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The Nazi Interracial Experiments

Marcia Christoffsen

Details About the Secretive Interracial Intercourse Experiments Conducted by the Third Reich


In 1940, when Nazi victory seemed like a sured thing, there was also, within the ranks, a lot of fervor about the superiority of the Aryan race, or in this case, the Germans.

At the beginning, most German people were skeptical of Hitler’s claim the the Aryans were superior, as Germany had been beaten down considerable in the wars before, and its economy shattered before the Reich had come about, and so they accepted Hitler’s claims of German-Aryan superiority as merely a part of his promise to help Germany become powerful again,

But with the propaganda, many Germans began to believe it, and many of the top ranking party officials within the Nazi power structure also became much more serious about proving, without any doubt, that the Aryan man and woman was indeed the master of all races.

The Americans, who did not really understand how serious the Germans were about their racial beliefs, were shocked at what they found, some five years later, while going through the ruins of the Reich’s brief empire of racism. And even the Americans, who had their own horrific history with race that continued even to that day, were not prepared to witness the concentration camps, the human experimentation, and the outright mass murder of millions.

But some of the other material they found, truly boggled them, and because of America’s own problems with race and segregation, their findings were never published, until 2018.

While most Americans knew that the Nazis were obsessed with purity and ideas of superiority and inferiority - they did not quite understand how and why the National Socialist Party and its scholars took it to the lengths that they did, and this was particularly in regards to one such experimental program called the “Aryan Womb.”

According to video, photographs and writings on the subject that numbered in the thousands - enough that they were able to fill a large archive underneath a converted university building in Berlin, a number of German female officers as well as volunteers from civilian groups - mostly the gentry, and students and professors - all members of the Nazi party and believers in the superiority of Aryan genes, had been recruited.

These women, ranging in age from university age, until into their late forties, and even some in their fifties, were employed, for a stipend, and some volunteered, for the good of the Reich and its racial programs, to help determine several things.

The first was with regards to the nature of mixed race children. Many of the Nazis were concerned that mixed race children could pose a threat to the Aryan race, in two forms; one was by simply destroying their genetics, and bringing about ruin to purity, and the second, by posing as Aryan, and being able to infiltrate their ranks in a potential future ethnostate - and subvert it from the inside. Seeking to study the effects of genetics on mixed race children, and how the children would look - appearance wise - was of extreme importance, such that the Germans could develop a highly detailed classification system.

Due to careful study of the history of countries that had undergone colonialism, much was known about the appearance of mixed-race children with white fathers that had raped the local populace, but little was known about the children that were born to willing White Aryan mothers. This was when the women of the “Aryan Womb” collective were employed.

The second reason for this experiment was to improve the quality of the Aryan man. The Negro man was known, at that time, for having a “sexual quality” that the Nazis determined as being frightening and degenerate, but who they determined could be useful if somehow adopted by the superior Aryan. The Nazis believed that an Aryan man could successfully develop his soul and body and mind - such that he was able to, for example, outdo the Oriental in dignity and intelligence, and outperform the Negro in both athletics, and sexual power.

Because of the demongraphic fears of the Nazis and the German people, it became increasingly important for the Nazis to understand how a man was to become so virile that women would be unwilling to both choose any other men but the Aryan, as well as be only willing to be sexually pleased by him - and therefore able to have more healthy children born of sexual intercourse.

Therefore, the “Aryan Womb” program involved - to the American’s shock, as in 1945 this was still unheard of - having female Nazi officers voluntarily, yet oftentimes with incredibly disdain, perform coitus with Negro men, oftentimes in full view of scientists, other officers, both male and female, and academics, who sought to understand the full effects of Negro sexuality on the Aryan womb, and the resulting children that were born.

The Americans could not understand why the Nazis were allowing blacks to perform intercourse with German high ranking officers, but on closer reading of the material it seemed for two reasons: given that there were some incidents of German women sleeping with black men (even some black American soldiers) in a natural setting, the German officials felt that it made them more comfortable to ‘control’ the intercourse under their own circumstances.

In other words, when the intercourse was happening in front of the German officials, the argument could be made that the Germans were the ones who were directing and allowing the sex to occur, rather than it happening in defiance of them.

The other reason was that the Germans were paranoid of miscegenation, and believed that if they studied and allowed it, while degrading the black involved and treating him as merely an animal, that they were reclaiming some sense of power in what was otherwise a shame on the Aryan race. They were able to reframe interracial sex as being something that the white man allowed, and did for the purpose of furthering white supremacy, when in reality, the Aryan men were simply watching as Aryan Officers and civilians were being impregnated by black men.

This is generally what the Americans thought upon going through the piles and piles of materials devoted to the Aryan Womb experiments, but perhaps it is better that one reads them for himself.

One such artifact was the log of a certain female director of operations named Marleen Vetter, forty five years of age, who was tasked with overseeing the project, and along with her writings, hundreds upon hundreds of visual recordings as well as thousands of photographs were taken of the events. She kept a very meticulous log of everything, much of which will be printed below.

The following will describe the activities that were involved in the very secretive “Aryan Womb” project.

Chapter I

April 6th, 1940

The first subject, a comely yellow-haired SS officer named Linda Schildknecht, arrived at the laboratory facilities on time, having been relieved of duty seeing to administrative work with Ortsgruppenleiter (local leader). She is a fine woman of dutiful convictions, fully devoted to the cause of the Party. Her brother, three years elder than her, is a marshall at an internment center in Sint-Michielsgestel. She is of twenty four years old, healthy, and of natural sandy blonde hair. Very pretty, with a face more suited for modeling or selling clothes, than working within the party.

She personally holds many grudges against our enemies, and believes firmly in the superiority of the Aryan people, and the future of Germany, so she was willing to take part in our experiment, for the good of science; her father, a biologist at the University of Dresden, was a strong influence on her choice to study the mating practices of Negroes and improving the genetic quality of the Aryan Germanic people.

She made only two stipulations, that the Negro did not touch her, and that she be free to live outside of our facility during her pregnancy, both of which the team agreed upon.

Our Negro subject is from West Africa, a man who has taken the Western name of Pierre, a very tall, strong man of tremendous physique, and had come to Germany as a younger man as a student. While most African and blacks have indeed been deported, it was decided that because of his incredibly powerful build and strength, that he be used for experimentation. He seems to be nearly 190 centimeters tall, with thick hair, and a powerful build. He was given some time to prepare, bathe himself, and now sits quietly and politely in the far corner of the laboratory, drinking tea.

Linda wears a long pettycoat, and high socks and black leather shoes, and her hair is bobbed, her eyes brightly colored blue. She does not speak to Pierre, nor does she look at him. She wears little makeup, and one of our female attendees asks her if she wishes to shower, and she declines.

She approaches my desk, which stands opposite of a sofa made of dull, tan fabric, and between the sofa and my desk is a table with a padded top - both of which will be used for our experiments.

“Hello, Herr Vetter,” she says to me, and I reply with a nod. “Heil Hitler.”

“Heil Hitler,” I reply. “Is everything in order? Is there any news from the Ortsgruppenleiter?”

“No,” she replied, “merely concerned with the construction of our bomb shelters, as he has been for some weeks now.”

“Ah,” I replied.

She stood there, a bit awkwardly, crossing her arms and staring at the large red flag behind my desk, her face wearied from her arduous day at work answering to the bickering of her superior. Many of our officers were tired, and overworked, and so I was surprised that she had volunteered to be a part of the Aryan Womb project, given her heavy workload.

“Did you know,” she said suddenly, making conversation with a look of disgust, “that the Americans have Negro pilots?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I have heard they are quite good.”

“Probably nothing to ours,” she replied. “It would be a terrible shame should Berlin be bombed by Negroes. To give them that sense of flying over us, and defeating us. Who would think to put such savages in control of their machines?”

“I do not think they are bomber units, Officer Schildknecht,” I said, not looking up from my paper. “Merely small fighters and support. Musn’t worry.”

“I do worry,” she replied. “Have they no conscience?”

“These things I do not know,” I replied. “I have little concern with a Negro’s morality, nor do I ever intend to find out.”

A laboratory assistant approached my desk, and cleared his throat.

“Director,” he said. “We may begin when ready.”

“Alright,” I replied. “Thank you, I suppose you can prepare the lights and cameras.”

“Yes, director,” he said, walking away, to the far wall, before turning on several lights which hung above the sofa and table.

“Officer Schildknecht,” I said, standing up, and saluting her, to which she saluted back. “Thank you for what you are doing for our fatherland, and our folk. I am obliged to tell you that you do what none of our Aryan men can do - and I have great admiration to your sense of duty. I will also take notes on all you say and do - so please be as forthcoming as possible.”

“Yes, director,” she said. “Heil Hitler, and to the pursuit of science.”

“Heil,” I replied, taking my seat and adjusting my glasses.

Officer Schildknecht proceeded to remove her coat, folding it neatly and placing it on a chair that had been provided for just this purpose. She wore a pale yellow blouse and a knee length skirt, and she proceeded, rather stiffly, to remove her shoes, placing them neatly underneath this same chair. She then removed her high socks, balling them and putting them in her shoes, as was standard for officers in the German army.

“I have even heard,” she said, “that the Negroes have clubs in their city of New York, and white women go to dance with them, to their degenerate music.”

“I believe that is jazz,” I replied. “The name of that is called jazz, or perhaps swing? I do not remember.”

“Jazz,” she said, sternly, before saluting another officer who had just arrived to the facility. “Truly horrific - just merely the animal sounds to accompany their wild lovemaking. I hope today we can discourage the women of Germany to avoid these savages.”

Barefoot, now with her pale legs, with some small bruises, normal for a woman of her age, she then proceeded to remove her blouse, slowly, turning away from me, and removing it such that I could see her shoulders, then all of it - so one could now see her white brassier with its pointed ends. She then removed her knee-length skirt, dropping it carefully such as to not let it touch the floor, and she folded it neatly, and placed it atop her jacket. Beneath this she wore long briefs with ruffled edges, and she first removed these, showing her white buttocks without much shame.

One of our female assistants came and helped her unbutton her brasier, letting her stand now naked under the light while the others milled about, merely preparing the camera. None seemed to notice the nude woman before us - as this was merely a scientific procedure, rather than something erotic.

Some notes on Officer Schildknecht’s build - for reference. She is about one hundred and seventy centimeters tall, and about 130 pounds. She is of healthy build, with skin halfway between golden and white, with some beauty marks - one large on her neck, and another larger one on her right arm. They are nothing unhealthy. Her breasts are medium, to smaller, a B-cup, perhaps, and her nipples nearly the same color as her skin. Her cheeks are fat, and she has a pretty smile and bright blue eyes, and a bobbed haircut.

“Ah,” she said, causing me to look up, to which I stared firmly into her eyes, to not give her an impression of leering. “Perhaps I should still wear my red armband?”

“I do not see why not,” I replied. “After all, I would never want our loyalty to the Party to ever be questioned.”

“Then I will,” she said, walking to the chair, her bare feet slapping against the concrete floor, and taking the arm band off of the sleeve of her coat, and wrapping it tightly around her left arm.

“There, I am ready. Where is the subject?”

I gestured to the assistant to call Pierre, and she hurried to the far end of the room and summoned him. He stood up and walked across the room, his eyes fastened to the floor. He stood nearly two heads above anyone else in the laboratory, and as he approached, I was filled with both fear and marvel at his physique, which seemed chiseled from stone. The Negro body seems unlike any I have seen, and were it not for their inferiority, I would say that they look as if they are carved by some divine figure.

But no God would ever have made a Negro such, and it was more obvious that he was shaped by evolution, rather than any heavenly being.

His shoulders, incredibly broad, framed his face, which I will admit is not ugly, but quite harmonious, and handsome, and he sports a slight beard and mustache, which makes him seem educated. He is a handsome specimen, of this I have no doubt, and though he is very black, I am sure that the Aryan womb of a woman of pure lineage may be able to cancel out much of it.

Officer Schildknecht does not look at him, but she knows he is there, and she looks over at the couch, merely pointing, and two of our assistants move over to the table and move it, such that the couch is before me without interruption.

“Tell him to sit,” she says.

“You may tell him yourself,” I replied. “He speaks German.”

“I will not speak to him,” she said.

“Very well. Pierre, please sit on the couch.”

He does so, and moves slowly, with his head down, to the tan couch, sitting there, in the middle.

“Like this is alright?” he asks.

“That’s fine,” I reply.

Officer Schildknecht still does not look at him, but merely stares at the flag behind me, her arms folded under her breasts.

“Are you ready to begin, Officer?” I ask.

“Certainly,” she says, turning around, and moving to the couch, sitting down slowly next to Pierre.

“Very well,” I said. “Today’s experiment, we will be observing the process of a Negro male engaging in coital action with an Aryan woman of pure heritage. Now, you both understand that this is to prove that the Aryan woman is indeed a superior being, whose tender parts and womb are able to improve even the darkest, most powerful of Negro genetics - is this correct?”

“Yes,” said Pierre.

“Yes,” replied Officer Schildknecht.

“For my notes, Pierre, you are one hundred and ninety eight centimeters tall, of extremely strong build with little to no fat repositories anywhere on your body - incredibly different from a similar Aryan man of stature. You have little to no body hair, other than above your phallus. No diseases - as far as I can tell?”

“I am perfectly healthy,” he replied quietly.

“That is wonderful.,” I said. “Aside from being a Negro, there surely is nothing wrong with you, so I am curious to see how Miss Schildknecht’s body will carry and dominate your genes, as certainly for your race you are among the strongest I have ever seen.”

He replied nothing.

“Now,” I said. “Is there a reason you are not aroused? Does the female body of our Aryan women not arouse you? Curious.”

“I am a bit nervous, miss Director,” he said.

“Well perhaps Officer Schildknecht can assist you?”

“I will not touch him,” she replied, her face red. “He is inferior to me, to have my hands - hard working hands - touch him is repugnant.”

“Not for science?” I replied.

“For science I have agreed to our intercourse, but nothing else.”

“Very well,” I replied. “Can our assistants please come and help Pierre?”

Two women, very plain looking German students who had volunteered to aid on the Aryan Womb project, hurried over to Pierre, hesitating at first, before one reached over in an underhand grip, and began to pull at his penis. The other merely watched, her eyes wide, almost in consternation.

I watched for nearly a minute, as Pierre’s dark phallus grew; I had thought it was immense before, but now, it was nearly three times the size, and I was perplexed.

“Can someone please measure him,” I replied, looking over expectantly.

A third assistant came over, and used a measuring tape. She then muttered something, stuttering on her words.

“What was that?”

“Nine point two inches,” she replied.

“My God,” I said, writing this down. “Surely there is such tremendous difference between our races. But this is something new.”

Officer Schildknecht heard this and looked over, seeing it immediately and averting her eyes, and her head jolted back to stare in front of her.

“Miss Schildknecht?” I asked.


“How is that now?”

“It is far too large,” she said. “I do not think it can enter me. Surely he is not human.”

“What do you feel, now?”

“I cannot say,” she replied. “My mind shudders at his blackness.”

“Would you mind standing up?” I asked quietly, looking over my glasses.

“Of course - but why?”

She stood up, and took a step forward.

“Assistant, can you check, please?” I asked one of the girls.

She walked over to where Linda stood, and looked down at the sofa.

“There is a bit of a mark there,” she replied. “It is a wet spot.”

“Ah,” I said. “Linda - are you aroused, then?”

“I am most certainly not aroused by an animal Negro,” she replied. “Yet my body is not part of my mind - I imagine that my brain is reacting to the largeness of it, perhaps the thought of the contrast of color. I am an officer in the German army - I would hardly say I find a subhuman attractive in any way.”

“Very well,” I said. “That is tremendous of you and expected of a woman of the Aryan race. Now, I would ask you to perform coitus with him, in any way to you see fit, for the glory of the Party.”

“Yes, director,” she said, moving sideways until her buttocks was hanging over Pierre’s now throbbing erection. She proceeded to slowly move her buttocks down, until the tip of Pierre’s penis touched the space between each cheek of her buttocks, almost near her anus, before moving slowly towards her vagina, which had hair of a bit darker color than that on her head.

“I will not touch it,” Linda said. “If he wants to enter me, he must do it himself.”

After some struggle, she finally was able to place the tip of his phallus against the labia of her vagina, and after another few seconds, was able to insert only a bit at first, then more, and more, until perhaps an inch had entered.

“How do you feel, Officer Schildknecht?”

“I struggle to fit this Negro’s penis inside me; surely only a Negro woman designed for nothing but childbirth can accept this.”

“Ah yes,” I replied. “But we are Aryan women, and superior to any Negro woman - so anything that they can do - can we not do better?”

“That is without question,” Linda replied. “But hopefully, my struggle here will show other German women how ugly and unnatural this seems, for him to enter me as such.”

She then leaned back, placing her hands on the back of the sturdy couch, making sure not to touch Pierre’s powerful upper body.

Slowly, she was able to move up and down, inserting bit by bit more, until half of his penis had entered her, and at first her face winced, then became flushed with red, gritting her teeth.

Finally, after some struggle, she managed to bring her buttocks down onto Pierre’s wide lap, and for a minute she rested there, her white body sitting on Pierre’s black skin as if he was part of the sofa.

“He is entirely inside me,” she said, almost proudly. “I have put a Negro penis entirely inside of me.”

“Very well done,” I replied. “So it is not impossible - as the vagina can pass a child - surely it can take a Negro’s member.”

“What shall I do now?” she asked, her face red.

“Do you feel anything different from a German man?”

“Director,” she said. “I am not at liberty to talk about my relationships with men. I am not any sort of wild woman who has sorties with many men.”

“This is for the sake of a study, Officer,” I replied. “I asked you in an academic way.”

“I feel a fullness inside my vagina that I have never experienced. He is even now pressed against my most sensitive spots - I fear that if he begins to thrust, that I may find pleasure in sexual contact with an undermensch.”

“That may be,” I said, “but you are merely helping us to understand that which makes the Negro so sexually powerful - and that is what we need to make the Aryan man into the true master of all races. So I ask you again, to follow through with your true feelings.”

“Yes, director,” she said. She then raised up her butt, planted her to bare feet firmly on the floor, and moved up, revealing most of Pierre’s black penis, before moving it down again, very slowly. She gasped, quietly at first, and only once.

“I can feel a great pressure against this area, here,” she said, pointing down at her vagina.

“Yes, on your clitoris,” I replied.

Linda then again moved up, this time quicker, and then once more, and she gasped again, even louder.

“Director,” she said, blushing. “The Negro penis is indeed potent, but I think this is merely from its size. I do not think that one can call him sexually superior.”

“Officer Schildknecht,” I said. “That may be true, but you are the first of our subjects, and so I will ask you to remain objective.”

“Very well,” Linda said, leaning forward, and putting her hands on her knees, such that her breasts hung below her like pendulums, and she began to move up and down again, this time quicker and quicker, and it became obvious that she was biting her tongue, trying not to make much noise.

Suddenly she stopped. And she turned her head, not quite looking at Pierre, but at the far wall.

“Hello,” she said. “You can hold me, but you must only hold me on the sides of my stomach, here. Understand?”

“Yes,” Pierre replied, putting his large hands softly against her soft, plump sides.

“Good,” she replied. “Now I suppose you can do as you would do to an African woman.”

“Yes,” Pierre said, before gently beginning to thrust up and down.

Officer Schildknecht’s eyes began to roll back, and her mouth remained agape - until she realized what she was doing - and closed it, but this happened again, and again, until she could not even tell that she was gasping loudly.

“Director,” Linda said. “This is a new feeling to me, as if I am on the brink of no control, like I am to lose my faculties.”

“That is fine,” I replied. “Carry on.”

Linda turned her head aside again.

“Hello,” she said. “Can you please apply some speed and force - you are a Negro, are you not? Please perform as a Negro does. Wildly, with no control.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Pierre, speeding up.

His large testicles began to slap against her front, and a clapping noise began to fill the room, as his black thighs collided with her white buttocks, leaving it visibly reddened. A thick white cream began to develop around his penis, in sharp contrast to its blackness, something I had never seen before - was this something coming from the Negro, or from her?

“Officer Schildknecht,” I said.

I got no response. The clapping noise was the only noise in the whole facility. Even the other officers and assistants had begun to watch; there was also a loud, watery noise from the white cream being pushed out of what little space remained between her vagina walls and his terrifyingly large penis.

“Officer Schildknecht,” I said again.

“Y - yes, director.”

“Can you look down at your vagina?”

She did, gasping.

“Is that from you?”

“I think so,” she said. “I have never done this before - but I think that my body is reacting in a way I do not know how to explain. I feel as if - as if...”

She stopped, her face red, and suddenly she went stiff, as if she was subject to an electric current, and she leaned back, her legs jutted out before her, and started to shake violently, as if in seizure.

“Doctors!” I said.

“N - no,” said Linda, almost in tears. She started to yell. “Please - please just w-w-wait!”

Her head had snapped back, hitting the couch, and her arms shot up to her hair, and she grasped at her head, at her sides, at her neck and then her breasts, as if in pain, but she was not in pain.

“Oh, my god,” she said. “Oh my God, what is happening?”

Suddenly she went still, for almost a minute, her head and back laying against Pierre.

“Stop what you are doing,” I said to Pierre. He complied.

“Officer Schildknecht.”

No response.

“Linda,” I said.

Her eyes opened, then realizing she was leaning against Pierre’s powerfully muscular black body, and she pushed off the couch, sitting up straight, with Richard’s penis still within her.

The slightly sweet smell filled the air.

“Did he finish?” I asked.

“I don’t think so,” Officer Schildknecht said.

“Not yet,” said Pierre.

“Remarkable stamina,” I replied.

“Can you continue, Officer?”

“Yes, I think so - if he has not finished yet, then we are not done here. I think for the sake of the study we must continue.”

She stood up, and his penis nearly popped out of her vagina, which was swollen now, and slightly ajar, but it began to tighten and close, with the labia being reddened and slightly distended.

“Lie down,” she said to Pierre.

“Like this?” Pierre laid out horizontally onto the sofa.

“Yes,” she said, looking at him for the first time. “You must consider yourself lucky, to be a Negro who gets to do such things with a woman like me?”

“No, ma’am,” he replied. “I merely am waiting to go home and see my family.”

“That will happen soon enough,” Officer Schildknecht said. “You are nothing but a laboratory rodent - remember this,” she muttered loud enough for everyone to hear, as she climbed on top of him, putting her knees on each side of his waist, and lowering herself onto his phallus, with a moan and a gasp.

“You are a beast of Africa,” she said. “Your civilization never has written anything, nor composed, nor built.”

She began to pump up and down, rising up buttocks and lowering it with a loud slapping noise.

“I would not even call it a civilization,” she gasped. “More like some cretins in a colony; barely above animals.”

She leaned forward, pressing her breasts against his chest, her face nearly in his, only an inch away, before she looked him squarely in the eyes for the first time.

“You think what, exactly,” she said. “That a woman of the Nazi party can ever find you her equal - socially or mentally? You are asked to do one thing, for the good of the Aryan race - now do it. Take my buttocks in your hands, and do as you must, as hard as you must, until you fill me with your Negro sperm so that I can improve your wretch race.”

“Yes,” he said, and with that he extended his hands, grabbed her buttocks such that I could see her anus, as I had gotten up to study these events more closely, to watch in curiosity as her pale body and vagina expanded to be filled with this great, black object.

“Pierre, if you don’t mind,” I said. “Show me your strength - if you can.”


“I know,” said Linda between gasps. She, with some strain, raised her buttocks up, and put her feet on both sides of Pierre’s black waist, such that she was nearly standing on him, and with her hands, pushed down forcefully into his chest, so much that he winced. “Take your hands, and put them under me, and use your great Negro strength to move me up and down onto your member.”

He reached under, with his long arms, and placed his hands underneath her buttocks, practically near her anus, and began to lift her up, slowly at first, then lowering her down, until a rhythm was established.

“Does that help?” Linda asked me.

“Yes,” I replied. “Very much so. I have a much better view of these actions.”

Soon, Pierre was moving her up and down with tremendous might and speed, causing Officer Schildknecht to cry loudly in what seemed to be either pleasure, or instructions, and I watched as her buttocks rippled against his thighs, a thunderous slapping sound filling the laboratory.

“I think I am going to finish soon,” said Pierre.

“You have a simple job,” said Linda. “Do not flub it - as is typical for your race.”

“I’m going to - I’m going to - I’m - ah - ah.....” he said, loudly, more than anything he said before.

His entire body shuddered, as if convulsing, with erratic and uneven jerks, and it became evident to me that the Negro had ejaculated inside of her.

“Wait!” I said. “Officer Schildknecht, lay back on your back. Pierre, help her.”

“No,” Linda said, “let me do it,” and she leaned back, falling in between Pierre’s legs, and bringing out his great black penis in the process, which flipped out causing him what seemed to be agony due to the sensitivity of his post-ejaculatory phallus. “Ah!” he yelled. “Oh, ohhh!”

“Let me see,” I said, leaning forward, using a lecturer’s stick to touch her pubic hair gently. “Note how the uterus seems to soak and spunge up the Negro’s sperm; I can see it through your belly. Your body seems to react to this Negro’s semen quite well.”

“Of course,” Linda said. “The Aryan body is but a perfect machine - that it can accept all sperm, and improve it.”

“I suggest you lie there, for a moment, to allow the insemination process to occur,” I said.

“Alright,” she replied. “Pierre, please leave.” Again, she looked at him, with wide eyes.

“How do you feel - is there anything you need to report?”

“The Negro’s sexual prowess,” Linda replied, “is certainly unmatched, but of course,” she gasped, “there must be some correlation with his lack of intelligence.”

“Should an Aryan man learn such things?”

“I do not know if our German men can be taught these things,” Linda said, running her hands over her stomach, toying with a bit of semen that had spattered into her pubic hair. “And certainly they are more civilized, to not have such monstrous penises.”

“Could an Aryan man give you such feelings, without such a large penis?”

“I think that potentially, should our Fuhrer seek to continue our eugenic programs - our men could be bred to have such tremendous members,” she replied. “But even then, the Negro has sex with such ferocity and power, something which our men cannot learn.”

“Well, the Reich has only begun,” I replied. “I think that with the advancements in our race, such things are attainable.”

“Perhaps,” Officer Schildknecht sighed.

“Anything else?”

“Just now - I had a feeling course through my body - as if I was not in control. Such pleasure ran from my feet, to my head, and down again. I fear that this pleasure comes from an animal place. I am not sure what to think of this.”

“What did it feel like?”

“More pleasurable than anything I have ever experienced - or will ever experience again.”

“Does it frighten you?” I asked.

“Yes, because pleasure like that might make us lose sight of our plans for the Reich,” she replied.

“It is an animal thing. An ugly thing. I think we must let the German people know that the Negro creates such uncontrollable sexuality”

“Thank you, Officer Schildknecht. I’ll have the others help you dress and get to your home. Please keep us updated on your pregnancy - as soon as you welcome the first signs, as we will begin to monitor you for differences from pregnancy with an Aryan child.”

“Of course,” she replied, with a smile, sitting up now with her legs slightly ajar, seminal fluid beginning to leak from her vagina, some of it running down her thighs, toward her anus.

With that, her face still red, she gathered her things, patted her vagina a bit with some paper, got dressed, with the semen staining her undergarments as she wore them, and left the building without a word.

Chapter II

April 7th, 1940

I arrived early at our facilities, clearing some paper work for Officer Schildknecht’s performance.

She again stopped by the laboratory in the morning, at which I noted a slight difference in her gait, or manner of walking, which I took note of. She mentioned some soreness at where her cervix was, and a tenderness around her vulva and labia, and some of our doctors examined her. She still had not cleaned out the Negro sperm from her vagina and was suggested to wait another day before doing so. It is not clear if Negro semen takes longer to properly inseminate an Aryan womb - or if it is quicker, but she was asked to report the status of her period, which she expected the next week. Our subjects have been chosen partly because of their knowledge of their menstrual cycles.

On her way out, she bumped into our next subject, a 39 year old woman of plumper figure named Amelie Hössler. She is a recruitment officer for Nazi Youth.

She is around five foot five, black hair and dark blue eyes, one hundred and twenty five pounds, with a larger figure than Linda, but she is not fat, merely plumper than most women - and fairly typical for a woman of her age. She joined some of the fellow officers for lunch. She had a good spirit, much hope for the Reich, and was unmarried. Her file indicated that she had received exemplary service and a decoration for having reported several Jewish families in the outskirts of Berlin, as well as four Negro women that had been hiding in a factory in the manufacturing district.

She sat down in front of my desk some thirty minutes before we were scheduled to begin the second day of experimentation.

“Heil, Officer Hössler,” I said.

“Sieg Heil, director,” she replied. “A good morning to you?”

“Well enough,” I replied. “I will ask you several questions, if you don’t mind.”

“Go ahead, please,” she responded.

“The first: why have you volunteered to be part of the Aryan Womb project?”

“Ah, yes,” Amelie started. “Firstly, our Party seems to prioritize the whims of men, and seems to overvalue the strength of the Aryan man in helping maintain a long and stable Reich.”

“I don’t follow,” I said.

“Did you know that many of the Jews arrested, are merely Jewish through their mothers?”

“I did,” I replied. “But why is this relevant?”

“Most of the enemies of our state are in fact the children of Aryan and German men, with Jewish women,” she stated, with a smirk. “A Jewish male marrying and having child with a German woman - the child is not considered Jewish, and is less of a threat.”

“I imagine both would be considered Jewish by the SS,” I stated, looking up at her from my papers.

“You would think so,” she stated, placing her hand down firmly on my desk, and leaning forward, “but most of the men and women arrested for treason and for the worst crimes against the German people have matrilineal blood.”

“Really,” I said, putting down my fountain pen.

“Correct, director,” she stated with a grin. “All but a few. The Jews are matrilineal - it is almost a trap, such that men driven into lust by these dark haired beauties are forced to bear children that serve their mother’s cause.”

“I see, but how is this pertinent to the Aryan Womb - are you implying -”

“Implying,” she said. “That if a Negro impregnates an Aryan woman, her genes will be able to overtake his.”

“But not the other way around,” I stated.

“Bah,” she said, her face frowning. “As if our men were to ever touch a Negro woman, and if they did, the child would more strongly identify with mother; we are the better gender - do you not agree, being a woman yourself?”

“I am forced to remain objective,” I said. “Himmler has chosen me particularly to oversee this project - not because I am a woman, but because I can assist the female volunteers in feeling comfortable in expressing their opinions.”

“Well,” she scoffed. “I am certain that with my healthy body I can conquer any task ahead of us, would you not say? Certainly the younger women here are less fit for duty than I am.”

“I have yet older arranged to arrive,” I said. “You are only our second case study.”

“Fine,” she said, leaning back. “I shall hope to be the best, however.”

“This is not a competition,” I replied. “You do realize that you will be in close physical contact to our Negro subject?”

“Of course I do,” she replied. “This is not Ancient Rome. There is no joy to be had in coitus; it is not something civilized people find a form of recreation.”

“And you agree to bearing this Negro’s child?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “If we are to potentially find a way to Aryanize the savages - then it is best that Aryan women do it, rather than our men, who are needed bravely to fight and help build the infrastructure of our Reich.”

“We women can fight too,” I said, looking up at her.

“I will be honest,” she said, smiling again. “I do not want to see these experiments conducted with Aryan men and Negro women. It is better that we do so - as women, for I do not wish to see our fine specimens defile themselves with the blacks. As a pure Aryan woman, it is my body, so I can choose what to do with it - and I choose to help the Reich, and stop the German men from feeling as if they have some better qualification to do so, having some sense of victory over the Negro women.”

“I understand,” I said. “Are you ready to begin?”

“Certainly, shall I get undressed?”

“Please,” I said. “Do you wish to be shaven?”

“Shaven? Will it help the experiments?”

“Yes, it will allow us to more closely examine the process of penetration, and the reaction of your vagina to the black phallus.”

“Then I will,” she said, standing up.

She removed her coat, choosing to hang it on a hook on the wall of the office, near the windows, where now the early morning light shone through. She proceeded to remove her blouse, a fine blue shirt of good fabric, and took off her skirt, being down to her knickers. She removed her brassier first, allowing her milky, natural and fine breasts to tumble out, revealing a hang that was normal of women her age, and her belly was a bit plump, not fat - hanging over her undergarments. Her skin was very white, almost like paper, with a very pleasing, feminine figure, and only a few stretch marks from her age.

She pulled down her undergarments, revealing voluminous hair, and showed them to me.

“As you can see, there is a bit here,” she said.

“Ah yes,” I replied, looking down at my notes. “When is the last time you have engaged in intercourse?”

“Oh,” she replied, “nearly ten years ago, at least,with my then husband.”

“And he is?”

“He was killed last year, in Poland.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Do you have children?”

“No, we did not.”

“And did you try?”

“No,” she replied. “We were not ready at the time, financially, so we hardly performed intercourse. The few times we did - he finished, you know - outside.” She gestured to the area above her pubic hair.

“So you are familiar then with sexual activity?”

“Yes,” she said. “But not with a Negro. I imagine that they are more wild than we are - having intercourse for enjoyment without care for consequence or child.”

“Well, as long as you are able to do so in a way that we can witness the full extent of the Negro’s ability with women,” I said. “So you may need to be a bit limber.”

“I am not sure what this means,” she replied. “I was not aware there were many ways to perform coitus.”

“The Negro seems to have different ways,” I replied. “I just want you to be aware of this.”

“Thank you, director,” she said.

She removed her britches, showing her heavy pubic hair, some of which carried down into her thighs, and she looked over at the table in the center of the room.

“Shall I lie there?”

“I think you can sit there, for now, while we have you shaven.”

“Okay,” she said, hopping up onto the edge of the padded table.

One man and one woman approached - both assistants in the laboratory, the man carrying a pan, the woman with a switch razor, and they smiled at her and said “good morning.”

“Good morning,” Officer Hössler said. “Do be careful.”

“Not to worry, Officer,” said the girl. “I know of this procedure, and as a woman, I know how to care for a woman’s nether area.”

She first applied some cream and lather, then slowly began to shear away the Officer Hössler’s curly black hairs, allowing them to fall into the pan that the male assistant held. He looked away, not wanting to be aroused by the sight of her vagina.

Finally, after nearly ten minutes, the process was done, and Officer Hössler’s vagina was now completely bare, minus some bumps and redness, and the female officer patted some soothing lotion on her, and I stood up and went over to examine her vagina.

Her vagina had a puffiness, and was still firm and relatively unused for a woman of her age.

I took a photograph of this for my records, to compare her vagina before penetration, and after.

“I am amazed at our powerful bodies,” I said. “That we as women can accepted such large members.”

“Is it very large?” she asked me.

“I certainly do not think that my body could accept it,” I said. “Nor will I.”

“Do you not yourself intend to participate?”

“No,” I said, not wanting to reveal that I would never allow a Negro anywhere near me, being a mother of three young men who I sought to have enrolled in the Nazi Youth, and a firm believer in the sanctity of marriage and the need to keep ones body as close to the divine as possible.

“Then I am rather filled with anxiety,” she said. “Yet I am a woman of the Reich - and what are we, if not brave?”

She sat there, silently for a minute, her legs together and her hands clasped, placed over her thighs and vagina.

“We will bring in the test subject now,” I said, touching her shoulder. “Thank you for your duty.”

“It is my honor, director. If we are to improve our race - we need those who must see what little we can glean from other races.”

I beckoned for the assistants to bring in Pierre, and they went to his chambers - as he was living inside the facility, and he was brought out, entirely naked this time, his large member swinging gently as he walked, even slapping against the side of his thighs. The others in the facility, nearly a dozen people, hardly looked up, though some peaked, and looked quickly away, to the ceiling, or back at their work.

Officer Hössler caught a glimpse of his tremendous phallus dangling there as he came, and as soon as he stepped into the soft yellow light from the windows, its size was truly emphasized, and she immediately went red in the face, her cheeks swelling and her hands clenching together over her freshly-shorn vagina.

“God almighty,” she said, looking at me, and not at Pierre. “The Negro truly is something unlike us. Am I looking at some creature of the earth - or a human?”

“We are not yet sure,” I said. “You are looking at me - but please, look at him, for a minute. Please take in the size of his genitals - before we begin.”

I motioned for Pierre to come closer, and he stood about three feet from SS Officer Amelie Hössler, his penis now totally still, hanging there, like some great pendulum.

“What is it that you feel?” I asked.

“Feel?” she said, quietly. “Maybe my nerves, perhaps.”

I noted that for the second time, our test subject was very quiet, on her first sight of our Negro subject nude.

“Do you mind?” I took her hands, and moved them to her side, and she dropped them to the table, and I gently moved apart her legs, noticing strands of fluid had already touched the inside of her upper thighs, and stretched and then broke as she opened.

“It appears you are already experiencing some lubrication,” I said. “This is fascinating, as it seems that initial contact is not even required.”

“Initial contact?” she asked.

“Such as touching of the genitalia beforehand, with parts of the body other than the penis.”

She blushed.

“Who does such things? Surely no good woman will ever lay hands or anything else, on a penis.”

“Well,” I said. “Fortunately we will not need to.”

“As I said,” she replied. “I am a good woman; I am not aroused by this Negro. This is purely scientific - an academic task, is it not? I refuse to be allowed to be portrayed as doing this thing for anything other than the Reich and its racial science. Is that clear?”

“I do not think that, Officer Hössler,” I replied. “As does no one here.”

“It is a horrible sin by God to do such base things for anything but procreation.”

“I agree with you,” I said. “And that is what we do here; you are needed by the Fuhrer to determine that which makes the Negro so powerful, and to determine if his genes can be subdued by that of an Aryan woman.”

“Then good,” Amelie said. “Then let us get it over with. Shall I stay seated here?”

“That is fine,” I said. “You may actually move a bit closer, to bring your genitals closer to the edge.”

She did, moving forward, leaving a wet stain behind her, partly from a small bit of sweat between her buttocks cheeks, as she was nervous now, and partly, perhaps, from her natural lubrication.

“Pierre,” I said, beckoning him over, careful not to catch glimpse of his penis. “Are you prepared?”

“Not quite, director,” he said quietly.

“Come here - I would like to conduct a study. Officer Hössler, if you can just sit up straight.”

She seemed to be a bit uncomfortable, so I called over two female assistants to help her.

“Can you two please brace Officer Hössler, so that she can rest against you two?”

The two girls moved behind her, leaning against her bare back, holding her so that she could sit up comfortably on the table.

“Pierre,” I said, “please place your genitals on top of hers.”

He moved forward, taking his penis in his hand, and gently placed in on top of Amelie’s vagina, such that she was covered from view.

“Remarkable,” I said, “even now, before arousal, he is of tremendous size.”

I looked up at Hössler, and her face was red, and she stared off into the far window, trying not to display that she was aroused.

“Move your penis, please,” I said to Pierre, and he did, moving it as it was now midway to arousal.

“Subject’s vagina is now engorged, showing a puffiness not seen beforehand. It seems that contact with a Negro of his stature is enough to arouse the female Aryan subject.”

“I am not in control of my body,” said Amelie Hössler. “There is little to no mental arousal, merely disgust at this Negro in my proximity.

“I understand,” I said. “Pierre, please place your penis here, again.”

He did, and by now, his penis was erect, and for the first time, I saw it in its full size, pulsating up and down in randomize pops, as if he too, were not in control of his arousal.

“Place it on top of her genitals once more,” I instructed.

He did - and his placed it firmly on top of her vagina and abdomen, such that it arrived nearly at her belly button. Hössler looked down, with her eyes widened, and gasped as if seeing a poltergeist.

“Very well, please insert.”

Pierre moved forward, taking his member in his right hand, and slowly pushed the head of his monstrous black phallus in; slowly at first, which caused Hössler to wince, and he was only able to manage getting merely a few centimeters in. Again, he tried, and got deeper, after about a minute, managing the head, then a bit of the shaft.

“I have not had anything inside of here in more than ten years,” said Officer Hössler. “Be mindful.”

“Yes ma’am,” Pierre said.

“Do you feel any sensation?” I asked her.

“My husband and I performed intercourse only twice. Both times, in the dark, under the sheets, on a cold night. I do not recall any particular sensation. I merely allowed him because he beseeched me, and I did not enjoy it. I did not feel anything.”

“Do you feel anything now?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “This is unusual. I was not aware intercourse could provide such -”

She gasped, as almost two inches of Pierre suddenly slipped in, as if a wall was broken.

“Such feeling.”

“What sort of feeling?”

“It is like my nether regions are being kissed by God. I cannot describe this.”

More of Pierre slipped in, such that he was halfway in. One of the girls behind him stared over Amelie’s shoulders, down at the shocking and unfamiliar sight of a great black penis entering the test subject’s vagina.

“Describe the sensation,” I said.

“As the hard edges of the top - or head - of his member move inside me, they rub against the top portion of my insides,” she said. “It as if I am being kissed from within, by the most handsome man ever born of this earth.”

“Are you in control?”

“Yes,” she said. “Though I do not know what will come next. He is almost entirely inside of me.”

Finally, Pierre’s penis had fully entered her - remarkably, as it would appear that his penis would reach all the way upwards to her navel. He stopped, and looked at me expectantly. His testicles were now neatly lying on the top of the table, the edges of which touched her anus.

“Can you lift up his testes?” I asked another female assistant, who came over, and did as I asked, and I leaned in, closely, and noted two long strands of fluid that had come from her vagina, and nestled into the depression of her anus hole, catching on a few hairs that had not been shaven completely off.

“It seems as if you are lubricating heavily,” I stated.

“I do not feel any roughness,” Officer Hössler said. “I had some roughness with my husband, but I feel none now.”

“I imagine your body is allowing the Negro penis to enter, and compensating for its size with heavy lubrication.”

I paused for a minute, and felt on top of her stomach, pressing into her slight fat to feel the member inside, and I was able to feel its strength and hardness through her soft belly.

“What would you prefer he do?” I asked her.

“I do not know,” she said. “I am not sure how intercourse occurs. I have never seen it, nor experienced it like this.”

“Very well,” I said. “Pierre, if you can do the thrusting, as you did yesterday, with Officer Schildknecht.”

“Sure,” he said, first pulling out almost all the way, such that only his head remained inside. Officer Hössler, gasped, her mouth agape, staring downwards at her vagina as the two girls propped her up.

“Now back in again,” I said.

Pierre pushed back in, and up, and Amelie cried out.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Near the outside of my private parts, there is a part that is sensitive, and when the hard edge of his head moves against it, I feel a powerful burst of pleasure surging from there, to both my head, and my toes.”

“Do you want him to continue?”

“I don’t imagine,” she said, gasping. “That the experiment is finished? Let him continue.”

“Alright,” I replied. “Pierre, please, do your - whatever it is called - Negro rhythm. I imagine your people perform intercourse as you do your music.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said, pulling out, then pushing in, forcing Officer Hössler to gasp, loudly.

“Again, and stop stalling,” I said, angrily.

He began to push in, and pull out, push in and pull out, with some consistency, and seemed to build up his speed in tiny increments. Officer Hössler’s hands appeared to be grasping the edge of the table, her bones poking through her skin, turning that area around her knuckles and fingers entirely white.

Her breasts were now bouncing rhythmically, mesmerizing those who were watching as they flopped up and down as if alive on their own.

I reached down, and took one of her feet in my hands, and noticed that her toes were entirely curled, to a degree I had never witnessed, such that I was amazed she felt no pain from such a drastic tightening of the feet.

She appeared to be sweating as well, from the nape of her neck, and long beads and rolls of sweat formed on her forehead, and rolled down from her neck, to between her breasts, some of them catching on Pierre’s penis, and being absorbed into the fluids around their genitalia. This all made a great squishing noise, and it sounded as if air was being pushed out of her vagina with every thrust, creating a mixed noise of what sounded like light flatulence, and the sound of gelatin or a dish of sauce being jiggled.

I took one of her breasts in my hand, feeling the warmth under them, as they were good sizes, a bit downward with age, and the veins could be seen through her skin. Her nipples were now pointed, and could be held between the fingertips like a pencil eraser.

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