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Toenail Fairy Tales

The Smelly Sequel!

Written by Andy Watson

Art by Rob Marsh

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2017 by ANDY WATSON and ROB MARSH

Dingbat Publishing


Copyright © 2017 by ANDY WATSON and ROB MARSH

ISBN 978-1-940520-78-0

All rights reserved, etc.

Dingbat Publishing

Humble, Texas

Thank you for respecting our authors’ hard work… and silliness.

For those with foot pain.


After a summer filled with yard work, Dad and the kids enjoyed a weekend camping trip in the mountains while Mom enjoyed having the house to herself.

They hiked all day and then set up camp deep in the woods. After making s’mores, Allison asked Dad for a bedtime story.

The older kids, Jennifer and Jason, weren’t interested. Jason said he wanted to think more about Dad’s lost toenail. Jennifer just wanted to sleep.

Dad thought and thought. Finally he decided to tell Allison the story of “The Princess and the Toenail.”

“Okay,” said Allison.

“This better be good,” said Jason.

“Gross,” said Jennifer.

The Princess and the Toenail

Dad began:

Long ago, a poor farmer sent his daughter Judith to town to sell some of his crops. While in town, she met a prince who looked past the girl’s ragged clothes and saw that she was very beautiful. She also became smitten with the prince and soon they were both in love.

“Boring!” announced Jason, while Jennifer perked up to listen.

The prince wanted to take Judith home to the castle to meet his parents before he proposed marriage, but he knew his mother was very strict. She only allowed him to associate with royalty.

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