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As an Independent author, I write, edit, design, publish, and distribute my own works of creativity.

Since I was a small child, I have always had a deep infatuation with all things extra-terrestrial, celestial, spiritual, and just plain out of this world.

To keep from feeling like an odd one- or from being isolated from the people I care about, I have done well over the years to keep my controversial views personal.

I find writing about my perspectives and beliefs to be a bit of a release. Writing allows me freedom and ‘comfort of expression’ without debate, rebuttal, or persecution.

I am not a religious person- but a very spiritual one. I believe a higher power(s). I know in my heart that there are being out there, greater than humanity. I believe that they are our Creators. I believe that they deserve our acknowledgment and respect.

In one sense, I believe this story to be “truth”… or something very similar to it.

I write these fictional tales of the Amazons, to both open dialogue about extra-terrestrial life in a passive and entertaining way, and create a perspective of a universe that I believe to exist in our reality.

The fictional characters represented in the Amazons series are symbolic representatives of real alien races, thought to exist in known astral locations.

So yes, I do believe the races and otherworldly locations depicted in the Amazons series to be real. But, the characters, events and situations of my imagination. I am so enthralled by the idea of super-intelligent beings, that I can close my eyes and play out the scenarios of their existence… all the goings-on of the many intergalactic associations.

Creativity and imagination is a beautiful thing!

I write this series because I am what is known as an Astronaut Theorist. Meaning, I believe the Creator and Gods of mankind to be a race identified by the ancient Sumerians as the Annunaki. The Bible would refer to them as Eloh, El, or Eloheem for plural, as there are many.

There are religious and mythological references in my writing. I find this to be a fun and intriguing combination of ideas and concepts. I refer to the Bible, Gilgamesh Epics, and the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls in my writings. I believe much of these ideas to be one and the same- originating from the same source.

Something fascinating, a life-changing, inspired me to write the tales of the Amazons, and their fearless leader Nadine. The original concept stems from a web-series documentary, in which an ex-CIA agent is interviewed, and makes claims about life on Venus. I was so amazed to hear a statement like this for the first time, that my mind immediately began to picture who or what the inhabitants were like.

Since I will obviously never know, I decided to let my creative mind take the lead, and create their world with this book series. I’m creating it the way I see it. The way I assume it.

“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”. This quote came to mind just as soon as I heard the statement about life on Venus. Just as quickly… I thought to write a book about it.

I have been studying theories about the many extra-terrestrial and terrestrial species that exist on and off our world, since I was around ten years old. The first race I read about was the Etherians. These god-like beings are mentioned frequently throughout the latter part of book one.

I remember picking thru some books in my elementary school library, when I came across non-fiction books which supposedly detailed accounts of the Etherians making numerous visits to White House Presidents.

Those authors described them as human in appearance. I have done enough research and investigation on both the Etherians and Annunaki to conclude they are indeed the same race, but are given different names by different civilizations. I am excited to share MY TRUTH as fun and fascinating fiction. Fiction?



Meet Nadine. She was born a slave in the American States during the early 1800s. Today, Nadine is either an unlikely heroine of humanity, or a less likely reincarnation of the Devil.

But, Nadine is something special indeed. She has both the light and darkness brewing in her soul, further fueled by anger, resentment and frustration.

Nadine has a secret. She holds the darkest secret in all of this Universe. So secret, that not even She is aware of it...yet.

Her fate...to doom humanity forever, or raise us all to glory against Grand, otherworldly enemies... which will be her choice.

Those Chosen Ones that ally with Nadine will become her trusted friends and Council. Those that do not, will fall to their feet begging for redemption.

This is an unadulterated transcription of first-person accounts surrounding Nadine’s life and times. This is not purely fantasy and adventure. Nadine is a person with intimate and personal first-hand knowledge and accounts of otherworldly beings and events. She has chosen to share this information with you, the reader, both to educate and enlighten. This is not just about adventure- it is also about mental growth. This is both her record and her legacy.

Rather you’d believe such a story or not… consider it!

"The pain that I bring upon your flesh, is equal to that which you’ve brought to my heart and soul. All is fair in love and war.”

- Nadine, Leader of the Amazons

"I come for the evil-doers of this world. The innocent amongst them will fall to our feet, begging us for mercy. They too will be trampled by our heavy heels."

- Nadine, Leader of the Amazons

The Journey of Truth Begins…

CHAPTER ONE Beginnings

Queen Aleeza and women of the Council- Caana and I stand before you with tidings from the world of men. The Great Scientists have discovered the Auric Luminescence in a Descendant called, Nadine.

She is a slave in the world of men, which gives me faith that she will side with our righteous cause and return here to Venus, passionate to serve the Council.

Caana will stay back, and I will make the initial contact with this potential conscript. At present, I cannot make a guarantee of triumphant success, but I will prevail in sparking her fascination with our Order.

When all is said and done, I can guarantee that this Nadine will see the opportunity to join us as both an honor, and privilege. Let us consider anything less to be an overwhelming disappointment. This one, I assure you Queen, is the most worthy of our prospective recruits.

We need to assemble as many new conscripts as possible from the earth, in order to strengthen our Dahbuani (Dah-boo-Ahn-ee) Force. I am confident that Nadine is most worthy to be the first earthling selection to this Corps.

With your permission and blessing my Queen, I am off to entice our first mortal prospect, and bring her home where she belongs. Once I have made contact, I will take her to the Temple at Aleezym to speak to her mind, and share with her the story of our kind. Until I return my sisters…

First Contact – 1850 A.D

Nadine my dear, I have so much knowledge to share with you. Please bear with me as I try to summarize it all as best I can. Your true life’s destiny and journey begins now.

I have brought you to this strange and unfamiliar place, because the time here moves astronomically slower than that in your own world. When I return you to your home, it will be as though only mere seconds have passed.

It pleases me to have found you, in this…both our darkest time of need. You are here in this moment and place, because I believe your pain and suffering in this life has prepared you to finally meet your ordained destiny with us.

Please don’t be afraid. I apologize if the experience thus far has been anything but shocking and traumatic. Stay strong and be patient. I promise you will get over the feelings of fear and anxiety far sooner than you think.

So...shall I begin?

Here is the vital and pertinent knowledge that will help you better understand who I am, who you are, and what our expectations are of you going forward. I will tell you the story of how my kind has become perfect immortals in the image of our Great Mother. I will tell you all you need to know, in a way you will most easily comprehend.

Hopefully, once you have heard all there is to hear, you will make the decision to join us. Now, I believe the best place to start a story, is always at the very beginning.

Well…in the beginning there was a void. This was a void of knowledge, intellect, wisdom, and self-awareness on the earth. There was no such thing called humanity at this time. No civilization or society had yet existed in the world.

In this time, there was only the cosmos, which appeared deserted and unmoving above the world. Colossal beasts dominated the landscapes of the earth, once known as Qi (Key) by my kind, which is the original given name for your planet.

Qi, the lively blue planet of endless water, precious metals, and behemoth beasts. Qi, as it is known by our Creators, was the perfect home for what was soon to be their new born children.

Soon, Qi would no longer be void of souls, which encompasses the knowledge, wisdom, and life essence of modern humans and their God-like ancestors. The Great Ones had come from afar to inhabit Qi with their spirit energy, by breathing their life essence into the bodies of their newly-created children that would rule over it for all time, in their mighty names.

Think about the Genesis story, for which I know you are quite familiar. This is the Greek word of your kind, which means the origin or formation of something. The planet Qi, or earth to you, once consisted of a single land mass. It is thought to have been a giant supercontinent referred to by your kind as, Pangaea (Pān-gee-Yah).

There is much to know about this time long ago. This brief, but very real history lesson you are about to receive, is a journey for which your mind will embark on self-awareness and enlightenment unlike any that you could ever fathom in the world of men. So then, I will explain it in the simplest words, based on the teachings of the modern humans of your land. Open your mind, and let my words in!

This Pangaea broke apart during the so-called Triassic and Jurassic periods, creating the continents and many islands that exist on the current planet earth…a genesis of sort. This was the beginning of the true story of mankind and his true Creators.

This, is a beginning to the greatest story never told, never known, and feared by mortal men. This is the story of the Dahbuani, and the immortal warrior women of Venus!

First, allow me to start at an unfamiliar beginning story for you, Nadine. You may find what I am about to share with you to be overwhelming, disturbing, and perhaps fantastical. But, as I said before, please bear with me. This story, as well as your life, will only become more exciting as we progress together. Patience, my dear.

During the time of the Pangaea, enormous reptilian beasts roamed the world of Qi, dominating over it as kings and queens of the land. These beasts ruled over all the earth, but were not very intelligent or cunning. The largest of them did not only have dominion over their lesser reptilian kin, but they also dominated over a species of hominid-like beings, that lived in the shadows late in the nights, far out of the sight of these gargantuan monsters.

These creatures feared for their everyday existence having to live amongst those giant beasts. The hominid-like beings lived in caves, and burrowed small villages deep into the ground. They were few in number, cowardly, and unable to survive in a world ruled by those monstrosities.

Contrary to popular belief on your modern earth, a type of humanoid did once live on Qi during the Jurassic period. But, these beings were far from anything identified today on the ever-presumptuous human evolutionary timeline.

Modern humans are not aware of this actual chronicle of events, so consider yourself quite privileged. They are not all convinced that just over 250 million years ago, a powerful, highly intelligent, and extremely enlightened race of beings visited Qi with intentions to mine for gold and other precious resources.

Every 30,000 earth years or so their traveling planet enters your solar system. They visited this planet to take what they require in form of rare and precious metals… primarily gold. These Great beings never intended to inhabit Qi as their permanent home, but rather to obtain all needed resources in order to replenish their own world. Until…they encountered a problem in the endeavor.

Qi, was inhabited by those mammoth beast gods. These behemoths inhabited every corner of Qi. For the Great Ones from another world, these reptilian monsters needed to be terminated by any means, so that they may proceed with their mining agenda.

The monsters were cold-blooded, cruel, strong, territorial, and unintelligent. They were worthless in the eyes of the Great Ones that have very little tolerance for roadblocks in their missions.

There was only one way to rid Qi of these disruptive monsters without completely and entirely destroying the planet. The Great Ones from another world, brought fire and brimstone from the skies with the power of their flying technology. They took four interplanetary ships, each a third of the size of earth’s moon, and stationed them on the four corners of Qi.

The gravitational pull caused by these crafts brought about waves of meteor showers and fatal weather changes that would immensely alter the landmass of the Pangaea…forever.

Fortunately, the need for Qi’s resources were not too pressing in this era, but there was still a timeline for the Great Ones to obtain what they required. That particular cataclysm caused severe terrain damage and fatal temperature changes on Qi. Over 95 percent of the world’s creatures died in an exceptionally short time.

The world would renew itself in what is known as the Triassic period. Lush green plant life and un-ending blue seas gave way to the evolution of large creatures that once again took rule over the land. But, the Great Ones predicted this, and had a strategic follow-up plan in place.

Before the first eradication of those giant reptilian monsters, the Great Ones took notice of that hominid-like being that was their prey. I personally cannot say if the Great Ones simply took pity on their pathetic lives, but the Great Ones had reached out to those cowardly hominids, telling them to take shelter deeper into mountains and in underground caverns. This would best protect them from the impending doom. They contacted these timid creatures with telepathy, and guided them to the safest shelters, just before their surface world was to face an unrelenting turmoil.

After the Great Ones brought about the first meteorite showers, they became very impressed by the resilience of the hominids. A Few of their clans proved strong enough to survive the cataclysm. Select individuals of these clans were brought onto their Mothership, which is also the planet of the Great Ones.

Once upon it, these hominid beings were studied thoroughly. The fascination of them grew amongst the Great Scientists and Great Engineers that analyzed their biology. Still, these crude creatures were of little use to the Great Ones. Their DNA was collected, and their bodies were destroyed. This hominid creature was no more on Qi.

Since new large species of mammals had taken over Qi, the Great Ones decided to create a smarter and stronger hominid-like creature to contest for survival with the animals. A few Great Scientists, with the permission of their planet’s Elders, began an intriguing genetic experiment.

Using their very own DNA, they created hybrids, and sent them to live in the lushest territory of Qi. Unfortunately, the new creatures did not survive long, as they were still too cowardly, lacked adequate survival instinct, and were often hunted and eaten alive.

Once again, and out of frustration, these Great Ones would bring about another genesis, destroying most animal life with awesome destruction, powered by their technology. Once again, the earth quickly renewed itself, creating an even greater abundance of precious natural resources.

The Great Ones would now take this time to mine all they could on the planet to suffice their world for a time, and later return for more when their planet made its next cycle into Qi’s orbit.

The Great Ones were satisfied that the resources they had previously gathered lasted many cycles. When they next returned to Qi, the world was as lush and beautiful as the very last time their people had been there…and destroyed most living entities.

The animal creatures evolved smaller as nature had taken a new course. But, there was a new hominid-like creature in this new world, surviving and thriving amongst the lesser beasts. This persistent creature was a slightly more evolved hominid than the prior.

It was now time for the Great Ones to mine again. The Great Ones believed these newer hominids were of slightly higher intelligence, and may become a nuisance when they encroached onto their territories.

For the Great Ones, there was only one way to know for sure if these new beasts would become an irritation. The Alpha leaders of these hominids were contacted by the Great Ones. These hominids, similar in appearance to the lot before them, were covered in fine light hair, with low brows, slumped postures, and a confused, fearful overall disposition.

The Great Ones concluded that these beings proved too aggressive and territorial to be ignored. They would pose a problem during the mining process should they become curious of all the mining activity around them.

The hominid creatures predominately inhabited a single area of land mass…which happened to be the most gainful mining location for the Great Ones. So, it appeared that another extinction-level event was inevitable.

The Great Ones had a different plan for proceeding in their mining efforts. Contrary to the Elders’ desires, two enthusiastic Great Ones would make another effort to create a hybrid of these earthly creatures, by combining a greater percentage of their DNA with that of the hominid.

The goal was to make these beasts in their likeness- with intelligence, free thought, the ability to evolve quicker, and form advanced language skills. This would appear to be a gift of new life for these creatures, but it was no reward.

This increased intellect and ingenuity was only allotted to make the hominid docile, and better able to slave for the Great Ones much needed resources. Otherwise, the Elders of the mother planet would never have approved of the blasphemy.

The Great Ones that represent the Elder Council agreed that the creatures would be re-made to become ideal mine workers. But, it would take many millennia before the new creature, was just right in the eyes of their creators.

The first few efforts to create a proper hybrid failed. Each new breed was given a thousand years to evolve their intelligence naturally. There were numerous failures. So numerous, one million years of effort had come and gone attempting to create the perfect new being.

In an ancient era, long ago, the mother planet was in dire straits for Qi’s resources. Two of the Great Ones, both of them high-ranking scientists, a male and female, had a new plan in place for the developing earthling.

The two scientists chose to share their DNA in abundance with these hominids. The two Great Scientists would apply their robust knowledge of biology and technology to expedite the evolutionary process of this new version of potential worker. The natural process of evolution was simply taking too long.

The Great Ones unanimously decided to scrap the entire idea of allowing this crude being to further evolve on its own. By this time, it was now considered a futile effort. The Elder Council of the Great Ones gave permission to the male and female scientists to begin a process of expediting the evolutionary process of this savage, unintelligent, hominid…for the last and final time.

The male and female scientists would use any means necessary to make the slaves agreeable in the eyes of the Elder Council, which consisted of The Elder Twelve. The Twelve represented the most Supreme beings of the three ranks on their world. In translating their titles to your language- the ranks consist of scientists, engineers, and scribes.

Scientists manage mortal life, and are typically females. This means that they were responsible for the biological transfer of consciousness to new bodies. Transferring consciousness is the Great Ones’ process for immortality. Scientists also build weapons, and weapons systems, as well as create clones and chemical elixirs as medicines.

The Scribes are like teachers and judges, but their primary responsibility is overseeing the transfer of consciousness. Like judges, Scribes decide whose consciousness deserves immortality, and who deserves physical banishment or destruction. They are considered the wisest and the most fair of all the ranks.

Engineers are the designers and builders of flying crafts and other technology and structures that keep their planet functional. These engineers are often males. Why, is unknown to me.


The Great Ones have omnipotent knowledge, wisdom- and what you would call… supernatural abilities. It is hard to say just how old the Elder Great Ones’ live to be, but it is thought that they are the first true immortals.

The Great Ones do not reproduce as humans do, organically, but rather they produce multiple clones of themselves and transfer their consciousness- which is an extreme spiritual energy that is capable of traveling space and time outside of their bodies.

Yes, the Great Ones do engage in sexual relations and pursue lifelong mates, but it is very rare among them. Most consider the idea of love and commitment to be illogical and impractical, and would rather focus their energies on scientific endeavors and spirit enlightenment.

There are three genders on the Mothership planet of the Great Ones that came to be by their world’s own natural evolutionary process: There are males, females, and non-gendered androgynous beings. Each gender takes a very particular role and rank in the world of the Great Ones, and it is often non-negotiable.

Each being can re-create themselves by having their spirit minds, or consciousness, transferred into the bodies of criminals, clones, or those that were punished for defying the Elder Council and have been spiritually banished.

Those that defy the Elder Twelve’s laws and orders will be denied their physical bodies… with death. Sometimes, the Scribes of the Elder Council will also order the destruction of their spirit essence entirely, to ensure it does not find its way into a new vessel.

It is important to understand the roles of gender, or the lack thereof on the Mothership world, so that you best understand the unique values and social importance of each group.

Two Great Ones, one male and one female, each took their own team of trusted scientists to the planets of Venus and Mars. Each built their own highly sophisticated work stations on these planets.

The male Great One went to Mars with his team of scientists and engineers in order to create a perfect being in His image - built to labor smart and efficiently. He would create a male in his own image- a near duplicate of himself, with all but his powerful spiritual enlightenment.

The female Great One would go to Venus, and create a woman being in Her likeness. This new type of female in Her own image would be intuitive, empathetic, and physically strong.

These two Great Ones would make somewhat of a competition of their efforts, for they were both arrogant, yet the most superior of the scientists and engineers on their world.

I will tell you this - your kind can dig deep into the earth to find the bones and skulls of many failed experiments of the Great Ones. Different shapes and sizes of creatures that never pleased the Great Ones or reached an acceptable level of perfection in their eyes.

The scientists of man will dig deep into the ground and find these bodies stretched across his earth, not seeming to connect to the modern man. These creatures are not puzzle pieces, but failures given back to the soil from whence their blood originally came. There was no perfection among those beings.

Do not think those beasts are relative to you, Sister. Your form took millions of years, and the blood of gods to make your kind sufficiently good and justifiable.

It was around 54,000 years ago, when a most miraculous thing happened for us all. Two perfect new beings, one male and one female, were created and placed in the lushest territory of Qi. This place had the highest trees, most fruitful plants, and forgiving landscape.

This place exists today in the modern place known as Ethiopia, the cradle of life for all modern humans and civilization on earth. There they were…the supposed Adam and Eve as you would know them best, but not their true titles. This is not for you to know…yet. The two Great Ones were very proud of their work.

The male Great One became known as the Great Father. He was so proud of his creation that he had a bust of the Adam’s face carved high into the top of a mountain in the center of the planet Mars, to forever be marveled from the earth.

The female Great One, known as our Great Mother, had a permanent base established on the dark side of Venus, which she called Aleezym in honor of her daughter, the Eve.

Aleezym, means safe haven. She would create clones there, and continue to study and modify her creation, for she was difficult to satisfy, and would not cease her work on Venus until see saw all of her creations as absolute perfection.

Meanwhile of Qi…this Adam and Eve had bonded and formed a kindred relationship, for they were the only two of their kind in this place. Their newly created brothers and sisters remained on Venus and Mars, but were soon to arrive.

When they did come, they arrived in droves of thousands. With the approval of the Elder Great Ones, it was soon time to put these sons and daughters to work, mining gold and other metals for the new gods.

The Adam and Eve would receive partisanship from the Great Mother and Father, and were safeguarded from all laborious activities. The two were highly favored by their Creators, and given reverence as royalty over their slaving kin. The Great Mother and Great Father only agreed on one thing, and it was the Great Mother’s proposal to protect their perfect humans within an impenetrable sanctuary.

The two Great Scientists designed and constructed the Crystal Palace on earth- a flying mother ship serving as both the throne to the new royal family, and a city that would protect them and many of their kin from all natural disasters, and any variant of enemy threat.


All was well in the beginning for the two new creations - the so-called Adam and Eve. They would serve as delegates to the Great Ones, and be as royalty over their kin slaving in the mines of earth.

The new creations, known in the modern world as Adam and Eve, are widely known to your kind as the first and original humans. They were both equally favored by the Great Ones, and were given leniency in both their laborious workload, and inherit rule over their kin.

This favoritism would soon cause jealousy and envy amongst their many brothers and sisters- as these beings were no beasts, but modern humans, full of free thought, free will, and exceptional intellect.

These humans knew that they were slaves. They knew they were used as cattle by the Great Ones, and were expected to continually procreate in order to make a new generation to work in the mines and labor for the gods. Forever, the lineage of the so-called Adam and Eve would be worshipped and revered.

Contrarily, many mine workers at that time whispered of hate for the Adam and Eve, and plotted violence against them. But, these humans knew never to undermine the Adam and Eve; for they would upset the gods, and bring their intolerant wrath down upon them all.

The Adam and Eve would bare a son on their 17th year. I will refer to this boy as Abel for familiar context. Abel grew up to be a prince amongst the men and women. When he turned 15 years of age, he was given the task of overseeing his kin in the mines- directing them, and issuing punishments for unacceptable performance and behaviors.

While overseeing the most abundant mine, his hands and voice would be the extension of the Great Father. Abel would teach his kin about the ways of the Great Ones, and show them how to worship and honor them properly. Abel, was very close to the Great Father, and would spend many years of his youth on Mars learning all he could of his ancestors.

One day while in a mine, Abel overheard whispers of hatred for him and his parents. Abel was appalled and enraged by this. Without hesitation, Abel traveled to his father to report the group of traitors. With haste, the Adam turned to his father for guidance, inquiring how he could make things right within the masses, as the Adam wanted his kin to love and respect him and his son Abel.

In response, the Great Father ordered the Adam and Abel to demand respect and obedience from the kin, as they were all lessor beings, and not as special. The Adam was told to make an example of the group with forceful violence. The Adam was ordered to have his son by his side when passing this judgment so that all could see and learn a lesson in loyalty.

The next morning, the heckling group of miscreants was gathered together by the Adam’s personal guards. These pre-judged men were ushered to a platform outside of the mine, where hundreds had gathered to watch what was to be a horrid spectacle of power.

Without a tremble, and with a stone-cold face, the Adam ordered Abel to cut out the tongue of each assailant. Those slaves trembled in fear, and were each held steady by a guard, as the Adam pulled out each of their tongues and held it as steady as he could. Then Abel took a rusty jagged blade, sawed through each tongue, and threw the appendages to the ground. Free-thinking or not, this show of strength meant that no one was ever to speak ill will of the chosen family.

It was not long before the Eve heard of this spectacle. She felt disgraced and humiliated, but could not wholly understand the extent of her feelings. She consulted with her mother creator for answers. The Eve’s mother was also very disappointed by the act, knowing that such behavior would only invoke retaliation and chaos in the mine. Though the slaves’ act of insubordination was unacceptable, the Eve rebuked violence as a resolution, and would confront the Adam and Abel about their behavior.

In a rare earth appearance, the Great Mother stood by the Eve as they both confronted the Adam and Abel to show their angst. The Eve’s mother spoke strong and loud, demanding that the Adam and Abel beg for the forgiveness of all their kin, and promise never to react in such a manner, ever again.

This Adam turned his gaze off the Mother Great One, and looked into the eyes of his Eve, calling her a traitor to their family. The Mother Great One thought her daughter superior to her male counterpart, and in her eyes his actions proved him far from the Eve’s perfection. Without a word, the Mother Great One disappeared into the thin air. She teleported to the Mothership to confront the Father Great One personally, but he was on Mars.

Unfortunately for the Great Mother, the two creators had an agreement never to step foot on the opposing worlds of Mar and Venus. They also had an agreement never to interfere in one another’s experiments, or with the well-being of their new mortal creations.

This event invoked a dilemma for the Great Mother. The chosen family was falling apart, and the Mother Great One knew the Adam and Abel by their actions were broken beyond repair, and so now their kin in the mines would become broken by their action. There was work that needed to be done, and in her mind, those two males were a detriment. The Great Mother believed there was a flaw in the genes of these men, and they must be rectified by the Father Great One.

Immediately, the Mother Great One took her concerns to the Elder Twelve of her planet. She said, “What shall we do with these chosen ones? They are not all my creation, and I have come to regret their existence. If it was not for their ability to procreate more slaves, I would do away with the whole lot of the males. They have an instinct that is dangerous. I see a desire to dominate and control. I predict a time when they will think themselves above us”.

The Elders at Council agreed that the Adam and Abel were to be punished. The Council ordered them terminated in secrecy. The news to the kin would be that they were banished to another land, to keep the workers from panic. The order was in place, and it was up to the Great Mother to enforce it.

When the Father Great One got word that his Adam would be destroyed, he secretly retaliated against both the Mother Great One and his Elder Council. He took his son and Abel to Mars where they would be safe and hidden. He ordered his followers on Mars to keep their presence a secret.

Not knowing what had truly become of the Adam and his son made the Great Mother very upset. But there was good news on the horizon. Her Eve was pregnant. This time she would give birth to a female child. True stories are altered in male-dominated societies by the kings, theologians, and philosophers that favor the power, control, and influence of men. This is how it all began…

Like another Genesis, the power struggle between men and women on Qi would forever be altered by the feud between the mother and Father Great Ones. There was a time when males and females were considered equal, as they were created as such. Men from Mars, and women from Venus.

Each male and female was separately spliced with the DNA of the strongest ancient terrestrial beings, and that of their gods- over and over until made perfect in the Great One’s image. But, original DNA never dies. These creations were never meant to be gods on earth, but just similar to their god creators.

DNA never dies, and semblances of alpha male domination still exists in man, and the instinct to nurture continues to exist in many women.

The Mother Great One, strong-willed and stern, refused to stand idly by as the father creator and his ego continued to jeopardize their primary mission on Qi. The Eve, all alone on the throne, would now be the sole chosen one to lead over her kin. The responsibility was heavy for this Eve, as the Adam and Abel’s past actions further complicated things for her.

The thought of the Eve ruling on Qi alone, caused grief in the Adam, and made his father more resentful of the mother creator. With the Eve pregnant with a female child, the mother creator felt there was hope for the future, under fair and nurturing leadership, rather than brute force and domineering egos.

The Adam had been led astray with his father’s advice and direction. Thus, this Adam inadvertently also led his son Abel astray. The Adam regretted being without his Eve, but this was only because his father creator was telling him their family’s rule was coming to an end…now that a weaker more docile Eve was on their throne.

This Adam relished in his power and favoritism of the Great Father, and wanted the same for Abel, so he was willing to contest the Eve for sole reign. Once this Adam discovered that the Eve was expecting a female child, he was willing to support Abel contesting his new sister by any means…even death.

This feuding within the chosen family would prove the ultimate dilemma. Should there be no graceful resolution, there would be war. Not only a war of the Father and Mother Great Ones, and the Adam and Eve, but also amongst the masses of kin.

Should this Adam and Eve fall from the graces of the Great Ones- who would then take their place on the earthly throne?

Jealousy and envy ran rampant in their new world, and this would all lead to the first real bloodshed of these humans.


The Great Ones have always been quite intolerant of anything and anyone that stands in their way of achievement, or maintaining dominance.

They have taken drastic measures to meet their own needs, and are a people that value the mission above all else. With human leadership on earth crumbling at the seams, it appeared that humanity may wear out their welcome and usefulness in the eyes of the Elder Great Ones. Should this occur, their future would be doomed. The Great Ones may find it necessary to destroy the new beings that they find no longer worthy of their blood. Humanity was now on the eve of destruction!

There is yet hope in this story of humanity’s beginning. The Eve gave birth to a girl child - a daughter called Aleeza, rightly named for the safe haven called Aleezym on Venus. Aleezym is where the Eve was first created.

Many years had passed since the Adam and Abel were on Earth. Aleeza, was now age ten. The Eve passively ruled, and was rarely seen by her kin. For her safety, she ruled via her personal guards, as to avoid a violent retaliation against her and Aleeza.

The Mother Great One was very supportive, and encouraged the Eve to actively engage her kin, as there was much they could learn from her about the Great Ones. She has the knowledge of the Great Ones in her, and new generations must learn to respect and worship their ancestors properly.

It was now time for this Eve to truly take her place on the throne…alone. But, before she faces her kin, she denies her daughter a place by her side ruling over their people. She had a special request for her mother creator.

She asked the Great Mother, “Please take my Aleeza to the safe place on the other world. I fear for her safety and future on this throne.” The Great Mother understood the Eve’s concern, and would consider the request. There was no way to be sure what the creator father’s intentions for the future were, with the Adam and Abel likely under his watch and instruction.

The Great Mother took time to make her decision in what seemed like months to the Eve. But, it was only three days when the mother creator returned to her with a decision.

The mother creator agreed to take Aleeza to Venus, where she would always be safe, and under her eternal protection and guidance. The mother creator advised this Eve to make her choice final, for there was no going back. Once Aleeza was on Venus, she would be so forever. Aleeza would rightfully rule Venus, as her mother ruled over all of earth’s humans. There was a chance that this Eve would never see her daughter again…not on earth.

The Eve agreed to this, and did not say goodbye to her daughter. It was for the best. She did not want her daughter to fear or see weakness in her tears. The mother creator teleported with Aleeza to Venus, and proudly showed her the new world she had inherited. Aleeza, only ten years of age at this time, would rule over the team of Great Scientists on Venus when in the absence of the Great Mother.

Aleeza would rule over all the human specimens and workers that also inhabited Venus who were under the ever-watchful eye of the Great Scientists. The Great Mother had a very particular plan in place for Aleeza, as she hoped for her to be more than just a queen, but a goddess ruling over the entirety of Venus, and one day…the universe.

This idea was simply another experiment for the Great Mother creator, as her true intentions were to make Aleeza more powerful than the Adam and Abel, and thus more worthy in the eyes of the Elder Great Ones. This was an ambitious plan, as the blood running through the Adam and Eve’s children is not as pure as their own. All the humans lack the powers, wisdom, and longevity of the Great Ones. To the Elder Council, humans are but beasts of burden, and their very existence is only to preserve that of the Great Ones. The Great Mother enjoys the challenge of outdoing herself, and fortunately she did not give up on her plans for Aleeza.

On Qi, the Eve decided to speak to her people at a mass meeting. She stood on a makeshift platform at a mine in what is now Southern Sudan. While there, she spoke of her intentions as their leader, and what her kin should expect from her. She said, “I vow to make the Great Ones know our worth and loyalty to them. They will know our souls are of them, and we are all their worthy children. They will see me work hard, as you all do- a slave to their mercy. They are the Great Ones, and we are a great part of them. I will make them know this.”

The Eve saw smiles and acceptance among the crowd of her kin. All understood her words. She would be a queen and protector of the people. A time had passed since the Adam and Abel’s wrong-doing. There was hope to salvage the worthiness of humanity in the eyes of the Great Ones. Eve represented repentance.

In this era, humans were not savages. Those of rank, like the Eve, draped jewels over their bodies from head to toe. There was no nakedness, as the Great Ones wore bright silky robes of an unknown foreign material. They wore gold jewelry, as it is a conduit of energy and power.

The Great Ones have many powers your kind would think of as magick. Telepathy and telekinesis are basic abilities for them. Therefore, high ranking humans like the Eve wore gold, diamonds, and emeralds, representing her life energy, aura, and royal status.

This Eve, a kind leader, would share with her kin many of the jewels designed specifically for her by the Great Mother. She cared for each of her kin as though they were her own children. She wanted them to feel the honor and love that she felt from the Great Mother creator. She was the creator’s own, and her kin were her own, and each female came from her blood, and the males were her brothers in glory. It was her responsibility to protect them, and live honorably in the eyes of the Great Ones, as not to disappoint them and bring their wrath of intolerance upon her people.

This Eve ruled alone, loved and respected, for another twenty earth years. In that time, she had many male suitors among her personal guards, as they were of higher status than her worker kin. There were even male slave workers that attempted to make their way into the Eve’s good graces.

Such relationships were frowned upon by the mother creator, as she encouraged her Eve to keep the royal bloodline line pure and uncorrupted, unless of course the Great Mother was to personally construct a male partner for her. The Eve was encouraged for this possibility. Without the Adam, or her children, she grew lonelier with each passing day.

The Great Mother could see that the Eve desired companionship. This would become a priority for the Great Mother creator. On Venus, she ordered her scientists to immediately make pure strands of DNA for a male, from that of a Great One volunteer on the Mothership.

For you see, the Great Ones do not reproduce biologically as humans, but rather replicate their own DNA via technological means. This new mate for her Eve would be a perfect clone of a god, made special for Eve. This male would be made and taught on Venus, to the specifications of the Great Mother. This new male would also be of ancient Qi blood so they may produce children together in their image.

One more year had passed on Qi, and the Great Mother teleported to the Eve with her new mate, a male made in a Great One’s image. This Eve was pleased. There was now a king to rule by her side and in her absence. His name is Kane. With his pure blood and royal status, the Eve could bare more children should she like. They were both pleased with one another and excited to announce their new bond to all of the kin.

As word spread of their inherent marriage, the ugly eyes and ears of jealousy and envy shown again. Men nearby became enraged with spite. Many felt it was their place by the queen’s side, not this stranger that they were now forced to honor and respect. The women kin were also displeased. They felt the Eve to be a fine and fair ruler over them, and memories of the Adam and Abel’s actions made them unreceptive to the new king.

In coming days the Great Mother prepared a lavish ceremony for the two to celebrate their bond. All kin were invited, and would be given tokens of jewels, blessed by the Great Mother for showing their everlasting commitment the Eve.

This ceremony would take place on a grand palace ship, made of mostly gold and jewels. This ship would land and welcome all the people inside. This was a display of the power and importance of the Eve to the Great Mother. It truly was a display of the Eve’s influence and value. For the first time, workers heard music of the Great Ones and indulged in their delicacies. For the Eve, this was her most joyous day.

When the new couple was returned to their land, there was a tense mood between them. Little communication occurred between the king and queen. The new king seemed preoccupied with managing the mines, and imposing his will on all the kin. He naturally took to his role as a ruler, and did so with a heavy hand.

The workers confided in the Queen. They trusted the Eve, and knew she would never defy them. In the days to come, she heard reports of her king publicly beating and berating workers, as well as, demanding the intimate company of many female slaves.

Concerned that these rumors were true, she once again confided in the Great Mother creator. The Great Mother told her, “If it is your will, he will be dethroned. You will never see him again should you decide this. Your decision must be final, and should not be made in haste.”

Believing her kin were incapable of lying, the queen made her choice. She will reign always, alone, without a king. She wanted to protect her people, and her male counterparts appeared to do more harm than good. The Eve could not figure out why, but she did not want to chance the future of her people by tempting the hand of justice by the Elder Great Ones.

The Creator Mother concurred, as she did not want such news of the king’s behavior to be known by the Elder Great Ones. In fact, the creator mother did not have the Elders’ blessing to make the new king for Eve. Should they have found out they would have been mightily displeased with the Mother Great One.

That night, the Eve fell asleep for the last time by the king’s side. When the sun woke her, the god king was gone. She would never see or hear of him again. This was a new day, and the Eve did not hesitate to talk to her people, and make them aware that they are safe and secure under her sole command. She let them know her intentions to rule alone, for always.

The morning following her speech, the Eve was found by her most trusted guard Caana (Kahn-Nah), lying breathless in her bed. It was thought that the Eve was poisoned by one of her personal guards. Or perhaps, the Adam had returned in the night with the help of the Great Father creator to exact revenge and retake the throne.


Now, age 32, Aleeza gets the news of her mother’s death. Aleeza is intent on justice. She wants the perpetrator to stand before the Elder Council and be judged. They will indeed be judged. The Great Mother knows who committed this act, and she asks Aleeza for her patience in settling the matter. The Great Mother seemed suspiciously calm and indifferent that her Eve was deceased, and likely at the hands of a traitor. The guards were led by Caana, and she had little information or details to share about the death. The Great Mother assured Aleeza that she had a plan to rectify this, and bring justice to her daughter Eve.

The truth is that the Great Mother had transported the consciousness of the Eve to Venus, where the scientists would enact her plan for justice. It was the Great Mother’s will to revive the consciousness of her Eve into a cloned body, and give her life again on Venus. This is common practice on the Mothership, and is a way for all the Elder Ones to become immortal.

Aleeza was not yet made aware of her mother’s presence on Venus, and that she was being revived by the Great Mother and her Great Scientists. Secretly, Aleeza journeyed to earth to find out all she could of her mother’s slaying. She was accompanied by two scientists that also served as her personal guards.

Once on earth, she held a gathering, in what is now Southern Sudan, where lied one of the most valued gold mines of the Great Ones. Aleeza spoke to the mass of miners as her mother had once done...hundreds upon hundreds of them. Aleeza pleaded for any information that would expose the traitor or traitors among crowd. They remained quiet…not even a whisper or heavy breath could be noticed. This approach for information was futile.

Aleeza remained on Qi, spending the nights in her mother’s royal home. The royal family had a world of their own on Qi. It was a colorful domed airship, the size of a small city, made of crystals with gold inlays, and protected by loyal guards, both men and women.

On her second night there, Aleeza was no closer to discovering the traitor. But in the morning after, she was approached by the female guard Caana, who also served as a personal assistant to the Eve. Aleeza was familiar with this guard, as she had remembered her when she was a young girl.

This guard was always loyal, subservient, and kind to her and the Eve. Aleeza was not much younger than Caana when she was sent to reside over the dark side of Venus. The two were separated by only five years. Caana came from parents born in the second generation after the Adam and the Eve. This means Caana was also born of parents created on Mars and Venus. Therefore she is considered of pure blood, and for all intents and purposes this made Caana closer to royalty, as well as one of the closest kin to Aleeza.

Guards are either born of pure blood or are native to the neighbor planets. Those born of pure blood were made for reproduction more so than slavery. Their lesser offspring born upon Qi were to be slave workers in the mines. As individuals they are purest, but each generation of children born on the earth lose purity in the eyes of the Great Ones, just as the Great Father and mother each consider their direct descendants to be more perfect than the other gender.

Caana requested a private meeting with Aleeza to discuss the matter of the Eve’s death. Because Caana is the last generation of pure inherited blood, she is honored with a one on one meeting with Aleeza, and may look her in the eyes as a near equal. Caana was aware that the Great Mother had returned for the body of the Eve, and she considered it was to honor her in the heavens, which is the Mothership of the Great Ones. Caana is sympathetic to Aleeza, and both were in mourning.

Caana worshipped the Eve as a Great One, and took pride in honoring Aleeza in the same way. Caana found the Eve’s body breathless that morning, but there was no blood or signs of struggle. Caana was very close to the Eve and would wake her in mornings after she had slept alone.

Caana recalls hearing whispers of deception to the throne, after the Eve had taken a new king to replace the disgraced Adam. These whispers were coming from men within the guard regime. In this time, people spoke freely amongst themselves, but knew better than to act on their emotions or concerns, especially against the ruling family.

Aleeza knew that whomever committed this crime, would have to be close to the queen as she slept in her chambers. No one but the king, has ever had this privilege. It would have had to be someone that without question, would have unrestricted access to the Eve…and her trust. The queen always trusted her kin, and even more-so her personal guards, and believed them incapable of wrong-doing. Though no one was as close to the queen within the guard unit as Caana was.

The matter of the queen’s murder would require a thorough investigation, and Aleeza was more intent than ever to discover the traitor now that she had acquired Caana’s help. She employed the assistance of Caana in this matter to eavesdrop and question all the guards committed to the palace.

By any means necessary, Caana was to find a clue, not only to the murderer, but the reason. No one else was brave enough to bring a confession or information to Aleeza. Out of respect and regard, Aleeza made Caana her right hand, and permitted her to enforce the laws of the Great Ones in the absence of the queen…by any means necessary. Aleeza dubbed Caana the commander in arms over all the guards.

On Venus, the Great Scientists were completing the procedure for transferring the consciousness of the Eve to her new body. The Great Mother was prepared for this. She had fully developed clones saved in a cryogenic state, as she always had the intent to salvage her Eve should anything happen to her on Qi. This was apparently a part of the Great Mother’s agenda all along.

Once the transfer of consciousness was complete, it was barely a moment’s time when the queen opened her eyes in her new body. She spoke, “Great Mother, what had you done to me? Was it what I deserved? Am I no longer worthy of reign?” The Great Mother responded, “You are mine. This world is yours. That world will always be yours, but there is a danger in it I cannot deny. Man! His savage nature will destroy the throne…you upon it. I saved your royalty and your lineage, by bringing you and Aleeza to this new world that you will rule together. The Great Father may now have Qi, his Adam and Abel- know you have me.”

The Great Mother purposely took the last breath of the Eve, so that she could leave her loyal kin behind peacefully, and join her daughter on Venus. The Great Mother did not want to cause a stir too soon. She did not want to cause fear and chaos in the kin.

If her Eve descended, the kin would be without rule, and believe that the Great Ones planned to destroy them. If she was murdered, as they believe, the speculation amongst them would be murder by one of their own, and they would fall into chaos, and civil war. This could be blamed on the deeds of the Adam, Abel, and the Great Father that created them in his likeness…then guided them to evil. The Great Father and his sons would lose favor in the eyes of the Elders, once again.

The Great Mother took the time to make the Eve understand that it was necessary to free her of Qi, and that a better world and a better way of existence awaits her. You see, the Eve and her family could never truly be one of the Great Ones, so there was no place for them on the Mothership, known by your kind as heaven. That was a place for the enlightened immortals.

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