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Grandmothers and Grandsons

Thomas Wainwright

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Grandmothers and Grandsons

Naked For Grandma

I had never thought about my grand mother in any sort of sexual way. Well, Used to wonder, once in a while, what her giant tits looked like. They were rather large and pendulous, an it would have been intrusting to see her naked. I mean, I would imagine that every man who ever saw her wondered about those tits, for they were not tiny titties by any stretch of the imagination.

Grandma moved in with us after Grandpa passed. Dad put their house up for sale, and we had plenty of room in our house for an extra person. There was a bedroom beside mine that had been used for guests. It was a suite of rooms, really, with its own little sitting room off the side, and it shared a big bathroom with my room, too. There were walk in closets alongside each side of the bathroom, one for each bedroom it serviced. There was also another bathroom at the end of the hall that serviced two more bedrooms.

But for some reason, it seemed that the best place for Grandma was to be in the suite that attached to my bathroom.

Well, Grandpa had been gone for quite some time before Grandma decided to move in with us. It seemed to me that she was too young to just hang it up and not date anymore. It seemed to me that there were plenty of guys out there for her tod date. But, she was afraid that all of them wanted her money, or just wanted to use her for sex, which was probably true for about two-thirds of them, at any rate. You know how people can get. Those that didn't want her for the money wanted sex, and those who didn't want her for ex wanted the money. Somewhere among this big crowd of guys she had met on the Internet must be one guy, at least one guy, who might be a genuine person and actually not be a charlatan, I felt. But, I would be hard played to figure out which one, myself, was a real dude.

Grandma had red hair, though I was fairly sure that it had come from a bottle. It was too dark red, too reddish, but at one time, she may have been a true red head. Maybe she still was; I don't know. She had the green eyes to go with being Irish and Scotch, maybe even a hint of Castilian in her, or something like that. Hell, I didn't know and really didn't care where she was from. I didn't' inherit any traits like that from her, I know for sure. I had black hair and blue eyes. My hair was slightly curly, in fact. I looked more Mediterranean than anything else. Almost Greek or Italian. My father's family was Romanian, so that's where I got my skin coloring and hair.

But not Grandma. She was on my mother's side, and there was Northern European there.

But I didn't plan to write an essay on DNA and ancestry here. I am writing about the sexual tryst between me and my grandmother. And, it's a wild story, I'm sure you will agree.

Grandma used the bathroom that connected to my room, and she never closed the door all the way when she took a bath or a shower. She left it cracked just a bit of the way, and from where I lay on my bed, I could see right into the crack. Once or twice, out of curiosity I looked over at the crack, and I could make out a large patch of flesh moving around. I felt guilty but excited at the same time. I wanted to see it more up close, and see what it looked like. I knew that she had to have a somewhat decent body, for, she wasn't fat or ugly; she did have a little bulge around the middle, like most women her age. She didn't work out or try to look good, either. It was just her body style, her genetic makeup, that made her so slim except for the little bulge.

I wanted so bad to see her, but I couldn't bring myself to actually go and peek on her.

My cock changed my mind for me. I lay there, thinking, listening to the shower running. And, before the shower was turned off, I was standing beside that door, mu lights off, my heart pounding in my chest, my cock throbbing in my shorts. I was going to peek. I had to. Jihad to see what she looked like naked. That was all there was to it. I was going to peek on Grandma and Jack off while I was doing it, too!

The bath room had one of those clear glass shower stalls. I could see through it, and I could see her naked body. But, there were water drops dripping own the insides where the steam had condensed. But, that wouldn't last long, I figured.

The water was turned off, and the shower door was opened.

She was a natural red head, after all. Dark brownish red hair surrounded her pussy. It was a forest, a virtual jungle of cubic hair. She had tits that made you want to beg for milk! Giant, pendulous orbs hung from her chest, topped by dark brown big nipples. I mean, really big nipples, the kinds that the web would call saucer sized nipples. They looked more like dinner plates in size than saucers, though. I bet each one of her tits weighed about fifteen pounds or more. They were trued giants among titties, that much was for sure. I would love to play with and suck those tits all night long, if given the chance.

I watched her dry off, and then, she put the lid down on the toilet bowl and spread a towel there.

She spread her legs, and lifted one legs.

She began to pinch her nipples with one hand while she played with her pussy with the other! Here she was, masturbating on the toilet, and I was watching this naked, sexual display. I grabbed my cock and stroked it, once, twice, and then, I came. Just like that, I cam in my shorts watching my grandmother play with herself.

She spread her legs wide, with that one leg sitting up on the toilet stool, to where her foot was right beside her pussy. This spread her pussy wide, and I could clearly see her inner, red pussy lips, moist and ready for fingers, dildos, or a big fat cock.

I stroked on my cock slowly, carefully, not wanting to cum too soon, not wanting to make a lot of noise, for I was very much afraid that she would know that I was spying on her, and that would really embarrass me and ruin everything. I didn't think I could ever live it down if she told my folks that I was spying on her and that I was jacking off while doing it. I was likely to get thrown out of the house, or worse.

Anyway, the old gal was now fingering her clitoris. I could tell that she was doing it by the fact that her fingers were making circular motions right at the top of her split, wide pussy. That is where the clitoris is, I thought, and she was moving her fingers in a circular motion, playing with it, rubbing it, making it feel good for herself. I wished it was my finger there. I wished it was my cock there, rubbing that area.

I could hardly, barely maintain my cum in my balls. I felt that bubbling, urgent feeling inside me, and I knew that I was going to cum before too much longer. I wanted to see more, though. I wanted to see her cum.

Carefully, I pulled off my shorts. I wanted to be naked, for some reason. It added to the thrill of it, somehow, for me to stand there naked and watch Grandma play with herself. It made it all the more sexy, and I was, in a way, taking a chance. For, if someone walked into the room, I could never explain my nakedness with a hard dick in my hand, whereas, with the shorts on, I could just simply be crossing my room going to my bed.

I heard a moan escape Grandma's lips. She was cumming! Was glad she was cumming, and now I could tell for sure that she was cumming by the fact that her leg was shaking, her arms were shaking, and even her ass was having some sort of spasms running through it. Her body tightened, and she made another noise, a sound escaping her lips that sounded like she said, “Er!”

She had cum, and suddenly, my cock exploded with jizz all over the place. The cum simply flew out and into the air, covering the door, the wall, the carpet, my legs, and everywhere else a wild cock could be pointed as it came without warning.

Now I had to wait. I had to wait for Grandma to get out of the bathroom and finagle some washcloths and rags, or toilet paper to clean up the mess. I had some tissues, and they would come in handy, but I needed to have something wet that would wipe away the evidence before Mom or Grandma found it if they decided to clean up my room for me, which happened some of the time. Grandma stood and ran a wash cloth across her pussy, wiping herself clean, and then, she rubbed herself with a towel. After putting on a robe, she turned off the bathroom light and went to her room.

She left the bathroom door open half way. That is to say, if I went in there with the door left open that way, she would be able to see me in there.

My cock jumped up and I nearly came again. I had seen my grandmother play with herself. I wondered if she would like to see me play with my cock.

The idea thrilled me so badly, I could feel the jizz rise inside me. I was going to cum. My cock pounded against my stomach. I couldn't believe that such a thing could turn me on so much.

But, alas, I decided.

I grabbed a pair of shorts from my dresser and walked into the bathroom, facing her door, and I turned on the light. I knew that she could see inside the bathroom, because the head of her bed was right there, and I could actually see her face and then some movement. I left the door open and stood there, my hard dick poking upright, sticking up, straight toward the ceiling. Oh, it was a hard on to savor. This damn thing was the hardest I had ever witnessed it. I had dark black curly pubic hair on my balls, not a lot, mind you, but enough to sort of frame my balls with dark hair. My pubic hair was dark black and well. My cock, uncut, was fat and just a little long. It wasn't a giant dick,no, but it was big enough to satisfy me, that's for sure.

I stepped into the shower and took a quick shower. Then I stepped out, and I noticed that the bathroom door was now open just a little farther than it had been before.

I stood, facing that door, keeping my cock facing her. I hoped she was enjoying this show as much as I was. If she was, she was right now masturbating, because that is exactly what I was going to do.

Standing there, I jerked my cock for her. I jerked it maybe ten times, and lifted the toilet lid and shot my load into the bowl. I moaned, but gently, and came and came. Then I squeezed the rest of it out into the toilet. I had cum twice in less than twenty minutes.

I didn't want to leave the bathroom, but I did, after thoroughly drying myself, and letting Grandma see that my cock was still rock-hard. I put on my shorts, still facing the door, and then, I reluctantly turned off the light and went through the other door. I closed it completely behind me. I wondered what Grandma thought of the naked show that I had given her.

I lay there, my hard cock bothering me. I needed to cum again! I couldn't believe how thrilled I was; it was difficult for me to believe that such a simple thing like that could be a turn on that kept me awake and thinking. But, my dick was still rock-hard, as if it would never shrink and go down so that I could get some good sleep.

But no, it wasn't going to do anything but lay there and throb.

Suddenly, I heard a sound, and the crack under the bathroom door lit up. I supposed that Grandma simply wanted to use the bathroom, but I was wrong. The door to my room opened from the bathroom, and there stood Grandma. She closed the door part of the way behind her, leaving the room slightly illuminated by the dim light from the bathroom's night light.

Wearing a short terry robe, she walked toward my bed, and in front of the bed, she stood there and then dropped the robe to the floor.

You have room for an old gal under those covers?” she whispered.

Sure.” My voice was shaking. I was scared shitless. There she was, and she was naked as all get out, and she was climbing into bed with me.

I moved over, and climbed beside me, and wasted no time whatever. She reached down and wrapped her hand around my hard cock.

Her had was warm, and soft. Her touch was gentle and caring as she slowly tugged upward on my rigid pole.

So hard,” she whispered.

Then, her face disappeared, and I felt her tongue on the tip of my dick, licking. She was swirling her tongue completely around the head of my cock, from the front to the back and from underneath it as well. Slowly, she went down on the thing, and she was an expert as far as swallowing went. She took the whole thing into her mouth, all the way into her throat. I had never been deep-throated before. Never. But, this was something totally different and outside the realm of my experience. This woman had my cock in her throat, and I could feel my balls at her lips!

And her hands and fingers were on my balls. I was being completely engulfed and sucked and tickled by this woman, my grandmother.

I took a chance and reached over and touched one of her nipples. She had enormous tits, and I remembered seeing that pussy in the bathroom. I reached down and began to touch her pussy. She spread her legs a little farther apart and let me indulge myself in playing with her pussy.

What she was doing to my cock was causing me to get close to another orgasm.

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