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Ali Sam


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Ali Sam


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Table of Content

Ali Sam - Erapa - 4/6

chapter 19 _ Zara Writes Poems

chapter 20 _ Artemis Meets Karla

chapter 21 _ Artemis Visits Rome

chapter 22 _ Mother Mary’s Diary

chapter 23 _ Artemis Meets Karl

chapter 24 _ Artemis Meets Zara


chapter 19 _ zara writes poems

After a celebration meal, again at their favourite raw fish restaurant, the Prescotts and Suzanna returned to the mansion in the sky. Mr. and Mrs. Prescott amused themselves with some music. Patricia played the piano and Ryan watched and listened. Suzanna and Zara went straight to the pool to watch the geckoes and other little creatures either lazing about or looking for something to eat. They had the option of going to a party. Neither Suzanna nor Zara was interested.


“Okay, what’s okay.”

“We’ll write poems.”


“Remember the things we do in English class.”

Suzanna hit Zara in the arm.

“So I guess that is a yes.”


Zara jumped up out of the pool fast enough for Suzanna to jump from surprise. She followed Zara back to her cabin to sit in the swinging chair on the front deck with Zara and her tablet.

“Once upon a time there was a little goat.

He liked to eat the grass by the castle moat.”

“How, sweet.”

“You do the next two.”

Suzanna leaned into Zara so she could get her arms through Zara’s arms and onto the tablet. Much more fun than voice recognition. That could be annoying.

“In the glade beyond were many a sheep.

They were used for wool and for meat.”

“That’s sad, Suzanna.”

“For the sheep. Not for the humans.”

“And I suppose it will be mostly humans and not sheep that read our collection of poems.”

“We’re doing a collection.”

“We already have one. Another one would be a collection.”

Suzanna bit into Zara’s arm until Zara flexed her muscles.

“I’ve got a couple Limericks. I wrote them for school. We could put those in. If you think they are good enough.”

“Let’s hear them,”

“There was a young maiden from Madrid.

Who wore a pink hat on her head.

So pretty was she.

But for a small fee.

Most anyone could take her to bed.”

Suzanna laughed.

“I like it. That will be the first in the limerick chapter. Did you write any more.”

“There once was a girl named Sally.

Who lived in a box in the alley.

Her mom she did kill.

For she left her the will.

And she moved to a home in the valley.”

“That one’s great. It’s in. I think I remember one I wrote.”

“The Red Riding Hood one.”

“You remember that.”

“Suzi, a few people remember that.”

“Little Red Riding Hood lived by the lake.

She loved a little boy by the name of Jake.

He loved a girl too.

By the name of Sue.

She was quite pretty but her tits were fake.”

“Mr. Claymont trying not to laugh.”

“What’s so funny Mr. Claymont.”

Suzanna finished her typing. Zara had Suzanna in a hold she could only escape if Zara released her. Suzanna would not try to escape.

“Shall I try one more.”


“There was an old maid from down near the tracks.

“Ah, shit. Hang on. I got it.

“She worked all day cleaning immigrant’s shacks.

They worked in the mine.

Most all of the time.

The whites looked just like the blacks.

That’s it for me.”

“I wrote a couple the other day. That other kind of poem.”

“I like this. You reading to me.”

Zara smiled down at Suzanna now with her head on her lap looking up at Zara.

“He stood alone on a cliff in the wilderness.

The air was cold and damp.

There was no reason to move from the spot.

So he decided to set up camp.

He built a shelter of wood and mud.

Pine needles he lay on the floor.

He killed a moose and removed its skin.

And hung it to make a door.

The meat he buried in the snow.

He ate some every day.

He pulled up roots and ate them too.

Made he a pot from clay.

His days he filled with making things.

His life was not so sad.

One day he was killed by a grizzly bear.

And for that he was glad.”

“You’re so existential.”

Zara laughed.

“I’ve been searching since the world’s begin.

For the love that I knew was true.

I knew it from the ancient sea.

The love for me I’d find in you.

But evil goblins from the realm of death.

Have poisoned the sacred dove.

Toxic and bleak is all the land.

And gone forever the hope of love.

Maggots feast on the putrid flesh.

That vultures fear to eat.

No ride toward the setting sun.

Just withering in the scalding heat.”

“That had a spiraling down tendency from heaven to hell.”

“Well noted. How about this one.

“It was a slow night for Susie Ray.

Her last John beat her and didn’t pay.

Her snatch was itching with little bugs.

Salvation was found with many drugs.

Had a quarter but no one to call.

She’d lost her kid in a shopping mall.”

“You paint a vivid picture.”

“Okay, this is the last one for tonight.”


“That’s all she wrote.”

“Okay, we can write more. Or you can. I think I’ll stick to biology.”

“Abe loved his little sister.

He liked to feel her skin.

Delicious was her love hole.

He also liked to rim.”

Suzanna laughed so hard she cried. She speculated the probability of having Zara read her poem at church in the morning. Today’s scripture read by Zara. How would the congregation react. Would they need an explanation.

They didn’t go to church in the morning. They hadn’t planned to. For Zara, once was enough. They lazed in bed until they sat on the porch and looked at the trees and the things in the trees. There were two little birds to be heard but not seen. They could see a gecko. They moved to the hammock and watched until it rained. Suzanna still found it funny. She was also still amazed that the little jungle was quite alive inside a building.

Sunday had the audacity to disappear quicker than most any other day. Before anyone knew what they wanted to do, it was Monday morning and many people were back to work or school.

Sally figured it was time to wrap up the silly story she had started. It had seemed more exciting at the beginning. Maybe it was too allegorical and that kind of thing can get tedious on account it had to obey the poetic justice rule.

“We should be safe here.”

“What is it.”

“It’s a universe. And a nice one. One that goes on for close to forever.”

“Every experience changes your mind.”

So in they went. And were instantly pulverized. But they knew that. They knew it would take several billion years to get back to consciousness.

Thywill Bedon stood on his balcony and looked over his subjects. He hadn’t announced the giving of any proclamations. He hadn’t any to give. After a life of proclamations he was no longer interested in them. His wife sister stood beside him.

“Seven hundred wives and three thousand concubines I have had and it is you that I still love.”

“You never loved me.”

“I love all my people.”

“They have always loathed you.”

“They will remember me fondly. They will be saying my name for a thousand generations.”

Anditisthus smiled.

“You will be remembered as the biggest asshole to rule the world.”

Anditisthus pushed her feeble brother over the balcony.


Was the last thing he said before he landed on his head. It cracked open on the ground and soon he was dead.

“You hammered your opponent, Zara.”

“She was rude.”

“Your style is a wonder to watch. Where did you learn to fight like that.”

“The style is mostly from my dad. ”

“Where did he learn how to fight.”

“His dad.”

“Oh no. Let me guess.”

“Yes. Family tradition. My mother as well. Not as obsessed but she could cage fight too.”

“But she doesn’t want to.”

“No. She likes to play the piano when she has time.”

“Did your father ever fight professionally.”

“No. He’s a lawyer.”

“That’s where I knew the name.”

Zara smiled. She liked Ken. He was much less of an asshole than he looked.

“So I guess he wouldn’t be looking for a training job.”

“He doesn’t need a job. But he might be interested for the fun of it.”

Ken Banks watched Mr. Prescott talking to Suzanna.

“Are you staying to watch the other fights, Zara.”

“I think we’ll watch a couple.”

“Good. Nice fight. You’re star material. We’ll talk. I need to talk to your father.”

Zara sat down beside Suzanna and Ken approached Prescott.

“Good evening, Mr. Prescott.”

Prescott stood up and took Ken’s hand.

“Mr. Banks, this is Suzanna.”

“Hi Suzanna. I’m Ken. Hoping to be Zara’s manager. Are you a fighter too.”

“Just a fan.”

Ken smiled. Prescott nodded to the chair beside him to indicate he was welcome to join them.

“Your daughter is an amazing fighter.”

“She trains hard.”

“Most fighters do, like the one she just kicked the shit out of. She’s been training hard for over ten years.”

“That’s about how long Zara has trained.”

“I got a guy I’d like you to see. I mean watch him fight. If you can wait around about an hour. I’d like to know what you think.”

Prescott smiled. He liked Banks. He smiled until Banks came out with it.

“He’s got great potential. I think he could be ready for Vegas this summer if he could spend some time with you. Perhaps we could have Zara ready by then as well.”

“Vegas. You think Zara is that good.”

“She is. I think she knows it.”

It’s not so easy to remember back 66 million years ago. We have to rely a little on speculation and fossil records. There is some memory still in our brains but not really active. The very basics of the framework are still there. The mammals that were our ancestors were there. They were likely only one mammal at that time. We were, we as in our ancestors, doing a lot of hiding from dinosaurs. The big herbivores were only dangerous because they might inadvertently step on us. The carnivores would actively hunt us and if they were big, they would chomp us down before we knew what happened, or they would rip us apart if they were small.

So there was a conference of the mammal. Not all attended but some of the most brilliant minds did.

“Fellow warm blooded creatures. As you all know we have little place on this planet as long as the dinosaurs reign. Our egg eating campaign has helped very little in controlling their population but it has helped in the evolving of our brains. There are a few clever species of dinosaur but none with our potential.”

Joe Mammal waited for the chatter to die down before he continued.

“What we propose will sound to some like pure malevolence.”

More chatter. It was no secret that the warm-blooded masterminds had been working on a secret weapon.

“Mega, giga, terra-death for most every creature.”

The environmentalists and tolerance for cold-blooded life forms lobbyists made their objections. And it was noted that it was sad and no there was no other way. All or nothing.

“When the planet becomes ours, we will evolve into thousands of different warm blooded animals. There will still be fish and insects. And there will be other creatures we can only imagine.”

At the time no one thought birds would take over the sky.

The three-day meeting settled it. A mammal gotta do what a mammal gotta do. So they built a huge slingshot, put a brontosaurus bone in the slingshot and shot it out into space directly at the asteroid belt. Just a nudge would do it. Change the course of one stone that would then bump into another until after many years, an asteroid left the belt, it’s home, and journeyed toward the sun.

What a surprise when but a couple decades or so later a big rock falls out of the sky, smashing through the atmosphere and ripping into the ocean in what one species later called the gulf of Mexico.

Words cannot describe the explosion. It shook the planet. The sky was filled with fire. It rained burning rock and sulfur and the sun was blotted out of the sky, no not for 3 days, for 3 years.

So food was low for a while.

But it was a great success. The theropod dinosaur did the wing thing and the mammals evolved in many ways. And one of those ways was us. We survived yet another mass extinction.

The question was time flying by. A lot had happened on the planet in the last 600 million years. If we can avoid the extinction that we are executing in our recklessness, the next 600 million years really will be bleeding wild.

We will be the gods.

Zara went home straight after basketball practice. She knew dinner was waiting for her. Her father had tracked him down the night before. A priest that had been charge with molesting 63 choir boys. Prescott had decided against representing him. He didn’t want that kind of association. The guy was a real mad man.

Someone else managed to get him off just as Prescott could have. The lawyer made the boys look like little confused shit disturbers playing a bad joke on a religious man of God.

“Hi Mom.”

“Hi Zara. How was your day.”

“Good. I’m playing as good as I was before the accident.”

“Did you learn anything in school.”

“I think so. Better ask Suzanna.”

Her mother laughed.

“Is Suzanna coming for a visit.”

Zara sat on the piano bench beside her mother and looked at the sheet music. Then she pushed a white key.

“She’s going to come to the fight tonight. Wants to eat with her family. Then she’ll come back with us. Are you coming tonight.”

“Of course I am. Now you go play with the priest and I’ll play a little longer here.”

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