and chuckled. “My friend, you are bending the rules.”

“And? As the humans say, ‘your point is?’ ”

Eladius gave a hearty laugh.

The female glanced at the cover of the book while she picked it up off the floor. She murmured something under her breath and Orion grinned. While reversing the scene, he purposely left her memory intact and the book by her feet for her to discover. He watched her stand and stride toward a bookshelf, where she promptly re-shelved the object only to have it drop back to the floor. He sharpened his view as her curvy bottom bent over to grasp the book in her hand. Two wondrous globes lifted higher in the air, dragging Orion’s breath straight out of his lungs as she sought to hold onto the heavy object. On her way up, Orion sensed his body tingling with delight in areas that hadn’t called his attention in several centuries.

There was something different about this woman, and he aimed to find out what, but first, he had an important matter to attend to.

After bidding Eladius farewell, he expanded his grey wings, flattening and elongating them as they widened to his sides. His wings twisted front, then back, stretching the fine grey feathers with an “Aaah” rumbling through his chest. He dropped his head back, closed his eyes and sighed, relishing in their freedom. He was proud of his wings and the unusual tint only a few of the Guardians yielded. It was unnatural to keep them hidden for long; however, sometimes expanding them to their full glory was impractical, and it scared humans. And fear was the last thing he wanted from any human. He loved all mankind, but he itched to know this one rare, radiant female in the bookstore; the one who delighted him in ways he hadn’t felt in a long while. She was striking in every way and he aimed to change the nature of her guardianship once he set foot within the Council’s doors. He stretched his arms overhead and shot through the sky toward the famed double doors.

Zoe zipped her head side to side looking for any indication what she witnessed officially occurred. Her eyebrows were still lifted in shock and she closed her gaping mouth, which had only seconds ago flapped open with surprise. What in the hell just happened? Did anyone else see it? By the light chatter and noses buried in books around her, she didn’t think so. She glanced down at the book on the floor next to her strappy, black-colored shoe as she picked it up. The title of the book was one word: Orion.

“Well, Orion,” she whispered as she shelved the book. “Thank you for that.” She snorted. “He was becoming a bit of a bore.”

She snickered as she returned to her seat. Wonder what other books will come flying off the shelves to greet my date. How strange, but also great timing!

After a brief discussion that led nowhere, she and her date departed to other areas of the store. Always up for a terrific sale, Zoe wandered into the Clearance section and recalled the drama from earlier. Having always had a curious disposition and experiencing a few unexplainable but amazing incidents in her past, she believed in the unusual: ghosts, spirits, a supreme being, and even angels. The strange phenomenon of the book flying off the shelf and knocking her date out of his chair had her puzzled and wanting answers. He definitely wasn’t her type, though she wasn’t sure if his drab personality warranted the punishment, however, comical.

Poor guy. She left him only after making sure he didn’t need medical attention and wished him well in his future dating endeavors. His next date would not be with her. Luck. She sure needed it, too. This was date number … she lost count, With this one, she swore it would be her last. She simply didn’t have the energy for any more disappointments.

“Well, thank you again, Orion, for that wonderful entertainment,” she whispered to no one with an amused smile. She flipped through pages of a photography book, just in case there was an Orion out there that helped her. She knew something strange had occurred, what she didn’t know was if it was a coincidence, or something else. Could it be a retort from a long lost relative with a wicked sense of humor? She giggled at her fantasy. What if it was her mom, her greatest fan and protector, who passed away two years ago, helping her out of her hopeless dating situation? Zoe paused and tried to recall her mom’s physical features. She struggled to remember her mom’s smile, her laughter, anything about her mom, but the task proved difficult. Zoe missed her greatly. To move on with her life, Zoe had to stop thinking of her or else she wouldn’t be able to crawl out of bed every morning, much less earn a paycheck. She believed in signs and her mom left plenty, including stepping into her dreams sporadically to share an adventure or two. Wouldn’t the book-flying incident be the cream on the cake, indicating her mom’s opinion of the men she chose to date? Hilarious, though maybe not for her date.

She choked on the chuckle, which threatened to boil over into boisterous laughter when a male voice suddenly jolted her out of her daydream.

“You’re welcome, though I’m not sure what you’re thanking me for.”

Zoe whirled and almost fell into him. He grabbed her arms and steadied her.

“Woah, are you okay?” He smiled. And what a mesmerizing smile it was. A set of perfect, white teeth sealed within generous, full lips greeted her, and her knees almost buckled again. Wow. Who was this guy? Was he local? Was he famous? She was dreadfully out of touch with who-was-who in the world of celebrities.

“Oh! I’m sorry. Were you saying something to me just now?” She allowed him to lift her up, relishing the brief skin-to-skin contact with the male superstar, whoever he was. His eyes, incredibly blue as the reflection of the ocean, regarded her with a gentle kindness unmatched by any other male.

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