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Camp Paradise

Chapter 1: Welcome to Paradise

Eve Winters sat on the bus, trying to ignore her nervousness as the bus made it's way to Camp Paradise, the new over night stay models and actresses camp for young women 18 to 21 years of age.

This was a dream come true for the busty 18 year old red head and her busty brunette sister Dawn Winters.

The two sisters had dreamed of becoming Supermodels and A list Actresses from a young age and had made a deal with their parents, if they got straight As, which they had, they could go to Camp Paradise on their parent's dime.

Eve saw water in the distance and she knew they we're getting close to the ferry that would take them to Paradise Island, where Camp Paradise, and Camp Fantasy which the girls had been told was the male counter part to the female exclusive Camp Paradise, we're located.

The bus stopped beside a wooden building and the bus driver, a gruff overweight middle aged man began handing out bikinis to his passengers.

"Go into that wooden building beside the bus and put the bikinis I've given you on, you need to be ready for your first photos shoot which will be on the Paradise Ferry even before you set foot on Paradise Island" the driver told the young women on the bus.

Everyone was excited by the through of their first professional photo shoot, yet none more so then the Winters girls, who we're buzzing with naive excitement.

The would be models filed out of the bus and into the wooden building.

"Holy crap Eve, these bikinis are small" noted Dawn as she put on her tiny black micro bikini.

Eve looked down at her own camouflage coloured micro bikini and nodded in a agreement.

Still the two sisters knew that being a Super model sometimes required wearing revealing things so no one refused to wear their string bikinis.

When the young women left the wooden building, the bus driver handed them each a velvet choker with their names on it, explaining that their was no where they could stick name tags to now that they were in bikinis.

Eve tried to ignore how the drooling bus driver leered at her tits and those of her equally well endowed sister Dawn, but it was hard when he moaned and adjusted his penis in his pants.

The excited Campers filed onto the Paradise Ferry as did the bus driver who it turned out was also the Captain of the Paradise Ferry.

As the coast line disappeared, the Ferry Captain whistled and several photographers came up from below the surface deck of the Ferry.

they were all older men, in no better shape then the bus driver, bit they did have Cameras so the girls did as they we're told and divided up into pairs.

Eve and Dawn Winters of course teamed up and ended up with a photographer with a stained yellow shirt by front of the Ferry.

The poses started off tame enough and it was long before the sisters we're having a ball and laughing at the photographers self deprecating jokes.

It was only whe the Winters sisters had their guard down that their photographer, Jacob decided to take things naughtier.

"Okay now hugs yourselves, no wrap your arms just under your breasts, yes, just like that, perfect, yes, perfect" Jacob told his models, snapping photos rapidly.

"Now lean forward, a little more, yes like that, but even a little more, yes perfect girls, your doing brilliantly, but smile" Jacob said when he noticed the both Eve and Dawn looked a little uncomfortable in that pose, which gave him an obscene view of their cleavage to photograph.

Jacob told a joke about needing to wrap a steak around his neck to get his dog to play with him, and the two girls laughed and relaxed, allowing his to get some really hot shots of their huge breasts.

"Now Dawn go behind your sister and hug her from behind like you were hugging yourself and rest your chin on Eve's should, yes, just like that" Jacob told the sister.

It seemed innocent enough to the sisters, who had no idea how sexy it looked from Jacobs angle, Eve's large tits were practically resting on Dawn's arms.

"Wow, Dawn be careful there, your boobs are poking me in the back" Eve announced with a giggle, which got Dawn to move back a bit.

Jacob glared at the sisters and angrily responded.

"Do you want to act like professionals or am I fucking wasting my time" he growled, getting apologies from the sisters.

"Now Eve, switch places with Dawn, and don't fucking worry about if her tits are pressing into her back, I have no time to waste for foolishness" Jacob told the sisters, who snapped to obey the photographer, both feeling ashamed that they had come off in professionally.

"Now that's more like it, Eve I need you to slip your thumb under Dawn's bikini strap, and slowly pull it out and down, with an Impish look on your face, while Dawn I need you to look shocked" Jacob told the sisters.

Eve bit back her objection, it was starting to feel weirdly sexual now, but she did want to embarrass herself again.

Dawn was having similar thoughts, and kept silent and did as she was told for the same reasons.

Eve couldn't help, but notice how soft Dawn's breasts were when her thumb briefly glided across Dawn's breast, before slowly pulling her bikini string down and out.

Dawn's breasts all most popped by the time Eve had stopped.

"Did I tell you to stop, keep going Eve, I'll brook no more insolence from you two, if your not serious, I'll have you sent back to shore, Camp Paradise isn't for silly girls, it's for woman who can follow directions" Jacob told the Winters sisters.

Dawn felt like crying, she was about to get kicked out and all her modeling and acting dreams were about to end, because she was sure Eve was about to let her temper snap, when to her surprise Eve pushed her sister's bikini straps down the rest of the way, free the massive creamy white tits of a very shocked Dawn.

Dawn had promised herself she'd never be one of those sluts who did nudity to get modeling jobs, yet here she was with her tits out, her own traitorous sister removing the rest of her bikini top slowly under orders, while the photographer kept taking his damn pictures.

Fear of getting kicked out kept Dawn from complaining, and she posed and made faces as Jacob demanded.

Much to Dawn's surprise being so exposed was getting her super wet and her exposed nipples were rock hard.

Under Jacob's orders Eve gave Dawn a chaste kiss to the cheek, which seemed harmless enough, and then another one, yet the kisses seemed less and less sisterly as Jacob had Eve kiss her way down Dawn's cheek, to her jaw, and by the Eve got to Dawn's neck there was no pretence of sisterly love, it was compete sexual the way Eve was sucking on Dawn's neck.

Jacob was surprised he didn't even have to give Eve the order, the gorgeous red head's hands moved over Dawn's toned body till she was cupping her own sister's sisters tits.

Already Jacob had switched to video taking mode on his camera when Eve had given Dawn the first kiss on the cheek and he was still taking a series of gifs pictures when he ordered Eve to slowly slide her hand into Dawn's bikini bottoms.

Dawn looked ready to faint as her sister's hand slide ever so slowly down from her large breasts, across Dawn's trim belly, to slide into her bikini bottoms.

Eve hesitated at the point, things had gotten out of hand, she could feel Dawn's clit under her finger tips, and she knew she should put a stop to this, her sister was literally trembling, with fear and from how wet she was likely arousal, but Jacob screamed at her to do it now, and fear of his rage and disappointment has her rubbing her sister's clit vigorously immediately.

"Please, Eve, Eve, this isn't right... " Dawn whispered so only her sister could hear, still as guilt as Eve felt, she had a feeling she tried to stand up to the perverted photographer, he would get violence, it was the cruel glint in his eyes that kept Eve fucking and necking her own sister.

A scream erupted a dozen feet or more away and the Winters sisters looked over to see a lovely her called Cassandra being bent over the rail of the Ferry and raped by the bus driver, while one of the other photographers took photos of the the stunning, large breasted young woman's violation.

Eve could feel her sister trembling in her arms, her terror obvious, yet to Eve's surprise the fear was making Dawn even wetter.

"I don't know what's going on, but we will get through this, I promise you Dawn, just do what these lying bastards no matter how dirty, even if it means we have to commit more incest with each other, and I don't think they‘all hurt us badly" Eve whispered into Dawn's ear.

Dawn gave her agreement and spread her legs wider, allowing Eve's fingers to slide inside her hot, wet teenage cunt.

"Yeah sluts, that's right, show me how much you turn each other on, show me how much you love sister on sister incest" the Jacob told the Winters sisters, giving up any pretense of being an upstanding, professional photographer.

"Oh god Eve, your getting me so fucking wet, I can't believe how good incest with my big sister feels, oh this so fucked up, but that just makes it hotter" Dawn said loud enough that the mic on Jacob's camera, as was loud and heart felt moan of pleasure the issued from her afterwards.

Eve knew that while Dawn was slightly hamming it up for the Camera in the hopes Jacob wouldn't become violent with them the way many of the men on the Ferry were becoming violent in their raping of the unwilling would be models on the Ferry, Dawn just as aroused as she sounded, Dawn's pussy was getting close to cumming.

Eve has just as turned on, Dawn was stunning, and while Eve had tried not to think about her sister in a sexual way up to that point, she'd at times over years become awestruck at her sister beauty.

"Yeah Dawn you like committing incest with me don't you, my dear filthy slut of a sister?" Eve asked before adding "I've been dying to get my hands on you and your big titted gorgeous body, now I get fuck my cunt teasing slut of a sister the way she deserves to be fucked"

"Oh God Eve, I don't care that incest is wrong, fuck me harder, fuck your whore of a sister so fucking hard that soak the deck with my cum!" Dawn shouted, humping Eve's hand, even as her eyes rolled upwards.

Eve stopped briefly, making Dawn whimper in frustrated lust, so she could take off her bikini top as Jacob had ordered, only to resume quickly after she tossed her top aside and yank Dawn's bottoms down around her ankles.

With one hand on one of Dawn's massive tits and the other hand fingering Dawn's pussy, Eve was driving her sister rapidly over the edge into an orgasm.

It don't help Dawn's effect at holding back an orgasm that she could feel her sister Eve's own big tits rubbing up and down her back, nor did the streaming of degrading, sexually charged dirty talk Eve was saying into Dawn's ears.

Eve had to grasped her sister tightly when suddenly Dawn's knees gave out, her explosive orgasm draining the strength from them.

The shrieking brunette was so loudly in her orgasm bliss, that she nearly drowned out the alternating screams of terror and shout of unwanted pleasure coming from nearby Cassandra who was being raped by the bus driver/captain of the Ferry, and clearly sickened by how her body was betraying her, flooding her body with pleasure to match her pain and fear.

The women aboard the ship were crying, cumming, and fucking, all of which came into focus once Eve's sister calmed down enough to quiet down enough that Eve could hear it.

Dawn was hyperventilating from cumming so hard still and she would have passed out from it all had Eve not talked her down to normal breathing.

"Holy shit Eve, I know were being force to have sex together, but that was the best, and hottest fuck ever" Dawn told her sister, after which she spun around to face Eve.

The sister's leaned forward and kissed, sweetly and first then with an animalistic hunger that was only intensified by the taboo nature of the incest they were committing.

Dawn's large tits pressed into Eve equally big tits, the heavy mounds slapping and rubbing together in such a way that waves of pleasure surged thoughtout their sensitive breasts.

Jacob ordered their french kissing to upgrade to porn kissing, so Eve and Dawn stuck out their tongues, so they were visibly, ans then their tongues began wrestling with each other, each tongue exploring every millimetre of the other in a lewd display of pornographic lesbian incest.

Eve tried to ignore the sound of Lilly, a busty 19 year old East Indian girl just beyond Cassandra, unfortunately the she was gagging and slurping unwillingly on some old farts cock so loudly it was echoing across the Ferry.

Pushing the distractions aside, Eve focused on the fact that her sister had stopped making out with her and was kissing down Eve's body till Dawn sucked one of Eve's perky nipples into her mouth.

A deep throated moan issued from Dawn and it was Eve's turn to whimper with inescapable pleasure.

Dawn's fingers found Eve's pussy and her nimble fingers forced they're way into Eve's tight 18 yea old pussy, while Dawn's thumb found her sister's clit.

How could something so wrong as being forced into having incestuous sex with her sister while beautiful young women were raped around them feel so good Eve wonder everytime Dawn pushed her to the brink of orgasm, only to pull back at the last second.

The build up of overwhelming ecstasy in Eve as her sister feasted greedily on her tits and fingered Eve cunt, had Eve panting like bitch in heat and it grew so intense that the rest of the world seemed to slip away, leaving only her stunning sister Dawn and the exquisite feeling she was causing in Eve's body.

Eve grabbed the back of Dawn's head and pulled her sister's face more deeply to her left breast, while one of Dawn's hand roughly squeezed Eve's right tit, her other hand exploring Eve's sweet teenage cunt.

"Fuck this feel so good, fuck me you filthy slut, fuck your big sister, please make me cum for this perverts camera!" Eve begged her sister Dawn, while her juices dripped down her legs.

Dawn stop sucking on her sister's big tits and kissed her way teasingly down Eve's trim belly and over Eve's neatly trimmed red pussy hair, till she got to her sister's cute clit.

At that point Dawn teased Eve's clit with the tip of her tongue, making Eve's hips Buck from the intense, almost painful pleasure.

Dawn grabbed Eve's ass cheeks and stopped her sister from getting away so she could suck on her sister's clit, a sigh of deep seated contentment and delight issuing from both sisters.

Eve humped Dawn's face wildly, her breath becoming wild and erratic, her need to cum turning into an all consuming inferno.

"Yeah you busty slut, eat my pussy you whore, you love the taste your sister's count don't you Dawn, you big fitted piece of fuck meat, I'm going to soak your face with my cum like the incest loving bitch that I am" Eve shouted at her sister, her hands on the back of Dawn's head tightly rubbing her sister's face into her pussy.

Dawn slipped her finger into Eve's ass and that was the last straw breaking, Eve howling in soul rendering ecstasy and squirted her cum all over Dawn's beautiful face, nearly drowning her slightly younger sister.

Dawn pulled her face back, Eve's cum dripping down her face, and just as she was about to go back to fucking her sister, Jacob pushed Eve to her knees beside her sister with his cock out and waving before them.

"Grovel for a taste of my cock bitches or swim back to shore! " the sleazy Photographer told the stunning sisters, slapping each of them in the face with his cock to add to their public humiliation.

Eve and Dawn heard a scream and splashing followed by a laugh soon after, driving Jacob's point home.

"Please Master, can these slutty incestuous sister suck and gag on you big fat cock, please Master, ruin our throats with that monstrous dick of yours, we need to taste what a perfect godlike cock is like, so we really learn what worthless, big tittied whores we are" Eve begged, taking the lead again.

"Yes, Master we need that yum cock of your between our lips, we're thirsty for semen, fucking each other felt so good, but it's only wetted our appetites for a good hard face fucking by a massive cock, please drown us in your sperm like the busty cum buckets we are" Dawn begged, adding her self debasing groveling beside her sisters.

"Go ahead cock worshipping teenage sluts, choke yourself on my dick like the good cum receptacles that you are" Jacob ordered the Winters sisters.

Eve grabbed Jacob's cock amazed out how big and lively it was in her tight grip, she'd never imagined the second cock she'd ever experience would be some perverts.

Tongue out, Eve explored Jacob's cock shaft with her taste buds, finding the pungent and musky flavour both repellant, disgusting, yet paradoxically thrilling and addictive.

Eve pulled back the foreskin and teased the head with her tongue, especially the sensitive piss slit, getting her first taste of precum from someone other then her committed long term boyfriend.

Eve felt guilty for cuckolding her rich jock boyfriend, however the guilt made sliding Jacob's cock slowly between her lips that much more exciting from the shear wrongness.

Dawn gently lifted Jacob's moderate beer gut making it possible for Eve to deepthroat the evil pervert raping them.

Dawn used her free hand to cup and play with Jacob's hairy balls, the weight of his massive load of sperm in his nuts seemed so heavy to the 18 year old girl.

Jacob was in heaven, it was getting hard to focus on taking photos when he had Eve being him a nasty wet blowjob, with her sister Dawn playing his his balls, and the sisters soft, huge breasts rubbing against his hairy legs.

Eve pulled her head back, relaxing her throat for a moment, then Jacob grabbed her shiny red head and pulled her face down into his groin, his pubic hair tickling her nose and her helpless gagging and choking enhancing the pleasure her wet mouth generated on his giant cock.

Jacob released Eve's head, so her cock raise her head enough to stop choking on his cock, although he gave her credit, the death gripped Eve's red lips had around his cock never wavered, whether gagging on cock or sliding up his shaft towards the head of his cock for reprieve, Eve kept her lips wrapped tightly around his dick.

Eve kept deepthroating Jacob's cock, the cock hungry beauty bobbing her head rapidly, her eyes rolling up in her head and moans of delight issuing from her as if his unwashed sweaty man meat was the finest feast she'd ever had.

"I wager you had no idea you were this much of a who're deep down inside did you Eve, you fucking cum rag, look at you, you like a junkie with an endless supply of your fix, with your fix being my cock, if I didn't restrain you at all, you choke yourself unconscious on my giant dick, what an exquisite pair and incestuous sluts you Winters sisters are" Jacob told Eve.

Eve hated herself for it, yet it was true, being raped by this pervert after being made to fuck her own sister had awakened a pain slut side to her along with her sister, a depraved part of themselves that gained pleasure from pain and humiliation and powerlessness, no matter how much they wished their bodies would respond otherwise.

Eve was choking herself so hard on Jacob's dick that she was seeing spots, the beautiful teenager was holding nothing back, so it was no surprise that Jacob could no longer resist the world class dick sucking he was receiving.

Sperm exploded forth from Jacob's balls, through his cock, to absolutely soak Eve's tongue, drowning her taste buds in jizz, and compelling her to shallow an ungodly amount of semen as fast as she could, although there was enough that it leaked from the corners of her mouth, to drip off her chin, onto her large, firm, teenage breasts.

When Eve reluctantly released Jacob's cock from her mouth, she was left hyper ventilating, she'd held nothing back from her cock sucking, and so Dawn had to talk her down to regular breathing, before Dawn could take Jacob's cock in her mouth to suck it clean, swallowing what remained of the semen leaking from his cock and her own sister's spit.

Eve looked over at Cassandra, the nearest fellow camper to the Winters sisters, and saw that she was no longer resisting, but instead fucking her rapist back energetically.

Given Cassandra was soaken wet, Eve suspected Cassandra was made to swim beside the Ferry for a time to break her last bit of resistance, motivating her to act like the most cock hungry slut alive, although Eve could tell from the way Cassandra's body was writhing uncontrollably that the gorgeous young woman was genuinely caught in the grip of obscene waves of pleasure.

Eve didn't have anymore time to gawk at the unspeakable violations occurring across the Ferry, for several more men come from the depths of the Ferry right towards her, an malicious lustful look in their eyes, their lewd stares devouring the exquisite red headed teenagers trim naked bod, including her firm young breasts.

"Look at the massive set of teenage tits we've found, looks like this red headed count needs a good fucking" one of the three men said to the others.

All three leered Eve and she knew what was expected of her, the erections straining their pants made it obvious.

"Please...please can this worthless teenage slut unzip your pants and pull out your big fuck cocks, this busty sperm bank needs all her tight young holes gang raped and ruin by huge cruel dicks" Eve begged staring at the three sadistic men, even as she tried to ignore the sound of her sister Dawn gulping down Jacob's cock loudly mere feet away from her.

"Show us what a cock worshipping set of holes you really are", "show us you know your nothing but a red headed fuck toy fit only to drain the balls of men like a good set of big tits that your are", "suck my fuck dick with those vivid red lips" the men said, Eve wasn't even sure who had said what so she unzipped the nearest guy and pulled his big cock out, and felt her tight 18 year old pussy getting wet again at the sight.

Eve took the guy's cock in one hand and traced the throbbing veins of the thick slab of meat that was his cock with the tip of her tongue, even while she unzipped another guy with her free hand.

The guy whose dick she was teasingly licking lacked Jacob's patience, he grabbed Eve's gorgeous red head and shoved his giant dick between Eve's soft lips, stretching them as wide as the would go.

Eve used her hands to jerk the two other guys standing around her.

Hands found Eve's breasts, they we're firm, and yet soft, far nicer then such large, creamy white breasts should be, they we're flawless young tits, being mauled savagely by three horny men with strong, calloused hands.

Head balls slapped up hard against Eve's chin with every thrust the man raping her stunning face took, the impact stung, yet it only drove her to suck his cock harder.

Eve felt something smooth and warm pressing against her asscheeks and realized that it was Dawn's glorious bum pressing against Eve's own sweet ass, Jacob most have made Dawn shift positions while sucking him off.

The loud, nasty sound of the Winters' sisters asses slapping hard against each other echoed loudly through the air in an almost rhythmic pattern while the sister blew hard cocks.

Heavy sperm laden balls slapped rapidly against Dawn's chin so hard it was starting to sting, yet Dawn was so focused on Jacob's dick which was stretching her lips to the limit, that she didn't even notice the pain.

Jacob's grabbed Dawn's silk dark brown hair and skull fucked the beautiful teenager, the wet sound of Dawn's throat being violated was music to his sadistic ears.

Two men who had come from else where on the Ferry moved to either side of Dawn and reached down so each man could cup one of her huge tits in his hands.

Between the cock between her lips, the rough calloused hands abusing her soft tits, and her own hands masturbating at a furious pace, Dawn couldn't hold out any longer, she started cum wildly, which made her choke even more recklessly on Jacob's finishing him off.

Sperm exploded forth from the tip of Jacob's soaking Dawn's taste buds and even painting her tonsils with semen.

It was too much to swallow so quickly and Jacob's cock popped out of Dawn's mouth to unleash a pearly white string of sperm across Dawn's nose, followed by ones across her checks eye lids, chin, tits, neck, and forehead.

Dawn had no time to compose her self, one of the men had her head turned seconds as Jacob had creamed and the new man had his dick between Dawn's lips before Dawn could gather her wits about her.

Still fearing violence if she resisted, Dawn obediently opened up her lips and took the man's thick cock into her warm, wet mouth and sucked on it deeply, drawing a groan of pleasure from the man.

Dawn's hands instinctively found some cocks to stroke, the pace of her handjobs becoming erratic when a man kneeled down behind her, before sliding his cock into her tight, teenage pussy.

The man behind Dawn grunted, the beautiful young woman had a tight pussy, he'd only gotten a third of his cock into her on the first thrust, so he pulled almost all the, way back out, then brutally rammed back into her, filling Dawn with three quarters of his cock.

That wasn't good enough for him, so he grabbed Dawn's big tits in an iron gripe and pull his cock almost out again, and then shoved his cock into Dawn with greater force, completely impaling her beautiful pussy on his big dick.

Now that he was balls deep in the gorgeous 18 year old, he began savagely raping, her wet cunt making obscene wet noises as his cock plunged back and forth in Dawn's tight hole.

Impaled on both ends by hard cocks, Dawn was lost in mixture of powerlessness, utter humiliation, and an inferno of lust.

None of the men showed Dawn the slightest bit of compassion, they were inhuman in their heartily raping of her holes and the beautiful teenage was sickened to find her body betraying her, pleasure was surging wildly in her and she knew that they'd force her to cum no matter how she fought back against the burning pleasure flooding her body.

Eve was no better off, her mouth filling with sperm from the third man to fuck her pretty face since getting aboard the Ferry.

In fact Eve was in for a shock as the man who kneeled behind her wasn't aiming for her tight young pussy like she'd assumed, rather she was about to get rape in the ass, and the bastard wasn't even using lube.

Eve felt the head of his cock pressing against her sphinter, causing to scream "please, no don't, not in my... " till a fourth man shoved his big cock between her red lips.

The head of the cock breached Eve's sphinter and the pain was overwhelming, Eve tried to get away in response, yet the cock being recklessly slamming down her throat prevented that, so more of the bastard's cock slide into her tight asshole.

He was sweating by the time he's gotten a third of his up Eve's bum, yet instead of letting up he slapped Eve's lovely ass hard, and shoved another inch into her depths.

Eve was seeing stars by the time the fat man behind her had his whole dick up her ass, his pubic hair ticking her ass cheeks.

Now that he had had Eve where he wanted her and had widened her tight asshole and even lubed it with precum he started pounding her ass rapidly, making Eve whimper at the pain her ass raping was causing her.

To Eve's surprise the pain didn't dim the pleasure her body was feeling, it enhanced and increased, and in minutes Eve could feel an orgasm coming.

Eve ached to rub her clit, unfortunately she was on all fours being raped at both ends so she was powerless to quickly get her self off so the pleasure just built up and built up to madding levels.

Finally something snapped in Eve and that pleasure exploded through her nervous system, her climax causing her to scream so loudly that even the cock plundering her mouth and throat couldn't muffle the sound completely.

All the raping of Eve's tight young holes had her tits swaying back and forth.

Another orgasm hit even and her exquisite body instinctively milked the cocks of the men raping her, driving them to their own loud orgasms, with the guy pounding Eve's asshole pulling out just in time showering her back with pearly white semen.

Eve swallowed the sperm spewing out from the tip of the cock in her mouth as fast as she could and she managed to drink down every drop without spilling any.

Dawn was not so lucky, the semon she was drinking down from the dick she was blowing proved too great in volume and it started trickling from the corners of Dawn's mouth, no matter that she was swallowing like a woman dying of thirst.

The next cock Dawn found herself giving head to was the one that had been fucking her pussy, it tasted nicer then Dawn expected and she took it down her throat like a champ, gagging on it on the way that had the man groaning with delight.

Not far from the sisters were being gangraped Cassandra was being forced to eat another young woman's pussy, an busty Japanese girl named Mike, sucked on Cassandra's clit, a older skinny man smacking her ass everytime she came up to breath.

Around the rest of the boat the moans and screams of various would be actresses and supermodels were dying down and one by one they were fucked unconscious.

An hour later all women that were left was Eve and Dawn Winters, with Cassandra and Miko passed out face first in each others pussies nearby.

None of the men had any sperm left to give, so Dawn and Eve were back to fucking each other having been gangraped by a dozen men each already.

The two sisters were sharing a two double headed dildoes, one up each sisters asshole linking their asses together and the other, in their pussies.

Eve and Dawn were frantically doing ass to ass to the cheers of the exhausted mn they had sexually out lasted.

Every time one of sisters started to slow down, someone or several someones would whip their tits with belts and the pain would keep them fucking each other like wild animals.

Having rested while watching the absolutely stunning sisters incestuously fucking, the men surrounded the two sisters while masturbating.

To their delight their sperm counts had recovered enough that one by one each man unloaded new sperm onto the gorgeous faces of one of the Winters sisters.

The ass and pussy pounding was too much for Eve and Dawn and they came one last time while the last few men took their turns ejaculating on their faces and big, heavy tits.

It was a curse being so in shape for the sisters as unconsciousness refused it's sweet mercy to them, refusing to claim them like it had the other women, so the sisters kept fucking.

When the Ferry finally docked with Paradise Island Eve and Dawn where the only women awake to see it, an odd sense of triumph in each sister had having endured to the end when no one else had anything left to continue with.

Chapter 2 Cabin Fever

Eve and Dawn entered the cabin they would be sharing with 4 other women and two geeky looking male camp councillors ten years their seniors.

Both of the Winter's sister though back to the "welcoming ceremony" the new campers had in which they were told the truth, that Camp Paradise really wasn't a Camp for would be models and actresses, it was bait for beautiful young women that would be trained as sex slaves at Camp Paradise till they were ready to be sold into sex slavery at various 3rd world brothels.

Then all the woman were forcefully washed clean and given a humiliating uniform to wear.

On the front was their tight white cotton tank top that hugged their big breasts was written their cabin name and their personal number which was how they would be referred to for the rest of their say.

Eve was Busty Cum Slut #1 and Dawn was Busty Cum Slut #2, as they had ended up in the Busty Cum Sluts cabin, which was reserved for the hottest campers.

They were given the top numbers in the cabin as a reward for enduring being gangraped and forced into incestuous lesbian sex all the way to Camp Paradise.

"busty Cum Slut #1 crawl over her and suck on dick dry before you go to bed, Busty Cum Slut #2, crawl over and blow my friend Eddy" ordered one of the nerds in change.

Both Dawn and Eve we're tired so they made the mistake of hesitating, so the nerds activated the shock collars around all six campers in the cabin, causing them a brief spike of pain.

Eve dropped to all fours and crawled over to the first nerd, an odd fellow named Alan, making sure her big tits swayed from side to side as she crawled.

Dawn followed suit and crawled over to Eddy while looking him in the eyes and licking her lips.

Dawn's hands found Eddy's cock and pulled back the foreskin so she lick the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue, paying special attention to the piss slit, which was already leaking precum.

A string of precum linked the tip of Dawn's tongue to the tip of Eddy's cock, the nasty image of which made Eddy's cock twitch in excitement, breaking the string of precum, which dripped onto Dawn's chin.

Eve on the other hand took a different approach, trapping Alan's big dick tightly between her soft tits.

Spitting on Alan's cock, Eve slide her huge tits up Alan's shaft, then back down again, sending delightful sensations throughout his cock.

"Please fuck this dick worshipping whore's big tits, the way your hot cock feels between my sensitive tits has me so fucking wet I can feel my slut juice leaking down my thighs Master, please Master, this this sperm rag's huge rack as brutally as you can, before this set of tight holes sucks your tasty cock" Eve begged, looking straight into Alan eyes.

"Oh God your the perfect whore, this is a dream come true" Alan declared excitedly to which Eve responded by thanking him for calling her the prefect whore and then sped up her tit fucking, pleasuring Alan's cock with skill and natural talent that was purely instinctive on Eve's part.

"Your cock tastes so fucking good Master, can this cum dump with a tight throat made to please cock, deepthroat you Master?" Dawn groveled to Eddy, who was wide eyed and speechless at getting a blowjob from a girl so out of his league it made him dizzy.

Dawn smirked cockily, despite being forced to suck Eddy's dick Dawn enjoyed the paradoxical power her beauty had over her own rapist, an irony not completely lost on Eddy himself.

Swallowing Eddy's cock smoothly with a surprising level of grace, Dawn took the nerd between her lips then down her throat till she felt his pubic hair tickling her nose, and his balls resting gently on her chin.

Dawn kept his dick down her throat, making herself choke on his cock masochistic with out moving, just taking in and enjoying the taste and texture of the cock she was worshipping.

Eyes watering, Dawn cupped Eddy's heavy sperm filled balls, and gentle played with them.

Eventually Eddy couldn't take it anymore and he grabbed Dawn's silky dark brown hair and started animalistically skull fucking the flawless beauty sucking his dick.

Fingers tight grasping Eve's firm tits in a surprisingly strong grip, Alan was moving the teenage red head's tits up and down his cock so fast, it was making the other campers dizzy just watching the obscene display.

Neither Eddy or Alan had much in the way of experience, so they we're simply no match for the mind bending beauty and shear overwhelming sexual energy of the Goddess like Winters sisters.

Sperm exploded from Alan and Eddy's cocks sooner then the Winter sisters expected, but Dawn swallowed Eddy's cum with growing cum guzzling skill and Eve swooped down to devour Alan's cock after the first couple of wad's splashed Eve in the face.

Once Eve had Alan's cock firmly trapped between her lips and sucked as hard as she could, not allowing so much as a micro drop of sperm or dick sweat escape her thirsty mouth.

The other women in the cabin were in awe at the Winter sisters, with a couple muttering "sluts" under their breath, their voices conveying a mixture of disgust and jealousy at the sisters instinctive sexual prowess.


Later that night while sleeping soundly in a bottom bunk, Eve woke up when she felt her leg being lifted and the oversized T-shirt she wore pushed up to around her neck.

Soon after Eve felt a hand on her now bare tits, the the head of what felt like a big cock pressing again her pussy.

"I woke up to pee and was going to masturbate to get back to sleep when I realized I never need to masturbate when I have 8 gorgeous sex slaves whose holes I can use any time I want, now rub my cock against your clit till your wet enough to take my cock inside you, my hands are occupied with holding your leg up and an playing with your magnificent tits" Eddy explained, underlining his point by squeezing Eve tits painfully hard.

The pain helped Eve to wake up and even got her wet, a wetness she increased by rubbing Eddy's cock against her clot as he'd ordered her.

"Yes Master, please fuck this busty slut, I need your big fat cock in my cock loving cunt" Eve whispered instinctively, her mind wondering how she'd come to this, little more then a fuck toy for guys she'd never have given the time of day before.

The worse part was how easy Eve's body got aroused by how powerless she was, she was becoming addicted to being used, humiliated, and sexual abused, already her body was alight with arousal and excitement at the thought of being raped again.

It truly was the ultimate betrayal her body eagerly serving, even hungering for any rapist that wanted her, even as her mind and soul railed against the monsters who used her and made her their property, her body and the darkest corners of her psyche yearned to be raped and made a big fitted plaything for cock.

Eve bite down on her pillow when Eddy's cock slid inti her, the pleasure and excitement her body felt at his invasion of her cunt was overloading her senses and she feared she'd scream.

Eddy established a slow pace, Eve's nude body and breathtaking face looked so exquisite in the moonlight and her body felt so nice to explore that he wanted to take his time and true savour raping the horny red head, who looked like a powerless goddess surrounding herself to his potent lusts.

Eddy could do what ever he wanted with Eve, however he wanted with Eve, and she had no choice but to obey his every wish and that fact excited them both to near madding levels.

Eve felt Eddy making sure his cock hit ever sensitive spot inside of her every time he push deeply into her cunt and then hit those same spots on the way out, which was causing her so much pleasure that she bite down on her pillow so hard her teeth arched just so she would scream out in agonizing ecstacy.

He was fucking her just fast enough to keep Eve teetering on the edge of an orgasm, yet not so fast that the heavenly teenager was able to find release.

The extreme pleasure was getting harder to take then pain and Eve sobbed into pillow, desperate for some kind of release, some kind of climax, yet Eddy refused to give her any, lost as he was in the paradise that was Eve Winters.

The cruel painful grip Eddy had on her young breasts contrasted with the gently kisses he was raining down upon the side of Eve's neck and that contrast just served to make everything, Eve was feeling seem more extreme, more of a sensory tidal wave swallowing her up.

Eve's body glistened sweat, making her glide up and down Eddy's naked body with every hard, yet slow thrust.

"Please Master yet me cum, oh god your cock is driving me insane, please let me cum I can take this pleasure any more, og I can't take it anymore, pleasure let me cum Master, show this worthless huge fitted slut some mercy, oh God you won't stop, your enjoying seeing me suffer, drowning in the ocean of pleasure you huge dick giving you fucking evil bastard, oh God I swear Master to obey you forever if you just let me cum" Eve groveled hopeless, her very sense of self and humanity crumbling in the face of Eddy's new found skill in fucking.

What Eve didn't know was after cumming so quickly in her sister Dawn's cock hungry mouth, Eddy had looked up some new sexual techniques before falling asleep.

"You stupid bitch, we both know that between the shock collar around your neck and how addicted to my cock you already are, that you'll obey my every demand, I can feel how much your body responds to my commands like the perfect slut that you are, isn't that right Busty Cum Slut #1" Eddy whispered back into Eve's ear and in the moment Eve knew utter defeat because she knew he was right he owned her completely and she'd obey him like a good piece of big titted property.

"I hate you Master, I hate you because your right, I do anything you ask of me, even rape my own sister while she cries just for the chance to be raped like this against, I'm the property of anyone with a cock, body mind and soul, and I fucking hate you all for it and I adore you all for it" Eve confessed in a fit of self loathing and guilt enhanced lust.

Eddy started alternating kisses on Eve's neck with moderately hard bites, sending shivers coursing through her overheating, teenage body.

Eddy had never imagined being with a woman could be this good, the Winters sisters beyond incredible and if that wasn't enough there six more young woman to serve them in the cabin when ever he and his best friend wished.

Hands exploring Eve's large tits, Eddy could find a single flaw them, they we're round and soft, yet firm enough to provided just enough resistance when he squeezed them to feel delightful and the juggled when he lightly slapped them.

Eve's nipples we're as equally amazing, about a centimetre long and perky as the way he was molesting her breasts had her nipples rock hard.

Eddy could feel tiny bumps in a circle on Eve's large rosy pink areolas.

Tugging hard Eddy watched in fascination at how he could pull Eve's left nipple taunt.

Eve gasped at the pain in her nipple, yet was grateful for it, it helped clear mind slightly from the haze pleasure that was consuming her very sense being a person instead of just a set of holes and a big pair of tits.

Fucking back against Eddy to sped up the fucking, Eve hoped to get herself off while Eddy was distracted by Eve's enchanting breasts, yet just Eve was inching ever so close to a happy ending, Eddy stopped with a slap to the breasts before grabbing her hips and holding Eve tightly against him.

"Just for trying to cum without permission I should tie you to this bed with cumming till morning, would you like that you uncontrollable slut?" Eddy asked Eve mockingly, his voice thick with sadistic glee.

"Please no Master, anything but that, please you can rape me, beat me, pimp me out to homeless men for spare change, whip, piss in my mouth or brand your name into my creamy skin so everyone knows I'm your property, but please tie me up without cumming Master, I'll fucking die without your cock making me cum" Eve practically shouted, earning smack on her toned ass for almost waking the rest of the cabin up.

The truth was hearing Eve beg like a cock junky and the feeling of her tight young pussy around his throbbing cock had him pretty desperate to cum, although he dare not let on, if she true knew the power her beauty and raw sexuality had on men he'd never be able to maintain control of Eve and he wanted to own the Winter sisters more then he wanted life itself and air to breath, so they had to learn their place was on his and Alan's hard cocks.

Already having been overwhelmed by Dawn's blowjob earlier, Eddy didn't dare risk his, authority being eroded anymore.

"That's more like it you set of groveling holes, since you know whose in charge and what your place is as horny camp property you worthless cum guzzler, you finally get to cum and what's better you get to spend the rest of the night with jizz inside of your tight young pussy, you busty piece of fuck meat" Eddy whispered in Eve's ear.

Eve truly let loose no longer caring if she awake the whole world with her out of control fucking, fucking back against her Master excitedly, shouting "thank you Master, thank you Master, thank you Master... " endless as screwed Eddy's shocked brains out.

Eddy pulled himself together and marshaled his reserves to counter attack, fucking Eve back as hard as she fucked him,, although his rarely used muscles burned from the work out.

Fucking these gorgeous, insatiable bitches was going to get him in better shape then he'd ever known Eddy realized, sweat pouring into his eyes, and his cock throbbing from the hard use Eve was putting it too.

Eve could feel every curve and every vein on Eddy's cock and she memorized the experience as she instinctively did with every cock that violated her holes.

Hating to admit it, Eve realized she could never go back to loving, vanilla sex, and she found she despised her studly and kind boyfriend for never raping and abusing her the way her body clearly craved and needed.

She hated her self more for being that kind of bitch, but she found she liked the hate, it made the sex even better.

Eyes rolling back into her head, Eve mind shattered when she finally came over big cock taking her sweet young pussy, for 5 straight minutes Eve was so lost in the ecstacy of multiorgasms that normally brilliant woman was incapable of human thought, the stunning red head was lost in an sea of pleasure, lust replacing her humanity.

When Eve collected her senses, she was surprise only Jacklyn, the pretty black girl from Nashville with her heart set on a career in country music after acting and modeling had been woken up.

The gang bang on the Ferry really most have taken it out of the rest of the ladies in the cabin.

Eve was about to go back to sleep when Eddy pulled his out of her and ejaculated all over her gorgeous features, like her slight hint of chin dimple, but after scooping the cum off her face and eating it for Eddy's, amusement and slipping back under the covers, Alan joined her in her bunk eager for his turn raping her flawless teenage body.


Dawn was so deep in sleep that the noise from Eddy and then Alan raping her sister Eve to multiorgasms barely disturbed her rest.

It was only when Jacklyn slipped into her bed and cupped her big tits through her thin oversized T-shirt, that Dawn woke up.

At first Dawn thought it was one of the guys molesting breasts, yet she noticed Alan raping Eve while, Eddy wiped his dick clean with Eve's shiny red hair.

Looking down at her breasts, Dawn saw to dark, feminine hands squeezing her breasts and realized it had to be Jacklyn, the sweet heart who she'd met before loading onto the bus that had ultimately lead the perverted he'll she was trapped in.

"Jacklyn, what are you doing, go back to bed, this is crazy" Dawn whispered to Jacklyn, shocked at the kind 18 year old girl's sudden sexual aggression.

"Don't pretend like you don't want this, everyone saw, what huge sluts you Winters sisters are, out lasting all the guys on the Ferry, fucking each other incestuously, and you sister still can't get enough dick in the middle of the night, so don't pretend you don't want this as much as, I do, I can feel your nipples getting hard" Jacklyn whispered back in Dawn's ear.

Jacklyn wasn't wearing anything except a thin T-shirt with her favourite country music star on it, Dawn could tell because she could feel Jacklyn's hot, wet pussy humping Dawn's bare ass.

Dawn had to admit that Jacklyn's enormous breasts, easily equal to Dawn's impressive chest, felt good pressing against Dawn's bac, yet Dawn knew she had to put a stop to this.

It was one thing to be a sex slave to the perverts who ran the camp, another to surrender to a fellow camper, no matter how beautiful she was, or phenomenal her body, nor how good Jacklyn smells, an intoxicating scent that had Dawn's pussy leaking already.

Dawn told Jacklyn to fuck off and was about try and fight Jacklyn off, when the Nashville beauty stuck her tongue in Dawn's ear and Dawn nearly swooned from the incredible pleasure that gave her.

Literally stunned as Jacklyn eat her ear out, Dawn couldn't belief how good her ears could feel, it was like having too extra pussies.

Jacklyn nibbled on Dawn's neck and ear lobes, leaving Jacklyn's hands free to pull Dawn's top the rest of the way up, freeing Dawn massive tits so Jacklyn's greedy hands could explore her creamy white breasts completely unimpeded.

Soon Dawn was whimpering and gently begged Jacklyn to stop, yet deep down inside praying the Jacklyn wouldn't stop, Dawn's body ached to be raped the pretty black woman.

"I'm sorry, I know raping you is wrong Dawn, but I can't help myself, I knew I wanted you the minute I saw you, and given we're sex slaves I saw no point in repressing the urge to fuck your beautiful brains out" Jacklyn explained, her hands exploring every inch of Dawn's heavenly body.

Eventually one of Jacklyn's hands moved down teasing towards Dawn's pussy, till her thumb found Dawn's clit.

Dawn started breathing heavily as Jacklyn skillfully played with her pussy.

Jacklyn reluctantly released Dawn's exquisite breasts to reach out her second hand to join the first at Dawn's cunt, the gorgeous black woman's fingers forcing their way into Dawn's unwilling pussy.

Because Dawn was so wet that despite how tight she was and how she put out a symbolic fight, Jacklyn easily slipped her fingers in to Dawn's cunt, violating her fellow camper roughly, her fingers shaking with excitement.

Dawn couldn't keep silent any longer, she feeling too good to contain it.

"Fuck you bitch, your raping my pussy so good, your more evil then they are" Dawn said, cursing Jacklyn, her words at odds with how she was humping Jacklyn's hands.

Dawn watched as Alan pushed Eve's legs over her head carefully so her feet didn't hit the upper bunk, just so he could slide his cock deeper into Eve's cunt.

The sight of her sister getting fucked hard, pushed Dawn close to cumming, yet just as Dawn was about to cum, Jacklyn pushed her flat on her back, sat on her mid riff, and pulled her top off unleashing her magnificent black breasts.

Dawn was memorized by the sight of Jacklyn's huge tits, her hands moving of their own accord to grab Jacklyn's firm breasts.

The contrast of Dawn's creamy white skin and Jacklyn's dark black skin was beautiful, and Dawn jiggled Jacklyn's soft ebony breast watching their graceful movements.

Jacklyn laid her body on top of Dawn's, their large tits pressed together, and pressed her thigh against Dawn's, wet pussy, while pressing her own pussy against Dawn's creamy thighs.

Once perfectly positioned, Jacklyn fucked Dawn energetically, their thighs quickly growing slick with pussy juice, to the point where Dawn's bed sheets were soaked with slut butter.

Jacklyn's mouth found Dawn's and two teenagers drenched kissed, their tongues exploring each other with a fierce passion.

The bottom bunk was shaking and creaking from the hard fucking Jacklyn, who was clearly stronger then she looked, was giving Dawn.

Between Dawn's bunk all but shaking itself apart and Eve's bunk sounding like it was going to collapse thanks to the hard pounding the cute red head was getting from Alan, it was too much for even the most exhausted ladies to sleep through, especially the ones on the top bunk above each of the Winters sisters.

Alice McNickleson and Patricia Vanderbleak who had the top bunks above the Winter sisters just held on for dear life.

Fernanda Heyak, a heart wrenchingly beautiful Mexican girl 19, cursed out the Winter sisters in Spanish calling them both stupid loud putas, which wasn't good idea as it attracted the attention of Eddy who was still horny.

The next thing Fernanda knew she was dragged out of bed, her sleeping T-shirt pulled over her head, and Eddy's big dick being stuffed into her gorgeous mouth.

Fernanda gagged on the thick slab of man meat and her mind flashed back to the Ferry and how despite pleading for mercy she cum all over the dicks of the three men who'd taken turns raping her to unconsciousness.

Hoping to avoid the humiliation of being made to cum from being raped again, Fernanda choose what she felt was the lesser evil, sucking Eddy's dick so hard he'd stay away from, her pussy or so she hoped.

Fernanda bobbed her head lower, taking more of Eddy's cock down her slender throat, allowed herself to choke on it for a short time for his pleasure, then pulled her head up, only to bob down even lower to swallow Eddy's entire cock, his big ball slapping hard against her chin and his pubic hair making her cute nose itch.

Gagging so hard and long on Eddy's cock that her eyes began to water, Fernanda began bobbing her head up and down Eddy's shaft gracefully, alternating between sucking and blowing as hard she could.

Fernanda tried to ignore the wonderful taste of Eve's cum still staining Eddy's cock and the sudden urge to eat Eve's pussy it inspired in her, but it was futile, her pussy was already, getting wet from the combined taste of cock and pussy.

Eddy could barely speak, Fernanda was sucking his dick so well it made coherent though nearly impossible, although he was still very aware of the way Fermanda's big Hispanic tits and perky nipples felt against his legs.

Fernanda grabbed Eddy's ass cheeks the better to gorge herself on his big throbbing cock which violated her tight throat with abaddon.

Eddy was distracted briefly by the maniac shrieking of Dawn and Jacklyn, the gorgeous teens cumming so loudly it was echoing across the room.

Jacklyn refused to get off of Dawn's body as she caught her breath, the feeling of Dawn's body against her own, her body heat mixing with Jackyn's own body heat felt so good in it's own right.

Eve on the other hand was lost in lust, her hot, wet cunt filled to the max with Alan's big dick.

Alan getting closer to cumming so he started to speed up, the building pleasure in Eve's pussy start radiating outwards throughout her body, had Eve's eyes rolling back into her head while she whorishly grovel for more.

"Oh God your so deep inside me it's like your raping my soul" Eve whined unable to withstand that utter onslaught of pleasure Alan's cock was giving her.

Alan had Eve's legs pushed back to her ears, allowing him to get as deep inside Eve's teenage cunt as possible.

Eve was so wet that the huge cock sliding in and out of her made loud squelching noises that we're shockingly obscene sounding with every powerful thrust.

It was like an earthquake of agonizing ecstacy in her body when she came, her orgasmic contractions where so strong it made her bones ache and her muscles burn, but the pain made the pleasure that much sweeter.

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