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After a peek around around the room, the woman tugs off her clothes and enjoys a little free nudity. She’s half human, half Ausar. The canid portion of her genetics have blessed her with pointy wolfish ears the same colour of her auburn hair, and a long fuzzy tail that’s cheerfully wagging away. By comparison, the rest of her looks like your average lithe tan-skinned human woman…

Well, except for being a few shots of Estrobloom away from growing a vagina… and being the proud owner of nine inches of red knotty-dog-cock. Her name is Jessie, the ship engineer.

Oh fuck yes I needed this…

The moment the japanese-styled door slides closed, the sounds of carousing and conversation are reduced to a dull murmur. Blinking in amusement at the sudden change, she slides the door open a crack to take a little peek. One of the native fluffy-bodied, big-chested moose-taur women has left her table, throwing her clothing aside for open access to body shots. For a slim moment, there’s temptation to just run right back out into the bar again. Instead, she shuts the door fully with a deep breath.

It doesn’t seem as though a thin frame of wood should be so effective; the owner of this bar must have been flush with cash when she had it built. Eventually a soft ‘clonk' draws her attention away from drunkenly playing with doors. In the centre of the hot springs a charming little tube of bamboo fills with water before musically clanking down onto the water’s edge. The air itself is thick with sweet-scented mist, born from the hot-springs in the centre of the room. The whole setup is something fantastic and otherworldly.

Considering the series of springs themselves are on a space station, that’s probably an understatement, thinking about it now. Bushes and flowers ring the perimeter, and natural-feeling grass hugs at the half-breed’s toes. A gentle breeze constantly cuts through the steam, which is a promising breath of fresh air after knocking back a few drinks.

A few too many, in Jessie’s opinion. There’s a small wobble to her step as she hunts out the hottest-looking spring. It’s hard to tell which will hurt more later; the hangover or the bank account. When she finally finds a pool to her liking, she dumps off the pile of her clothing. A delighted coo sneaks out of her at the sight of a little terran raccoon sprinting into the underbrush.

She dips a testing foot in the water before the rest of her body follows. Near-scalding hot water consumes every inch of lean, toned flesh. Muscles loosen up in response, and floofy fur becomes unresolvably wet.

Still, it feels amazing. Hard to say what’s in the water as well; there’s no sulphuric tint to the air, nor does it seem chlorinated. There’s actually a semi-slick quality to it, reminiscent of oil. Testing the theory, Jessie sits upright in the water, watching it dribble from a DD-chest. She glistens visibly, shining in the reflection of the sun-like light in the ceiling. It’s hard to resist the urge to play with them… so she doesn’t bother resisting.

The half-breed’s hands go roaming over bared, slick tit-flesh. Pebbly areolae harden to diamond-like nubs. She gives them a squeeze, growling at the electric tingle it sends from tips-to-tail. Suppressing a shiver of delight, Jessie moves onto tweaking them a little harder. She regularly gathers up hot water, massaging it into her breasts. Below the water’s surface, Jessie’s cock is likewise getting into the whole warm-up. It’s a matter of moments to go from spreading her legs out a little, to having a bitch-breaking mast so red-hot that the baths have nothing on it in temperature.

“Mmm... good evening beautiful~” with a delightful little wiggle of her hips (and a moment of moving her drenched tail out of the way), Jessie wraps her fingers around the tapered tip of her cock. Her digits delicately traverse the length of her dick until she reaches the base. There’s a moment of teasing her knot as it slowly starts to gain size, but she squeezes herself tightly at the hilt, slowing down its growth. I want to make this one last…

The half-ausar’s breath goes from a soft inhale, to a horny panting. Her mouth hangs slightly open as she continues to ratchet up the degrees of teasing. “Mnf— If only I had more hands…”

The sliding door slams open, filling the hot-garden with the sounds of the busy, raucous bar. It also nearly scares the poor woman out of her skin. Something testing the boundaries of a bark and a yelp come from somewhere deep in her throat that she didn’t even know was there. “Fffuck!”

Jessie whirls around in a huff, cheeks already burning fiercely with a blush. “What the hell!? I was— I uh… that is to say…”

She slowly backs down at the fresh sight. Or sights, more correctly. Two towering women stand in nothing but towels; they must easily be over six foot in height. Massive, heaving tits strain the boundaries of their towels, and twinned coiling tails peek coyly out from each. They would appear to be Kaithrit, judging by the fact that each woman has a pair of feline tails, and two cat-like ears sprout from beneath their hair, twitching in time with a soft carried breeze in the room.

The woman on the left has long flowing locks of coppery-red hair, though tails and ears are black. Red, slightly-drink-clouded eyes look Jessie up and down, and her tongue snakes out to lick full, pouty lips. The woman on the right is painfully similar in appearance; probably twins. However her hair is braided and a deep violet color. Likewise, her eyes are red, and her feline attributes are black. Purple-hair speaks up first. Her voice is a sultry purr, and her hand clings a little harder to the towel that barely conceals her mountainous cleavage. “I’m so sorry dear! We hadn’t intended to shock you!”

She clears her throat, giving her (probably sister) a sidelong glance. “My name is Veri, and this is my younger sister Selliera. We noticed you slip away after the goo-girl fed you four shots from her nipples.”

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