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Knocking up Mom

By Alex Vander

Copyright 2017 Alex Vander

Cover Copyright 2017 Alex Vander

All characters are 18+ and consenting adults

Mom was going crazy wanting another kid put in her. Ever since Dad got a vasectomy he just couldn't fulfill her need anymore. She's kept eyeing me as soon as Dad heads off for work. Her own son! Hell she's even started coming out in nothing but her robe. Without a damn thing on underneath. She wants it. She wants me. She wants her own son to knock her up.

There she was again in the kitchen. Her robe open and nothing on underneath. Her breasts were surprisingly perky for an older woman, and she still shaved that plump mound of hers for Dad apparently.

"John!" She said spotting me. She wasn't even the least bit embarrassed that her son was seeing the full frontal of her.

"Can you come reach this for me?" She continued her breasts gently moving with each breath she took.

"Sure Mom," I said with a smirk.

I walked on over to her with no intention of reaching for some dish way up high. As soon as I was close enough I reached down with my hand and tested her to see how wet she was. Soaking. Mom was startled at this even though she wanted it.

"What are you doing?" She said in between quivering spasms and fluttering eyes.

"You know you want this. I've seen the way you've been looking at me. I mean just look down. You're practically naked here in front of your son. And now you start feeling shame?" I said to her as I started to kiss her on the neck working my way down to her big breasts that my Father loved so much.

Mom whimpered in pleasure as my mouth found it's way to her tits. They were hard enough to scratch steel and a whirl to suck on. The sounds she was making as I did so were just icing on the cake. I never realized Mom moaned so much. It was a damn good thing Dad was at work. It was an even better thing that he had a double shift today.

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