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Trailer Tramp Sister

Written by: Jack Ryder

Smashwords Edition

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Trailer Tramp Sister

“Yessssss, baby…suck my cock…Suck it out of me!” The sound of Mr. Jenkins’ lusty moan is the first indication that rent was again overdue. Although mama usually humps Mr. Jenkins, Taylor sometimes has to pay a late fee if mama doesn’t pay on time. Taylor allows him to fondle her bare tits while she sucks him off. She spits his seed in the sink after he leaves.

My dick has been hard for my nasty little sister for as long as I can remember. I have been secretly peeping on her in the shower and masturbating since I reached puberty. Although the state I live in turns a blind eye on the topic of incest, our Attorney General is very aggressive in pursuing underage sexual relationships.

Although most of the men in the trailer park we live in don’t seem to mind risking their freedom for a chance to bang some sweet young thing, I decided long ago that I would never stick my dick in my nasty little sister till after she reached legal age.

“Oooooh, fuck you do that good,” Jenkin’s cries out while he empties his balls into my sexy little sister’s mouth. I secretly take the opportunity to peek into the living room to see Taylor on her knees and completely topless. The annoyed look on her face tells me that she’s needing to go spit Jenkins’ jizz into the sink.

“You should go now,” I call over to old man Jenkins. “Mama will be over later to settle up with you,” I announce as I walk into the room while he’s fumbling to pull his pants up. “I’ve always wondered what the housing authority would think about you soliciting sex from a young innocent girl,” I taunted him. “Mama has the right to make those sort of decisions, but my sister wasn’t even legal when you started humping her mouth two years ago,” I pointed out.

Taylor had a smirk on her face when she ran to the sink to gag and spit out Jenkins’ thick salty sperm. “You really shouldn’t interfere with arrangements that keep us from being homeless,” Taylor snarled while she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Sorry, sissy…You just looked like you were about to puke and I wanted him to leave as fast as possible,” I answered her while my eyes devoured her perky exposed titties. “You just wanted to stare at my tits some more,” Taylor growled while she grabbed her tube top off the couch and pulled it on over her head.

“Shit! I can see them any time I want,” I laughed. “I can see your entire body when you bring those horny married men in here to bang you on the couch on the weekends, after they get paid,” I chuckled. “Hell, I have video of that I can watch anytime I want,” I goaded her.

“You fucking pervert! You better not have video of me,” Taylor yelled as she lunged towards me. “Only a dozen or so,” I laughed while I dodged her feeble attempt to tackle me. At 6 foot 3, it was easy to block her slender petite 5 foot 3 body and divert her onto the couch.

“I’m sure we could come to some sort of arrangement for me to share those videos with you,” I snarled while I gazed at my sister’s lovely 32D tits that popped out that bottom of her tube top when I shoved her onto the couch. “But I’m not sure if that tight little cunt of yours would be ready for a real dick just yet,” I rasped crudely while I stared at her turgid erect nipples.

“In your dreams, asshole!” Taylor shouted while she pulled her top back up to cover her tits. “Oh, I never have to dream, baby sister,” I laughed. “I have my videos I can watch anytime I want to see you while I jerk off,” I laughed in a wicked tone.

“You, sick pervert,” Taylor rasped as she jumped off the couch. “I would never spread my legs for a dick head like you,” she growled. “I guess it’s much better to gag on old man Jenkin’s dick every month…there’s nothing sick about that…is there?” I taunted.

“And how about all those married men who give you a hundred dollars each time you spread your legs for them while their family goes without food or other necessities so daddy can hump the little slut in trailer number 28?” I snarled. “Nothing sick about that?” I shouted back.

Just after Taylor dashed into her bedroom and slammed the door, I sent her one of the video files for her to see an example of the videos I have. In this video, Taylor was being fucked in the ass by an older man and his teen age son was humping her mouth.

“YOU FUCKING SON-OF-A-BITCH,” Taylor suddenly screamed from inside her room when she open the video and saw what it was. “THAT’S ONE OF MY FAVORITES,” I yelled back. “I love it when Bill pulls out and cums all over your sweet little ass,” I hollered. “And even more when junior shoots his first load all over your face,” I laughed.

My dick was already drooling precum when I pulled it out to jerk off while I watched my favorite video. “This is better than any porn I could down load from any of the porn sites,” I yelled as my dick spurted cum on my belly.

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