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Gender Bender: A Sex Swap Story

Terry Innis

Copyright 2018 Terry Innis

All Rights Reserved

“It’s easy money, Stacy!” Cherry said.

She flicked the long, blonde locks of her hair back over her shoulders. Then she took a stick of gloss out from her small clutch and made her lips all shiny with it so that they glistened.

We both still wore our cheerleader uniforms from practice. They were skimpy things with high skirts and low shirts. Designed to put more male butts in seats at the college football games.

Her long and lovely legs poked out from her skirt, the skin all smooth.

We were cut from the same mold. Both petite and pretty things. Great builds to get thrown around while cheerleading.

Or in the bedroom.

Sometimes I wondered what it might be like to toss someone around like that.

“If you say so,” I replied. I looked around the waiting room. Pretty non-descript. A few chairs. Some old issues of Time magazine on the little coffee table. And the place smelled kind of funny, too. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

“Oh don’t be such a little pussy. It’s just one shot!” Cherry said. She reached over and gave my bare shoulder a pinch. I smacked her hand away. “See? That’s all there is to it. And then we get a cool grand a piece. What’s not to like?”

“I don’t know, needles? I don’t like those much,” I said.

I really didn’t. But I also really liked money. And you could do a pretty good amount of clubbing over the weekend for a thousand dollars.

Besides, it was just a single needle and then a checkup later in the week to check for any effects. Nothing to it, right?

We were the only ones in the waiting room. We both took out our phones and swiped on Tinder for a while, sharing pictures of hot guys with each other. Or laughing at their cheesy pickup lines in chat.

I liked Cherry. She was so pretty. I kept side-eyeing that bit of thigh I could see. And the more comfortable we got in the chairs, the more her skirt rode up.

I thought that soon I’d be able to see a hint of the white cotton panties I knew she liked to wear.

Of course, Cherry made it clear that she didn’t like girls at all. Not in that way. So I never brought it up.

Someone came to the door. A guy wearing a long white lab coat, his hair slicked to the side. He held a clipboard in one hand.

“All right, ladies, if you’ll just follow me…”

My heart instantly started hammering.

Cherry had to hold my hand in the examination room while they poked me with the needle. After making me sign a crap load of papers. Non disclosures, please don’t sue us, etc.

“You’re such a baby!” Cherry joked. She even grinned when they pricked her with the needle to show me.

They told us to drink lots of water and come back at the appointed time.

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