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A Modern Murder Mystery


In fourteen years of his career he has solved many criminal cases and corrected the fraudulent systems and procedures followed in many companies. This story is also about the barriers that the police faces when the criminal is very rich & powerful.

In our world not every person who is cheated so he comes back as a ghost and takes revenge.



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Chapters of the book:

  1. Life in Savangarh

  1. Transfer to Vatsa

  1. Beginning of A New Life

  1. Encounter with the ghost

  1. Beginning of The Probe

  1. Attacks on Pramod and Shiva

  1. Communication with Ghost

  1. Police Raids & Arrests

  1. Transfer to Badarpur

  1. Investigation Completion

River View Villa

A life which is full of poor experiences and sorrows is often considered as a disturbed life. A simple and happy life can be spoiled and can be made painful by people around us. People are tortured, ill-treated, murdered, blasted, back-stabbed, ruined, brutally killed, framed and mentally tortured to get converted into a Ghost. We are afraid of ghosts and we rely on humans where as ghosts have never caused any danger to anyone. Most of us have never seen any ghost, still we fear them. We have seen humans being so ruthless still we believe them.

This is a story of a sacred soul who was buried after death but his soul did not rest in peace. The soul came back as ghost to take revenge. This is a story of a peaceful family who was super rich and had many assets. They were good people and had limited interactions. They were attacked by goons who killed them for small reasons. Their sudden death resulted in disturbed souls looking to take revenge from their murderers and back-stabbers. The souls needed someone who would fight for them. They could not believe how their life was ended by the goons for no reason but out of greed and selfishness. The soul wanted to rest in peace after death.

Our life should be peaceful and full of happiness but it’s not the ghost who ruined us. We still fear them. Few of our enemies are the real ghost in our life.

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