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All characters engaging in copulation, drinking, substance abuse or other so-called adult behaviour that might appear in this totally made up story are of the magical adult age before anything like that happens according to the laws of your residence.

All characters are also fictional and have no resemblance to any other person, animal or object, living or dead, or even undead, zombie or ectoplasmic form.

No animals were harmed during the making of this story, except for those slaughtered to feed humans or satisfy experiments, feed predators in the wild, and those in unfortunate accidents.


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'Ah shi-it..' Gary said as he found himself at the town's park on his hands and knees with his mouth full of grass. He sat down and sighed, leaning on his knees and chewing absent-mindedly on the grass while pondering how often he had found himself in the middle of the park at night now, each time transformed into a half man, half sheep.

He was pretty sure that accursed sheep that bit him at the petting zoo was the cause for it. It happened a few months ago when he took his sister's daughter there to keep her busy for the day while his sister spent a day at a spa. The sheep meandered around innocently and the kids loved it, but when he gave it a pet and was distracted by a kid falling in mud he felt a sudden pain in his hand. Looking down he saw the sheep grinning at him with his hand in its mouth like it was posing for a heavy metal album cover. It definitely was family of the devil, the demonic grin was enough to prove it.

He yelled out clutching his hand and some of the people gazed at him in wonder. He pointed at the sheep, telling them what that spawn from hell did but it just stared blankly at him, batting its eyes innocently. He was sure while the others were sniggering at him as he left the sheep gave him another evil grin.

Chapter 01

Gary grabbed his short, curled horns and groaned in frustration. 'Da-amn shee-eep!' he shouted with his new thick bleating accent, spitting out bits of grass. Groaning more he got up on his feet, or better said, his hooves, spat out the rest of the grass and wiped the bits out of his wool coat. He looked around to make sure, but as usual there was no one at the park at night. The town was rather quiet and only few people came out of the bar next to the park late at night.

Sticking to the shadows, he made his way back to the small apartment building he lived in. Even though he tried to keep quiet, the clacking of his hooves sounded like thunderclaps to him on the concrete floor of the stairs and hallways. Glad to find his door unlocked he slipped inside and let out a deep sigh, leaning back against it for a while before going back to bed. Staring at his reflection in the mirror was something he no longer cared to do.


'Good morning, Gary.' said Suzy when she saw Gary coming out of his door.

Gary smiled at her. 'Good morning, Suzy.' he said. 'Ready for another day at work?'

She nodded with a little smile, combing her curly brown hair back. 'Misses Valerez can pick up her chihuahua Toby today.' she said. 'I'll miss that cute dog.'

'Think you'll take over the clinic when Johan retires?' Gary asked while they walked down the stairs together. 'Don't you have your final exam to become a veterinarian at the end of the year?'

'Yes.' she said. 'And I hope I can because it seems all the animals love me.'

'Apart from one.' he said.

Suzy held up her bandaged hand. 'It was just afraid.' she said. 'And it was some sort of wolf breed according to the people who picked him up, so it was no wonder how it reacted when it woke up on the operation table after getting hit by a car.'

He nodded. 'Did they ever say how it escaped?'

Suzy shook her head. 'No. They had no idea either.'

'Well, I'm glad nothing worse came of it.' Gary said holding open the front door for her.

'Yeah.' she said looking up at the cloudy sky, then gave him a smile. 'Anyway, I'm off. Have a good day at work.'

'You too.' Gary said and walked the other way to the office where he worked as graphic designer, happy to once more start the day with seeing his pretty neighbour.

Suzy smiled as she walked to the clinic, her blue eyes twinkling and happy to know he had remembered about the exam she had mentioned a while ago.


"Of course." Gary thought finding himself once more at the park and spat out grass again. "Tomorrow, I'm going to buy some sturdy locks that can't be opened with a pair of hooves." He rubbed his face and screamed. He had forgotten for a moment not only that his face resembled a sheep, but also that he had larger black nails looking like tiny hooves. Those were painful to drag across his face.

He grumbled at himself wiping his face with his open soft palms, then pricked up his ears when he heard rustling nearby. Looking around carefully, he kept as still as possible. There was hardly any wind to make the trees rustle, and it came from somewhere at ground level. There was no movement he could make out but it had made him nervous.

Gary stood up slowly, his eyes going left and right, and walked towards the edge of the park slowly. Another rustle from somewhere left made his heart skip a beat and increase his pace. He thought he heard soft breathing as well and looked at the bushes to his left, spotting the reflection of a pair of eyes in the shadows.

With a sharp bleat he ran for home, hearing something growl and run after him. His heart pounded in his throat as he tried not to slip and trip over his hooves on the sidewalk. He ran straight across the street into an alley that was a shortcut to his home. Using his hands to push against containers and the wall to steady himself he managed to reach the end of the alley and grabbed a drainpipe at the corner to swing quickly to the right. Whatever ran after him had some trouble as he heard it bump into trash cans with scraping sounds like claws on the concrete ground.

He had barely ran halfway to the apartment building when he heard scraping behind him and imagined the thing slipping as it tried to go around the corner. Seeing the front of the building made him push back the pain in his lungs and give his legs an extra boost of energy.

The sound of running came closer behind him and Gary thought he could hear heavy breathing. The front door wasn't far away now.

He could make it.

He needed to make it and live.

The breathing came closer.

Just a few more metres.

He slid on his hooves like an ice skater to the entrance and let himself crash into the wall to stop him, grabbed at the front door, pulled it open, rushed inside and closed it fast, seeing a dark shadow rush past the entrance, scratching at the pavement and judging from the sound that followed, crashing into the couple of large potted plants in front of the building.

Without waiting for the outcome, Gary rushed upstairs to his apartment, closed the door quickly behind him and caught his breath while his blood pounded in his head. There were no sounds outside his door, giving him relief him for a bit in the knowledge he hadn't been followed inside.


Gary woke up at the door from his alarm clock going off in his bedroom. He groaned, feeling stiff all over from having slept on the floor all night. With some effort and additional groaning he managed to get to his bedroom and kill the alarm, then dragged himself to the shower to freshen up.

During breakfast he kept wondering what had chased him. He hadn't heard about any wild dogs going around, and he hadn't seen any before. The local radio station playing on the transistor radio only reported the usual local news, a missing cat from misses Jones, Frank Righter was picked up drunk again and released after several cups of coffee and fried eggs at the police station, Bunker's store had a discount on diary goods this week, and the state voted to make the Deer Valley bordering the county a nature reserve.

Gary sighed a little in relief, glad to not hear about any strange sightings at night but he would have felt better if there had been mention of some predator in the neighbourhood. He pondered about strapping a tazer to his body to have it handy when he woke up in the park again. He told himself to ask Suzy if she knew something, then jumped up from his chair. 'Shit!' he said, looking at the wall clock.

He hurried to grab his bag, put on his shoes and light coat, and went out the door just in time to hear Suzy unlock hers. Taking a quick deep breath calmed him down a bit and he casually closed his door behind him as Suzy came into the hallway. 'Oh, hey Suzy.' he said.

'Hey Gary.' she said, smiling at him. 'How are you this morning?'

'Good.' he said. 'Although I feel a little stiff as if I had been running all night.'

Suzy chuckled. 'I wish I could exercise in my sleep.' she said. 'Would save me a lot of time.'

He nodded. 'Don't the animals keep you busy enough?' he asked with a little grin.

She chuckled again. 'Some do that, yes.'

Gary remembered what he wanted to ask when they stepped outside. 'Oh, have you heard of a wild dog or something walking around at night?'

Suzy looked at him with wide eyes. 'Why? What do you know?'

'Well, nothing actually.' he said, thinking of an excuse. 'I just thought I heard one last night.'

Suzy looked at her phone. 'Oh, I have to go.' she said. 'Early appointment.'

'Ah.' he said. 'Okay.'

She gave him a quick wave. 'I'll ask around, but you probably just dreamt it.'

'Yeah, I guess.' he said and returned the wave, then watched her for a moment as she hurried on her way. 'I wouldn't be surprised if I had.' He looked up at the sky. 'Maybe I have been dreaming this whole thing, and grow more crazy day by day.' He looked at the potted plants against the wall, one of which, a small fir tree, had an unnatural bend in it. He took a deep breath. 'At least it'll boost my creativity.' he said and went on his way to work.


Gary stopped by the hardware store before going home and bought himself a cypher lock for the door thinking he wouldn't be able to turn the dials with his sheep fingers and go outside.

He barely arrived home when Suzy came out of her apartment. 'Gary?' she asked.

He turned back to her. 'Yes?'

She plucked at one sleeve of her shirt. 'Ehm, could you do me a favour?' she asked, looking around. 'I've got a problem with my heater and the repairman can only fix it tomorrow, so, I wanted to ask, if I could borrow your shower for a bit maybe?' She smiled a little at him.

It took a moment for the question to sink in before he felt excited and tried to suppress it to not look like a fool. 'You mean, like, to take your shower at my place?' he said, pointing at his door. 'Now, or?'

'Well, a little later, after dinner?' she asked, rocking a little on her feet.

'Yes.' he said. 'Eh, I mean, sure. No problem. I'll tidy up a bit first.'

'Great.' she said and stepped backward, smiling at him. 'I'll come knocking later then.'

'Yeah, okay.' He said, grateful for a reason to have her come over. 'I'll see you later then.'

He watched her go back into her apartment, then fumbled a little to open his door, drop his bag in the living room and quickly inspect his bathroom. After throwing out the empty bottles of shampoo and shower gel with the remnants of soap bars, sorting the pile of dirty laundry into the appropriate hampers and wiping everything clean he felt a little more secure in letting her use it without sinking through the floor in shame.

Gary heard the knock on his door soon after he had his dinner, checked his face in the mirror, then opened it to let Suzy in.

She had brought her own things wrapped in a towel. 'I hope I didn't interrupt dinner.' she said.

'Ah, no.' he said, closing the door behind her. 'I had already finished eating.' He led her further into the apartment. 'Come in. I assume your bathroom is on the same side as mine.'

She nodded. 'It's a mirror of yours.'

'I hope it only reflects the good things then.' he said, taking an overlooked pile of magazines from his table and dumping them in the box for recycling.

She chuckled. 'I cleaned up my place too when the repair man came over.'

He grinned a little. 'Well, I'll let you get on with your shower then.' he said, gesturing at the bathroom. 'If you need anything, extra towel, soap, I'll be right here.' he said, then pointed back at the kitchen. 'I mean, not right here outside the door. Just here, in the apartment. In the kitchen. Or living room. It would be weird of me to stand right here while you..'

'I think I've got it covered.' she said with a chuckle and went into the bathroom, saying 'Thanks.' before closing the door.

'Yeah, no problem.' he said. 'I'll just go do my usual things now.'

Gary wanted to slap his forehead for acting like a fool and started a second inspection to see if he had overlooked more junk.

He had barely sat down when the bathroom door opened and Suzy came out with her things. 'Thanks.' she said. 'I don't like going to bed without having a shower first.'

He stood up, the scent of her body and hair filling his nose and taking his heartbeat up a notch. 'Yeah, I know the feeling.' he said, although he often went to sleep without taking one. 'Ehm.. Can I offer you a drink or something?' He gestured at the couple of bottles on one of the shelves behind him. 'Or maybe just coffee? If you have the time?'

She smiled a little. 'I wouldn't mind a drink.'

'Great. Have a seat.' he said and went over to the shelf. 'Uzo?'

'Thanks.' she said putting her things to the side and sat down on the couch, looking around casually.

Gary handed her her drink and sat down on the other side of the couch. 'So.. The heater broke down.'

She nodded. 'Yeah. And they didn't have the replacement part because they had used their last one before the new ones were delivered.'

'Okay.' he said and they drank in silence while he tried to think of another topic to talk about.

'New door lock?' she asked, seeing the cypher lock he had placed under the table.

'Oh, yes.' he said. 'I, eh, the current lock is a bit iffy, so I thought I'd get a new, modern one.'

She nodded. 'Maybe I should get a new one too.' she said. 'If it works good for you I could get one of these for my door.'

'Yeah, I could help install it, if you'd like.'

'Okay. I'll remember that.'

They drank once again in silence, looking around.

'How was your day?' asked Gary.

'Good.' Suzy said. 'We only had mister Wong's cat in for a small cut in her ear and mister Goldberg's retriever for his usual check-up and medication.'

He nodded. 'Okay.'

'Yours?' she asked.

'Made a new pamphlet for the barbershop, or, hair studio as it's called now.' he said, nodding again.

'Looking forward to see it.' she said, turning her glass in her hands.

'Should come with the mail in about two weeks.' he said, racking his brain for something else to say, then remembered he had small party sausages to snack on. 'Would you like a snack?' he asked. 'I've got a can of those tiny sausages in the kitchen.'

'Okay, sounds good.' she said and he got up to go into the kitchen.

He reached out for the can in the cupboard when he noticed the thicker white hair on his lower arm. 'Shit.' he said, watching it grow longer slowly. He looked out of the kitchen window to the sky and saw the sky turn dark at the horizon. 'Shit, shit.' he said again and looked around the kitchen as if to find a way to stop his transformation. 'Ehh.., I might have misplaced the sausages or already eaten them.' he called out to the living room.

'That's okay.' said Suzy. 'I, just remembered I, promised to call mom tonight, so I'd better go now.'

He let out a sigh with a mix of disappointment and relief. 'Okay.' he said.

Suzy came into the doorway, holding her things in front of her. 'Thanks for the drink.' she said, pulling her hair back. 'Let's do this again sometime. I'll let myself out.'

'Okay.' he said, draping a dish cloth over his arm. 'Yes, let's.'

'See you later.' she said and walked out of his apartment quickly.

Gary looked at his front door to make sure it was closed and she was gone, then hurried to find a screwdriver and install the new lock to the door before he turned completely.

He was just in time to set a code and sat down on the floor, glad that Suzy hadn't seen what was happening to him. He scratched his arms, itchy from the coat growing on it and thought she had looked a little more tanned when she left. Her hair looked fluffier too. Shrugging it off as the effect of the shower on her he watched his vision slowly fade and hoped the new lock would prevent him from going out that night.

He found himself later with his arms in the shallow end of the park's pond lapping up water and cursed.

Chapter 02

Gary grumbled while he swung his arms to get most of the water out of his coat. 'Da-amn it a-all.' he said, walking back to the edge of the park. 'Why-y me-ee? A-and why-y thi-is horri-ible a-acce-ent?' He decided to keep his mouth shut for the rest of the night and other nights, sticking to grumbling instead.

He had nearly reached the street when he heard a rustle in the thick bushes ahead of him, shifting his heart into overdrive. He held his breath, cursing himself for forgetting about the night before. He peered at the shadows around the bushes, then saw two yellow lights appear and stop his heart.

A few punches to his chest made Gary's heart beat again and he swallowed a big lump down his throat. 'Goo-ood do-oggy..' he said, stepping back carefully. 'Ni-ice do-oggy..' A snarl made him jump. 'O-okay. Ma-aybe no-ot so ni-ice.'

He only saw what he thought was the biggest frigging dog he had ever seen for a split second while he turned around before running away again. "Where the hell did that thing come from!?" he thought, kicking up a cloud of grass and ground after him. "Shitshitshitshitshit." He heard the growl and breathing of the dog getting closer to his left and ran to the right. It caught up with him to his right and he ran to the left, then left again, right, left again and nearly tripped trying to brake, tumbling into the thick hedge in front of him.

Gary pulled himself out of the branches, turning quickly to see he had been herded into a part of the park with a hedge enclosing it on three sides and the dog sitting leisurely at the open side with a wide grin on its face. 'Shit!' he said, distracted by the lack of accent for a moment, then focused on the situation again. There was enough light for him to see this was no ordinary dog. It looked a lot more like the huge wolf he once saw in a nature documentary. "You got to be kidding me.." he thought. "Not only do I turn into a sheep at night, but I also have to deal with a wolf now!? Did I skip dimensions and fell into a twisted cartoon reality!?"

The wolf stood up on all fours and Gary looked around quickly for a way to escape. His panic grew as it came closer and he saw no other way out but the one behind the wolf. "Imgoingtobekebabandtheresnotevengarlicsaucetoeatmewith." he thought.

He hopped from one foot onto the other, clutching his hands together in front of his chest when he saw a stick lying on the ground next to him. He froze in place looking at it, then at the wolf, then back at the stick. "Nooo." he thought and groaned at the idea taking shape in his head. "This can't be happening." The wolf moved closer and he sighed deep. "To hell with it then." he thought.

He grabbed the stick and waved it in front of him.

The wolf stopped and started wagging its tail slowly. 'Wa-ant to pla-ay?' Gary called out. 'Wa-ant to fe-etch?' The wolf started following the stick and growled playfully. 'Ca-atch it the-en.' he said and threw the stick as far as he could behind the wolf. It jumped up and ran after it. It took a moment for the realisation to sink in that his idiotic plan actually worked and Gary started the sprint to the other side when the wolf suddenly stopped, looked back at him and growled. "Oh crap!" he thought as the wolf ran towards him.

Desperate to get away he kept on running while the wolf came rapidly closer. "Makeitmakeitmakeit!" he thought, his vision narrowing towards the end of the hedge. He got close when he saw the wolf jump at him and instinctively put his head down and ducked underneath the wolf. The next moment he felt the impact of the wolf's body against his horns and saw how it tumbled over his head with a loud yelp, landing and rolling on the ground behind him.

Panic kept him going and he ran all the way out of the park, reaching the entrance to his apartment building in the blink of an eye and panted hard, leaning against the wall.

He looked up and down the street but saw no sign of the wolf nor heard anything but the usual silence of the town at night. "Made it." he thought, the adrenalin shaking his body while he tried to breath deep and calm down. When his legs felt strong enough to carry him upstairs he climbed up the stairs, too tired to care about the noise from his hooves. He walked down the hallway to his apartment when one of the neighbours opened the door, curious to see what made a noise in the middle of the night.

'What the..?' the balding, middle aged man in dressing gown said and stared at Gary from his doorway.

Gary looked at the man for a moment. 'I'm no-ot rea-eally he-ere.' he said. 'You shou-ould get ba-ack to be-ed and sleep.'

'U-huh.' the man said, and backed away.

'A-also, stop dri-inking so mu-uch.'

The man nodded and closed the door slowly.

Gary let out a sigh and went into his own apartment finding the cypher lock on the floor. Where it had been screwed against the door were now a couple of imprints of hooves. "Okay then." he thought and went to bed.


His neck felt stiff and sore as did his upper back when Gary woke up the next morning. He massaged it while showering with hot water but it didn't bring much relief. Putting on his shirt took some effort and moving his head was something he avoided. He wanted to take the day off but with two appointments he had to go to the office and would just have to bear with it.

The whole adventure from the night replayed in his mind again while he walked out the door and locked it.

'Good morning Gary.' said Suzy behind him.

'Goo-.' started Gary then winced from the pain when he turned his head.

'Gary, what's wrong?' she asked, moving quickly closer.

He groaned, trying not to move his arms. 'I must have slept in a bad position or something and now my neck's sore as hell.'

Suzy held up her hands. 'Shall I give you a quick massage?' she asked. 'I have some experience because Johan has an issue with his shoulders and I give him a shoulder massage on occasion to loosen him up.'

'That would be great.' said Gary, already feeling better from her suggestion. 'Thank you.'

She let her bag down on the floor and the touch of her hands, gently moving along his neck muscles, made him smile wide for a moment before he got a grip on himself.

'If I didn't have appointments today I would have stayed at home to rest.' he said. 'Luckily I have the last one after lunch so I can take off early and lie down for the rest of the afternoon.'

'That's good then.' she said. 'If you don't give it enough rest it'll just get worse.'

Gary closed his eyes, wondering if he dared to ask her to do this again tonight. Or maybe that would be too quick and he shouldn't ask before tomorrow. She pressed her hands a little firmer and he forgot all about his worries.

'There.' she said and pulled back. 'Can't massage too firm or too long if it's really sore. The muscles need to recover slowly.'

He turned around. 'Thanks. My neck feels better already.'

'No problem.' she said, bent to pick up her bag and winced.

'What's wrong?' asked Gary, taking her by her shoulders. 'Did you hurt yourself?'

'Ah, I guess we both have a sore spot.' she said, rubbing her stomach gently. 'I, eh, accidentally tripped and hit my chest on the drawer.'

'You didn't break anything, did you?' he asked, picking up her bag.

She shook her head. 'No, but I'll feel the bruise for a while whenever I bend.' she said, taking the bag from him. 'Thanks.'

He gave her a gentle smile. 'Okay. If you need any help until you're healed, just knock on my door.'

She smiled back at him. 'Thanks. And if you need help, knock on mine.'

'Deal.' he said.

They stood for a moment when Gary's mobile chimed. He quickly took it out of his pocket and silenced it. 'Reminder of my first appointment. I'd better be going.'

'Yeah.' she said and they walked down to the street.

'Oh, by the way.' she said. 'I asked but I didn't hear anyone about a wolf roaming around.'

'Wolf?' he said. 'I thought I said wild dog?'

'Oh right!' she said, clutching her bag. 'That's what I meant. I was just thinking about wolves because of a documentary I saw last night.' She looked around. 'Wolves wouldn't come here anyway, so there's nothing like that going around at night.'

'Okay.' he said, pondering about a valid excuse to tell her he did meet one last night but couldn't think of one. 'Okay then. Maybe it was just a dog that got lost for a night.'

'Yeah, that could have been it.' she said. 'I wouldn't worry about it.'

'I guess I'll see you later then.' Gary said. 'Take care you don't strain yourself.'

'You too.' Suzy said and they exchanged a quick wave before going their separate ways.


Gary did manage to go home early and took a long nap on his couch. By the time he woke up his body started to grow his wool coat and he groaned. 'There we go again.' he said and took off his clothes unconsciously. He became vaguely aware of the transformation of his body, a sensation like popping muscles and joints while tensing his whole body.

He held up his hands, watching through a haze as the wool grew thicker and his nails turned hard and black. His upper and lower legs became shorter and thicker with muscle while his feet elongated, his toes changing into cloven hooves. A strange itch at his temples was caused by his curved horns growing.

During all this the smell of grass and leaves became stronger, filling his nose and making his stomach growl. He liked the smell of grass when it was mowed or after rain, but he never felt hungry from it before. Swaying a little on his feet, he moved to the window and smelled the air outside, getting a notion of why he woke up in the park each time.

Still as if he was watching it all from a distance, he walked out the door, cautiously looking around while going down to the street and heading to the park. He was glad his sheep conscious didn't bolt out the door thoughtlessly but actually took care to not be seen.

The park was quiet as usual and he choose a patch close to the pond to go down on hands and knees and sniff the grass. Dread for what would happen next grew in the back of his mind.

"Nooo!" he thought. "Stop it!"

He chewed the grass with a frown. "Damn."

He couldn't fight the hunger instinct and tried to ignore the taste of grass while he still had no control over his sheep alter ego. Instead he tried to keep an eye out for any sign of the wolf, expecting to see it again at any moment.

After some time, Gary finally regained control over his body and stood up, spitting out the grass he was chewing on. "Bah!" he thought. "Need to buy more mouthwash tomorrow."

He didn't wait another second before hurrying back to the edge of the park, looking left and right for the wolf. Close to the street he slowed down, turning around to make sure he wasn't followed, walking backwards slowly. With the park still empty he dared to let out a sigh of relief, turned around again and bleated when the wolf jumped at him from behind the low bushes at the sidewalk.

The wolf threw Gary on his back as it pounced him. He shut his eyes in fear and tried to push it away. When it suddenly stopped moving his fear made place for curiosity.

He opened one eye carefully to see the wolf staring at him in shock. He wondered what happened when he noticed the soft sensation in his hands. His eye moved from the wolf's eyes down to where his hands were, seeing they were filled what could only be a pair of furry breasts.

He bleated in shock at the same time as the wolf yelped and jumped back, clutching its chest with its arms. 'So-orry!' he said, crawling back. 'I didn't mea-ean to!'

The wolf didn't stay to listen and ran off, leaving a confused Gary behind. He stood up and walked home wondering what exactly had happened and went to bed.

He looked at his hands remembering the soft sensation. 'Wow.' he said and fell asleep with a slight smile on his face.


The night had felt even more like a dream when Gary woke up the next morning. He crawled into the shower and ate breakfast while trying to remember every moment with the wolf just to be sure what he experienced last night was real. That the wolf really was a she.

He opened the front door to go to work still thinking of the wolf when he jumped at the sudden sight of Suzy behind the door.

'Sorry.' she said as he took a deep breath. 'I didn't mean to startle you.'

He held up a hand. 'That's okay. I was just deep in thought.' he said. 'Ehm, did you want to see me?'

She looked at him for a moment, then nodded. 'Oh, I, I was just wondering how you were doing.' she said. 'Your neck I mean. Is it better?'

'Oh, right.' he said and noticed the soreness was gone. 'It's good. Doesn't feel sore anymore.'

She smiled gently at him. 'Oh, that's good then.'

'Yeah.' he said, shutting his door behind him. 'Looks like your massage worked wonders.'

She chuckled. 'Well, now you know who to turn to next time you're sore.' she said as they walked downstairs again.

'I'll be sure to ask you.' he said, wondering for a moment if her breasts would feel soft too, then looked away quickly when he realised he was staring at her. 'Thanks.'

She bit her lip. 'Ehm, Gary?'

'Yes?' he asked quickly, pretending to look at something across the street as they went outside.

'You, didn't hear anything last night?'

He glanced at her. 'How do you mean?' he asked, looking at the other side of the street again, hoping he hadn't been spotted.

She fiddled a little with her bag. 'Like, what you mentioned about that dog.' she said. 'You didn't hear anything like that again? Or other animals?'

'No!' he said. 'No, nothing at all. I slept like a baby. Not a bark or howl or bleat.'

'Bleat?' she asked, staring quickly at him.

'Just thinking of the sheep I counted to fall asleep!' he said. 'Not a real sheep! Nothing like that around here.'

'Of course!' she said, chuckling. 'That would be silly.'

'Yes.' he said and gestured in the direction he had to go. 'Time for me to go to work.'

She nodded. 'Yeah, same here.'

'I'll see you later again.' he said, starting his walk.

'See you later.' she said, going on her way.

Gary looked back quickly after a couple of metres and thought he saw her turn her head forward at that moment. "Not the time to imagine things." he thought and continued on his way.


Gary looked at the vegetable stand at the end of the day and groaned in thought. The idea popped into his head when he walked home, he would try to convince his sheep ego to stay at home by keeping fresh vegetables around. If he would fill his stomach at home there'd be no reason to go outside and get attacked by the wolf. Although now there was a hint of curiosity next to the fear of being devoured whole.

He shook his head to focus on choosing the right vegetables because he had no idea what sheep actually liked. "Would lettuce be enough?" he thought. "Or would carrots be better?" He looked at the selection. "Cucumbers perhaps?"

He had just arrived at his door when Suzy stepped out of her door.

'Oh, hi Gary.' she said, closing her door. 'I was just going out to the store.' She saw the two large bags full of every vegetable Gary suspected would be preferred by a sheep. 'Are you going on a diet or so?'

'No! Yes!' he said and coughed. 'I just got a craving for green stuff lately. Thought I'd try to make my own salad.'

'Okay.' she said. 'I thought you'd have no reason to be on a diet with your figure.'

'My figure?'

'I mean, you look slim enough.' she said, glancing down the hall. 'It's not that you're fat or anything. Maybe you were a vegetarian and I hadn't noticed.'

'Right.' he said and shook his head. 'No, nothing like that. I do like a piece of meat.'

'Yeah, got a craving for that.' she said softly, then pointed at the end of the hallway. 'I'm going now, have to do a little studying after dinner.'

'Okay.' said Gary as she walked away. 'Good luck with that later then.'

'Thanks!' she said and disappeared around the corner.

Gary moved his bags inside and placed them in the living room, putting some of the vegetables on the table. 'This better work.' he said to himself.


"Crap!" Gary thought the second he saw the park around him again.

He rubbed his aching stomach filled to the brim while he laid on his back. "I feel like I ate the entire store." he thought and laid down on his back, giving his stomach a little relief while staring up at the stars. "I don't think I can walk."

He turned his head left and right and was glad he didn't see the wolf. He closed his eyes and hoped he wouldn't encounter it tonight and planned to try to walk home as soon as he thought he could move.

Hoping it would give relief, he took several deep breaths until he felt something against his forehead. 'Ah.' he said, lacking the energy to be surprised as he stared into the wolf's face.

She grinned at him, looking upside down as she sat above his head. The curves on her chest were convincingly enough for him to confirm she was definitely female.

'Hi-i.' he said.

She licked her lips.

'Fe-etch?' he asked.

Her grin grew wider and more menacing.

'Thou-ought so.' he said, then rolled over quickly to run but she was faster. With a fast jump she pounced on his stomach.


Things had happened too fast for him to remember exactly what happened when he walked into the entrance of his apartment building. All he knew was that he no longer suffered from a full stomach and was in desperate need for a shower. The wolf had ran off, sounding like it was in a hurry to find a shower too after losing any meal she had eaten today.

He walked through his hallway when the bald neighbour opened his door to see who made a noise this late and stared at Gary with open mouth.

'Do-on't go swi-imming with a fu-ull stoma-ach.' Gary said.

The neighbour nodded slowly, stepped back and closed his door again.

Gary went inside his own apartment and watched the remains of the grocery bags and bits of lettuce leaves, carrots, a cucumber stump, cauliflower crumbles and the core of a cabbage spread out over the living room floor. Next to the table lay the broccoli, untouched.

"Figures." he thought and went for the bathroom to take a long shower.


Gary hadn't seen Suzy in the morning and when he came home he stood at her door for a moment, thinking about knocking. He held op his fist, paused, leaned closer with his ear near the door for a while, then stepped back when he heard nothing. After watching the door for a moment he sighed, moved back to his door muttering 'Coward.' and went inside.

He was conscious during the transformation again, although unable to prevent himself from slipping out of the apartment and darting off to the park like before. He only regained control a little later. With a deep sigh he sat up and looked around for a sign of the wolf. He thought she was nowhere to be seen until he saw the top half of her head sticking out over a bush, staring at him with her ears flat on her head.

"Oh shit, there we go again." he thought, but she didn't move. He looked around once more to make sure nobody else was watching him, then looked at her again. One ear twitched so he knew she was real and not some decoy head as if it was a kid's cartoon about a wolf chasing his prey.

Thinking it was the best opportunity to get out of the park without getting hurt or making a fool of himself, he started to move towards the street. She kept her eyes on him, moving further behind the bushes when he passed them from a little distance. At the sidewalk he stopped and looked back at her. She looked from him to the alley he used to go home unseen, then back at him, biting her lip and twitching her flat ears.

He looked at the alley, back at her, then sighed. He hadn't exactly shown her his best side in the last couple of nights and felt bad about it, even if she wanted to eat him.

'E-ehm.' he said, cleared his throat and put his hands together. 'I ju-ust wanted to sa-ay, so-orry about la-ast ni-ight. Di-idn't mea-ean to.., you kno-ow.'

She twitched her ears while glancing down for a moment.

'A-and touching your,' he said holding up his hands. 'well, tha-at.'

She looked away.

'It wa-as an a-accide-ent, hone-estly! I'm no-ot the kind of gu-uy to do tha-at on purpo-ose! I ju-ust don't ha-ave the guts to do-o tha-at. And it's ba-ad to do tha-at a-anywa-ay!'

She glanced at him, her ears lifting up halfway.

He gestured at the alley. 'I'd be-etter go now.' he said. 'I a-also hope I di-idn't hurt you a lo-ot whe-en you atta-acked me and I hit you with my-y ho-orns.' He touched one horn for a moment, then moved towards the alley while keeping his eyes on her.

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