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She kneeled between my legs and, without thinking twice, she wrapped her hand around my hard shaft and took my cock into her mouth. The sensation was incredible and I could feel a premature ejaculation coming. Shit, shit, shit, I though.

Suddenly, I exploded into her mouth. Surprised by the first squirt of semen, she quickly took it out of her mouth and clumsily jerked me off.

This clumsiness was actually incredibly sexy. My cumshot was huge. Several squirts of a very thick and sticky spunk flew all over her hands and splattered on her face.

“You asshole! You could have warned me,” she said as I handed her the tissue I was previously about to use to masturbate. She cleaned her hands and her face, then she stood and took her yoga pants off. No panties.

She turned around and walked to the bed. Her ass was dream-like. She slumped on the bed and spread her legs for me. “Now that you shot your load like a fucking loser, come here and lick my pussy, little brother,” she said.

I jumped from my chair and lunged for her pussy. I kneeled on the floor and pulled on her legs so her ass was resting on the edge of the bed.

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