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The United Nations formally commenced on October 24, 1945.

The UN Emblem, officially adopted in 1947,

shows a map of the world from the North Pole, surrounded

by a wreath of olive branches, which represents peace.

They Shall Beat Their Swords Into Plowshares,

And Their Spears Into Pruning Hooks.

Nation Shall Not Lift Up Sword Against Nation.

Neither Shall They Learn War Any More. Isaiah.

[Inscription on Isaiah Wall, Ralph Bunche Park, UN Plaza, New York, across from

the main entrance to the United Nations headquarters ‒ Isaiah 2:4 and Micah 4:5]


Late in the eighteenth century, German philosopher Immanuel Kant proposed a federation of the world’s nations to unite and punish any nation that commits an act of aggression. He believed it would protect the rights of smaller nations in particular.

This proposal became a reality with a formal Charter at the

United Nations Conference on International Organization

held in San Francisco, U.S.A., on April 25, 1945,

Only three countries from Africa attended this conference.

One of the co-authors of the Charter of the United Nations was

General Jan Christian Smuts, Prime Minister of South Africa.

Recognised as one of the most brilliant law students the University of Cambridge in England has ever had, in 1894 Smuts was the first ever student to take the double law tripos examinations in the same year, and in both he came first; whereupon he came first in the Inns of Court honours examination in London. He became Chancellor of the University of Cambridge in 1947. During World War One, in January 1917, General Smuts, a South African, was appointed to Britain’s Imperial War Cabinet. One of the new Cabinet Minister’s first tasks was to formulate a plan for the defence of London; and as ‘Minister of Air’ he was responsible for the founding of the Royal Air Force. At a banquet given in his honour by members of the British House of Commons and the House of Lords that same year, he expounded on the concept of a British Commonwealth of Nations that a decade later would form the basis for the Statute of Westminster. Also in that year he expressed his ideas for a post-war settlement in a pamphlet, The League of Nations: A Practical Suggestion, that two years later would be one of the main items on the agenda of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. After the Great War the nations of Europe were in serious discord and division and since Smuts believed that sociality could transcend national boundaries and bring nations together he made a strong plea for a Society of Nations. However, Woodrow Wilson’s formulation for a settlement that entailed alterations to Smuts’ proposal was carried because nations did not want to offend the American President. Nevertheless, the League of Nations (1920-1946) failed, primarily because America did not join, and secondly, the League did not have the means to carry out its objects ‒ no sanctions, and in particular no armed services wherewith to provide protection or to enforce punishment.


Who are the Victims is a sequel to The Cassiopeia Contract.

The United Nations features in both books.



US President José Carlos D’Amato, first American President of Hispanic descent, addressing the United Nations General Assembly echoed the words of billionaire Donald Trump when he said, “Finally Mr President, the UN is not a friend of democracy.”

Gottfried Kütemeyer, Leader of Deutsche Eiserne Faust: “Addressing the General Assembly of the European Parliament a British member called the formal decision that makes it mandatory for member states to accept both political and illegal migrants the biggest genocide in human history. Germany is for Germans. Who are the victims? The outlandish refugees that the European Union and United Nations are inexorably and by coercive measures forcing on our country, or the German volk whose lives, traditions, cultures and religions are physically, mentally and spiritually being bestialized? In his final will and testament written just before his suicide in April 1945, Hitler charged Germans to uphold the race laws and to continue the struggle against Jews, calling them the poisoner of all nations, which, as conceded by the Jewish founder of Paideia Sweden, is manifested in the role that international Jewry are playing in forcing these parasites onto us.”

Gesche Eichgrün, a Commissioner in Sonder Dezernat, a special intelligence unit of the Bundes Polizei: “The New Rightists are willing to accept ethno-pluralism which … unlike apartheid … means isolated people can live side-by-side. But Volk, nation, people, family, and order, remain the pillars of their ideology.”

Manfred Werner, Afrikaner Volks-Party, Member of the South African Parliament: “To open the United Nations Security Council to developing nations would be the last hurdle globally for leftists and Zionist supremacists to triumph over nationalism and fascism. Hence civilisation shall come to a fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome. When Rome fell the world lapsed into what historically became known as the dark ages, and this is what the future has in store for us.”


Chapter 1

In the past two days Rian Schröder had had less than four hours’ sleep. In fact, in the past four days he had had less than eight hours’ sleep. As the Millennium Falcon swung out over the audience the night before ‒ no, two nights ago ‒ barely seconds before Han Solo of yesteryear walked onto the stage with a broad smile to announce the winner of the Oscar for the best film of 2018, Woody and Joseph had managed to remove the triggering device of the nuclear dispersion device in the nose cone of the Millennium Falcon.

Thereafter he and the Galcyzynski family had been tied up for hours by the FBI, Homeland Security and LAPD to satisfy all their queries.

Now there was a loud banging on his bedroom door. Yawning and stretching he crawled out of bed and rubbing his eyes he ambled over to the door. “I’m coming,” he shouted when the banging continued. As he reached the door it suddenly dawned with a shock that he was naked. He always slept in boxer shorts and puzzled he glanced back towards the bed.

The banging had not stopped so he put his eyes to the peephole. Then he opened the door, but stepped in behind the door as it swung open and covered the vital spot with both hands.

FBI Special Agent Livia Galcyzynski charged in, stopped, saw him behind the door and threw her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss smack on the mouth.

“Whoa! Steady on,” he exclaimed grabbing her shoulders to hold her away.

Her eyes were sparkling. “Rian, I’m so excited,” she cried then glanced down.

“I can see that. And it’s not about that.”

She looked up. Her eyes were sparkling. “The Vice President wants to meet with us.”

“That’s fine. You go and meet her. Me, I’m going back to bed.”

“If you climb back into that bed I’m going to climb in with you.”

“Look … what happened to you?” he asked.

“I’m a working girl, remember. I had to go to work.”

“I see.”

“You didn’t even miss me!”

“I slept.”

“Like a baby. Horizontally you were out on your feet but boy … vertically you were bloody great.”

“Can I go back to bed now?”

“Rian, go and take a shower,” she said pushing him towards the bathroom. “We have been ordered to appear with Tiziana Gutierrez at a press conference at twelve o’clock. But she wants to meet with us before the time.”

“I’ve met Tiziana.”

“I know, when you rescued Maria.”

“Who does Tizania want to meet with?”

“All of us. Grandfather Wiodrimierz, my dad Joseph, Marlui, and me. And you of course.” Rian groaned. “Han Solo and Selene Brooker will be there too.”

“A circus.”

“Please Rian.” She gave him a kiss. “Do it for me?”

He gently pushed her away. “Okay. Okay. I’d better, ’cause if you carry on like this I will certainly take you back to bed.”

“I’ll be only happy to … but we must not keep the Vice President waiting.”

“Suddenly the Vice President is more important than I am. Now you bugger off so that I can get dressed.”

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to wait right here for you.”

His mouth opened and immediately clamped shut. Livia Zsuzsa Galcyzynski had a will of her own. Her face was glowing and her eyes were sparkling, she was excited at the prospect of meeting with the Vice President of the United States of America. If he was loath to go, he could imagine how her grandfather the ninety-six-year-old Woody must be grumbling. Quite a character, Wiodrimierz Galcyzynski. He smiled at the thought as Livia made herself comfortable on the toilet seat.

“Get up, I want to use it … and make yourself scarce,” he said.

“Last night you stood by while I used it,” she said as she stood up. “So I’m not going anywhere.”

He stared at her for a second. “Oh hell.” Then he proceeded to use it and when he was done and flushed the toilet he climbed into the shower.

“Oh Rian, I am so excited,” she said. “Imagine appearing on television with the VP.”

“What’s so important about that?”

“It can do so much for your career.”

“I appeared on television with the President, and I can’t say that it did anything for my career.”

“I’m talking as an American.”

“I need coffee.”

“I’ll go and make you some.”

“I thought you’d never offer.”

“Ha! Ha!”

He was drying himself minutes later when he heard his smartphone ring. Then he heard Livia answer it.

“It’s for you,” she said holding it out when she appeared in the open doorway.

“Who is it?”

“A dog.”

With a frown he took the instrument from her. “Rian,” he said.

“Who is Livia Galcyzynski?” a woman’s voice asked.

He gave Livia a glance and walked past her to the window. “An FBI agent.”

“Is she pretty?”

He gave Livia a glance over his shoulder. “I haven’t had time to look.”

“She said you are taking a shower.”

“I was. Now I’m dry.”

“Can I give you a lift home?”

“Where are you?”


“China’s a long way from here.”

“I’ll do it with pleasure.”

“You can’t land in the States with what you’ve got on board.”

“I’m prepared to take that chance.”

“They’ll lock you up and throw away the key.”

“If they know I’m picking you up they will not search my plane.”

“Larisa …?”

“It’s all right darling, I won’t spoil your fun.”

“There’s no fun in appearing on television with the American VP. The thing is, I don’t know how long the FBI, Homeland Security, and I don’t know who else are going to keep me tied up here.”

“Rian, we’ll be late,” Livia said in a loud voice behind him.

“I’m coming,” he said. “That’s the FBI talking …”

“I heard. Are you okay?”

“Yes thank you. I had very little sleep the last few nights. That’s all.”

“I can imagine. I was in LA on Saturday night but the city was booked out for Sunday so I flew to Hawaii. If only I’d known that you had a room I would have answered whatever call you received, not the FBI agent. In any case, I must just tell you this quickly. at the hotel in Hawaii I walked past a jewellery store and saw the most beautiful ring. It looks like an inexpensive signet ring, but in fact it has small diamonds right round. It is beautiful and I so wished you were there. I would have asked you to buy it for me and I would never have taken it off.”

Rian’s whole body jerked when an arm came around his side to catch hold of something. He spun around and thrust a hand in front of Livia’s chest and pushed her away. “I’ve got to go,” he said.

“Love you,” Larisa said.

“See you,” he said then cut the call.

He frowned at Livia. “What are you …?”

“Is that a dog?” Livia asked.

“Dog? What dog?”

“Woody says I must keep my teeth on this bone,” she said nodding downwards, “because if I look away another dog will grab it.”

With a frown he glanced down and looked up puzzled. Then his mouth dropped open and he burst out laughing. “You tell your grandfather if you bite that his granddaughter will require new teeth.”

“So it was a dog,” she said when he brushed past her.

He tossed the phone onto the bed and scratched in a drawer looking for underpants. “It was a dog,” he said pulling it on.

“Is she coming here?”

“She’s in China.”

“Oh.” She sighed. “Thank goodness. I was worried.”

“She flies her own executive jet,” he said while he was digging out clean clothes and getting dressed, “and she offered to give me a lift back to South Africa.”


“You were listening to every word I said. I have no idea how long I’m going to be tied up by your authorities.” He chuckled. “But that’s not the dog you have to worry about. That dog’s a Ukrainian criminal.”

“She’s the pilot who brought you to America when you were looking for Maria.”


“Wasn’t she given a Presidential Pardon?”

“Yes, she was on the FBI most wanted list.”

“Okay, if I don’t have to worry about that dog, which dog then?”

“My fiancé.”

“You did not tell me you are engaged.”

“When was I supposed to do that? You were only interested in one thing.”

“The bone. I still am.”

“Come, we can’t keep Tiziana Gutierrez waiting.”

“Is she a dog?”

He accepted the cup and saucer from her. “To be seen on telly with the VP is one thing, but somehow I don’t think the Secret Service will permit me to get into bed with her.”

“Oh, before I forget,” she said, “Bertrand Tremblay leader of Order of Bertrand et Raton, the man who paid Bommer van der Merwe to have your mini nuke installed in the nosecone of the Millennium Falcon, has escaped. The two agents who took him in were found shot. And he is missing.”


Chapter 2

Yesterday, Rian mused, while he and Livia made their way to the Dolby Theatre ‒ it was yesterday, wasn’t it? ‒ President José Carlos D’Amato, President of the United States of America, had called to congratulate him on his heroic deed, flying all this way from South Africa to organise people who had the technical knowhow to diffuse an atomic bomb, a mini nuke developed by South African physicists for the howitzer; and to help catch those responsible for setting it up. Now the Vice President wanted to hold a press conference and he had to hold her hand. When Maria and Tamara were kidnapped on a visit to South Africa he went against protocol and had called the President personally who told him the blackmailers wanted him to resign. Who would benefit most? And so he had called Tiziana. She had taken umbrage when he asked her if she had anything to do with the kidnapping, but they had parted on a good footing.

The theatre was still under heavy guard when Rian and Livia turned up, but Livia showed her FBI ID and they were let through. The others were all waiting ‒ Michael Lindmann (Mayor of LA), Woody and Joseph Galcyzynski (father and son, both nuclear physicists), Serena Brooker (probably the most famous African American singer/actress ever; she had been the presenter on the evening of the Oscar Presentations), the actor who played Han Solo in Star Wars, Ed Zupancic (FBI Director), FBI Special Agent Adiles Esposito (who had been transferred from Phoenix, Arizona, to take over the LA office from the disgraced FBI Special Agent Harry Pettijohn who had been in cahoots with the militia), FBI Special Agent Marlui Vigueras (profiler sent by FBI to South Africa to help Rian), FBI Special Agent John Frampton (HRT leader in LA), Chastity Angelou, (LAPD Chief), and a host of other suited agents.

Adiles greeted Rian with a hug. She and a colleague, Carlease Deeth, both from Phoenix, Arizona, both personal friends of retired FBI agent Sebastian Corzo, head of security the President’s company in Phoenix, had helped Rian to establish where Maria was being held.

Tiziana’s face lit up with a broad smile when she saw Rian. “Rian, we must stop meeting like this,” she greeted him, taking his arm and giving him a kiss on the cheek. The last time he saw her was when the President presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

“Don’t tell me you flew all this way just to see me?” he asked with a grin.

“We-ell … there are a few others too,” she answered matching his grin. “And next time we meet it must be for lunch. My place. My husband would love to meet you.”

“I’d love to come to lunch. By the way, will he be there too?”

Her eyes twinkled and the round body shook with mirth.

Then Rian introduced her to a beaming Livia.

Together they joined the others to face the press. Tiziana delivered a short speech, then presented Rian with a commendation. Michael Lindman then presented Rian with the Freedom of the City of Los Angeles Medal. Thereafter Tiziana presented Serena Brooker and both Wiodrimierz and Joseph with Presidential Medals of Freedom. Livia received an FBI commendation. Then Tiziana called on Rian to address the press corps. He was brief, saying Marlui and Livia could tell the story much better than he, but Selena interjected.

“You are not going to get off that easy,” she said squeezing in between him and Tiziana and taking his arm. “Two nights ago everybody in the know in this theatre were in a state of panic. Picture it for yourself … we were told that an atomic bomb in that damn Millennium Falcon was due to go off over our heads at any minute. The theatre was packed and there was no way you were going to get all those people out of that theatre in time. The stampede alone would have killed half of them. What’s more, I don’t think anyone had even considered the crowds out in the streets and nearby buildings.” She took a breath. “And if you want to know how I felt … well I thought I was going to wet my pants the whole time … except I did not bring enough pants with me.” Rewarded with laughter she paused. “On the other hand … maybe I borrowed some.” More laughter. “But one person kept his head. This young man. He went about his business as if nothing was amiss. He talked to each and every one of us and he not only brought a calm into that crazy madhouse, but most important of all, he gave all of us courage. There was no way I was going to go out onto that stage but he came and sat with me and held my hand. After he had spoken to me I got up and I said to myself, the show must go on. We all owe this young man a word of gratitude.”

With that she turned to Rian and amid loud applause she embraced and kissed him.

Rian thanked her softly then stepped back indicating Livia was to speak. But it was Ed Zupancic who got in first.

“Do we have to stay for this?” he whispered to Tiziana as Ed rambled on.

“I agree. Let’s go,” she said and taking his arm she gave a nod to the woman who was in charge of the gathering and she and Rian quietly slipped out. Rian saw Livia give him an anxious look. She did not want him to go but he grinned and nodded.

“Where are you off to now?” Tiziana asked Rian.

“That depends.”

“On that pretty FBI agent?”

“That too,” he said with a laugh. “It will depend on all the government departments who want to have their own record of what happened and how we went about solving the problem. Then there will be those who will want to make sure that there are no loose threads.”

“That is not your job.”

“No it is not, but I have most of the loose threads in my head that can tie this lot together.”

“Well my invitation stands.”

“That is kind of you but I doubt if I will have time.”

“You never know. This is a small world.”

“It certainly is.”

They posed briefly for photographs before she and her bodyguards walked off. He had been told to make himself available for photographers to get shots of him with the Mayor and others. While waiting Rian checked his smartphone and was surprised to see that the battery was full. Livia must have done it when she got up this morning to go in to the office.

He called Colonel Jenna-Wade Knapton his aide in Cape Town to tell her what was going on. There was a nine-hour time difference so she was probably at home making supper, he mused. While he was entering the numbers he could not help but smile when he thought of her two young daughters, Renzia and Zenahrea, who were vying with each other who was going to marry him when they are grown-up.

“Rian,” Jenna-Wade said, “I was wondering when I was going to hear from you.”

“Fine thank you, and you?”

“Okay … okay … how are you?”

“Alive … thank you. But it was a close shave … too close.”

“Who saved the day?”

“Father of an FBI agent who helped me. It was just luck that he and his father who is ninety-six are nuclear physicists.”

“You ride a lucky horse. But don’t tell me a man in his nineties whose work it was to split atoms still has all his marbles.”

“This one has more marbles than most people and there is nothing wrong with any of his marbles. He also knows more about nuclear research in our country than ninety-nine percent South Africans do.”

“When are you coming home?”

“If you tell me there is a new case waiting I’m going to put my bikini on and spend a few weeks tanning on Malibu Beach.”

“In fact there is. But it’s not a major issue.”


“Burglars broke into the Pretoria North home of Markus van Tonder and murdered him. They slit his throat. He was a known far-right activist. Among his papers they found documents of a conference that he recently attended in Europe.”

“What has that got to do with me?”

“It’s all in German. His notes too.”

“So? There are enough academics at the three universities and technical college in Pretoria who can translate German.”

“It refers to your favourite topic.”

“Sexy women?”

“Not even a hint of that. But it does mention Endlösing in a number of places.”

Rian was silent for a second. “Hitler’s doctrine for a pure Aryan race.”

“I thought that would get your heart pumping faster.”

“Okay, you’ve got my attention.”

“But before you do anything else, the embassy in LA wants to be briefed so that they can get extradition papers in the pipeline for Bommer and whoever else you caught. The army wants to interrogate them to find out if there are any more nuclear devices.”

“Only the one. And that will be Brigadier Marthinus ‘Bommer’ van Pletzen van der Merwe, Colonel Arnold Albertyn, electronics engineer, and Heinrich Zeederberg, nuclear physicist. Heinrich also goes by the nick-name Der Verrückte Deutscher, the mad German, and for your information, he is a German citizen, not South African.”

“I taped that. In the meantime, Sam Boya from the embassy will contact you.”

“Good luck to him. The Yanks are not going to let go of these cold-blooded killers. But that’s not our concern. Will you meanwhile send me some of that documentation, and particularly the parts that mention Endlösing or anything related thereto.”

Jenna-Wade chuckled. “What do you want to do with it?”

“I have nothing to do at night so I may as well have something to read.”

“Now I’ve heard everything.” She laughed. “All right, I’ll E-mail you some of it.”


Chapter 3

Larisa could kick herself that she had not stayed in Los Angeles another day or two. She was in love with Rian and was willing to give up everything to marry him. In fact, she had made the proposal but had been turned down. As token head of Yuzovka, a Ukrainian crime syndicate, she was a criminal, whereas Rian had too high a moral standard as far as crime was concerned. He loved her, she knew that as things stood now she could call him at any time and he would not think twice of coming, as long as it was not permanent. But once he married Mariechen his moral standard would extend to his marriage too. Then he would be lost to her forever. This was why she had taken Mariechen to India and arranged for her to receive a film test by Pavan Kristnasany, one of Bollywood’s most successful film-makers. As luck would have it Mariechen had been a roaring success and Venkatapathy Ramjugernath, who financed most of Pavan’s films had offered Mariechen a contract to play the lead in Pavan’s next film ‒ an offer she could not refuse. This was going to put breaks on a wedding with Rian for at least a year ‒ hopefully longer.

Since Mariechen was a qualified accountant and auditor, Larisa had thrown in another offer that she would find difficult to refuse. Yuzovka was moving into legitimate businesses, property in particular, using property to launder income from its illegal activities. In order to do this, it was opening offices in cities all over the globe and she had offered Mariechen the job as auditor of their various offices. Each country had its own rules and regulations and Mariechen’s job would be to see that the tax authorities of each country was happy with the books of that office. She had given Mariechen the assurance that she would not be involved in any illegal activities ‒ with one possible exception, to come up with suggestions how best to launder money. She would be based in Dubai, select her own staff, have her own apartment on Palm Island, cleaning service included, for free, have a Dassault Falcon 900 executive jet and two pilots at her disposal four weeks every month, with which she could visit their offices or family without having to account to anyone, plus a salary that was the equivalent in euros of the rands that she was earning at present. And she need not start until the film was completed. This should stall any wedding plans with Rian for good. Of that Larisa had no doubt.

In this way she would get rid of any woman who posed a threat as far as Rian was concerned. In the meantime, she was satisfied to see him once or twice a quarter.

When Rian was following Maria’s spoor she had helped Rian to enter the United States undetected and for helping him to save Maria the President had given her a Presidential Pardon (taking her off the FBI most wanted list) and she had received a visa valid for four years. With that she could now come and go and she intended to open an office in the United States. She had spent five days with Adiles, in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and had offered her the job as head of office for Yuzovka in America which Adiles had agreed to consider seriously. Now Adiles had called her to tell her thanks, but no thanks, since she had just been promoted as head of the FBI office in LA. Nevertheless, she had given Larisa the assurance, whatever they discussed would stay between the two of them.

Having taken three setbacks Larisa was feeling despondent. There was Rian who had turned down her offer to fly him home (if she had stayed in LA two days longer she would have been able to coax Rian onto her plane); Adiles who had turned down the offer to open an office for Yuzovka in America (her promotion coming as a result of Rian busting that nuclear gang); and the new man in charge of operations in Kunming, China, Colonel Ch’en Xue, who had to show her who was boss.

She bought Chincom AK-47 weapons and the drug Speed from the Chinese which was distributed throughout southern Africa via their diamond mine in Zimbabwe (a mine operated by Yuzovka in collaboration with the Chinese and the Zim government). Colonel Xue had kicked out the man she had done business with before and she quickly discovered that he was extremely ambitious and vicious. Not satisfied just to be head of intelligence in the Yunnan Province he wanted to prove himself as a man with initiative and drive. In order to do this, he wanted to extend his influence beyond the Yunnan Province and the only way he could do that was through Zimbabwe to the lucrative southern African market. To prove to her that he was now boss, he tied her up, beat her, had sex with her, and then as price for her release demanded a bigger cut. Before he let her go he demanded that she would make arrangements for him to accompany her on her next visit in order for him to visit the diamond mine and South Africa. He also wanted her to supply him with the name of an influential person in South Africa that he could blackmail to spy for him. All of which she meekly went along with.

She had not been beaten up like this since her young days in Donets’k in the Ukraine. This was when her father handled the opium coming in from Afghanistan. She was intelligent and after leaving school her father sent her to Oxford where she majored in international finance. She returned to Donets’k to help her father and when she joined Yuzovka she was sent to a number of countries before she was sent to South Africa with the sole purpose of supervising the opening of the diamond mine in Zimbabwe from there. She met Rian when George Sithayi was murdered. George, the biggest individual in coal mining in South Africa was negotiating a deal with her boss Gregory Volskenk (born Grzegorz Volotzky in South Africa and changed for political expediency) to acquire a share in Gregory’s coal mining interests in the Ukraine and he was having dinner with Alexandr Klochko in Sandton. She and Gregory were supposed to attend the dinner too but a tip-off kept them from turning up. Russian Mafia who were after the Ukrainian coal mines were behind the assassinations and Rian not only figured out what was going on but he caught the culprits. So as not to be associated with the Russians who were causing trouble in Eastern Ukraine, Gregory had moved the head office of Yuzovka to Dubai. With him now taking a back-seat, moving between Tel-Aviv (to be with his wife) and Dubai (for sex), she was running the international operation. Her immediate goal now was to find a suitable person to open and run and office for Yuzovka in America. Thereafter she would arrange to move whatever they could to America.

In the meantime, she was on her way to Zimbabwe with a load of AK-47 weapons and speed, and she felt like dumping everything in the Bay of Bengal. But the demand for more weapons in Central Africa was increasing by the day and the profits were worth the torment and humiliation. After dropping this load she had to pick up the consignment of diamonds in Zimbabwe and deliver it to Venkatapathy Ramjugernath in India. The threat of Mugabe grabbing the diamonds had nearly become a reality. Rumours had it that a Chinese businessman in Singapore, where Mugabe went twice a year for medical treatment, had commenced negotiations to buy the diamonds, but fortunately Mugabe had been dethroned. Hassles and more hassles.

Damn you Rian, if only you were here now to make love to me while Sergeyevich flies the plane.


Chapter 4

When Livia came out of the press conference she hurried over to Rian and grabbed his arm. “I was afraid the mongrel had run off with my bone,” she said.

“What …?” He frowned. “Oh?” He chuckled. “I told you that dog is beyond the Pacific.”

“You also told me that dog has her own jet.”

“It’s not a space craft just an executive jet. A French one to boot.”

They were joined by the others and had to pose for dozens of photographs. The Mayor also asked Rian if they organised a banquet in his honour where the Freedom of the City of Los Angeles Medal could be handed over properly, when could he attend. Rian’s reply was that his movements were not his own ‒ he had to brief the American prosecutors, an official from his embassy, and then prosecutors back home; and in the meantime he had already received orders that a new case was waiting for him back home.

The last words had barely left his lips when Livia jabbed her fingers into his ribs from behind.

He saw Woody grinning at him and from the side of his mouth said, “This is your doing.”

“This granddaughter of mine is so busy jumping from one bed into the next,” Woody said, his grin widening, “if I don’t do something about it I’ll never have a great-grandson.”

“Woody!” she exclaimed giving his arm a playful slap.

“Well, have you started to do something about it?” he asked his eyes innocently going to Rian.

Self-consciously she pressed her forehead on Rian’s shoulder but quickly stood up straight when she saw a smiling Ed approaching them.

He put out his hand to Rian and when Rian took it said, “It looks like I’ll have to make you an honorary FBI agent. At least it will give me the satisfaction of being able to give you an order.”

“Does an FBI ID come with that?” Rian asked with an impish grin.

“Don’t push it,” Ed said releasing Rian’s hand and with a glance at Livia added, “I take it you are being well looked after.”

“Naturally. She’s my FBI ID.”

Ed chuckled and walked off.

This was Tuesday morning in Los Angeles. Most of the afternoon was spent with physicists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and academics from the University of California who wanted to be briefed by Rian, Wiodrimierz and Joseph Galcyzynski, and Captain Joe Karnaugh and Sergeant Rayniece Farquhar of the LAPD Bomb Squad. The Los Alamos National Laboratory was operated by the University of California and was no longer just involved in nuclear research but also in lasers, high-speed computing, space sensors, and environmental technologies.

Rian made enquiries but there was no news of Bertrand Tremblay. He had simply disappeared into thin air. FBI agents were searching his ranch near Raton in the northeast of New Mexico. But this, he was told, was the famous Badlands that in the good old days had featured in many novels and films about cowboys, and the search could take weeks.

“There is a major coal deposit in the southern half of the Bertray ranch and it is mined by Malportas International Mining, a company registered in George Town on the Cayman Islands,” Adiles told Rian. “As you probably know, the Cayman Islands is famous for turning a blind eye on money laundering. Consequently, many illicit companies are registered in the islands. Drug cartels too have bank accounts on the islands. It seems that Bertrand siphoned off a lot of money through the accounts of MIM and we believe he used this money to buy his way out of the country with the help of one of the big drug cartels in Mexico. He is on the run, but we will find him.”

“Given time.”

“Given enough time.”

Late afternoon Livia fetched Rian and took him to the Galcyzynski home for supper. She collected some of her things and after supper moved in with him. Rian warned her that he could be leaving LA any day but her answer was, “I know this bone belongs to someone else, but for the pleasure and satisfaction that it gives me I will take my chances.”

On Wednesday morning, after Livia left for the office Rian sat down to study the German documentation that Jenna-Wade had sent him. That is until he received a call to come and see Sam Boya at the embassy offices. The government wanted the culprits delivered but it also wanted its nuclear dispersion device back, Sam told him. Rian tried to be as helpful as he could but in his own mind he had his doubts if the Americans would release the mini nuke. It had been stolen once and after the South African President had ignored President Obama’s request to release the nuclear ingots for six atomic bombs at Pelindaba to the International Atomic Energy Agency the Americans would believe it could happen again.

Livia again collected him and now being more relaxed Rian spent a most enjoyable evening with the Galcyzynski family.

After Livia left for the office on Thursday morning Rian called John Berrington, the Englishman in charge of Fraud and Economic Crime Group at Interpol Head Office in Lyon, France. Rian had called on John when he was on his way to Kraków in Poland. This had to do with the case when he caught the wanted Nazi. John congratulated Rian on his success in finding and defusing the mini nuke but Rian quickly explained it was not he who had defused it. He then asked John what he knew about the meeting of Aryan supremacists held between Christmas and New Year in Berchtesgaden in Germany.

“It is not my jurisdiction,” John said, “but what I can tell you, and this comes from discussions that we have had at meetings here, is that most governments are concerned because this was not just a local get-together. The conference was attended by right-wing supremacists from all over the globe, Americans, South Africans, and even from the Far East. But you will have to speak to someone in German intelligence to find out more.”

“Did anyone mention Endlösing being discussed?”

“It was not mentioned.”

“Have you heard of a Bertha Schmitt?”

“No, sorry.”

“Thanks John,” Rian said and immediately called Gesche Eichgrün, a Commissioner in Sonder Dezernat, a special intelligence unit of the Bundes Polizei stationed in Berlin. He met her when on an earlier case, the one when he caught the wanted Nazi, and Gesche helped him during his visit to Berlin.

“Rian,” she exclaimed. “This is a pleasant surprise. Are you still in Los Angeles? I have been watching the news about my Afrikaner friend with interest.”

“Yes, I’m still tied up here but my call has nothing to do with the nuke. My aide sent me details of a Markus van Tonder who was murdered by thieves who broke into his house. Among his papers they found documentation in German, which is why it landed on my lap. According to this documentation, between Christmas and New Year he attended a meeting of Aryan supremacists in Berchtesgaden. What can you tell me about it?”

“Give me an hour and I’ll call you back.”

“Fine. Thank you.”


Chapter 5

It was less than an hour when Gesche called back. “Sorry Rian. I was not in my office and knowing you, you will ask me for names.” They chuckled. “Right. The Verfassungsschutz, the intelligence services, gave me the names of two South Africans who attended the conference, Markus van Tonder that you mentioned, and Manfred Werner. The latter represents the Afrikaner Volks-Party in your Parliament.”

“The People’s Party. They have only the one seat. Manfred, like me, is of German descent.”

“Before I say anything about the conference, it might interest you to know right-wing activity all over Europe has increased markedly the past two years … or to be frank, since the European Union took a formal decision that makes it mandatory for member states to accept political migrants. Via the Internet supremacist and fundamentalist organisations, ISIL, to name but one, have been attracting more young people and their numbers have grown. And whereas in the past the slogans of fascists have been predominantly anti-Zionism, refugees from Africa and the Middle East, both political and illegal migrants, are featuring more and more in their pamphlets and Facebook messages. This has had most intelligence services in Europe on tender hooks. This is the third time in Germany’s history this past century that the youth have turned violent after becoming disillusioned as a result of what social anthropologists and psychologists describe as political confusion. The first time this happened was in the early thirties. Occupation by foreign forces after the First World War, followed by the Great Depression that started ten years later, created in the German youth a sense of nihilism as they lost all faith in the ability of the country’s leaders to reform the economy. However, in National-Socialism they experienced a sense of power and glory and this gave them a new goal, albeit a violent means of achieving it. That was then. The second time was when the Berlin Wall came down twenty-six years ago. The youth of the ‘five new states’ … the former East Germany … were suddenly faced with the same nihilism with the result that the violence by skin-heads against foreigners escalated almost overnight. And in the melee of unification no one quite knew how to put a stop to it. Now, today, we have Muslim leaders brazenly shouting that Europe has lost its fertility and they will give the people of this country fertility, that they will marry our daughters, and that Germany shall become an Islamic State … and what is the response of the country’s leaders … with big banners and open arms they welcome these migrants who brazenly claim they are coming with one goal in mind, to conquer this country.”

“What the youth see as a Trojan Horse that is being welcomed in their midst by their leaders.”

“Trojan Horse? Very apt. A report by the Verfassungsschutz for the year 2015/16 says that we are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, plus the potential for national and ethnic conflicts by a people who have a different understanding of society and law.”

“Which can lead to a lot of confusion among the youth … nihilism, as you say.”

“But that is not all. The message extolled by Muslim leaders that Europe shall become an Islamic state, that there is no God but Allah, coming with the backing of the country’s leaders who proclaim Islam belongs to Germany, is filling a vacuum that has been created by all the Christian churches that are standing empty … both Catholic and Protestant churches.”

“What you are describing are two conflicting scenarios. On the one hand rightists are being aroused and spurred on by the threat that the Trojan Horse brings …”

“A real threat.”

“Very much so … especially since it has the open support of their leaders … and on the other hand leftists are being offered power and glory over rightists combined with a spiritual fulfilment. Not much of a choice is it?”

“It is frightening Rian, that’s all I can say.”

“Not much you or I can do about it either.”

“No. To come back to the conference, it was attended by nearly two thousand delegates from all over the globe, all of them right-wing supremacists. They came from Germany, England, Italy, Turkey, France, America, South Africa, and, for the first time from the Far East … from China. To mention but a few … Anti-Zionistische Aktion, Germany, Faisceaux Nationalistes Européens, Germany, Nationalistische Front, Germany … Vit Ariskt Motstand, Sweden … Afrikaner Volks-Party, South Africa … and from the United States, White Aryan Resistance, Ku Klux Klan, Alamos Militia, The Montana Last Stand Militia, The Sonoran Militia, The Chisholm Trail Homesteaders, and Order of Bertrand et Raton. The conference itself was about émigrés … you know, political refugees and illegal migrants … which has become a world-wide problem and how to put a stop to it. Also, how to force migrants to adopt to the customs of a host country, one example thereof being the violation of women’s rights by fundamentalist Muslims. In essence, that’s what the conference was about. Decisions? This is where we are in the dark.”

“You mean what action should be taken?”

“This was referred to a select committee and I’m afraid according to our records all the members of this committee are extremists. I know it does not sound good.”

“Did anyone mention Endlösing being discussed?”

“I recall it being mentioned. But I’m not sure whether it was discussed. What I can tell you is that the question of who are the victims featured strongly. You may not know this, but in the previous century, between the late seventies and the early nineties, a battle raged here in Germany between two groups of historians, with one group claiming that what the National Socialists and Hitler did was to pre-empt the destruction of Germany by what Hitler called left-wing revolutionary opponents. Was Stalin’s genocide of the Bolsheviks, in other words the murder of a class, the elite, not perhaps the forerunner of the National Socialists’ murder of a race? Ernst Nolte the historian posed this question in Frankfurther Allgemeine in June, 1986. Needless to say, at the time most historians took a stand against this argument, but still, it did plant seeds that now seem to be germinating.”

“All that is required to light the fuse of civil war is for a second Hitler to say this invasion by the refugees must be stopped at all cost.”

“Manifestation thereof is the fact that the Chancellor did not get a majority in the last election and is having a hard time maintaining a coalition in parliament. The far-right … and I’m not only talking about fascists … have gained many seats.”

“Interesting. By the way, in Markus’ papers I found a name, Bertha Schmitt, and a Berlin phone number.”

“We’ll check her out.”

“Can you give me the names of some of the American delegates … preferably some of the lesser known Americans. I want to discuss it with some of the people here.”

“I knew that’s what you would want. Right, I’ll text you some names.”

“Thank you Gesche.”

“A pleasure Rian.”


Chapter 6

Rian promptly called Jenna-Wade and asked her to get members of their unit, the National Operational Unit of the SA Police Services, to immediately investigate Manfred Werner of the Afrikaner Volks-Party and to put a surveillance team onto him. They were also to take over the investigation of Markus van Tonder, and in particular his background.

As soon as he received the list of names from Gesche he called Adiles and asked her to join him for lunch.

Over lunch Rian asked Adiles to look into what her people had on the Aryan supremacist conference that was held in Germany between Christmas and New Year. He also gave a her a copy of the names of Americans who had attended the conference and asked her to supply him with info on them. Adiles knew nothing of a get-together of Aryan supremacists in Germany but promised to report back to him by evening.

The moment she arrived in her new office she called the Director.

“This guy is like a bloodhound,” Ed said. “Where other law enforcers will suspect nothing untoward, he smells if anything suspicious is going on, and then, on top of that, he has the uncanny ability to glean whatever information he needs for a follow-up. Yes, we know about the conference. We thought we knew everything about it. I checked the list of names you sent me and I’m not au fait with all of them. I’ll have to come back to you.”

“Needless to say …?”

“I know, I know, he wants it yesterday.”

They laughed.

Not long after Ed called Adiles back.

“Is Livia in her office?” he asked.

“Yes,” Adiles answered.

“Get her in and put the call on speaker phone.”

Adiles buzzed Livia and told her to get over to her office pronto. When Livia entered Adiles said, “Sit. The Director is on speaker phone.”

“We have been sitting on the report on the Aryan supremacist conference held in Germany between Christmas and New Year because we saw no immediate threat to US property,” Ed said. “Rian receives a report of the conference from his aide in Cape Town and not surprising, within hours he has come up with more than we could in two months. Two names of Americans on the list he gave you do not appear on our list of delegates. One of them is Hans Müller, a respected New York businessman of German descent who has a lot of money, and whose name does not show up in our records. In other words, we know nothing about him. The other is Fritz Pflieger. His name is in our records. He was one of the suspects when weapons were stolen from the Norfolk Naval Base but he managed to get off scot-free. Now why did these two attend the conference? And how come we know nothing about that? There is only one way to find out and that is for Rian to tell us. But he won’t. I also have no doubt his next destination is Germany. So this is what we’ll do. Adiles, when you contact him tonight tell him an FBI jet will be in LA tomorrow morning to fly him to Germany.”

Livia felt her heart ice up.

Ed carried on. “Make up any excuse. Our plane has to pick up agents in Germany … whatever … I leave that to you.” Ed took a breath. “Livia, you will be on that plane. You will go with Rian and you will report back to me every day. I want to know who he sees, what he discovers, and what he is thinking. You with me?”

“Yes sir,” Livia answered, her voice small, her heart beating faster.

“FBI Special Agent Kevin Allinger, attaché at the US embassy in Germany will meet you at the airport and supply you with transport. He will also provide Rian with whatever else he needs.”

“Rian can be very demanding,” Adiles said.

“Kevin will give him whatever he wants. Make sure Rian understands that.”

“Yes sir.”

Later that afternoon Adiles called Rian and told him she would be having dinner with him and Livia.

While the meeting on speakerphone was going on, Jenna-Wade called Rian and told him Manfred Werner had skipped the country and was probably in Germany. Rian sent Gesche a text message to inform her thereof.

Over dinner Adiles told Rian that two of the names on the list he had given her came as a surprise. Knowing Rian, Adiles decided to be open with him. “Hans Müller is a respected New York businessman of German descent. He has a lot of money and we have no record of him being involved in any right-wing or militia activities. But by tomorrow we will know everything about him. Fritz Pflieger is known to the FBI. Some time ago weapons were stolen from the Norfolk Naval Base. He was one of the suspects but managed to get off scot-free. Bertrand Tremblay, leader of the Order of Bertrand et Raton in New Mexico did not attend … too busy getting your mini nuke fitted into the nosecone of the Millennium Falcon … but Alan Whitman was there. Alan is chief editor of the Order’s three newspapers … the Rearming Herald in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Informed Chronical in Flagstaff, Arizona, and the First Amendment in Dodge City, Kansas. Now, the Director has decided to send an executive jet to LA. It should be here tonight sometime. If you want to fly to Berlin, the plane is at your disposal. What’s more, FBI Special Agent Kevin Allinger will meet you at the airport in Berlin. He will supply you with transport and … whatever else you need.”

“That is generous of him. Is he sending me an FBI ID too?”

They laughed.

“I seem to recall you told the Director that Livia will be your ID.”

“Is she going along to keep tabs on me?” he asked.

Livia blushed.

“Rian,” Adiles said, “I know how you operate.” She chuckled. “I’ve had first-hand experience. Remember? But we pulled it off. Right? The Director is going out on a limb to help you. One hand washes the other, right?”

Rian grinned. “Did this come from you?”

“No, believe it or not, this came from Ed. He has a lot of respect for you.”

“Tell him I am grateful. There is nothing worse than wasting time at airports while you wait for a flight.” He chuckled. “There was one exception however. I was sitting at Atlanta when I spotted this article about the Oscar Presentations. If it hadn’t been for that we would have been twiddling our thumbs at the UN Building in New York while Oscar too was banned to the stars forever. Anyway, that’s history. Fine, I accept. There is only one condition …”

“You don’t baby-sit Livia. I know.”

“Now what made you say that? Reading my mind?”

“I told you I’ve had first-hand experience of being ordered about by you.”

Rian turned to Livia whose eyes were sparkling.

“I take every chance I get,” she said.


Chapter 7

The time difference between Cape Town and Los Angeles is nine hours. Rian was still cosily snoozing with an arm across Livia when his smartphone rang. He rolled over, yawned and reached out for it.

“Rian,” he mumbled.

“It’s Gesche,” she said.

“Do you know what time it is?” he mumbled.

“You can sleep all the way to Berlin,” she responded.

“Mm. What’s so important?”

“We found Bertha Schmitt. She is a researcher at the Freie Universität and stays near the university. She is also a senior member of the Deutsche Eiserne Faust. DEF is one of the more militant neo-Nazi groups. And Manfred Werner is with her.”

He sat up. “Deutsche Eiserne Faust … German Iron Fist. Right, I’m on my way,” he said. “I have an FBI Learjet at my disposal and should be in Berlin not later than … ugh … what’s the time now … okay, see you tonight.”

“Whe…re are you going?” Livia asked with a yawn.

“To Germany. Is that plane ready to take off?”

She reached out, grabbed his hand and pulled him towards her. “I’ll call Adiles and tell her to get it ready. But the pilots are not expecting us before morning, so it will take them some time to get the plane up and running. In the mean-time you are going nowhere until I am ready. Who knows how many dogs there are in Germany.”

With a grin he looked down at her as she got hold of it. “All right, call her.”

While she made the call he started to make love to her. After she put aside the phone he tackled her in all earnestness and when eventually he lay still she stroked his back with her nails and whispered, “As ready as I will ever be.”

He chuckled.


Chapter 8

FBI Special Agent Kevin Allinger, attaché at the US embassy in Germany, was waiting for Rian and Livia when the plane landed in the dark at Schönefeld Airport.

Tempelhof Airport, that achieved fame in 1949 during the Soviet blockade and the airlift of over two million tons of food, fuel, machinery and other supplies closed down in 2008. In 1975 nearly all services from Tempelhof were transferred to Tegel Airport. But after 2008 Schönefeld Airport to the southeast and beyond Berlin’s borders became the principal airport for Berlin.

As the Learjet approached the airport an official at the airport made a call and told the listener that an FBI executive jet was due to land at Schönefeld Airport, which was unusual. He then received an order to check who it was that disembarked. Consequently, as Rian and Livia walked down the steps a camera was taking pictures of the two of them. Within minutes the facial recognition programme on the computer identified Rian. But not Livia. This information was immediately conveyed to the person who had issued the order.

After Kevin Allinger welcomed Rian and Livia they followed him to a waiting SUV. Kevin told Livia to sit up front next to Rick Barberio, the driver, while he climbed in next to Rian on the back seat. The SUV pulled away and took route A113 south then swung east on route A10.

“I am taking you to a safe-house. Commissioner Gesche Eichgrün will visit you after you have had time to freshen up. In the meantime, the Director has ordered me to give you whatever you want. So tell me what you want?”

“For starters, a Walther PPK with an ankle holster.”

Kevin accepted the parcel that Rick handed from the front and held it out to Rian. “With the compliments of Carter Langfitt.”

Accepting the parcel Rian smiled. Carter was the FBI attaché at the US embassy in South Africa.

“Anything else?” Kevin asked.

“Boss, we’ve got a tail,” Rick suddenly said.

Nobody looked around. Rick turned north on route E55. E55 and A10 is a circular route around Berlin and he put foot down.

“That was quick,” Kevin said. “We thought they would not be watching.”

“Who is this they?” Rian asked.

“A neo-Nazi group.”

“They probably have someone at every airport keeping a watch on arrivals,” Rick said.

“It confirms what we suspected,” Kevin said. “Tell the team they can move in.” And while Rick spoke on a walkie-talkie Kevin looked at Rian. “Our team will shake them off our tail. Then we’ll drop you at the safe house where Gesche will meet you. Pity, they now know you are in town and that it can be for one reason only. Watch your back for they’ll be on the look-out for you. As far as Gesche is concerned, I have heard of her and what I’ve heard is that she is good, but I have not met her. Anything else?”

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