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Table of Contents

  1. Fifteen Seconds

  2. 2063: Mandatory Death Penalty

  3. Blu is the New Gray

  4. Crazy; not a Fool

  5. Hornet’s Sting

  6. Professional Lactators: 2045

  7. Personal References

  8. Malcolm XY

  9. Parable of the Snake

  10. Raising Cain

  11. Message to the Damned

  12. Spider Furnace

  13. Thrasher

  14. Waitress Wanted

  15. Two Drink Minimum

  16. White Devil

Bonus Stories

  1. Turtle and the Fish

  2. End of All Prisons

  3. Happy Trails

Fifteen Seconds

There are a lot of weird Internet Meme's out there, I have one for you, and this is based on a true incident...

I had a beautiful cousin named Marta, and she was going to Medical School on the mainland, but worked summers as a singer in a nightclub. She stayed with her mother, Irma, who was also my Aunt. One night while singing, she met a local guitar player named Carlos, whom she worked with at the club, and she fell in love him almost immediately.

Carlos had many friends, people who were maybe too afraid to be otherwise, and he was no stranger to beautiful woman, so I begged her not see not to see this man, for I knew him personally, and not just by reputation. Carlos wasn't just a pretty face, for he was as handsome as he was sadistic, but he wore his looks like a mask to hide the truly ugly person he was inside.

Not long after they dated I found Marta trying to cover a black eye with heavy make-up. Carlos worked as a Merchant Marine, during the day, so when Marta and I were alone, I tried to convince her that he was no good, not just for her, but anyone.

One time I was standing next to him at the bar when suddenly he struck me with his fist on the side of my jaw. I tried to get up to hit him back but I could not find my legs. He hit me so hard I had to crawl out of the bar. He was laughing at me the entire time; that horrible evil laugh. Then I took out my knife.

The next day he told me he was too drunk to realize who he had hit, and he thought that I was somebody else. Then he told me that someone that same night had slashed all four tires on his new jeep.

Another time I went to see Marta play, when Carlos was not supposed to be there. It was her birthday that night, so I waited for her at the table while she performed on stage. Carlos showed up unannounced and made his way behind me. He grabbed one of the nearby table candles that were used as decorations, to set my Army Coat on fire.

I had it draped over the back of my chair, and he lit it at the bottom. I jumped up just before it caught in a blaze, I could have been killed.

I had a bottle of champagne that I ordered for Marta to celebrate her birthday, and it had just been delivered to the table. I was going to make a toast to her, right after she finished her current song, but I took the bottle out of the bucket instead, and tried to dump the melted ice on what remained of my jacket.

I just stood there in shock, until I heard that same evil laughter again. I saw Carlos nearby and he was laughing as if it was the funniest thing that he had ever seen. I was so infuriated by what Carlos had done that I grabbed the bottle out off the table and threw it at his him as hard as I could, aiming for his head. It just missed him as he ducked, and exploded on the wall behind him.

"Nothing to lose your head over, he said rather composed."

"Go Marta, just leave the island, while she was still trying to cover that eye, leave him while he's at work and never return. This man will kill you, I warned her. But all I did was give Marta an excuse to stay, she would not give up on Carlos the way everyone else had. And she explained that Carlos was the true victim, as he had never felt like he was ever loved. And that is why he acted so horribly.

Marta was a gentle soul, fragile and beautiful and she tried to see the good in every one, even if it never existed in that person in the first place, and that was to be her demise.

One day shortly thereafter, Carlos was working offshore when one the thick cables holding the support mast snapped, and cut him across the neck, slicing it open like a razor. The cut was so deep that it almost decapitated his head from his body.

Immediately, the other workers rushed Carlos to the hospital in the hopes that maybe the doctors could save his life, but of course that was impossible. His spine had been severed, and they could not stop the bleeding. In the end the doctors could do nothing but wait helplessly for him to die, like the rest of us.

Now we have all heard stories about the brain, and how it continues to live even after the heart has stopped beating, and vice-versa. Nobody knows why, but Carlos continued to live thru the accident, and was even conscious the entire time, even on route to the hospital, he never shut his eyes.

When I was in the Army I was told that if I was ever shot, and couldn't move, to try and stop the bleeding with direct pressure and then try and lie still.

If you could keep calm and keep your eyes open; stayed conscious, it would help you survive. Maybe it did, because when we got to the hospital, Carlos was still alive, where by all accounts he should have died at the scene.

There was a famous case about a man named Phineas P. Gage (1823 – May 21,

1860) who worked railroad construction and survived a freak accident where the long iron rod he carried was used to pack gun powder, was driven completely through his skull, but he ignited it by accident.

Gage was setting a blast by boring a hole into the ground, but he was running behind, so after he dug the hole and filled it with gun powder he started pounding the powder with his crow-bar but forgot to cover it with sand first. The iron bar stuck something that make a spark and the gun-powder exploded sending the rod straight thru his head.

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