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Used to be a Slave Girl

Author Debra Evans

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

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Chapter One

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About Debra Evans

Chapter One

Many people have the dream to not have to work. Joseph Drake made this dream true. Having worked in security, he made a lot money, which he invested in his own company. In no time he made a company that ran itself and created more money he could ever spend. No more work for Drake.

This although left him with a lot time on his hands.

Having had a lot of experience with being a dom, he decided to create a place where he can create fantasies and make others fantasies become true. Having had multiple partners, his approach was simply to find women, which he preferred, that wanted to live out their submissive fantasies. And then make them true.

So he found a house in the city, a bit away from everything else, where neighbors don't know each other and a big deal of vegetation and walls was between the houses. The building had multiple inhabitants already, but the two top floors were still not rented out. Perfectly suited for him. Joseph bought the building, and changed multiple things. The top floor became one big apartment, instead of three single ones. Nicely laid out, decorated and filled with furniture. When he first saw it when it was finished, it looked like someone was living there already, but that wasn't the case and not his intention. The windows were soundproof and didn't allow people to see into the apartment. The floor below was shutoff from the rest of the building, filled with countermeasures to ensure no sound will ever make it down to the five floors below. A special elevator was installed, the staircase sealed. Everything that would be done in the apartment would only be known by the persons present. From the outside no one could tell.

From the outside it simply looked like a modern building that imitates an old building.

In fall the works were done. Joseph decided to live there for a bit, and placed new clothes in the cupboards, notebooks in the desks, papers, and files in the drawers so its a real living environment. In spring, when the plants outside started to sprout and bloom, it was time to make his plans go on with the next step.

It took him a while, but he managed to get the right text together. The following was published in many different publications, in print as well as on the internet.

"Looking for women who wish to satisfy their curiosity about their submissive fantasies. Nothing is too soft or too hard. I am experienced and willing to introduce you or push your limits. Short term but also long term agreements possible."

To round it off, a small logo was printed with it, an M with some calligraphic details added around it. The emblem of the mansion to come. For that moment it would inspire ideas fantasies and more of the ones reading the note.

Answers came. Many.

At first he was surprised. Reading through it was like wading through peoples minds. Some transvestites and transsexuals also replied, but for that moment he put them in the "no" category. Some were very young, those he was sure were too young went also in the no stack, together with those over sixty years. He knew of some who still practiced certain things at that age, but that was not to his liking. In the end, he replied to all of them. The no stack got a nice "thank you but I don't think we could be a compatible pairing" letter.

The rest, got some instructions. Along with the usual mail contents, and some parts that were different in every letter, depending on who he mailed to, he asked from all a few things. He didn't ask for a picture or personal information. His questions were about their experiences, how long they were enjoying BDSM, if at all. Then about their fantasies, what fantasies they have, their innermost fantasies, they would never ever tell someone normally. The fantasies that would turn them on the most.

For weeks, letters got sent and came back, it took a while with some, with others they complied in the first mail. In the end he had a nice collection of mails from women who wanted to experience certain things.

After extensive readings, he found the one that was perfect for the beginning.

Her name was Karen Taylor. She was from LA, 35 years old, a Capricorn and bisexual. The long black hair was full, her body firm and she had some experiences with the world of doms and subs. Karen was a little neat freak but liked showing off her body. She sent him a few pictures where she was displaying her nearly naked body. And her fantasies revealed, she was an extreme pleaser. She wanted to please, to be owned, to be used, to be imprisoned, tied and caged. Also she seemed to get off on pain, so she would be very interesting to play with. If she decided to stay, she would become extremely valuable, as she was a highly organized person, without being anal retentive.

Joseph set up a first date with her, in a public restaurant. He picked the place, it was downtown and she had to fly in to get there, so she would arrive with a cab ride. He paid the ticket, and also sent her a cab that has been prepaid to the airport.

In the afternoon, before she would arrive at the restaurant, he decided to sit down and read through the fantasy again she sent him. It was all written in a very neat handwriting on thin lined paper. He decided to read it in full and then get to the restaurant so he has freshly in his mind exactly what her turn on is.

And so he began to read.

"My body always began to vibrate when I could please someone. A person telling me I did good, I felt attracted to. This caused some pretty embarrassing moments on my life, but I got to learn the essence out of it. It turns me on to please someone. The more its about someone else's pleasure and wishes, the more it turns me on. Also the more I am lowered in comparison to the person I please, the higher the difference, the more it arouses me. Frankly, id like to be objectified, used and owned. And then ignored when I am not of use. In my fantasies I am also tied up and caged a lot, sometimes in very uncomfortable ways for long periods of time. Somehow I got to like pain, so far that I started inflicting pain on me to get off faster when masturbating.

I do not have the one fantasy, but I can tell you about one I think about a lot, because it contains the biggest turn ons for me at once.

In this fantasy I am naked, a heavy metal collar around my neck. I sit on my behind in a cage with thick bars that hangs from the ceiling in a corner of a dark room. My legs are up to my body, knees bent, in this position I just fit in the cage, its bars pressing against me from all sides. The top is low, so my head is bent forward. My arms stick out of the cage and are locked together with metal cuffs behind my back, more discomfort. A ring gag is locked in my mouth, my drool running all over me. Welts still on my skin from the last use, numbing down and sending that throbbing pain through my body.

My master enters. He ignores me completely, turns on the lights and locks the door behind him. The heavy door shuts with a distinct sound, that makes me shudder and reminds me that I am not to leave, I am his posession, like the boots he takes of, his coat he puts away and the shirt he takes off. His sight sees all the things in the room, including me, I am a thing. He calls me his slut, his whore, slut, cunt, fucktoy, animal, whatever he likes, and everything is true. With all the time in the world he comes over to me, lowers the cage a bit and puts it on a cart. He unhooks the chain for the ceiling and pushes me to the table. There he flips the cage over, so I face down, my knees touching the cold but smooth wood, my toes being pushed on it by my body weight. He pulls one of my cunt lips back, puts a sharp biting clamp on it and pulls it to the side then ties it off. I moan in pain and pleasure, its already a big blur. I feel the same happening with the other side of my cunt, I am spread open, any movements hurt like hell, I am uncomfortable as hell and love every second of it. Hope that he fucks me get up but get slashed down by his hand slapping on my vulnerable cunt.

I get told to not push against the bars like the fuck animal I am. Unconscious of that movement I try to pull away a little, only to get more pain in my cunt lips and another slap on my exposed sex. Through the bars he pulls my hair up in a ponytail, then wraps it around one of the bars, and ties a knot. MY head is pulled back far, my mouth at the bars to the front. Sweat is on my skin all over, competing with my cunt in wetness.

A cold round object is pressed against my sex. First I twitch then fear runs through me. Its an electro shocker, that can do small but also pretty intense shocks. Just as it sunk in, the first shock runs through my sex. I shake in the cage, which isn't much as all presses against me and the clamps on my cunt hold me in place to a certain degree, paired with my hair and my arms being bound, all I can do is hurt myself even more.

The shocks stop. He wandered all over my sex and my ass with the shocker. I feel his cock pressed into me. He pushes hard, ignoring my completely, just wanting his pleasure. I groan, and try to open as easy as possible. As I feel him as far in me as its possible, I use my muscles on his shaft. His approval is a slight deep moan, as he begins to fuck me roughly. Before he comes, he pulls out and comes to my head, forcing his way down my throat. I gag and cough, but again he ignores me. He comes in my throat and keeps there, I swallow as fast as I can, and lick around his cock, cleaning it. He pulls out, goes behind me again and removes the claps by pulling them off roughly. This pushes me over the edge and I come really hard.

The moment I can keep a thought again, I am still in the same position, my hair tied back, on the table, my knees on the hard wood, the room dark and only filled with me and my masters other possessions."

As he finished reading it, he noticed with a smile the bulge in his pants. Good that he decided to shower after the reading.

Clean, refreshed and dressed he took his car to the restaurant, parked, sat at a table and waited. His decision to come early was made the first before he suggested the meeting. He wanted to see her enter. Just as he entered the restaurant, he knew, the plane would be landing.

The food was good, he ate here before once, about a year ago, and there was no change visible. It was pretty quiet, only a handful of guests that made conversation that was unheard because of the light music playing over it. Some music of the classic sort, that couldn't be identified as something well known, but made sure you wouldn't really understand what the other tables were talking, unless they were engaging in a screaming contest.

The restaurant had style, it was classy to a certain extend. The table was decorated nicely, and all was prepared for a nice meal. Drake decided to tip the two waiters to keep people from this part of the restaurant, and to keep their distance unless notified. They welcomed the extra money and agreed, then served him some mineral water, while he waited. He ordered her to come in a white simple dress, no jewelry, high heels also white. While waiting he tried to imagine what she will look like, what the dress will look like on her, and the time flew past pretty quickly.

As she entered the restaurant she was a bit puzzled. Its not the first time she met someone this way, but this felt different, stronger, more exciting, without any sense of that danger of meeting some dud. Joseph went to great lengths to ensure she felt secure, gave her his private details so she could check on him, made this appointment weeks in advance so she could go to the place before. And she did. There was never a big crowd, but it was certainly not empty. He sent her a picture of him, but she couldn't see him right away. He on the other hand noticed her the first moment.

Kind of lost she looked, standing there at the entrance looking around in the room. With his glass in his hand he just looked at her. Then their eyes locked, and Karen felt a jolt of power through her body. Those eyes were used to command and looking at people that were following those commands. She felt as if she was standing naked and spread in front of him, although she felt she had cloth on her body. Her hand feeling the fabric actually made her more secure again. Slowly she moved towards him. He didn't move but kept his eyes on her. Slowly she sat down, forced her face into a smile, nervously.

"You are late", he said in indistinct voice. She swallowed empty, and took a look at the clock on the wall, it was two minutes after the time they agreed on. She couldn't find out if he was angry, and before she could say something, he spoke again.

"I do not like to wait. I am not used to wait for what I want, and I will never get used to it. If you wish to continue this evening and maybe later more, then you should know that first hand. Be always on time, never late, understood?"

"Yes...", she wasn't sure what to say more. Master would have been a bit strongly, and she didn't know what he liked precisely.

"You will address me as Master, although in a public place like this", his hand made a gesture enclosing the whole restaurant, "a short and respectful sir will be enough." He took a small sip from his glass, still not taking his eyes from her.

"How was your trip here?"

"It was very nice, thank you sir. I just don't know where I stay tonight."

A smile came to his lips, like the cat that eat the proverbial bird.

"A hotel room will be your resting place for tonight. And for as long as you wish until you return home. Or not." He sat up from his leisurely position and looked at her with a more straight face still a smile in the corners of his mouth. "Tonight, you will sleep in a bed alone, in a hotel of your choice, I will not be able to disturb you there. The rest of this evening will be simply that we sit here, make conversation, enjoy a good meal and get to know each other better. Your stay is planed for one month so far, and we can extend this from my side as far as you are willing to go. But we will only go further then this nice and civilized way we are in now, when you feel comfortable with it. If you decide after this evening to take the rest of the month as a vacation here and never talk to me again that's just as fine as when you decide to do other things."

He shifted his position back to his more relaxed position and took a sip from his glass.

As the waiter approached he ordered for both of them, she told him the foods she liked in one of her letter so it wasn't hard for him to find something on the menu she liked. They had some conversation while waiting for the food, while eating it and while devouring the dessert.

She told him that she worked as a foreign language secretary at a big corporation and took her long overdue vacations in a block. She mostly was talking with people from the German speaking part of Europe on the phone and sometimes also the French. Other than that she had a lot filing and writing mails and planing things for her boss to do. She was well organized. Her father left when she was very young, her mother raised her alone. No other relatives alive anymore. She loved to do some sports, swimming and horseback riding when she got the time. Other than that she read books, all sorts of, from erotic novels to novellas and historic ones. Music was not big on her list, but she liked some popular music. Her life was mostly routine. Wake up, go to work, grovel around in the office, lunch, more groveling, going home, relaxing, masturbating and sleeping to have the cycle start over again the next day. She was bored, she missed something in her life.

Her relationships were less then exciting the most. Hi, fuck and bye was the standard she got from guys. Only three men were longer involved with her, only one of them for a full year. The first one was mildly into her fantasies, tieing up with scarfs, more playful than strict, so she could always free herself, which frustrated her more than gave her relief. They parted on friendly grounds, after being together for a year and two months and never met again, acknowledging there wasn't much to be going on about. The second one was scary vanilla. She got him to hold her down, and that was it. When she expressed in an outburst of frustration what all she longed for, he took his things and left to never return again. The last one was a dom. She was with him for only 3 months, saw him only on the weekends, and he dropped her, telling her to find someone else that suits her needs better, as he couldn't fulfill them. They talked later again once in a while. But rarely, and now there hasn't been any contact for almost a year. She longed for his skill with the whip, as he was very capable of making her come only by using the whip. He didn't like that, he didn't want someone that got off when he was whipping her, thus the break up.

Checking his watch, Joseph noted that, it was nearly midnight. Time was flying by and he was enjoying the conversation.

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