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For The Naughty:

Playing With Daddy And The Clown

By S. L. Finlay

Copyright © 2018 S. L. Finlay

All rights reserved.

All characters are consenting, overage and unrelated.

Authors Note: There is a preamble, for those who don’t enjoy it, or don’t need the scene set, please skip forward to the heading ‘The Sexy Part’, where the naughty action begins - enjoy!

Little girl’s birthday parties are fun! There’s Disney movies, princess dresses, candy everywhere and pink as far as the eye can see! If you’re a good little girl, you might even get a unicorn as a guest, or at least that’s what I got last year.

I am not your ordinary little girl though, I am a twenty one year old age player who ‘plays’ a little girl when with my boyfriend, Nick. He is a bit older than I am and this is consensual role play which we both enjoy, and which harms no-one.

Nick and I have been together for a while, and we met at what is called an ‘age play munch’, a get together for people who are interested in age play, BDSM and fetish. We both have our own fetishes, and Nick - who I call Daddy - was going to help me explore one of my biggest fantasies today, by way of planning this little girls birthday party for me.

It was two months after my actual birthday, where I had a big party with all the things mentioned, the candy and the flossy sugary stuff that comes on a stick. It was all really cool and I loved it, but to explore my fetish, I needed Daddy throw this more private party for me.

Daddy and I had talked after my birthday about how I had hoped he would have a clown for me, rather than the unicorn he had. The unicorn was still cool, though. And all my little girl friends loved it as much as I did and they were all jealous and they all told me how lucky I was, but I wanted a clown at our private party for a very different reason.

When I told Daddy I wanted a clown, his big, deep blue eyes probed into my own, searching for what I wanted in there, as if he could see every dirty thought I had ever had just by looking into my eyes. I had always loved those eyes of his, and how they looked against Daddy’s mop of dark curly hair. They were the boyish things he still held, even as he was in his thirties with a few grays that made him look distinguished and sexy rather than cute and boyish.

What I wanted to ask my Daddy for was naughty. Naughty and dirty, and I had felt too embarrassed to ask for it before he’d gone and planned my actual birthday for me. I had just hoped it would magically happen without me having to raise the fantasy with him, without me having to talk to him about what I wanted and own it.

But in the end I had to own it.

I wanted to play with a clown. I wanted a clown to do naughty, nasty things to me. I wanted to please the clown and make him smile a real smile as big as the one painted on his face.

When I told Daddy about my fantasy, he wasn’t sure how to take it at first. Sure, it was a little odd, actually, clown porn was something often joked about because the concept is a cute idea to most.

But for me, it was more than that.

I had struggled to find anywhere online that really talked about my fetish, or anywhere where my fetish was being explored in a real way.

In mainstream porn, clown sex is basically the same as all porn. Either there’s a female clown who gets fucked, or there is a male clown who does the fucking. There is no emphasis on them actually being a clown, and the things I wanted to see just weren’t there. I wanted to see an actual clown fucking like how I thought a clown should fuck, not just someone wearing clown make up fucking like every porn star ever fucked.

I wanted to see their make-up - something not always present in the porn - I wanted to see the clowns as male clowns, not female. I wanted to see the naughty things that were happening as more than just someone earning a living on their back, but being something done by two people who really wanted to explore this fetish together.

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