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Daddy Sells Me on the Sand

Part of the “Horny House” Series

By Adrian Amos

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Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

I can see the grin in his eyes before it ever crosses his lips.

My dad is solely focusing on me, ignoring the two boys approaching us from across the beach. Clearly he's watching me, watching for some indication of my mood, watching for what I might want, or what I might do.

But what does he expect? My face is hot and my heart is beating wildly. Two young men are approaching us on the beach, hell-bent on meeting us.

Why? Because they just witnessed me scream out, “Yes, Daddy! I love it when you fuck me in the ass!” I think that gets anyone's attention, especially two horny studs.

I'm naked, kneeling on my towel, cum dripping out of my ass, and Daddy's cock softening the closer the boys get, spent wholly in his little girl. His arousal is dying out, but I can see clearly that the men's arousal is just starting.

Fear takes over and I'm unable to move or speak. I'm afraid, but completely entranced with what possibilities may come. I may not be able to talk, but I don't think I would say anything that might change what's about to go down.

When they get close enough, the boy with the blonde hair speaks, “Oy!” he shouts, like a dockworker calling for attention.

Both boys are bare chested, thin and pale, a contrast to my golden yellow skin. They have minimal muscle, built more like track stars than anything. One blonde, the other black haired, they close with swagger, probably hopped up on adrenaline and eroticism. They couldn't be much older than eighteen each, probably freshly out of high school.

I look over at my dad and he nods at the boys, waiting for them to say something.

The black haired one responds, “That was a hell of a show there.” Neither of them can take their eyes off me, staring dumbly at my large tits. Their eyes are so fixated, I unconsciously cross my arms over my breasts, breaking what view they had. You'd think I'd have thought of it earlier, but it wasn't until I felt like a piece of meat that protecting my modesty came to mind.

Daddy smiles, “You like that, huh?”

“Is he really your Daddy?” blondy asks pointedly at me.

I open my mouth, but Daddy cuts me off. “What's it matter to you?”

“I just thought it was hot, is all.”

My father makes no effort to correct them, oddly playing to their fantasies by calling me the one thing that would goad their imaginations. “My daughter's a vocal girl.”

“Fuck, yeah,” blondy chimes in, “that moaning was fucking amazing.”

I blush, embarrassment welling in me as they all talk about me as if I'm not sitting right here.

Daddy eggs them on. “She's got a body on her, doesn't she?”

I look over at him, my eyes wide. What is he doing?!

“If that's your daughter, you nailed it.” The pun too much for him, he smirks, “Both ways.”

“How old are you boys?”

Eighteen, just as I thought.

“You want to have some fun with her?”

I gasp. “What?!”

Simultaneously, the astonished boys respond, “Are you serious?”

Oddly, the first thought that comes out is not what you'd expect. “I'm twenty, Daddy. I'm not going to have sex with some eighteen year olds.” I don't know why I'm caught up on their age, like somehow being forced to fuck two guys younger than me is somehow worse than some other situation. Maybe it's because they're young, and I know they'd never have a chance with me if we met in school. Submitting to guys who I'd never normally sleep with...

Daddy looks at me, his grin more mischievous than before. He knows it irks me, but instead of being concerned, he's chomping at the bit to use it against me. “Yeah, why not? Couple young guys like you, probably need to get your dicks wet.”

“Daddy, don't talk like that!”

Daddy's gaze pierces me, stern and unremitting. “Babygirl, don't interrupt. I know what's best for you.” He turns back to the boys. “My daughter's a little bit of a stuck up: she gets it from her mother. It'd do her some good to loosen up a little.”

The boys glance at each other, unsure of how to proceed. I watch them, swallowing as I nervously await their response. For a second, I feel a bit of calm wash over me as the boys seem incapable of making a decision.

But Daddy's not done yet. “Go on,” he says, “she's stubborn, but she works best when you just go for it. First lesson as a man: don't ask questions.”

I hear Daddy move behind me. He reaches down and tears my hands away from my chest, re-exposing me to the boys. I whine in response, but Daddy grabs my breasts, kneading them in his hands. His fingers pinch my nipples, twisting them into ecstatic delight.

To my horror, I close my eyes, my mouth hangs open, and I moan. They feel incredibly sensitive, burning as Daddy has his way. I must still be on fire from the orgasm he gave me earlier. I bite my lip, trying to stifle my voice, but I have no doubt that the look of a naked girl biting her lip has the same effect as hearing her moan.

“She's wet and willing, and boy, does she take to commands. She's stubborn, but she likes to submit.”

Oh my god! It sounds like Daddy's trying to sell me to them!

They nod, their mouths barely getting out a muffled 'yeah', which struggles against their dry throats.

“Well, what do you got on you?” he asks. He pulls on my nipples, eliciting a grunt from me, showing off his wares as an added incentive.

“Just some hash.”

“Drugs?” Daddy says, disappointingly rolling his eyes. “That's it? Come on, what else?” he firmly retorts.

They hesitate a moment, and Daddy twists my nipples once more, causing my head to loll back. I fall against his shoulder and he suckles on my neck, the warm embrace of his lips fucking with my ability to resist. I groan unwillingly, inadvertently helping Daddy with his transaction.

“I got, like, 50 bucks,” the other one says, anxious to get this over with.

My Daddy thinks a moment, but finally relinquishes control over my body. “Okay, both,” he says, waving them over. They hand over the goods.

He steps aside, giving the boys room to play. He grabs a beer from the cooler, cracking it open as he uses the cooler as a seat for the show.

The boys come close, but I don't move. I'm frozen in place, staring up at them doe eyed in utter surprise. I don't know what's going to happen, but that part of me that wants to see it won't relent, making sure I do nothing to spoil the moment.

One boy kneels in front of me, leaning in to kiss me. I recoil on instinct, and he retreats with a defeated look on his face.

Daddy's impatient with their lack of experience. “Boys, girls like control.” Almost nonchalantly, he waves away my rights. “Be a little rough with her, that's how she'll respond. Like I said, she's stuck up.” When Daddy calls me stuck up again, it sends chills down my body. I am completely stuck up, I know it, but it's so weird for him to acknowledge it so easily.

“It's the stuck up girls who like it the worst.”

The blonde boy pipes up, “Are you just going to watch us fuck your daughter?”

Daddy smiles, “That's the best part. Give it to her, make her your slut.” He puts his elbows on his knees. “I want to see her beg for it.”

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