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Stealing My Husband’s Lover: One

A Cheating Spouses, MMF, and Swinging Couples Story

Persephone Moore

Smashwords Edition

This is a work of fiction. All of the character, organizations, and events portrayed in this work are products of the author’s imagination. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Stealing My Husband’s Lover: One

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About the Author


I knew two secrets about my husband that he didn’t know I knew.

How’s that for confusing?

First secret? He had a lover. I wasn’t sure who the lover was, but I knew he was having sex with someone else.

I couldn’t really fault him for his affair. I’m only human. He’s only human. I can’t be everything to him and I could only assume his lover was giving him something I wasn’t able to or willing to. I was oddly okay with him having a piece on the side, if it made him happy. He didn’t flaunt it in my face, he was very discrete, and he seemed happy. Except for when he came home and I knew he had been fucking his lover so he didn’t feel like fucking me, I was happy as well.

I didn’t let him know that I knew, but a wife knows things about her husband that he doesn’t even realize about himself.

I suppose many women would have been upset about their husbands cheating on them, but Paul and I had a sordid history of our own. He had a fairly serious girlfriend when he and I met and I was actually engaged to another man.

It’s as bad as it sounds.

We both cheated on our significant others for several months before we came clean to them, broke off our old relationships and got serious with each other.

Everybody was unhappy…except maybe Paul and I.

Everyone predicted it wouldn’t last, but we’ve been married ten years now.

Eleven in June.

Things happen. Life moves on. I wasn’t going to fault Paul for wanting some excitement and thrill outside of our marriage, though I wished he’d be a little more honest about it with me. I’d have given him permission.

The second secret? Paul’s bi. But I didn’t care about that.

Some women would melt into a puddle of tears if they found out their husband had the least bit of interest in the same sex. There is a reason why “gay” the most popular Google autocomplete to the phrase “Is my husband…” But I wasn’t the sort of woman who worried about that. I’m not from the South. I’m not Christian. I’m not insecure about my sexuality.

How’d I find this out about him? Shortly after we started hooking up, I was giving him a blowjob, he was drunk, not blackout drunk, but well-inebriated, when he confessed to me the first blowjob he ever received was from another guy.

Still, I didn’t let that be the only indicator. Lots of guys play about with each other when they’re young.

But I’m a terrible person and I snooped on his phone and his web browsing history. He spent a lot of time watching gay and bi porn. That didn’t really bother me. Lots of straight and semi-straight guys have an interest in gay porn. I like watching gay porn, but I’m a woman so that’s normal; I like to see a lot of big, hard cocks in action.

Apparently so did my husband.

All of this would have been perfectly fine with me.

But eventually I figured out for two months running Paul fucked his lover more times than me.

That made me angry. I didn’t mind Paul fucking someone on the side, but she would never be his primary. And here she was two months running getting more of his cock than me.

I decided to take action.

Like I said, I’m a terrible snoop. Yes, it’s a character flaw and no, I’m not going to do anything about it. I knew the password to Paul’s phone and it was easy to recreate his web history (which was actually kind of fun because he watched some really quality gay porn that helped get me off more than once). He thought he was being tricky, not storing his girlfriend’s name in his phone, just leaving her number, and keeping their text conversations to a minimum, but I’m smarter than that.

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