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Jonathon’s Christmas

15th December 1995 Chicago city, it was snowing heavily at night where every house was covered under the snow, every car was wet with fresh snow and cold drops of nature. Trees were no more green and cold air everywhere. People liked to stay at home after 7 pm rather than going out for a walk. Everyone likes staying in their warm blanket while reading a book or watching tv with having hot coffee. Christmas Decorations were everywhere, lights on every single house and everyone is smiling with the joy of a beautiful day coming soon. Police officers were sitting in a car eating donuts and watching the neighborhood. Machines were throwing snow out of the roads and telephone lines were jammed because of the fault in a station. TV noises were everywhere with great 90’s shows and with all special programs of Christmas. Church bell seemed louder than other days. Reflection of colorful lights on wet roads makes a great combination.

Then there is Jonathon 7 years old that lived with his parents. He had two brothers Marshal Parker 9 years old and Adam Parker 11 years old. Jonathon was younger in his family and his parents treated him like he’s 4 because he was too much sensitive and very slim. Jonathon’s grandmother also lived with them, his father’s mother. She was good with kids and always told them great stories. Since he was 4 when he started knowing about Christmas and how does people celebrate it so he started loving every part of it, after that day he waited everywhere year for a Christmas so he can celebrate and thought that he can meet the real Santa Claus like a wish of every other kid. Jonathon’s family celebrated Christmas little more different than other people. They used to wear colorful clothes, mostly light green or red, with gloves in their hands, 2 sweaters because of the weather so they don’t get sick before Christmas because of the cold weather so they used hat on their head and special Santa Claus boots for kids. Jonathon’s father Dave Parker always saved his 10 bonus holidays every year and used them before Christmas so he can help his family in the preparation for Christmas. Jonathon’s mother who also used to work, stop going to work every year 7 days before Christmas, used to take a break 7 days before Christmas. They decorated their house with colorful lights and Christmas tree in every single room, Christmas socks on chimney, fake snow decoration inside the rooms, golden and silver bells everywhere, “Merry Christmas” words with Lights on the top of their House. Jonathon’s Mother always distributed special Christmas cookies to their neighborhood. They visited church every day and his mother used to bring cookies to church, after prayer she used to serve cookies to everyone there. They were the most nice and humble in whole neighborhood. Parker’s brother Richard Parker lived in Los Angeles California but he always celebrated Christmas with his mother and his brother Dave in Chicago. Richard had a wife Lisa and they had two kids, Boy Jackson 5 years old and daughter Dana 7 years old. As celebrating Christmas with full joy, Richard always came to Parker’s house week before Christmas so he finally can enjoy the soul and joy of Christmas. This year Richard came to Chicago, they took a taxi from the airport because this year they didn’t tell the exact date when they were coming to the Dave’s house, Richard knocked the door of the dave’s house, Jonathon went towards the door with asking “Who is it ? “Richard replied from outside “It’s…. Christmas“, Jonathon ran towards the door by shouting Uncle Richard is here everyone. Dave and his wife who were watching tv went to the door with smile on their face to welcome their beloved family members. Jonathon opened the door and Richard was standing outside with his Family, freezing outside because they were not used to Chicago’s weather. Wearing long coats, gloves, full covered hats. Dave came on a door and said “hey Richie, Finally... you can feel Christmas now when your loved ones are with you“ then Richard came in by saying “How are you Brother “ and then they hugged each other. Richard saw his mother and said “Mother… Merry Christmas“and his mother was sitting on a chair and she replied “ It’s not Christmas yet, but when the family stays together. ..The Christmas starts“. Richard’s kids also met their cousins, uncle aunt and grandmother. Everyone was hungry and they were waiting for dinner. Parkar’s family had so many recipes of different food for Christmas. After dinner everyone was tired, Mr Parker showed rooms to Richard and his family. One big room with king size bed for Richard and his wife and their kids were sharing room with Mr Parker’s kids. Mostly kids hate to share room with their cousins or siblings but this family is very different from others. They loved to share a room so they can play games, read stories together and spend some quality time, as Jonathon always loved to eat cookies while his dad used to read him a Christmas book on bed maybe that’s why Jonathon had imaginary mind, Jonathon was very good in school and he always achieved good grades. Jonathon had a walkie talkie which his dad gave him as a gift when he got A+ in school, Jonathon did not just play with that walkie talkie but he opened it many times and tried something on it. One time he saw an ad in a newspaper which said “Talk with Santa !! CALL NOW” Jonathon actually dialed that number many times from landline and tried to talk to the Santa but he could not reach and all the time he heard the voice of an operator saying “Please Try Again” because maybe all kids were trying. This night Jonathon tried his luck for the last time, he thought if this time I will not talk to him so I will never try calling this number again, Jonathon dialed that number from landline and this is where the magical night begins, he heard a voice “Merry Christmas Jonathon“. Jonathon was shocked and scared that he actually hanged up the phone, because he did not tell his name to an operator, Jonathon came back in his room and he didn’t tell anyone about it because he was too scared and he thought that he might just talked to a real Santa which no one will believe or maybe they will laugh at him. Jonathon was scared to call on that number again so he was awake all night in a blanket and was thinking about what he should do, “was that the real Santa?” he was just wondering and then he got an idea. Jonathon thought if it was the real Santa then I should send him the message from walkie talkie, he knew it was a stupid idea but he thought if Santa really knows me so maybe he will talk to me on my walkie talkie also, he really thought he could talk to the real Santa on his walkie talkie. Finally Jonathon went on the roof of his house, walking slow so no one in a house will wake up. When he reached on the roof he wondered how can I talk to the Santa with two walkie talkies, “I have both of them so how can Santa Claus talk to me?” he was wondering then finally got an idea and he threw one walkie talkie towards the sky and then the most amazing magic happened, that walkie talkie went so fast and so high that it actually disappeared in the clouds, Jonathon started shouting “it worked, hey it worked!” he was very happy and but shocked that the walkie talkie he threw actually disappeared in the clouds, then he sat in a corner of the roof, wearing his blanket because it was cold outside and snow was all over the roof. He was shivering and waiting for another magic, Jonathon pushed the button of his walkie talkie to talk “Umm…Let’s try….Hello?” then he waited for two minutes but no reply, he pushed it again and said “Hello….is any one there?“ then waited again for 10 minutes, but he didn’t get any answer, Jonathon tried it again and said “Hello…is anyone there? I saw you took my Walkie Talkie…!” then again he waited for another 20 minutes when no one replied. He started looking at the sky and pushed the button again and said “Santa…if you are there listening, talk to me“ then he waited for more 30 minutes but he didn’t get any answer, he was still looking at the sky and then finally Jonathon heard a noise on his walkie talkie, he tried to listen because the noise coming out from the walkie talkie was the same as TV with no signals, it was something when you tune a radio, Jonathon was listening to the noise and then he heard “Hello….” Jonathon got scared and he threw his walkie talkie, he almost broke it and the batteries came out of his walkie talkie, Jonathon covered his face with a blanket and went far from the walkie talkie but the voice was keep coming out from it…”Hello, is anyone there?“ Jonathon was just staring at his walkie talkie, then he finally heard“ is Mr Jonathon Listening“ Jonathon smiled and he ran very fast, picked up his walkie talkie and shouted “ Yes…Yes.. I am Jonathon, are you Santa?”, then he was waiting for a reply, after 35 seconds he heard“ Yes…I am Santa , how are you Jonathon?”. Jonathon got very happy and started laughing, then he got worried also and said “But….but how is this possible?“ and after 10 seconds Jonathon heard “It’s Christmas Jonathon, some kids wanted big toys and some kids wanted to travel to the Disney land with their family as a Christmas gift, but you young man wished to meet me, didn’t you?.. so I decided to meet you”, Jonathon smiled and asked “but …how can I meet you ?” then he waited for more than 2 minutes and then he heard “close your eyes Jonathon and don’t open until I tell you to“ Jonathon did exactly the same, he closed his eyes with excitement and little fear in his heart because it was all different to him or to any kid, Jonathon covered himself in his blanket and he closed his eyes, then he waited for more than 60 seconds, it was a silent night, finally Jonathon started hearing music, felt like it was coming towards him, after few seconds it felt more close, more loud and some noises seemed like a factory where people are giving orders to each other and some other noises of big machines, Jonathon was still inside in his blanket and he didn’t open his eyes, then the music and noises started coming more loud and clear, Jonathon felt like he reached somewhere Santa wanted him to. Finally he heard the same voice “come out of your blanket Mr. Jonathon Parker and open your eyes now“ so Jonathon did it, he opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was the most colorful factory with a big Chocolate Fountain with umbrella candies all over it. Little Elves were working; making boxes for gifts, packing gifts and making gifts for kids, on other side Elves were putting teddy bears, gift cards, dolls and other toys in boxes. Jonathon couldn’t believe what he just saw and started wondering how this all can be possible and how can he be the only one to see all of this. Jonathon was standing silent, watching every part of that place then after a while Jonathon finally said “Santa…?” and looked everywhere., then Jonathon saw someone is coming towards him, he heard noise which seemed like someone with long shoes walking on a wood floor, he looked back and saw a big man coming towards him, shadow of machines were on his face so Jonathon couldn’t see his face. Jonathon was scared and stepped back and then that man came near Jonathon then finally Jonathon was able to see his face, Jonathon was excited and smiled because it was a Santa Claus, wearing red Christmas dress, white beard, fat and a smile on his big face. Jonathon didn’t wait a second and ran towards him and hugged him like all his dreams came true, Santa Claus said “Hmm Hmm Hmm… Merry Christmas Jonathon“ then Jonathon replied “Merry Christmas Santa“ with excitement and happiness all over his face. Santa said “so you are Mr. Jonathon Parker, a guy who wished every year to meet Santa“ Santa smiled while asking, then Jonathon replied “Yes, I did, every year“. Santa said “so… Jonathon, as you are in my Santa Gift Factory, I want you to ask me whatever you want to know or I can show you my gift factory?” then Jonathon said “I would like to watch the factory first”, Santa smiled and said “follow me young man”, Jonathon started following him, when everyone was busy in work Santa loudly interrupted everyone and said “ Everyone, Listen to me” everyone stopped their work and little elves stopped the machines for a bit because they wanted to listen to the Santa, it was a pin drop silence . then Santa said “As we all are here doing our precious jobs to make smile on the millions faces of little angels, one of them is here with us to see how we do it” everyone started staring Jonathon, he was next to the Santa, small guy with big eyes, shocking and the most innocent face, everyone was silent for a moment because they never met any kid before, no one was saying anything except staring Jonathon, then one elf said “Finally ….!! a dream came true“ and they all started dancing like its Christmas already, then Santa came near Jonathon and gave him a gift by saying “This is specially for you Jonathon” a Green square box, covered with red ribbon and an umbrella candy sticker on it, while all elves left their positions and came near to the Jonathon, Santa smiled and said “Show him the factory“ one elf came near to Jonathon while looking into his eyes “Sure Santa, this way Mr Jonathon“ showing him a way where he wanted to start Jonathon to explore the place, can I ask your full name Mr Jonathon? “Jonathon Parker“ he replied , Elf said “Oh what a good name, so what would you like to see first Mr Parker?” Jonathon started thinking “Umm…I don’t know, which is the best and the most amazing place here which represent more Christmas?“ Jonathon asked, “I knew you are Special, that’s why Santa picked you“ elf said with compliment style in his voice, “let’s start from Santa’s house“ then elf started walking and Jonathon followed him. They stopped at a home with big rocks covering its roof and a door made of wood. “There it is, Santa’s house“ elf said, Jonathon was very excited about Santa’s house, first he met Santa and now was about to see his house where he lives. Santa also came near Jonathon, with his hands on Jonathon’s shoulder and said “What are you waiting for? Let’s go inside “Jonathon started moving ahead and opened the door, he walked inside the house and then suddenly everything went dark, blur and he started shouting SANTA? What Happened? Where are you? Then he realized his eyes are closed, he got scared and was praying that this shouldn’t be a dream, Please God, I hope it wasn’t dream and then he heard the voice of his father “Jonathon, dear are you aright? … Jonathon?” Jonathon realized that it was all a dream but still he wasn’t opening his eyes because he wanted to continue the moment, then he opened his eyes and his Father Mr Parker was in front of him. Jonathon woke up and said “Yeah Dad?“ with a sad and long face “Are you alright son? you were laughing loud while you were sleeping, your brother and cousins told me to check if you are alright, are you alright Jona? “ Mr Parker asked, “What happened? Everything’s alright?” Jonathon’s mother also came into a room “Yes everything’s alright, It was… well…it was just a dream, I am sorry I woke you up guys“ Jonathon said, “it’s ok Jona, well… go back to sleep son, Good Night“ Mr Parker replied, Jonathon’s mother kissed him on his forehead and said “have a Sweet dreams Jona“ then looked at him “Yeah Mom, you too… Good Night“ Jonathon said, then Mrs. Parker walked out of room after turning off the lights and said “Good Night Kids“. Jonathon was upset and he was wondering why it all happened to him then suddenly he realized if he will not stop thinking about it so this all fake imagination will ruin him so he changed his side and slept. Next morning everyone woke up early because it was a day before Christmas, Mr Richard and Mr Parker were already outside the house in a car waiting for everyone to come out so they can go outside, so they can go to the church, then go somewhere to eat have some fun and let the kids to meet Santa outside the church, Jonathon was upset and he didn’t want to go, “but Christmas is about magic Jonathon and I believe some magic will change your mood too” Jonathon’s mother said. Jonathon finally agreed and they all went to the church, after praying they all came out and looked at the Santa, he was sitting on a chair and all kids were talking to him, Jonathon saw the old man who is sitting in a big red dress as Santa and playing with kids, distributing gifts is looking exactly as the same Santa he saw in a dream. He looked at the Jonathon and said “How are you young man“ Jonathon was shocked because that old man was talking in a same style with same voice as the Santa he saw in a dream, “Are you Santa ?“ Jonathon asked “Yes…I am Santa young man” Santa Claus replied and then he started searching something in a gift box then he finally found the best gift, the Green Square Box, packed with red ribbons with umbrella candy sticker on it, same as other Santa gave Jonathon in his dream, “Come here young man, this is for you” Santa said. Jonathon walked towards him and received that box from Santa Claus, he was shocked but happy because he felt that maybe that dream was coming true, “Thank you Santa“said by Jonathon with smile on his face and he was about to walk out then Santa said “You’re Welcome Mr. Jonathon“ with big smile on his face, Jonathon was shocked and wondered I didn’t tell him my name, how does he know my name? “How do you know my name? “Jonathon asked, “Merry Christmas Son” Santa replied, Jonathon ran fast and hugged Santa Claus, “I knew it, I knew that dream was true”,” well have fun young man“ Santa replied and then all other kids also came near the Santa so Jonathon got little far from him. Jonathon came back to his family and in a car all time way back to home he was thinking about his dream, maybe it was a real Santa, Christmas is all about miracles, mom was right, then Jonathon smiled and said “It happened”

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