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Chapter One

Kate sighed and pulled her blond hair into a ponytail. It had been three weeks since she’d woken in Kallaryn and met Quallen, the prince of the Faeries. She remembered how she’d been sure she was dreaming the whole ordeal at first. A couple of near death experiences later and Quallen had finally been able to convince her she was actually there. Kallaryn.

She glanced at the novel on her bed. Every morning she woke up and found herself disappointed she hadn’t been back to the fantasy world she read about. She felt as though she should be there. Her hand moved to the dark leather bracelet on her wrist. It was her only true reminder that her adventures with Quallen hadn’t been a dream.

She smiled. Quallen. He’d been so different than what she had imagined. Instead of being a tiny flying man, he’d been, well, normal sized. And strong. And brave. Oh, and his eyes… that smile. She blushed and glanced around, hoping her brother Nate hadn’t caught her day dreaming. He loved to tease her about it.

A Dreamwalker. That’s what the Elpards had called her. Somehow, she was able to travel to a different world in her dreams. She had no idea what happened to her body while she was away. She’d woken by the barn the last time and while she’d been in Kallaryn for a week, she’d only been away for a few hours here.

“Kate! Breakfast is ready!”

“Coming, Mom!” She gave the book one last look before running down the stairs to have breakfast.

“You’re still here?” teased her brother.

Kate glared at Nate. She’d made the mistake of telling him what had happened to her and he hadn’t stopped making fun of her since.

“It was just a dream, Nitty.”

“Ooooh. She called me Nitty.”

“That’s enough, kids.”

Nate wrinkled his nose at his sister who stuck her tongue out at him.

“Are you still reading the same series, dear?” Kate’s mom put a plate of pancakes in the middle of the table so everyone could serve themselves.

Kate nodded. “This one I’m reading now is mostly about Veenata.” She tried not to sneer as she said the water nymph’s name. Since Veenata had tried to drown her, she was officially Kate’s least favorite character. “She’s a water nymph. Actually, she’s an elf who was cursed to live the rest of her life in the lake. She’s in danger this time. There are a group of bad elves that want the lake for themselves and are trying to kill her.”

“Oh, dear.”

Kate couldn’t help a glance up the stairs to where her book was waiting for her.

“Your dad is out in the pasture catching the new filly.” Her mother smiled as Kate started to eat with more vigor. “What’s the plan today?”

“We’re going to put the saddle on and run her in the round pen. She’s been doing well with lunging. I think she’ll do fine.”

Nate rolled his eyes.

“And what are you doing today, Nate?”

“I’m meeting Jeremy at the skate park. He got a new board. I work at five tonight.”

“Did you feed your goats?”

“Yes, I fed my goats. I also fed the kittens and the dog. Kate can take care of the rest.” He stood and drank his orange juice on the way to the sink where he put his dishes. “I have my cell if you need anything from in town.” Nate kissed his mom’s cheek and tugged on Kate’s ponytail before jogging to his old half ton.

Kate finished her pancakes and started out the door.

“Make sure you feed the chickens and geese before you go play with the horses,” reminded her mother.

“Will do, Mom.” She ran to the chicken coop and made sure the menagerie of birds were well fed and watered before heading for the barn.


“Yeah, Dad?”

“Can you grab the 32 inch cinch out of the tack room? She’s not as big around as I thought she would be.”

She fetched the item requested and made her way through the barn to where the round pen was situated on the other side. Her dad was standing in the middle of it, the black filly at his side. Her ears flicked from one direction to another as she took in the sounds around them.

Kate smiled. This was her favorite part of the day.

“Once we’re done with her we’ll saddle up Winnie and Garth and go check on the herd in the back pasture.” Her dad gave the filly a pat on the neck.

The entire day flew by and before she knew it supper was over and she was in bed with her reading light on. She pulled her laptop onto her lap and checked her emails. Nothing. She’d been hoping she could find some information the author of the Kallaryn books, but even with the internet at her disposal, she’d found nothing.

Her mom poked her head in the door. “Good night, Honey.”

“Night, Mom.”

She put the laptop back on her desk and turned to her book.

What are you doing?” Veenata glared at the man standing on the sandy beach at the edge of her lake.

We’re evicting you.” The dark elf sneered and raised his hands to summon the magic of the moon.

You can’t evict me! I’m cursed to stay here. If I leave the lake I die!”

The second elf shrugged. “I don’t see how this is our problem. We need this lake and we need it without a water nymph.

Veenata frowned. “What do you need the lake for?”

If it was any of your business, we would tell you. All you need to know is the Faerie King sends his condolences but says you’ll be much happier dead than trapped.”

The Faerie King?” Veenata’s mind raced. Why in the blazes did Quallen’s uncle want her lake?

The sky darkened as the elf’s magic started to saturate the atmosphere.

Chapter Two

Kate stretched with a groan and yawned.


She sat up quickly. “Quallen?” She spotted the Faerie Prince standing, shocked, at the end of the bed. His violet eyes were wide with surprise and by the state of his hair, he’d just woken up.

“What are you doing here?” His shock turned to excitement and he rushed over to give her a hug.

“I don’t know!” She couldn’t stop smiling; she was finally back in Kallaryn. “I was reading, I fell asleep, and here I am!”

“Is that how it works?”

She shook her head. “I don’t think so. I’ve tried it more than once and this is the first time it’s happened since.”

Quallen held her out at arm’s length and grinned.

She blushed. “What?’ She smoothed her hair and managed to hide her groan. “You may as well get used to me with bed head. I think it’s always going to be the first thing you see when I show up.”

He shook his head. “You look wonderful. I’m just making sure you’re really here.” He ran his hands through his own hair and laughed. “What have you been doing? Tell me everything.” He lit a few more lamps and brought over bread and jam.

“Not much, really. Dad and I started training the new filly under saddle, my brother is still annoying…” She shrugged. “That’s about it. What about you?”

He sat beside her on the bed. “I’ve been trying to find a clue as to what dragon might have my mother’s ring, but so far, I don’t have a clue. Did you happen to read about it?”

She shook her head. “I’ve been doing some research about the author, you know, trying to find out how he or she is getting their information, but so far, I’ve found absolutely nothing.” She took a bite of her bread and frowned. “I wonder why I came here in the middle of the night.”

Quallen chuckled. “You didn’t. There’s a storm brewing outside. It came rolling at an amazing speed. The lightning is phenomenal.”

Kate scrambled off the bed and ran to the entrance to the cave. The clouds above her completely blocked out the rising sun. The only source of light was the flash of lighting that were going off across the sky merely seconds apart.

“Veenata!” She turned and ran into Quallen who had come to stand behind her. “We need to get to Veenata.” Her mind was racing.

“Why? What’s happening?”

“It’s your uncle.” Kate walked to the bed and motioned for him to turn around so she could change. “He’s sent some sort of sorcerer to get her out of the lake.”

“But she’ll die if she leaves it.”

“We have to stop them. I have a book at home. It explains the territories, the plants, the magic; all of everything and anything that has to do with Kallaryn. I don’t know if I’m right, but I think I know how to stop this spell.”

Quallen was gawking at her.


He shrugged. “I was just thinking that you are fairly amazing. You do remember she tried to kill you, yeah?”

She nodded. “I still can’t just let her die.”

He smiled. “So, what do we need?”

Kate bowed her head and closed her eyes, running through the spell so she wouldn’t make a mistake. “Two leaves from a green rose bush, the tongue of a newt, the sap from a black fern, and a drop of goblin’s blood.” She blinked. “Please tell me you know someone with a vial of goblin’s blood.”

Quallen shook his head. “How long does Vennata have?”

“I have no idea. I mean, if that’s what happening, I think if the elf that set the spell in motion is killed it will buy us a few hours, but Quallen, he’s not alone.”

The Faerie prince stood. “Stay here. I’ll be back shortly.”

Kate grunted in protest and grabbed a handful of his tunic. “You are not leaving me behind. I was sent here for a reason, Quallen, and it wasn’t to stay sitting in your cave while you went out and got yourself killed. Luthan said so. We’re connected. Where you go, I go.”

She closed her eyes and thought as loud as she could. My Wella! I am here! If you can, please meet me at Vennata’s lake! “You’re not leaving me behind,” she repeated.

He rolled bright violet eyes and turned around. “Fine.” He hid his grin before she could see it. “It’s not much of an adventure unless I have to save your life a few times, anyhow.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kate smiled as they jogged through the forest of florescent colored trees. It was amazing how much she’d missed being here. Quallen glanced at her and grinned.

“You look like you’re happy to be here despite the circumstances.”

“I am.” She made sure not to trip over a fallen tree before chancing a look at him. His wings fluttered effortlessly and helped him glide over the same tree she’d barely hopped over. “Cheater.”

He laughed. “I’m glad you’re back, Kate.”

“Me too.”

He hopped over another tree in his path. “You’ve been practicing running?”

Kate nodded. “Just in case I came back. I thought I was going to have a heart attack with all the walking and running we did the last time.” She was actually fairly proud of how well she was keeping up with him. She knew her endurance had improved with all of her training but until you were actually chasing a Faerie prince through the woods, it was hard to judge just how much.

“Tell me more about what’s about to happen.”

She took a deep breath. “I have no idea, really. I was just reading the part where the mages were starting the spell when I fell asleep.”

“What in the world is my uncle up to?”

Kate was finding it harder and harder to weave between the trees as the forest became denser. It wouldn’t be much farther before they’d reach the tree wall guarding the lake. She frowned.

“I thought anyone with thoughts of harm towards the lake and Veenata couldn’t get past the tree wall.”

Quallen nodded. “There’s no way those elves should have gotten in. They must be powerful mages to have done so.”

They both reached out a hand and touched the wall of trees in front of them. Kate grinned as they spread to let the duo pass. Quallen crossed first, his hand on his dagger should he need it. Kate wiped the rain out of her eyes. The wind whipped her wet hair against her cheeks.

“Do you know which side of the lake they were on?”

She shook her head.

“Alright. Stay close and low to the ground.” His whisper was lost in a boom of thunder.

Kate’s heart pounded in her chest while the butterflies battled in her stomach. Mud and dead leaves squished between her fingers as they crawled to the edge of the lake to get a better view.

“Stop it!” Veenata’s voice barely carried through the sound of the rain.

Quallen brushed wet bangs out of his eyes with the back of his arm, his violet eyes dark with anger.

The dark elves laughed and continued to chant.

“What should we do?”

Veenata’s sobs made Kate’s earlier resentment vanish. Quallen pulled an arrow from his quiver and notched it on the string of his bow.

“Killing the elves will buy us time?”

Kate nodded. “I think so.” She flinched as lightning left the mages and shot upwards into the clouds.

Veenata screamed.

Quallen’s arrow shot through the rain and impaled itself into the farthest elf’s chest. His second shot took down the one closest to them. The third elf threw himself to the ground and rolled behind a fallen tree. Veenata turned toward them, relief clear on her face.

“Stay down, Kate.” Quallen stood, his wet wings useless. He sprinted around the lake, heading toward the last mage.

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